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What does it mean when a guy tells you your nothing but a dime n a dozen?

He's from the future and has a time machine exclusively for dropping older phrases into conversation in modern times.


Literally every kid in my entire grade (6th) likes this autotuned crap called pop. They only like 1 direction because they look nice! Oh my god, and my best friend has a strict, sheltering mom so whenever i try to show her GOOD bands (ramones, The Clash, My Chemical Romance, Fall out Boy, Green Day, Evanascene, Jimmy Eat World, etc) she doesn't like it because she hasn't been listening to it, ugh it's so annoying because no one even knows any of the indie bands (Modest Mouse, Arctic Monkeys, etc) that i like and it's freaking annoying because they don't even want to listen to anything other than Taylor Shit. What should i do?

Ram your musical tastes down their throats and reap the friendship benefits.


The love of my life says I'm to young for him. How do I prove to him that I'm not to young? I'm really mature for my age and I don't see why he thinks I'm to young. I'm 15 and I am a female.

Maybe he's Benjamin Button and actually is really really old.


I'm pregnant and not sure who is the baby's father?
My last period was on 28th November 2014. I had anal sex with my fiance on 2nd December 2014, and he left his cum inside my ass. I had a big fight with my fiance on 3rd December 2014. I let out the stressed when clubbing end up slept with my best friend on 5th December 2014. My best friend using condom. On the 7th December I had another sex with my best friend. And our sex become regularly till end of December. All the time he is using condom. But twice his condom broke but he let his cum outside. I make up with my fiance and had sex with him on 5th January as usual he always left his cum inside my ass. I'm confused who is the baby's father? :'(

So we're definitely ruling out virgin birth?


Everyday when I take the bus home from school for the past 2 days I've seen some weird kid just walk around a park I pass on the way home that is near my stop and he walks then turns his head then walks to the sidewalk and starts staring at me and no one else seems to notice him he did the same thing Thursday and Friday and I'm afraid that when I have to tale the late bus Tuesday because of a club and the closest stop near my house will be that house and I will have to confront him should I beat him up? He looks 16 though so should I punch him and run away?

To avoid confrontation why not just drop out of school so you don't have to take the bus?


If you knew your 27 year old brother was on cocaine and heroin and you felt that having him arrested was the only way to protect his life, would you do it?

If you, your parents, and your other siblings had tried everything, and I mean EVERYTHING short of getting him arrested and it all had failed to get him off of the drugs, what would you do? What if you had enough proof that he possesses drugs for the police to make the arrest? Would you actually call the police and have your own brother cuffed and thrown in jail?

He's already been arrested twice and sent to rehab twice and of he's arrested again he could be in big, BIG trouble. He might hate you if you do it and although your parents have talked about doing it themselves, everyone else might think you're a horrible brother. Still, you love home too much to let those consequences control your decision.

He actually overdosed once and almost died. His roommate had to call an ambulance and when they got there, your brother had stopped breathing and they had to shove a tube down his throat to force air into his lungs. You had to drive you parents to the hospital because upon hearing the news, they went into some kind of episode driven by the fear that their son was either dying or dead.

In addition to the fear you feel for your brother, your parents are living in agony because they're terrified for his life and you're worried that their stress and anxiety is damaging their health. You mom can't sleep well most nights and can't sleep at all some nights. She's constantly on the verge of having a coronary because of she can't live with the terror of her son dying from a drug overdose and your dad is always stressed out too. Your siblings live in agony as well and it'd just be better for everyone if your brother got off the drugs one way or another. What would you do?

No, I wouldn't.


Why do guys think it's attractive to gag/choke on their penis?

Blegh not all guys like that, believe me.


So we had a breakup after 10months and I wanted to stay friends with him because I still have feelings for him.But just one week after our breakup he started dating this other chick.
It hurts so much.
Donno what to do

You can never be friends. Sucks but that's the way it is.


Clinton Arkansas at Walmart everyone knows that a certain person in charge of the front end is taking drugs and dating a drug dealer why isn't anything being done

Apparently people in Arkansas know how to mind their own business.


committing suicide by crashing an international liner to get insurance money.

This seems like a bad idea.


It's seriously ridiculous. It's a child's play thing! Little girls receiving them don't give a shit about body type, they just see it as a fun, bright colored doll! When I was young I was obsessed with barbies, every time my mom took me to a store with a Barbie, I'd be arguing with her and wouldn't leave without one. I still love playing with them. When I was 7, my mom took me to New York City, and we went into this huge you store and I made my own and ran a barbie fashion show, and I'm not subconscious about my body. And for people who are it's not your childhood doll's fault. It could be peer pressure, you might be obese and insecure about it, or in extreme cases anorexic. Barbie dolls can't put you down or tell you what's perfect (they never did it in the movies and their personality is a good role model for girls), and they certainly can't make you insecure, they're freaking objects, not conscious humans! And there is a model who transformed herself into a Barbie. I personally think it looks a little creepy and fake, but if she thinks it's pretty, that's her decision, not yours. And she works hard for it. And I met her in real life and she is really spirited and nice so you shouldn't judge someone unless you've met them. Like I thought Terissa from house wives was a bitch, but my mom dragged me to some wine store so she could get her cook book signed, and she was nice! Same with big ang (I've met a lot of famous people).

Next time please refer to Opinionators.com.


I'm a 15 year old girl and my 7 year old little sister has strep throat. We were playing and I was pretending to be a dog (I know I'm too old to be doing that but whatever, it happened) and I had her pencil in my mouth. I forgot that she had been touching the pencil while she was contagious and chewing in it and everything. I only had it in my mouth for about 20 seconds and then I realized that it had germs on it and I spit it out and drank a cup of water to try and wash out the bacteria. Is there anything that I can do to avoid getting sick? I have very serious OCD and I hate the idea of germs so I'm always washing my hands after touching things and I try not to touch garbage cans and things like that, so as you can imagine I'm kind of freaking out right now. Any advice helps! Thanks in advance!

First of all you are NEVER to old too pretend to be a dog.

Second of all if your sister is on antibiotics for strep throat you should be fine.


My ex texted me out of the blue a couple of weeks ago. We were supposed to meet up and then something came up and I texted him to let him know, he seemed fine about it and texted me a few days later. I was busy that day and he told me to text him when I was free, I told him to text me instead because I forget. I haven't heard from him in a week?

If your forget to text him how interested could you possibly be in him?

Pursue someone you can remember.


I've recently started dating a guy. We expressed mutual desire to wait a while for sex as we both valued emotional connection versus just physical, but things happened and well, in a heated moment of passion, we has sex. Unprotected. Damn. I asked before he put himself in me if he had a condom, he didn't so we slowed things down a bit, but apparently not slow enough cause we ended up having sex anyway. Stupid move, I know. But being on birth control for the last 10+ years I wasn't worried at the time about pregnancy. Until after of course when you inevitably get that constant panic until your period shows up...

We talked about it afterwards and I expressed that since I felt emotionally ready, it wasn't a big deal for me that we didn't wait to have sex, and that it was a step further in our relationship and wanted to make sure he was on the same page, but that condoms were a must in the future. He seemed to be but he still wanted to wait a while for the next time. Fair enough.

A week later, we did diner at my place and things got heated again, and realizing that I didn't hit up the pharmacy that week for condoms because I assumed that 'a while' meant more than a week, I decided not to let things end up in the bedroom. He asked what was the matter and I told him we couldn't have sex because I didn't have condoms at my place. Turns out he doesn't believe in wearing condoms, only in the pull-out method (which is not actually a protection method BTW!), and doesn't want to use them because it ruins the moment. I explained that condoms are supposed to be part of the act and that there are sexy ways to include it, just like grabbing for lube or a toy, and they don't have to be this evil thing he made them out to be. He responded in a "well i've always done it that way and since we both dont want kids right now, whats the problem? besides you're on the pill anyway". I explained that the condom was used for protection against a lot more than pregnancy for me, and it keeps my sanity after sex from my mind going wild and thinking up all sorts of "im pregnant" scenarios, and that it also just happens to protect against STD's. He basically told me that the pullout method was more effective and that I was being very manipulative "going back on my word" after the first time. I apologized for the miscommunication, but that I was not ready to change my beliefs (and health risk!), and that if he didn't understand than we would just not have sex, ever, and that is a very important aspect to a relationship for me. He proceeded to try an convince me that "since I was going to be worried about pregnancy for no reason until my period anyway, that we could do it one more time his way (pullout) and then afterwards we could continue with using condoms. I told him that I was not going to be bargaining with him about something that I care very strongly about, and he responded with a speech about how apparently I didn't actually care about him if I was willing to throw away what we had built just because he wouldn't wear a condom, and that it was just because I like to be in control of everything. I told him that it was a very difficult decision, but I had to go with my gut and trust that if he truly cared about me he would understand. I didn't ask him to change his beliefs, but to understand where I am coming from. He left after saying "you're making a huge mistake" so I'm pretty sure this means we are broken up.

Did I make the right call? I'm beating myself up for it, but I tried to be as subjective as I could.
female, 26

Fun fact: anyone that uses the sentence "you're making a huge mistake" is automatically an idiot that thinks too highly of themselves.

This reaffirms that thesis.


I'm 19,M. I broke up with my ex about a month ago, after being with her for over a year. I started talking to another friend for a bit. We planned to hang out and whatnot. Movies, park, etc. She was out of state visiting family. We ended up sexting and planning to do a bunch of sexual stuff when she got back. I was really horny (I've never had sex before, or anything else beyond kissing and grabbing) She gets back and says we can't do anything or even hang out because she wants to focus on school and doesn't have the time, and that she's been in love with this other guy for a while. She'll say she can't even hang out for a bit, yet she has time to sit at home and be on netflix for 6 hours. I feel bad cause I kind of made her feel guilty. We still talk but I was looking forward to all the fun she said we were gonna have, even if we were to just hang out at the park. If she was in love with some other guy, why was she making plans with me and sexting me? I really liked her but now I don't want to talk to her. We've been friends for well over a year now, but this was the first time we talked sexual and in such detail. I was working all these weeks sometimes up to 76 hours, looking forward to being with her on my time off, for nothing. Do I have the right to be mad? I know it's her choice and I'm not gonna try to make her change it, but why'd she do that to me? I was already feeling kind of crappy before we were talking anyway. I work midnights, sometimes it's dark and I'm alone, sometimes I'm in the same spot for 16+ hours, I would always think about her, and now being confined in a spot for so long, all you could do is think, and I can't stop thinking about uselessness, death, having no purpose, and giving up my dreams. And now it's like I have no life. A few months ago I was happy, going out with my gf, bike riding, working out, hanging out late with friends, jamming guitar with other people, and now, all I could do is work doubles all week since I have nothing better to do, the little fun I have is at work. But I don't wanna be there for the rest of my life, I want to be successful and actually do things.

Basically you were a rebound -- you can be angry about that but what will that accomplish?

It sucks, but you have to focus your attention back on the things that gave your life meaning before you were sitting around for 16 hours obsessing over a girl.


Also, he recommended I take a prescription toothpaste with 5x the normal amount of fluoride, to brush 2 times daily with it, AND not to rinse my mouth after using it. I feel it sounds pretty dodgy, because I've been googling about fluoride lately, and it says it's bad for humans to consume it in large amounts. I mean, I generally brush once a day, and floss once a week, which I can improve, but I don't feel I want to do so with so much fluoride, when there are side-effects. But when I asked my dentist about the potential side effects, he just brushed them off like they were nothing, and thought the fluoride-free toothpastes at Whole Foods were ineffective in preventing cavities. I feel queasy about it. I mean, It's a great dental office, and it was my first time trying it out, but yeah.. Am I right for being cautious about this? I don't want to be taken advantage of.

Who do you think is more qualified to have an opinion; your freaking dentist who spent years in school learning this field or the Internet?

Fluoride is already in your water and has been for 40 years. http://water.epa.gov/drink/contaminants/basicinformation/fluoride.cfm


i like a guy for awhile, one year, how can i make him give his attention to me when he sees me?

Neon colors.


I've just recently started lucid dreaming again after five years. I'm a sophomore in high school now and the last time I had lucid dreams was fifth grade, BUT they stopped after I told someone about them. I want to talk about it with family and friends but I'm afraid that if I do, that I'll stop. Does anyone have any ideas on this? Thank you in advance for your responses! (Im kind of afraid that making this post will make them stop /: )

I think the obvious solution is not to tell anyone because a) they may stop like last time and more importantly b) no one wants to hear about your dreams.

If you must tell someone a dream, social etiquette calls for it be told in two sentences or less according to Dear Matt.


What are some good ska bands? I'm really into punk, and people are always telling me I've got to check out ska. So... in your opinion, what are the best ska bands, and what are some good songs by them?

Ska is the U2 of punk and in my opinion you should avoid it at all costs.

If you must know, one of my freshman year roommates used to play a band called Reel Big Fish but odds are high you'll just annoy everyone like he did.


I feel they're both important, but my mom feels that medical research is more important and more in demand, though I'm trying to convince her that I wouldn't be committing career suicide by pursuing economic research, what I'm actually interested in. I'm currently a college student, majoring in economics and mathematics. Feel free to give your lengthy, true opinion, I'd really appreciate it. I support people wanting to do medical research, but the economy would not function if everybody was in the medical field! It's annoying when my mom tries to encourage me to switch fields when I've never once been interested in the medical field for me personally, and I don't want to choose a field I hate just for the money. A top economist could make as much as a top surgeon, anyways. And it's more than the money for me, as obviously I will take on debt for all the years of college I have ahead. It's a lifestyle choice I'm making. I just need a better way to prove to my mom that I'll be fine. Again, I'm still a student, not yet an economist, so obviously I still have a lot to learn on my own, and it's why I have trouble explaining the relevance of econ to my mom beyond general things.

Medical research can be monetized; the research leads pretty directly toward profit so there's a lot of forces pushing it along.

Economic research is stymied by the fact that governments are the ones that set policy, not economists. The amount of influence an economist has is dependent on how much the leadership buys into the data.

Medical research saves lives, economic research has the potential to do the same but that gets blocked by government the same way climate change research does.


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