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Heyy my name is Jennifer but my friends kall me Jenn i have had alot of problems with friends nd so have MY friends nd they always ask me for help when they duhn kno wut to do nd i help resolve wutever problems they have that they cnt resolve nd itz also fuhn =] i can help u out with ne problems u might have ..i kno it says i mostly help with families love life nd friendship ..but i can hlep with other things nd situations u might be in nd u duhn have to put ur name or age or that kinda stuff if u duhn want to i hope i can help u with ur problems so juzz rite me w/e problems u have then it'll go to my inbox nd i'll get to u as soon as possible nd try to help u out tha best i can ..sum stuff if u want stays confidential nd ihope i can make everything better for u

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For anyone who actually reads this, thanks.Well, I had a boyfriend, we'll call him "Tod". We went out for about 3 months. Well, all these people were coming up to me and saying, "OMG!Are you going to be okay?!" Honestly, I had no idea what on earth they were talking about. So, I asked "Tod" and he told me that he kissed another girl on the lips! Me? Upset? Yeah, but I could deal with it.I told I didn't care. He told me that he couldn't stand to hurt me again, so he said it was over.Well, about 2 months later, he asked me out again, and I said yes. And just recently, we broke up. Everyone was telling me that he told them it was "another girl". This time, I had it with him. I was through with getting hurt because of his freakin mistakes when I didn't do anything to hurt him! So, I'm never going out with him again. But..I think that there might be "another guy" for me. We'll call him "Justin".He's one of my friends ex-boyfriends.They have been going out on and off like me and "Tod".And my other friends are telling me to not go out with him because she might get pissed at me.Well, first of all, I know she will, but I think I really like "Justin" and just the other day, I told him that I really like him. He told me that he really likes me too. But we're not going out. Yesterday, he was talking to my sister, and she asked him if he and I were going out. He said "yeah" and my sister said "since when?!?!". Then he said "since now". But I asked him if we were really going out, and he said he doesn't know! What's that supposed to mean?!Sorry it's soooo long! -Alex (link)
ya thats rele confusing but..if ur friend is a good friend nd u duhn wanna lose her then..u rele should choose her cuz she'll be with u longer nd besides if "justin" cnt make up his mind or confront u then he's juzz being lik a lil boy nd should tell u himself instead of talking 2 ur sister..hope i helped =] -XO0H JENN

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Thanx for the advice Jenn! -alex

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