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I'm K'. I'm a part-time independent pro wrestler, a full-time arcade technician, and a fuller-time business owner. My business page can be found on Facebook.

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I'm M/18, freshman in college. I'm currently going to college, majoring in engineering. I hate it. I really do. I don't want to go anymore. What I really want to do is have a successful band. I didn't really have a choice. High school and family basically forced me to go. I honestly feel that I'm wasting time sitting in my 3 hour classes. I feel like I could actually be doing something. My whole life it's been "you have to do this/you have to do that." I'm tired of it. I want to do what I want for a change. You might say I should keep college as a backup, but I disagree. What's holding me back with music is time and money. If I could get a job and save and invest, I can get the equipment I need. I understand that being in a band does NOT guarantee success at all. But the way I see it, is that it's similar to a business. If you don't put time and investment into it, you'll get nowhere. So I should at least try. I'm not a big spender, I have no expensive addictions (I don't smoke, I don't buy lotto, I don't buy sneakers etc.) I just want to get this thing rolling. I don't want to be like everyone else. Everyone is going to college now. Everyone is getting into debt. College doesn't guarantee success either. My parents went, my sister went, etc. My sister is an NYU graduate, yet she lives down the block from me in the same "ghetto." I don't want to just have a stable job. I want to enjoy my life, I want to be my own boss. I'm willing to work and save for it. But my parents would get so pissed if I stopped going to school. I'm not on Earth to satisfy my parents though. So if I think I have a chance at success against the odds, why not try? See, we all have dreams, images, pictures of what we want. Each one is different, might be very similar, but each is unique. The thing about us is that, no matter how far fetched that dream or idea is, to an extent, we can bring it to reality if we truly want it. I really don't want to tell my parents about this, but I also don't want to waste their money and go against my dreams.

I don't see a question. You've already convinced yourself anyway. I'm a college dropout; you'll survive.


i love the rhcp, and i was going to get guitar hero, doesnt matter which 1, whichever 1 had the most songs of the chilis on a previous GH. but now i found out that activision the comp that make guitar hero did a survey and the majority ppl that polled said yes. SO IS THERE GOING TO BE A GH:RHCP? PLEASE SOME1 TELL ME. AND WHEN IT WILL BE RELEASED? THANKS

If there is, it won't be for a while. As so many games were released at the same time last year, the market was oversaturated with rhythm style games, and suffered consequently. They've released a statement that no Guitar Hero game will be made for the year of 2011. We'll just have to wait and see.


i want speak english fluently

Watch The Price is Right. It worked for Mila Kunis.


I saay fo sho

Hell no. Run DMC is still alive, so I don't even need to go into a much bigger list.


What the hell ever happend to good old rock and roll .its all hiphop teckno and rest of the other crap that today is called music .to me it sounds like sh**!!! But I guess that's my opinion .everybody I know don't listen to what I do .so I have nothing in common with them .they call my stuck in the 90s .but there's no way I could like what people listin to today because to me it sucks can't even begin to understand what the hell they are saying but it s all about gangs crack and the hood or getto .sorry not my lifestyle I guss I'm. Better than that I have better expectations of myself .anyways am I the only one that feels this way let me know and for thoughs of you that hiphop well ????

I've never liked anything that plays on the top 40 radio stations. I used to listen to Launchcast radio, but it's no longer free. Now I listen to off my 360 when I'm at home. It'll typically only play what I want it to, and it's getting smarter and smarter everytime I tell it to cut the bullshit. Launchcast would play shit like Lady Gaga because "other listeners enjoyed this artist." Launchcast, I could care less what your other users listen to. isn't so bold. It sticks to my old school metal and stand up comedians.

When I'm not at home, my phone has an FM transmitter. I can start playing my mp3s and set the phone next to the radio and it will play my music. All I have to do is tune my phone and the radio to an otherwise dead air station; I use 88.9. You can buy a cheap transmitter for $10 in the automotive department at Wal-Mart, and suddenly any radio now plays your stuff. I tend to listen to that more than any station in this town. I'll only listen to the rock station if certain DJs are playing, cause a couple of those assholes will play stuff like Nickelback and I want to punch the speaker so hard Chad Kroeger feels it.

And in closing, most of my mp3 collection is stuff that came out anywhere between the mid 80's to late 90's. With the exception of new stuff from older bands like Muse, few things I have are less than 5 years old.


does anyone know how i can crop a song without having to download some sort of softwere?

No, because that's what audio editing software is for. Download Audacity, it's completely free and reliable, and easy to use. If you're on a friend's computer or have some other reason why you can't download, you're out of luck.


I was on YouTube and came across this song. Someone in the blog said it was from Sim City, but I haven't been able to find out where in Sim City, there seem to be many songs from Sim City and many versions of Sim City.

Also, is it the original version from the game or is it a remake?

Close, but not quite. That comes from The Sims, not Simcity. You hear it when you are in build mode on The Sims, the very first one. I couldn't tell you where to find it, but at least you know what to look for now.


I'm sorry that I don't know the difference between House / Dance / Electro / Techno music, but does anyone have any suggestions for this type of music?

My favorite songs:
"Infinity (Klaas Remix)" by the Guru Josh Project
"I Love My Sex" by Benny Benassi
"Sexy Chick" by David Guetta ft. Akon
"Breathe" by Kaz James

I really like good beats. Please only respond if you're familiar with this genre of music. I'm already familiar with everything on the iTunes top 10 list, including Lady GaGa stuff. I have no problem with vocals but I need a good beat to dance to :) Thanks

Some groups that are now defunct, lesser known in the US, or just haven't been heard from in awhile:

Chemical Brothers
Crystal Method
DJ Alligator Project
Daft Punk


should i spell mii name:
Or anything else?
my names is really rebecca but i've went by that for so long, im bored of it..
and suggestions??

If you spell it other than Becca, anytime you tell someone your name, you'll have to spell it.


whenever i go on myspace i cant listen to the songs. they will always skip and i dont know why. any one have any clue why and what i can do so i can listen to the myspace songss?

Your connection isn't fast enough to play the music as it buffers. Pause it so it will load, then it will play.

Unless you don't have dial-up or really slow DSL, there's not many other possible reasons.


what kind of music is this grateful dead, frank zappa, little feet, the who, rolling stones, led zepplin, pat b., santana, weird al, rage against the machine, jimmy hendrix ??

MFS did a great job on the list, allow me to finish it. Rage Against the Machine is a rock/metal band with a side of hip-hop. They always carry a message within their songs. They despise the government, oppression, and other political jargon. I've liked them for sometime, and they were popular back in the day. "Renegades of Funk", "Bulls on Parade", and "Guerrila Radio" are still played on the radio.


does anyone kno of really good techno songs? i rate 5's. thanks.

I've answered a similar question, so I will be lazy and paste the same damn answer:

Chemical Brothers
Crystal Method
Daft Punk
Lo Fidelity All-Stars
The Baldwin Brothers
Fatboy Slim
Meat Beat Manifesto
Ian Van Dahl
4 Strings
Rabbit in the Moon
Paul Oakenfold

These are all techno/trance artists I enjoy.


I just watched the news and one of the articles they had was talking about the latest "trend" in music.

They showed a clip from a new music video by Coldplay, then said "this is from the album that people are hoping breaks the trend in low sales of music this year. The next clip you will see is what is the current 'hot' thing in music."

And they showed that `Jamster!` Frog, with some music playing in the background.

After seeing that I wanted like nothing else to shatter one of the vinyl encapsulations of all that used to be good in the world and slice my wrists with it.

The `Jamster!` commercials hit comedy central awhile ago, and for about 3 weeks they bought enough advertising space on comedy central, where they could've instead spent that money buying canada. When I saw one of their commercials for the fourth or fifth time I said to myself "im going to have to be the one to kill these people"

And now I think I really am.

After seeing that I lost all my faith in humanity and the music to come.

First of all, who the hell would want to buy Canada?

The "hottest thing in music" is defined by what advertisements tell the masses. You could drag a really bad street performer out of NYC and advertise the hell out of his music, and people would listen; not because it's any good (ever heard of Wesley Willis?), but because it's what is "popular". According to ads, everyone else listens to it, why shouldn't I?

Every dumbass and their dog has a cell phone, so they went for that market. Advertise it enough, say it's the "#1 service in the USA", and plenty of morons will buy it. I never had any faith in humanity or current mainstream music. Because as I'm concerned, it's not mainstream because it's good, it's mainstream because the media TELLS you it's good.


Anybody else here play Bemani/other music games? I've gotten into DDR and have preordered ITG. I'm thinking about starting IIDX, but I'm not sure which style to get. Which style would you recomend for somebody who's never played before?

Oh god IIDX is so much fun. I've only played once, but I fell in love with it. The one I played is 7th Style, so I can't really recommend anything other than that. It had a pretty large songlist and a good setup, so I think it's safe.

If you want to play at home it'll cost you. A good Konami IIDX controller is several hundred dollars. Not to mention an import/modded PS2 and the game.

I don't think you'll get many answers here. I'd be surprised to find any IIDX players on here at all. I'm your best bet and I'm no help.


Does anyone know where I can get a used drum set in good condition???For under $300

eBay has been suggested ad infintum, but I seriously would not consider it. You can't personally take a look at the drums, play them and get a feel for them, and decide in what condition they are before you buy them. Plus, shipping would be a bitch...I'd imagine you'd have to get it shipped piece by piece, which is a large hassle and quite expensive.

There is no way you can get a drum set for under $300. You should shoot for something more around $600, because that's usually about as low as it gets. The drum set I have was $600, and it's fairly decent. The only reason that it was so cheap, was that the guy who owned it didn't make his payments on it, and it was repossessed. That being said, your best bet is to go to music shops in your area, and see if they have any deals like that. In my case, they didn't have that drum set out on display. People normally don't want to buy things with a reputation like that. The set was in the back, and we had to specifically ask if they had anything like it. Failing that, check the classified ads in the paper. Someone may be trying to sell a set there, and they usually go decently cheap.

Keep on drummin.


what does "two stepping" mean, like you do it a rock shows and stuff... explain, cause i feel stupid

Two stepping has absolutely nothing to do with rock shows. In fact, if you attempt to two step at a rock show, the band will stop playing, everyone will look at you, and you will promptly be escorted out.

It refers to the Texas Two-Step, which is the kind of dance you would do with country music. It's a very simple dance where you hold the other persons hands, take two steps forward, and one step back. You kinda go in an awkward oval shape as you do this. I really don't like two-stepping nor do I like country music, and I'm in Texas. Yes! Look at me, mom, I'm defeating the stereotype!

Anyway, unless you're at a hoedown (haha I said ho) it's not appropriate to two-step.


does anyone know any good music downloading sites, i am using now, but they dont have a very good selection...thanks!!!

I've gotten all my music off Shareaza. Most people are afraid of spyware from P2P sharing but I've gotten nothing so far.


I'm just wondering, what are you peoples' favorite DDR songs? I like B4U, End of the Century, and Burning Heat.

Not bad choices, but I prefer the tracks by the God of all DDR music, TaQ. Radical Faith would be my favorite.


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