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for the past 3 months ive been doing 100 situps a day. (2 diff. kinds) and they work a little, but i still have a little bit of fat i want to get rid of. anyone know any good exercises for a flatter stomach?

That page will provide you with ab workouts/exercises that you can try.


i didn't know what category to put this under so i just guessed.
ok, here i go. first off, i am 14/f. i am very athletic. i have a sweating problem, too. i have athletics first period at school with no time to take a shower...barely enough time to get redressed so i don't have much time to cool down from practice. sometimes when i get home from school i will have sweat stains on the armpit part of my shirt. i need some SERIOUS help on what i can do to help prevent this. sometimes i even sweat through two t-shirts after a hard practice. i usually wear a jacket so no one can see but i am getting tired of jackets and when i get hot i can't take it off. please help me! i'll rate! thanks in advance!

Have you tried using an anti-perspirant, such as Arrid Extra Dry? It works great and it will help keep your arm pits dry. There's also just an anti-perspirant that you can purchase at Walgreen's, CVS, and such, known as Certain Dri. It's one of the strongest anti-perspirants that you can purchase over-the-counter or online at, and it's under $10, and it's worth the price. Applying baby powder, after putting on your deoderant, will help also. If your sweating problem persists, consult a doctor and they can provide you with more information.


Does getting your eyebrows hurt?
i want the truth please (=
ive heard many things about it
and i want expreienced people.
mmkthanks i rate

No, getting your eyebrows waxed does not hurt. If the area around your eyebrows is sensitive, then you may experience pain when you get them waxed. Tweezing is actually worse than waxing, for most people.


I need some websites for finding used cars online.

I have,, and

help please is a good website to find used cars.


hey how old do you have to be to get your tounge peirced without your parents permission?

Legally, you have to be 18 years old.


On Myspace, how do you make your account private so where only your friends can see your site...


You need to change your year of birth in your basic information so that you're 15 or 14 years old on Myspace. You can then go to your Privacy Settings in your Account Settings and make your profile "friends only" and your page is private to everyone, excluding your friends.


I'm really not liking my advicenators name anymore. Its so corny XSugarpieX77, i mean come on. I have a 4.95 rating, should I make a new site? or, is there a way to change my username but keep my advice page?


You shouldn't start over, just because you think your username is corny. Why don't you think about getting a paid account? It's the only way to change your name on here. Contributing $10 for one year is a pretty good deal to have a paid account.

You've answered nearly 700 questions; don't quit.


Hey! I see people on Myspace with like a top 20 or etc.... does anybody know how to make a more then a top 8?! Thanks!


What are some REALLY good tips on flirting? Like I want to start to make my boyfriend really interested in me. Like I already know he likes me but i want him to show he likes me. So I need tips on flirting and stuff like that. Thanks in advance! =)

You'll find many flirting tips on the sites above.


I wanted to know how do you delete the websites that come up when you type in a website in the toolbar.

Deleting your history will remove the URLs you've visited in the address toolbar. Go to Tools, scroll and click on Internet Options. In the History area, click on "Clear History" and that will delete your history. You can also click on the history button in your explorer and delete your history manually.


how do you make the two columns the same size in the middle of the page? & can anyone find layouts with it already the same size & already centered?

ill rate fives. =]

You can change your "table table table" width to 275px, for example, and that will make your tables smaller. If you want to make your navigation bar smaller, including the tables, paste this code into your profile:

I use this code to make my tables on my Myspace page smaller so it should work for you. You can change the font and width of the code to what you'd like.


I can't seem to get line spaces in my about me section. I don't know what it is, it doesn't matter how many times I ht entere it won't work. How can you get line breaks?

You just need to enter or to enter each line, though the paragraph break will double-space each line.

This isn't a dumb question ;)


do girls have to shave below?? or do u not have to?

No, you don't have to but you can if choose to.


I don't know if this question has been asked before..but is there any way to see exactly who has visited your myspace? Thanks

No, there is now way to find out who visits your Myspace profile. Unlike Xanga and such, there's no tracker for Myspace.


how can you change your age and your name on myspace?

You need to log in and go to your homepage to do this. Go to the page where you edit your profile and click on the name and basic information tabs (not at the same time) and that will bring you to a page where you can change your name and age.


On myspace i cant figure out how to have my site so were EVERY BODY can see it. Its on private and i dont want it to be. So were do i go to get it off private? Thanks I rate all 5s to every body is trys to answer!

You just need to change your age so that you're either 16 years old or older and your profile won't be private to everyone. Setting your age to 15 or below will make your page automatically private. You can change your age and such in the basic information area of your "Edit My Profile" page.


Does anyone know the code to change the font color of text on myspace?

I know how to get a color code in there, like the six numbers, but what's the actual code for it?

I've tried TEXT

Because that's what some sites have said. But it doesn't work. Does anyone know?? Thanksss.

The code won't work if you include the quotations and the "#" before the hex code in the code.

TEXT would be an example that you should use in your Myspace profile.


Tonight is New Years ! & i don't know how i should make my hair should i put it up, put it down & straighten it, or put it down and curl it ?

Thnank you !

I would straighten your hair and wear it down for tonight.


Anyone know any good MySpace Layout pages? Cute but yet different from the rest type of layouts? :)

♥ ♥

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I have pimples here and there. I have tried like almost everything. Proactive doesn’t work for me so don’t say that! Pulse half of you just say it because everyone else says it works because you just want a good rating. I need any home remedies or anything I can buy. I have oily skin btw if this helps! Plz what can I do??

You'll find home remedies, along with other sites, on how to clear up your face on this page:

As for your oily skin, these sites will provide you with tips and ways to make your skin oil-free: and

By searching, you'll find even more information.

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