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Male 15
Theres this girl at skool right and i realy like her but im to shy i first step to a relationship is friendship but im just way to shy and neva now wat to say its like my mind goes blank around her. Wat should i do?

Always make her laugh by sayin funny things and just be yourself. Just start a conversation and then you can get to know her better! Hope I helped!


hey i was reading the question about the girl who goes to parties and her hair won't stay straight or w/e..& you said your flat iron took care of that. much was it and where did you get yours from? thanx xO`lexi

I got my flat iron from Sally's Beauty Supplies for $50. It was on sale but flat irons can be expensive.


I usually straighten my hair before i go party!! But by the end of the night my hairs flipped out the ends...and puffy..any girls know some good ways ( using house hold items) to keep the straight flowing as i party all night long!?!?!

p.S i have a party soon soo i need help!!!

This happened to me all the time when I used a straightener. But a few days ago, I bought a 3 inch flat iron and now I dont have that problem anymore. Never put anything in your hair before you straighten your hair because it ruins the blades and probably your hair. When you're done straightening your hair, just spray some hair spray on your brush and brush it through your hair and it will hold your hair in place :). Hope I helped!


Im a twin. Were both 5'4 except im 94 pounds and shes 104 pounds. Im getting harassed constantly. they say "o shes the anerexic twin", "well thats how u tell them apart, ones anerexic", nd just regular stuff like hey anerexic girl n stuff like that. they even call me mary kate! should o try to gain a little weight or should i just deal wit it? thanx

People are just jealous of you because they just want to look like you. If you really think you should gain a little more weight, than go right ahead. But weighin 94 pounds at 5'4 isn't that bad! Hope I helped! If you have any other questions, just drop one in my inbox or IM me on AIM at fAbOlOuZ x kAy 8.


Hi,I'm Charm & am 14. I have been with my boyfriend, Gregg for 5 years. We are only 14, but we are in love, it was truly love at first site! Anyway,When we both met, we promised eachother to stay virgins, until we got married, we know we will!Gregg is so romantic, he is always leaving cards in my lockers saying I love you and always hugs me and one time on our 2 anniversary, he gave me a fake rose, before i asked him y a fake one, he sed it was because fake one's last forever, like our love! I love him so much, but we kissed before ,but never made out, u no. we wud kiss on the lips, like a peck or something, but never actually moving our heads or something and we really want to make out, but how will I no wat to do? Help, I need to no how to kiss him.

Aww your boyfriend Gregg is so sweet and romantic. You two are gonna last forever because having a relationship for 5 years startin at the age of 9, is amazing lol. Well gettin to your question. When you guys are gonna make out, the kissing part will come naturally trust me. Its the same thing as regular kisses but this time they're longer I guess lol. Hope I helped! If you have any other questions, just drop one in my inbox or IM me on AIM at fAbOlOuZ x kAy 8. Good luck with your relationship with your boyfriend!!!


Hey, I was just ouside sitting in the rain and my brother saw me. He was yelling, "Get the fuck inside Jenny," and getting really mad at me. He thought I was going to kill my self and told everyone to lock the doors so I dont go back out. I feel VERY hurt because my family makes me feel like something is wrong with me. Do you think it is bad to go outside, and just sit in the rain??? Please somone awnser my question. My family makes me feel like I'm crazy, and I'm not sure if I'm not any more.

I don't think its bad to go outside and just sit in the rain. Maybe you were tryin to clear your thoughts. If your family makes you feel bad, just gather them up in the living room and just have a long conversation with them and get everything straight. Hope I helped! If you have any other questions, just drop one in my inbox or IM me on AIM at fAbOlOuZ x kAy 8.


ive been using antibiotics for acne and it only helps moderately. has anybody used anything like accutane or differin, and if so, did it completely clear things up?

Try using Pro-active. It costs about $40 but the whole package lasts for 2 months. You have to reorder it every 2 months and pay $40. I use it but I haven't been using it lately because I dont feel like ordering it lol. Hope I helped! If you have any other questions, just drop one in my inbox or IM me on AIM at fAbOlOuZ x kAy 8.


does ne 1 you have any good tips for makeup that isnt far out nd wont give you a name but stuff thats different than the rest of everybody. lol.. sry if its a bit confusin.. but ill rate you!


Don't listen to people who tell you to buy eye shadow that goes with your clothes. Find eye shadow that can go with your skin tone. You can also put on eyeliner and mascara too. Hope this helped you! If you have any other questions, just drop one in my inbox or IM me on AIM at fAbOlOuZ x kAy 8.


I Lost my period last month on tha either 1 or 3 ummm i havnt started yet n i havnt had sex none im still a virgin im scared cause my mom wants to take me to the doctor .....what could b wrong with me

There's nothing wrong with you! The first 2 years when you get your period is irregular. Just mark your calendar when you get your period and when it ends. This happens to a lot of girls so don't worry too much :). Hope I helped! If you have any other questions, just drop one in my inbox or IM me on AIM at fAbOlOuZ x kAy 8.


okay well im turning 13 in november... and i havnt gotten my period yet... is that abnormal??? all my friends got theirs already?? if ya help me out then thanx!


Don't worry, every girl gets their period at different ages. Yours will come soon.


any body have any sites that hase journal free and qestions goes with? I want start journal for school starts

Some great journal websites that a lot of people use these days are and


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