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okay, i play the guitar and whenever i go to play a chord like an E chord or an E m chord my wrist clicks especially if i play any notes up that far on the guitar neck it doesn't hurt but it's just weird. and whenever i do that hand motion for 'come here' with one hand where you move it back and forth.. it clicks really loud. is there something wrong with my wrist? or is this normal

yes its normal


I know the subject is wrong... anyways, over the summer i got a lot of freckles on my face and I never really noticed it until someone mentioned it today. How can you make them disapear, besides massive makeup?

I heard from a few people lemon juice helps...but u cant make them "disapear"..there called sun spot/freckles...once summer ends and the winter kicks in..they'll be gone before you know it!!..-hope I helped..


Do you guys think my mom would freak out if i married some one older than she is?

yeah..mine would totally would!


hey, i asked a question before about the whole tutor thing and not being sure about what people would say... i have another thing that brings me down. i just went to freshman orientation and everyone was looking at eachothers schedules and i learned that all of my friends are in honors classes and i'm the only one in CP classes. and i'm not exaggerating when i say all of my friends i do mean ALL of my friends. this might sound really consited and selfish but I'M the one that has the higher goals in life and I'M the one that wants to have a great future and they mostly just throw their lives away focusing on boys and partying. the majority of them just want to become like a hair dresser or something like that and i'm the only one that wants to do something great and that's goint to help people I'M the one that wants to be a doctor. why can't I have the good grades??? i'm the one that needs it! i want to be a doctor while all my other friends hardly even want to plan their future! i find this totaly unfair! i feel so stupid sometimes and i just want to sit and cry. what can i do to make myself feel better about all of this!?PLEASE help i rate high!

well..I noticed like 20 of my closest friends..15 outta the 20 are in Honor Classes and all..so yeah It kinda pushes you to make you think you know as smart..when you really are!! Sooner or later you'll get to the spot where all you other friends are..Then again if your learning at your pase then, You'll get to see more stuff in life and do my activites..while all your friends are melting the brains..studying and pulling all nighters!...Plus you only get to have 4 years in High School..you wouldn't want to be doing College stuff while your still in High School..you have College to do the College stuff you want and all! Just stick to being a regular high school teen!...-good luck..hope I helped =P.


hi does any1 like no how to get natrual highlights by not acually dying ur hair and stuff...please help me out thx

well i have natural highlights.. :-) my hair is dark brown..but it lightens up and all and i got sun lights..(which are highlights but from the sun..) and everyone asks me if i dyed my hair blonde..bc it looks like i did..then again last august i got 2 inched tips which looked awsome w/ my color..-hope I helped


Ok well i dont have a clue on how to rate people so if you can tell me how to then I'll rate you!

when a person anwsers ur question or w/e...if hit the numbers of answers..such like one or 2..after the persons advicenators name and answer its lists numbers 1 threw 5..click on the number that you think the person should get..and hit ok..and there you have it! you rated someone!..its that simple lol .. =P


is it wrong to flirt and make out and stuff w/ a guy when you aren't dating..? like little benafit buddys?

i dont really know..i never dated anyone..sadly enough its true..my parents have that stupid age of 16 limit thing...but everyone flirts with almost everyone of the opposite sex...you sometimes just dont relized that you are..lol


my boyfriend called last night and asked me why i haven't called him all summer. the truth is that i have called but i can never get through. so he thought i was mad at him, but i wasn't. at the end of the coversation we broke up. we had been going out for three months but we never saw or talked to each other. and techanically i shouldn't of been dating him anyway because my parents set the limit at 16. so now that we're not together, i think he's mad at me. its really confusing. what happens now? did i lose him as a friend as well as a boyfriend? if you can help me then please do. thanks.

1- my parents have the 16 age limit as well..so it sucks..
2- explain to him why you havent called him..and that you been to busy this whole summer..to call on the phone...
3- if u dont get back together..ask him if u can still be friends with him..
--hoped i helped..


Hello! I was wondering if any of you know any good home remedies to get rid of pimples, besides toothpaste. Thanks!

1- have got acne..and some of my friends got it..(like 5)
2- its not the end of the world if u get it..
3- everyone will get it sooner or l8r...
4- try buy Neutrogena...ur face will clear up in like 2-3 days..if u wash it like 3 or 4 times a day!
good luck- hoped i helped =P


i used to drink alot and i mean alot of pop and now im stopping to lose weight but lately ive been getting really bad headaches my mom said its because of the lack of caffine are there any other
ways to get caffine but are healthy too
i rate ! --thanks

I dk any other way to get caffine into your system but to have soda..maybe try diet?..then again..try exercisin..that helps alot..-hope i helped =D


How come i give soo many people good advice and i get rated all like 5s and 4s but no one asks me for advice..i never have anything in my inbox..if you want good advice come to me..How come no one is doing that?

i dk..i dont get any in my inbox either..inless u r listed into a favorite columnist or w/e...it takes times dont worry.


hey i have school coming up on sep 8 ok so i was thinking of wearing a faded blue billabong shirt with some, um, tannish (im not sure what the color is but its tanish they might be called a khaki color but anywho)dickies shorts. also my shoes are some white vans. would that be pretty good for a first day wardrobe? or would black dickies be better? or would a green quicksilver shirt be better? any advice will be thanked. thanks a million a 1! btw im a 13/m.

well 1- i never seen a guy who really cared what he wore..so im a bit impressed..and 2- the 1st one sounds cool...i was going to go with vans sneakers my self..but i couldnt find one i liked that also fit..so I kinda got pissed..but anyhow..-hoped i helped


ok i have been rated 8 times ( i just started today haha) ne*way on the front of my page it says "rated: 5 times" not 8...hmm do u kno why?? u can see for urself haha http://advicenators.com/column.php?u=Xo_ShErRy_Ox

just wondering, thanks and i'll rate!:)

it takes a few days for your account to catch up on your ratings in 4 or 5 days or so..it should be all catched up..it does that here and there..-hoped i helped


umm well the kid i like has a nickname for me [[boo]] and he is starting to like me! =) but anyways i wanna give him a nick name but i can't think of one!!!! will u plz help me come up with one???? thanx!!!

i dont know any good ones..but my oldest sister's 1st bf nick name was Mr.Poohbear..and I have no clue where that came from..but besides she has this lil obbession over Pooh..(the character) then my other sister's for her 1st bf was Mr. Scruffles....and I seriously have no clue where that came from at all..Nicknames usually usually come from a past experience and all. you'll think of sumthing! and when you drop one in my in box of what you thought of. -good luck


Okay I have a b/f and hes goin into High Skewl and im still in 8th grade. Im 13 and hes 14 and alot of my friends and sum of his friends think that we'll make it thru the first year. He thinks that we'll last at least half the year. But i dont think we will last, is that wrong???
I mean i love him soo much and i really Dont wanna lose him. i wanna make it last but its gonna be really hard for him in High skewl with all the new gurlz and stuff! Please HELP me!!! Oh yea is there a way i could make it last and if so HOW??? PLEASE tell me!

um..a bit of a tuffy..lets see..
1- call him atleast once a day
2- try asking him to hang out once or twice a night

Since it is High School..you may break up and then again you maybe not..you just have to keep the relationship strong and all. It's just the way the dice roll sry sweetie - hope I helped


how do you get those cool backgrounds onto your advice column (im not that computer savvy) lol

Go to Google.com and type in a background or whatever. Save it(remember where you saved it) go to Column Settings and there is a thing where you upload it..Hit Browse..search for it..click it and hit open and it should be in that little blank box or whatever..thne go down and hit save -hoped I helped


heyy im 13 and i was wondering how can i start a good converstation with my boyfriend on the phone

Ask him what's up..then if he says nothing really, nothing or nothing much..Try asking how his day went?...it basically almost works. -good luck


ok.. how many of you think its possible to love at 15? i kno there's girls on here and guys that say they love their bf/gf. but do most of you take it as "puppy love?" i think it is possible. bc see my bf now.. ive been with him 9 months and i lost my virginity to him and the thing is my mom and family dissapprove of me and him together... because hes black n im white. but i still go to see him and he comes to see me at like the park and stuff and we hang out. and im 15 and so is he. i mean i kno this may sound stupid but i really can see myself with him forever. like i dont want to be with anyone else. i kno i love him and not that fake stuff. i would do anything for him. i kno u all dont think i kno what love is bc im so young but thats ok. but i do love him with all my heart and i would die for him... but how many of you believe that u can love someone at 15?
id like to hear ur comments. ill rate. thanks..

You can love someone at any age if you feel, you would die if you ever lost someone who you loved, cared for and was behind them 100% in there problems threw out life..I also think its childish for your parents not to approve on him, because at the moment my oldest sister is seeing a guy who is not only 3 years older then her but he is also black and she is white. I haven't met the guy but my mom approves on him and everything. Maybe you should sit down with your parents and point out why he is so special to you and why you want to marry him. Just one note of advice marry him while your done with school and all. You don't want to have marriage problems while your still in H.S. and in College. -good luck


If you say I don't kiss and tell are you saying I don't kiss a person and then tell if they were a good kisser or I don't tell who I kissed?

Also, i've heard the saying preaching to the choir a whole lot...what does it mean?

If you can answer only one it's fine. Just need this to clear up a little confusion!

Well "Dont kiss and tell" most basically means that you dont kiss a guy or girl and then go and run to your friends and tell them about it.
For the other one I've had never heard that one till just before now..so I cant help ya on that one..sry
-hoped I help...
P.S. if you find out tell me plz I'm just as courious as you to know what it means! lol


hey !! my name's arielle and im 13 from jersey !! i have a serious problem !! ok well theres this band [not famous] and the guys in it are like 15 and 16.. and i haev a crush on one of the guys in the band.. and hes 16. the band is in pa and im in nj but we live like 6 hours apart. im gunna go to their shows tho but im worried that when i go and i meet the guy in the band i have a crush on that hes gunna think im a kid cause hes like 16 and im only 13. i feel that like hes gunna look at me as like reeeeal young and not like me in *that way*. what should i do?

1- he may do that...but to tell u sumthin..my sister's friends call me a *kid* and im 14 and they're 18...so yeah..and even my sis' bf's friends do the same thing and they are 2 years older then my sis..so lets just call them *jackasses* lol
2- you cant make him like you in *that way*...so there really isnt anything you could do about it..and you dont know but mayb he has a girlfriend and doesnt want to open the 411 to the public or mayb he has his eye or sum1..u dk- hoped I helped


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