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does anyone know of a website that you can post your poems on and get feedback?

Here are a few websites:


OK on my old coomputer i had AIM 5.9,,,,,, but i got a new computer the only AIm i could find was Trintion... but i dont like it ... is there any way i can dowload AIM 5.9..... if so ..... on AIM were do i go to get i t

Click on the 'Upgrade' button on that page to download AIM 5.9.

You can also click on this link to directly download AIM 5.9 onto your computer:


Hey all i have AIM 5.9... Well the other day i was sitting here and everything was fine working great then all of a sudden my buddylist names disappear but the little notebooks/cellphone icons were still showing.. so it turns out i had to change my font from century gothic to tahome so i could see. well that was problem one.
Problem two now whenever my friends talk to me it looks like this:
Me: Hey whats up?
Me: what?
and so on its reallly annoying and i dont know how to fix it! so if someone could pleeeeeease help me id luv you forever! thanks i rate 5s

Try uninstalling and then reinstalling your AIM on your computer. You could and probably do have a virus of some sort or such that is messing up your AIM. Check out this page: - you can download a program that will fix your AIM and get rid of any viruses that your computer has been affected with. I had the same problem a couple of months ago.

If you have an anti-virus program on your computer, try running a scan through your computer first before attempting what I mentioned above.


Hey everyone, Okay, I have my advice column link in my AIM profile, but when ever someone clicks on it all the get is a message saying that there was no column found like that. I tryed putting a new link in there, but that didn't work eather. Does anyone know why it's doing this & how to fix whatever the problem is ?? Thank you so much !!
[ ♥ ♥ ] hANaH`'

If you haven't already, you should email Dangernerd if you are having a problem with something on the site. His email address is

Since your username does not include any spaces, this isn't the reason as to why your friends cannot view your column.


how do i get a background for my advice coulmn plz help and thanks!!

To use the backgrounds on your advicenators column:

1. Find the background you want to use
2. Highlight the text in the box and use the Edit -> Copy or ctrl+C option to copy it
3. Visit your column settings ( page. (be sure you're logged in)
4. Paste the background URL in the "bg1" or "bg2" option boxes and hit save.

To use the backgrounds on other web pages:

1. Find the background you want to use.
2. Right-click and do a "save background as..."
3. Upload it to your web page host and use it like you would any other background.

You can find backgrounds for your column on this page:


how do i upgrade my version? i have to have 5.5 or higher for this smiley thing, and i don't know how do upgrade it.

To upgrade the version of your AIM, you need to go to (I'm assuming you have Windows 98 or higher) and click on the 'Upgrade' button to download AIM 5.9. A file download will pop up and you'll need to download it.

You can download the new AIM Triton but since it's still a beta version, I'd stick with the AIM 5.9 for now.


you guys is anyone else having the same problem that when you look at your column it says that theres not a user with the sn? cause it's doing it for me and i want to know if it's just me or what... because am logged in and everything ughh help me out! thankss =]

If you're visiting a user's column, who has a space or two in their username, this tends to happen. You can replace each space with %20 and you'll be able to view the columns of users whose names include spaces.


ok i have internet explorer and i was wondering how do you delete your history of were you have been online???? thanks

You can press Ctrl + H to view your computer's history and to delete it. Just right click on each day or URL and hit 'Delete'. Or, you can click on the history button, one of your standard buttons, and it will do the same thing.

You can go to Tools, scroll down and click on 'Internet Options', and hit the 'Clear History' button and then 'Ok' to delete your history.

There are a couple of ways to do this.


Is there a way to change your email on myspace? you know when you signed up they asked for an email is there a way to change it?because i got a new email it will have to get rid of the other one. THANKS

Yes, there is. Log in and go to your Account Settings. You can then enter your new email address in the provided area and make sure that you save your changes. Don't forget the email address that you signed up with, though. If you ever decide to delete your account and such, your original email address is important.


im trying to put a background on my page from the choices they have here on this site but i dont understand what "Bg1" or "bg2" stand for.

Find the background you want to use
Highlight the text in the box and use the Edit -> Copy or ctrl+C option to copy it
Visit your column settings page. (be sure you're logged in)
Paste the background URL in the "bg1" or "bg2" option boxes and hit save.

Sorry if its a stupid question.

'bg1' is your column's page background image and 'bg2' is your column's sidebar background image.


what are some web sites i can go to for puberty...i know but what are some others?

Those are just a few sites that you could go to.


What is Gmail? and How can I get an account?


GMail is a Google-owned, web-based email service that includes over 2 gigabytes of storage.

You need to be invited by someone that already has an account to get one, though you could sign up through your mobile phone. (

If you read the site news, you could get a GMail account.


I have a simple question that could have a lot of answers. What is a girl's favorite scent on a guy? Specifically, please.

Curve cologne would have to be my favorite scent on a guy. It's amazing and I love it on a guy.


Hey! Ok does anyone know how to find out how to see the people that viewed your myspace? I know that the Number of veiws shows but cant you see who is looking at it? And one other question is there anyway you can find out who has your screename? Like people that wont talk to you or just have your screename to look at your myspace or watever! I just wanted to know because i dont want like weird men looking at my myspace! Thanks guys.

There's no possible way to find out the actual users who view your page, just the number of visitors at the moment.

But there is a way to find out the AOL/AIM users who view your page. If you go to and make a 'Link Spy', you'll know the users. When a user clicks on this link, it will bring them to your Myspace page but they will be tracked. It's pretty cool.

You could make your Myspace private, if you don't want 'weird men' reading your information.


Many people on AIM with profiles iv'e seen say "via Hiptop"

any reason what that means? or does anyone know why they say that?


(real answers get 5s)

When someone is connected to AIM with a hiptop device, such as a T-Mobile Sidekick, the phrase "via hiptop" appears in their profile.


on a i m when someone says h/o what does that mean?

It's short for 'hold on'.


how do you make your myspace acount privite, so only your friends can view your myspace?!? plz help i will rate you high

You should read this page before making your profile private:

The 'private' option was intended for underage users so if you're 14 or 15 years old, there's no need to worry.

If you want to make your profile private and risk the chance of having your account deleted if you're not underage, you just need to set your age to 15 years old or below. You can do this in the 'basic information' area of your 'Edit Profile' page.

You can then go into your 'Private Settings' of your Account Settings to change your privacy options.


How do u send your photos from your Phone to your e-mail add using Samsung, pls

I have a Samsung a670 so this should help.

Go to your Picture Gallery, select a picture and go to its options. Click on 'Pic MSG' and in the 'Send to' area, type in your e-mail address. Once you've done that, click 'Ok' and that picture has been sent to your e-mail inbox.

You will be charged for every picture message you use.

Basically, you just have to send a picture message with that picture, if what I've mentioned above does not correspond with your phone.


umm, i dont see an adress bar {where a url shows up} and i was wondering how i could get it back

At the top of your Internet Explorer, go to 'View', scroll down to 'Toolbars', and click on 'Address Bar' and your address bar will be visible again.


how do u tell if a louis vituonn purse is real or cousin gave it to my sister and my sister handed it down to there anyway you can tell

Ill rate 5 for helping

You can tell if a Louis Vuitton bag is fake if the bag is poorly sewn, the monogram is off, and the seams are uneven. If a serial number is not provided, than your bag is most likely fake. There should be a Louis Vuitton label on the inside of the bag and if there is one, than it's real.


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