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Heyy my name is Jennifer but my friends kall me Jenn i have had alot of problems with friends nd so have MY friends nd they always ask me for help when they duhn kno wut to do nd i help resolve wutever problems they have that they cnt resolve nd itz also fuhn =] i can help u out with ne problems u might have ..i kno it says i mostly help with families love life nd friendship ..but i can hlep with other things nd situations u might be in nd u duhn have to put ur name or age or that kinda stuff if u duhn want to i hope i can help u with ur problems so juzz rite me w/e problems u have then it'll go to my inbox nd i'll get to u as soon as possible nd try to help u out tha best i can ..sum stuff if u want stays confidential nd ihope i can make everything better for u

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Hey, What do I do about sex? My b.f keeps on asking me if I can do THIS possition and THAT possion but I don't know what they are! And I don't know if I'm ready for sex, What should I do?

Aleshequa 15, Female (link)
um well u r only 15 just tell him that ur not ready nd u can just ask a friend if u do want that wut it is [but no demonstrations] nd just keep it a seceret besides if ur only 15 maybe u should NOT do that since he might tell his friends then every1 will kno nd might start rumors u just need to say no nd if he doesnt want to be with u cuz of that then maybe he just isn't rite nd there will be boys that duhn do that u just need to find him cuz u might end of not seeing this guy ever again so itz not worth tha time -XO0H JENN

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Thanks. That's a good idea. I turn 16 tomorrow..But yeah the guys i guess is kind of a loser..

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