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In the bottom of my heart I'm a pure christian. I love my God and try my best to respect his commands and follow them, but recently I've wanted to redesign my room. I want to buy a cute little buddah statue and place it next to my candle and amethyst rock which I think would give off a nice vibe. I don't see buddah as a God whatsoever, just another good person who gives advice such as MLK, Gandhi, etc. ect. Just anyone else. I wouldn't dare worship another religion or "god" except my God.
I just like the vibe it gives honestly, I like the look of the om, the message of Buddah, star of david, and just any other stuff. But thats all I see it as, other stuff to decorate my room with. I just want to know if you think it's bad, i dont think it is really.

If you do not like my religion at least find the decency to repsect it and be respectful.

"I am The Lord thy God; not shalt not worship any other gods before me."

You said yourself you don't consider Buddha a god. Therefore, it is not contradictory for you to have a Buddha statue. Buddha probably appreciates you not seeing him as a god, as he didn't view himself that way either.


Hi! I'm 14 and I'm Catholic, so naturally I am going to get confirmed. However, it seems that all of my friends are getting confirmed this year while I am getting confirmed next year and I am envious of them. They go to different churches, but even so. It bugs me that I have to wait another year when my friends are getting confirmed this year, if not already confirmed. Is this normal to get confirmed at 15? In my opinion, this is a very late age to be confirmed since the Church says that seven is the age of reason, and my parents were both confirmed at the age of 12. Am I being mad for no reason ( this makes me SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO mad to the point where I curse out the lady, of course not to her face)? All answers are appreciated. Thank you!

I was confirmed at 16, for what it's worth.


As a baptist faith. What do they think of suicide?

To put it in a word, "undecided." The Bible has different viewpoints ranging from "self-murder is a violation of one of the Ten Commandments and is therefore a damnable sin" to "no one can be removed from the love of Jesus Christ" to "only God can decide if a person who ended their life in a moment of extreme weakness is worthy of the Kingdom." In other words, they shrug their shoulders and say "whatever you believe, I guess."


would want to marry?

Title says it, really. Why would God, who knows all about us before He gives us life, let someone who will inevitably, truly, with all their heart want to raise a family be so ugly that no man would want them?

Have you not noticed? Ugly people find each other and breed. Even people with severe appearance deficits get laid. After all, look at your mother OH MY GOD I JUST WENT THERE. High five? Don't leave me hanging.


I recently self blessed a crucifix necklace and promised that i would not have sex until i was married. i am 15 years old and I have so much tension and horniness so this is incredibly hard. I want to masterbate so bad, but i feel like if i don't masterbate, i'll only get hornier and want to do bad stuff before i am married. I don't want to have sex though i think it's awkward and disgusting kinda, considering that my labia is huge. But is masterbation considered stroking your vagina? cause i don't finger myself. what i do is i watch stuff and stroke my.... ya know. I don't know if thats considered masterbation, but i am catholic. I don't know what to do. I can't wait about 11 years to have pleasure, i have to take it out someway..... i dunno what to do!

Ignore that last answer about it being wrong and a sin. We don't have these urges as some part of a test to see if faith outweighs primal urges. We have these urges because, well, we're human, and they're natural. To deny yourself personal pleasure will build tension and stress and cause problems in other unrelated aspects of your life.

I'm in no way considered to be religious, but I was raised Episcopalian which is not very far removed from your own Catholicism. I was never faced with this same issue, partially because I never took it seriously, and partially because any decent Christian wouldn't deny a kid in his sexual prime the right to masturbate.

Waiting until marriage is a personal choice. Abstaining from masturbation is a stupid and self-harming one.

Also, I must admit I only clicked on this question initially because I thought you were asking if it were wrong to use your purity necklace as a masturbation tool. That just raises all kinds of new, disturbing questions!


Hi. Im 16. i was confirmed in the catholic church this year, and they said that to be confirmed you have to want to be in the church and everything, but truthfully, like many others, i did it because of family.

I am a religious person, just, first of all i dont believe many things of the catholic church. secondly, i want to find a religious place that i can be in and feel like i belong. you have to understand that i cant really go anywhere yet (i cant drive, and my mom is catholic and so is my dad but he doesnt go to church), but even if i find a religion that i understand and believe in i will be happier.

I' dont believe in many things of the catholic church. i believe in god, tho im not even sure, cuz i've read about pagans and they believe in more than one and thats possible. i also dont know if i believe that jesus was the sone of god. there are so many people who belive he was, and so many that dont. there are also so many athiests. how do i know whos right?.. i've been to a jewish temple, because my aunts are jewish. i liked it, but im not sure if that is the religion for me.

what are some ways i can find a religion that is meant for me?

thank you very much. im sorry if this is a confusing question..

I was confirmed at age 16 as well, only for the benefit of my mother. She made me go until I was 18, at which point she left it up to me. At the time, I considered myself athiest, and only did it so she'd shut up. I hated being woken up every Sunday morning to go somewhere I don't enjoy to praise beliefs I don't share. Needless to say, from age 18 and up to the present, I don't attend church. I no longer consider myself an athiest, however. I'm more agnostic. As for your question, who is right...we don't know. Billions of people think they know, but no one does. I personally believe that none of have it right. My guess is, God doesn't particularly care what church we go to, or how we worship. God doesn't care about tithing, potluck lunches, or lighting the altar candles in a certain order. I imagine God wants us to live peacefully, being kind enough not to maim and kill each other.

I've always been a huge advocate of not accepting 100% of the ideas and beliefs of any one denomination or religion. Open your mind to all possibilities. Read the teachings of all major religions, and maybe the lesser accepted ones. Combine them into your own, personal system of beliefs. You can believe in reincarnation, support abortion, give to the poor and not be offended by homosexuality all at once if you want to. No one can tell you that you're doing it wrong.

I was unable to find a religion I could truly believe in. I'm a logical guy, and I have little faith in abstract concepts. I do not consider myself any less moral than your average Christian, Jew, or Muslim either. I don't think that religious faith = morality. Too many people have proven the opposite.

In short, do what you're comfortable with and keep an open mind. I tend to listen to other people's ideas and respond with "well, you could be right, but then again maybe not." I don't ever tell anyone that they are wrong. I have no way of knowing, and neither do they. None of us will know until we're dead. Or maybe we won't. Whatever.


What is your favorite quote?

"Remember, it takes two fingers to make the peace sign, just like it takes two people to make love. So when you're giving someone the finger, you're just jerking off."



I have considered myself asnostic for a few years now. I have faith more in the people I know and everyone, then some silly religion with it's own agenda. I also believe in a greater god, but mostly for comfort, to hate, and to thank. Anywho, this coming fall I am going to have to make a decision of getting confirmed by the Catholic Church. I am not so sure that I should do it. I know that it would make my mom happy, but I feel like I am just flat out disrespecting Catholicism to follow their ways even though I don't believe it. I don't really care if I am found out, I am not like an in-your-face religion hater, but still, it would kill my mom. So, my question is, should go through with it for my mom, or not?


I consider myself agnostic as well. My mom is a devout Episcopalian. At the age of 17, I was confirmed. Did I choose to? Yes. Why? To make my mom happy. Basically, I saw it as a short, painless ceremony that meant nothing to me, and everything to her. I was not lying to myself or her.

At my house, I was more or less forced to go to church every Sunday until I turned 18. At that point, it was my decision. I stopped going. When my sister turned 18, she stopped too (and now considers herself a complete atheist. Forcing religion sure backfires, don't it?).

My mom didn't need to know about my lack of faith until I stopped going to church. Yes, it seems unfair to have to "pretend" to be Christian to your mother, but do you really want to have to see the look in her eyes when you tell her otherwise? That's why I chose to wait until I turned 18, and she had little to no influence on that decision anyway. The blow was lessened considerably, and she had the whole "Well, I tried" attitude about it, and didn't worry herself.


How did Judas betray Jesus? There is a band called Judas Priest. Does that pertain to the story and so they are satanic-ish because Judas was a traitor? Or was he? I don't know.

Judas Priest takes their name from the Bob Dylan song "The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest".

"Unusually for a Dylan song, "The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest" seems to end with an explicit moral, telling the listener to never be where he does not belong, to help one's neighbor with his load, and not to "go mistaking Paradise/for that home across the road." These closing lines, practically a non sequitur, are of debatable sincerity." - Wikipedia

Just because Judas Priest is a metal band, does not mean they are Satanistic. I hate that generalization. If the name has anything to do with Satan, blame Bob Dylan. He came up with it.


i really wanna become wiccian but i don't know how to i wanna know were to go to learn and what to do so please help

If you don't know how to become one, what it is about, or anything like that, why do you want to become one in the first place? Just to be different?

If you truly want to be different, come up with your OWN beliefs. It's rare anyone thinks for themselves anymore.


There is a guy I really like (who also has the slight potential of liking me back). He's very funny and actually very polite and nice. However, he doesn't seem to be a very devout Christian, because he cusses. Even though I cuss sometimes, I feel like he may have a bad influence on me in that way, and I know from Bible study that I'm supposed to surround myself with people who share my beliefs and are going to be a good influence. But there seems to be something wrong with that, because if I cuss now and then, I may be a kind of bad influence on others too, and they wouldn't want to be around ME either. I guess what I'm trying to ask is...would it be okay to continue to flirt with this guy and (if it works out right) date him? Sorry, this was kind of long and confusing... btw, I'm almost 16, if that helps any.

"I know from Bible study that I'm supposed to surround myself with people who share my beliefs and are going to be a good influence."

Let me start off by saying that I simply cannot agree with this statement at all. Only associating yourself with people exactly like you makes you close-minded, and people with different beliefs will be shut out by you. There will be a lot of people you will refuse to get to know, and I would certainly be offended if I was pushed away by someone just because I didn't think they way they did. How would you feel if someone was your friend, and then broke all contact once they found out you were Christian? That would be what you would be doing, if you stop associating with this guy. Not only that, but you'll never have the option of questioning your beliefs, or learning about others. This is the best way to appreciate your own beliefs more, and reshape them into what YOU think is correct.

Getting away from that.

If he's a nice guy, then go for it. Don't outcast him for that reason.


R.I.P Pope John Paul II Karol Wojtyla

Now that he has passed away, how does everyone feel? What do you think is gonna happen? Is the world really gonna come to an end? - xglam0urx

I doubt the world will end because of the death of the Pope. Especally considering that every Pope before him died at some point as well. Guess what? Whomever becomes Pope next, will die at some point.

As for the world ending, it'll happen, but the human race will be long gone before then. Some super virus will wipe us all out, or we'll push that pretty red button that sends us all in a mushroom cloud, or whatever. The planet is fine. It's not going anywhere, it's the people who are fucked. George Carlin said so.

However, I feel more for the Pope than I do Terry Schiavo. She metaphysically died 15 years ago; the Pope was just old.


Hi, what I will address won't mainly be asking for advice, but for the input of the columnists on advicenators on a very controversial issue of morals against faith in the latter of sex.

I know that among some religions that premarital sex is sinful and highly prohibited without any exceptions, but what are your opinions?

I myself am a Catholic-Christan, and believed in the "sex until marriage" thing when I was together with my boyfriend. But as we got to know each other over the years, we got into intellectual conversations about this topic and if it's argument is valid and reasonable. I'm not saying that our relationship prompted a shift in mindset on this issue, but knowing him and being with him for so many years along with witnessing other married couples made me think about this a little more thoroughly.

I started to think about it as I grew older, and I began to feel differently. The divorce rate in the U.S. is at an amazingly high rate, and more couples are breaking it off even after saving the sex until marriage "policy". On some occasions I even think that these breakoffs are due to the quality of the sex. If the sex isn't good, usually lovers leave and commit infidelity. Unless the couple is really committed to one another, they will keep trying to make the sex work out.

The way I think about this scenario now is that I believe that it is acceptable to have sex before marriage, under certain circumstances. Because a couple must establish that intellectual intimate bond with commitment, devotion, loyalty, etc. Even then does that take years to accomplish, and the time spent shows respect to each other that both partners are willing to stick it out this long and wait for each other to take action that is of great importance. Also after all that is done, the relationship goes to the next level in the stage of sex. Having sex before marriage lets the couple know how how much they really love each other and how much they are willing to commit to each other. In a sense it tests us on how much we value sex and what factor it plays in our life. And if we don't pass the test in avoiding adultery, it was never meant to be with that person, so how can a couple get married if sex and passion got the best of them to steer them toward someone else?

To conclude, although you could say I'm going against my religion, it doesn't mean that I don't have faith. A lot of the "rules" that we have to abide by sometimes do seem unreasonable, in order to understand love and all the goodness that it brings, I really don't think marriage is enough to keep someone faithful.

In no ways am I encouraging premarital sex, especially on advicenators with teeny-boppers running around having sex with their semi-erect penises, but what I am saying is that before sex comes commitment, loyalty, devotion, understanding, civility, and vice versa. But I do believe that before marriage comes sex. Why because marriage is the highest level that a couple can go through to show their love toward one another for all of eternity, and how can you reach the highest level without sharing everything of yourself to your soulmate, including your most prized possession?

I apologize if I come off a little bias, but that isn't my intention at all. I'm not promoting anything, nor am I objectifying "sex before marriage." Those couples who are able to succeed through this lifestyle, I admire you, I really do. Especially in a society that is centered around sex nowadays. But I would like to know the opinions of others to better understand this controversial subject.

Thanks and sorry for the long read! I hope to hear a lot of responses!

Allow me to comment from a completely non-religious angle.

For the record, I don't think premarital sex is bad. I do, however, think that having sex with someone you do not love, is not good. Not necessarily bad, but not good. I think that if you are connected to the person you are having sex with, it's alright in my eyes. Meaning, you're not just in it for the physical pleasure. If during sex, you connect with your partner in more than just a physical way, that's good. If you're just looking for a quick lousy fuck to barely remember the next morning, THAT is bad.

For my own example, me and my girlfriend are quite sexually active. We do love each other, there is absolutely no question about that. And we do use protection, as we are too young to support a child (and I hate kids anyway.) As for marriage, well, I don't know if we'll ever stick it out that long, but for the record, I can easily see myself spending a long time with her. Then again, I'm 17, what the fuck do I know about love?

I hold the belief that a couple really should have sex before marriage. The practice of saving yourself until marriage is outdated at this day and age, and rarely seen anyway. And, as I've seen in some of my own friends, this can backfire. You bring up the point that if the sex is bad, marital infidelity is a possiblity. I believe this argument is valid, and encourage couples to have sex. (And when I say couples, I mean couples in love, who are old enough to get married without parental consent, who truly believe they can spend their lives with each other, and know beyond all doubt they can trust each other with their whole hearts.) Nowadays, sex is so emphasized that the average person will find someone else if they are dissatisfied. "So what if I'm married? My husband lasts 20 seconds! I can't live with that!" So I think it is a good idea to "test" your partner before marriage. "Try before you buy." Yeah, it sounds crude, but it gives you an estimate of what you have, and what you can work towards. Everyone wants to be a sexual god in bed.

On a different note, I congratulate you on not following any and every aspect of your religion. I hate to see people blindly following a faith with absolutely no questions whatsoever. Not to knock on your beliefs, of course. Believe in whatever makes you happy, just believe in what ideals you have created in yourself, not from someone else.

Thank god, a decent question for once! I've had enough of "i Got fIngErd aRe I pregnent!?" questions.


Wow, somebody who isn't a 13 year old girl, and plays DDR/ITG. I've never played on an ITG machine, but I've played a few songs (ROM-eo & Juli8, Utopia, July) and they seem good. Haven't found a machine near me, but RedOctane might actually sell something good when they release it. Yeah, this is getting pointless so I'll end it here.

In The Groove for the PS2 will be insanely awesome. It will have EVERY song that the arcade does, plus 5 others. (One of which will be Atom Bomb, the rest, who knows?) Plus, RedOctane is coming out with a new metal pad to coincide with it, so I know I'll be picking that up as well.

For info on machine locations, check out and you should find something. ITG is the new DDR. My favorite songs would probably be Zodiac, While The Rekkid Spins, and Hardcore of the North.


First, let me preface this by saying that this is going to a bit long and that I'm not highly religious. I always believed that if you lived your life morally and right, God or the cosmos or what have you, would reward you in a way. You would be able to affect people's lives by the way that you live.

So I've lived my life well- I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, engage in pre-marital sex, am always kind, and work hard helping others, however, I'm losing my faith that its all meaningful. It seems to me that people in general are becoming too superficial. There is no more great search for knowledge and truth and TRUE beuty. People don't trust people anymore- always thinking the worst ulterior motive, even when there is none. I feel like I'm fighting a dying battle to keep a little bit of innocence and purity. Am I just being naive thinking that if I keep living my life the way I am, will "reward" me in the end? Am I the only one who feels like this? Am I the only one who thinks that we're not progressing but rather giving in to our most carnal urges? I'm losing faith and I know eventually all the people I help will feel it by the way I treat them. Your input would be appreciated.

Whether or not there is a reward waiting in the afterlife, you will get one here. Living an essentially good life is a reward all in itself. Just by living that, you have proven to yourself that you are better than most others. You don't give in to impulses and you keep control. I am very pessimistic, and the first to say that our society as a collective whole is nothing but a bunch of fucking morons. You, my friend, are an exception.

Don't worry about what happens after you die. No matter how much soul searching you do, you'll never know the answer until you actually die. Just know that you're leading a good life now, and in the end, that's all that matters.


I give advice on this site, and yes, I'm also a Wiccan, almost on the verge of being an atheist and lately there has been someone harrassing me about my faith, she has left 2 messages so far in my inbox, about God, and I've given her actual proof about why I don't beleive in God like that. What I wanted to know is, have I been the only one getting messages like that? Thanks.

I see that the person doing this has been banned. Good! Who are they to tell you you're wrong? The fact that anyone can possibly think that their beliefs are true and no one else's are, is horrible.

Keep whatever faith you want. No one can tell you that you are wrong, because in reality, probably none of us are right.


what happens to the soul who commits suicide? what is life after death?

You just asked one of the philosophical questions no one can answer correctly. Simply put, no one knows. And no, the Bible doesn't have the answer either. It's a book, nothing more.

With the infinite amount of possibilities, I think that no one could possibly have the right answer. To quote George Carlin, "No one on Earth has come up with a belief worth believing."

We don't know. No one does. And to preoccupy yourself searching for the answer is a waste of your life. And unless reincarnation is a reality, this is the only one you get. Use it well.


In the aftermath of the tsunami, the eternal theological question is again posed: what sort of God permits the slaughter of blameless humanity on such a scale?

On the abundant available evidence does it not seem that, if there is or was a God, it is now malevolent, mad or dead?

No, religious nutters please - this is a serious question I'm posing.

Dr Kesha

"Just maybe these people brought this pain among themselves. Have you noticed the the tsunami hit in the asian countries, those that do not worship God? "

That is the most horrible statement I have ever heard...the belief that these people died because they were not Christian. (Well, the majority.) Who are you? Jerry fucking Falwell?

Let's look at the definition of a tsunami: "A very large ocean wave caused by an underwater earthquake or volcanic eruption."

In other words, there's a very logical explanation for what happened.

Now, why does anyone feel the need to bring a deity into the equation?

And if God willed it, what of the Christians who were there? Wrong place at the wrong time? You really think that God would do that to make the world a better place? What kind of fucking god do you people worship? I always thought it was supposed to be a kind and loving god. The ones these types of Christians promote is a god of vengence, jealousy, and hatred. The only reason why I can imagine someone would choose to follow a god like is out of fear, or because they get a kick out of random death and destruction. I could have sworn those were called Satanists.

These people did not die because God willed it. They died because a huge fucking tidal wave raped the land.

I have a lot more to say, but I'm not going to put it down. That would be enough to write a novel.


This is from

I just wanted to say thank you for your advice. I thought I was being a little conceited when I wrote my query, but I thought "What the hell? I may as well ask." I appreciate frank advice.
It is true: intellecutals are not smarter than anyone else, they just think they are.

Honestly, when I submitted my question, I thought it would be answered by professional advice columnists. My bad. How naive I was!

Thank you for setting me straight. I now realize that I am different from most, but not smarter nor deeper.

Take care, and thank you!


I see that I have touched the life of another. And not in a way that will send me to prison, like last time.

If you gots more questions I gots more answers.


I don't believe in anything but still feel I need a spiritual playground to frolic in... What should I do???

You don't need to follow an organized religion to be spiritual. You don't have to believe in a deity of any sort, nor follow any rules created thousands of years ago. Create your own guidelines, and adhere to them. Study other religions, take what you like, and create something you can grow off of.

I really dislike the concept of following an organized religion, because you are not expressing your own beliefs, you are following the beliefs of others. Just because a book says it doesn't make it true. Just because a friend says it doesn't make it true.

Some religions don't bother with any sort of deity; they are just simple guidelines to help you live a fulfilling, positive life. Find one and build off of it. Also, do not let others sway you with their religious beliefs. If you listen to others beliefs, you won't be creating your own individual opinion. Don't listen to anyone who tells you there are consequences for not following their particular religion. You are not going to hell because you don't accept Christ, no matter how many times a Christian tells you so. The very thought that someone could be so close-minded as to think that what someone else told them is the absolute truth, and that anyone who says differently is wrong, makes me sick.

I think that no one knows the right answer to whether or not there is a higher power. Anyone who says differently is just telling themself that in an effort to make themself feel better. I guess some people think that if they repeat it to themself enough it will evbentually become true.

Enough about me looking down on religious fanatics. You have my answer. Use it as you will.


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