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I did not write the book of love,
and I do not claim to be full of wisdom.

I sure do make mistakes,
but I live and learn!

I try to let no one come to me,
without leaving happier. [:

"Exert your talents,
and distinguish yourself.
Don't even think about
retiring from the World,
until the World will be
sorry that you retire!"


♥[?]♥ does the song "iwanna be with you" come with a video by mandy moore? like was it released as a video too?

♥[?]♥ im 16 and i lost my virginity to my girlfriend on november 21 or this morning as we both were about to orgasm my i pulled out it shot out is that normal
"Shooting out" is what ejaculation is all about... So, yes..

♥[?]♥ Anyone have any tips for how to kiss i just want to be ready for my first one so i don't look like an idiot! (female)
It's difficult to tell you exactly how to kiss. It's one of those things you just have to feel your way through, and find out what works for you. However, I found a few websites that might give you a better idea of the whole thing.

♥[?]♥ What sites offer tons of options for customization when you're making your layout?

Make sure they work. is a great one!

♥[?]♥ I'm fifteen and my boyfriend is fourteen.

we have been together for about eight monthes is that a long time?
Everyone you ask will have a different opinion. I'm not so sure I would consider eight months "a long time", but I would say it's "a while" and even "rare", given your age. :)

♥[?]♥ How do I delete my current myspace account? I have the virus type thing where it will send random pics or fake videos as a comment to all of my friends' pages so I want to make a new account. Thanks in advance-
From your Home Page, go to 'Account Settings', and then click, 'Cancel Account'.

♥[?]♥ do girlz have to shave their pubic hair?
There's no law..

♥[?]♥ my vagina smells bad. its not like a fish smell but its bad & not normal. i do clean with antibacterial soap but its not working. what should i do ?
They have products you can buy which help diminish odor. One of which is Vagisil.

Other than that, be sure to continue washing regularly and washing thoroughly. Some odor is to be expected, but a foul stench is nobody's friend. Also, excess amounts of hair helps trap odor, so shaving or trimming any hair does, to some degree, have a health benefit.

Perhaps you might be interested in checking out a few websites.

♥[?]♥ Is there a way i can view a private myspace without friending the person? My brother is friends with some shady looking people on there and i would like to take a look at them and make sure hes ok being friends with them but they are private profils.
Unfortunately, there isn't anyway to view a Private MySpace without requesting their Friendship. :/

♥[?]♥ How do you get your links at the top of the page to say things that are not the original format? Like you have "go home" for going back to the Advicenators homepage. How did you do that?
I have a Paid Account. Paid Accounts allow you to toy with things or create your own website design. It's ten bucks per year, but that isn't a bad price considering all of the lovely perks to it. :)

♥[?]♥ i'm on my period, obviously, and i'm starting to get really bad cramps. i wake up because it really hurts. what are some ways to make it stop hurting? or help ease the pain?
You have many options here. It's well known that regular physical activity helps reduce the cramping in some women, so there's an idea. You could also try taking a warm bath and using aromatherapy. Applying a heating pad on your lower abdomen or back should do wonders. If you don't have a heating pad, you can make one by simply filling a sock with rice and heating it in the microwave for a few minutes [must sound silly, but if the cramps get bad enough, it just might be worth it]. Or try laying in bed, on your side, and curling up into a ball by bringing your knees up towards your chest. That does true wonders for stomach pains. Also, a healthy diet can play a big role in this. Do your best to avoid salty foods, because they retain water, causing you to bloat. Vegetables and citrus fruit would be helpful. Also, many women start taking pills around the clock from the time their cycle starts, until it ends. Any pain killer will do, but I reccommend Ibuprofen, Extra Strength Advil or Midol - it's also best to take medication will a meal, that way the risk of stomach discomfort is slimmed. But if you take other medicine regularly, I would suggest consulting your Mother or a doctor beforehand.

♥[?]♥ The hair color below is two-toned obviously, but i'm asking what the above color is called, or what the color looks like to you underneath the color im asking about is black which is understandable.
I would say it's close to a dull caramel color, honestly.

♥[?]♥ 13/F

There's a ghost in my house. I know because first, my sister saw it. And when I was home ALONE I tripped over nothing on a flat surface. It felt like someone stuck their foot out and tripepd me. I'm not klutzy or anything. Then, as I was stepping out of the shower, I hit my head on nothing. I am not feeling things either, cuz It gave me a headache! And then, as I sat down on a chair, It felt like someone pushed me off. I fell off and I was not faking or anything. I have good balance. Then, when I was home ALONE, i heard foosteps in my kitchen. They sounded like a man's. So, if that enough proof? And, if I do have a ghost in my house? Thank you.
In all honesty, that's not enough to convince me. I'm not saying what you're claiming didn't happen, I believe you there. It's just when you tell someone those occurrances, they will easily dismiss them saying that it could have been anything. "She must have tripped." "She's mistaking." "She's exaggerating, and too quickly linking it to what she wants for it to be." They could say numerous things. If you're asking my opinion based on what you've written here, I would think that there is a logical explaination to all of it, and that nothing paranormal or out of the ordinary is going on. For instance, if you said you were sitting on the couch, and from across the room you saw a box of cereal being thrown across the room in a clearly angry motion and slam against the wall, there's no explaining that. It wouldn't be the same if it fell off the counter, it would have to fly across the entire kitchen and hit the wall. That sounds more believable than you somehow tripping. Understand? And even if something similar to the cereal thing did occur, people would still make their judgements, anyhow. Unless of course, they were present and actually witnessed the happening with their own eyes. That's just the way people are. Especially skeptics, and I don't blame them. I am a believer of the paranormal to the biggest extent, but I do like to see things with my owns eyes. It's human nature - we have to see it to believe it, is all. However, if you are concerned, it wouldn't do any harm in speaking to your parents about it. They might have some information or way to go about calming your worries.

♥[?]♥ so me & my boyfriend had sex for the first time last friday. and also saturday. & we used a condom & since it was our first time, we didnt do it too long since he popped my cherry & it hurt the second time. now im wondering if i could be pregnant? we used wasted 3 condoms & filled each with water once we were done with them & there was no hole, so the condom was good. so is there any chance of me being pregnant? i doubt it , but i just want more opinions.
Of course there is a chance, though taking what you said into consideration, it seems unlikely. Personally, I wouldn't worry about it this time. Maybe it's just me, but I've always believed that one shouldn't be having sex unless they are able to financially support a child. You definitely did the right thing in using condoms and even checking them. :)

♥[?]♥ How old do you have to be to work a cash register?
That varies from place to place. Many companies don't hire applicants younger than 18 years of age. However, there are place that do hire minors; Starbucks, Target and Subway, as examples. And they will all let you use the cash register. Different comapnies have different rules, but generally speaking, if someone is willing to hire you, they probably won't have a problem with putting you on the registers. They might even expect it.

♥[?]♥ maybe this sound pretty stupid

but what means "mono?"
I assume you're talking about Mononucleosis, "Mono" for short. It's a sickness, and it's contagious. They often call it "the kissing bug". It's commonly transfered through kissing, sharing drinks and any other way of swapping saliva. You can read more about it online. Here is a great website to look over:

how do you do this? like put the picure in then put the words next to it??
Here ya go.

♥[?]♥ what does a 5th of vodka mean?
It means drinking a 1/5 of a gallon of Vodka, which is a substantial amount. Though, I don't believe they measure it like that, anymore. It's 750ML, and it's more than enough to get anyone snockered. I believe 1/5 of Vodka is roughly around twenty 1ounce shots, but don't quote me on that.

♥[?]♥ is it wrong to refer to an animal as "it" when you dont know its gender?
I wouldn't call it "wrong", at all. Afterall, what do people expect you to do? I understand where you're coming from on this, though. I don't feel it to be "wrong", but I try to avoid the whole scenario by saying something along the lines of, "Awww, look at 'em!". Followed by a question of their gender. "'Em" just sounds better than "it", in my opinion. :) But I don't see how anyone could possibly fault you by saying "It".

♥[?]♥ Is there Ralph Lauren and Locaste stores at the mall? In Connecticut especially. Or can you only buy that stuff online.
I live in Connecticut, too. From what I can see online, there doesn't seem to be either Ralph Lauren or Locaste in any branch of Westfield Mall.

Same goes for Westfarms Malls, unfortunately.

Though stores like Macy's, JC Penney and Nordstrom (which are located within Connecticut malls) commonly sell Ralph Lauren products, but naturally the selection is minimal.

There might be a Ralph Lauren or Locaste in that big, outdoor shopping center in West Hartford on route 44. The name of the center escapes me, but it's a beautiful white building with a variety of high-end stores. I'm sure they would have what you're looking for.

I know there is a Ralph Lauren store not attached to a mall in New Canaan, on Elm Street. For phone numbers, hours and directions, check out this website.

And the closest Lacoste I could find is Greenwich, New York City and Boston.


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