Hey everyone!
I'm Lenny and i can help you with anything! my whole life i've helped friends and family with stuff and i always have good advice! write me and i'll be sure to answer you about ANYTHING!!!
have a GREAT end of summer and rest of the year
mua to u all/
lenny benny


dear lemon puddin,

hi my name is frenchma.
i got a problem u see i got this girl that i like i don^t talk to her much and she showed me this website she maid. and i was inpressed how do i approach in asking her out. cause i dunno if she likes me and i hope that she does.

thnx for the help

ciao babé

frenchman of switzerland

it sounds like you've got some trouble...have you ever asked this girl out before? and what makes you really like her? how does she know u don't just wanna peice of ass?


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