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I met this guy last summer at a resort, and I fell in love with him! Both of us had fun all week. We had a bond fire played basketball and alot more.At the end of the week we both had to go home, ( and he lives in a different state)so I figured I would see him again next year. I've talked to him all year on the internet and the phone and ect. When ever I talk to him it always sounds like he likes me and when we say good bye on the internet he types " Bye bye kiss kiss" Now I have had my friends ask him if he likes me and he wont answer them. I even asked him if he liked me. He did not answer me back. What does it meen when he didnt answer me back? Should I talk to him about it and tell him how I feel? and Do you think that he likes me?

Well first i think its great that you found the guy you like alot. Ok maybe he dosnt want anyone eles to know how he fells about you or anything like that. Sometimes i thing he mite also at the same time like someone eles. You should tell him how you fell, and let it of your shoulders.

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