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I'm not perfect. But the heartbeats add up. As well as the life challenges. And I'm only 22. So I'm here. To help those I can. Try and make a difference in someones better somes life by being someone that's there when they have no one.
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Do you think it is really possible loving someone but not interested in sleeping with him? or maybe it is just a lust?
I am a female and from Egypt...30yrs old. (link)
Absolutly! Love is NOT about sleeping with someone. It's about accepting someone for who they are. faults and all.
It depends on how lonng you two are or have been together. Love isn't formed in one day it's made in time. If you like him and have only known him for a short time it could be lust. but that lust may turn into love with time.

Hope this helps:)

Okii so theirs this guy i really really like, my ex asked me out and wants to knoe by friday (tomorrow) i wanna say no but i think that will hurt him, but i also wanna use it as an excuse to ask the guy i like if hes ever gonna ask me out, or if im just waisting my time, please help me come up with something to tell the guy i like. (link)
You pretty much answered your own question. Your ex asked you out. but you want to say no. so do it. you shouldn't go out with your ex to make the guy you like jealous,. it never works! Trust me.
If you like this new guy and think he likes you back. then talk to him about it. make your feelings known and see how he reacts.

Hope this helps:)

I'm 16 and sexually active with my boyfriend.

The other day, a couple weeks after we had protected sex, I began getting cramps and spotting when my period's not due for another week.

I looked up on Google what that might have meant, and many websites said it was implantation bleeding. That had to do with the possibility of being pregnant, right? So for the past couple of days, I've been walking around scared of the fact I may be pregnant.

But now I'm not just spotting, I'm bleeding a normal color and all, but it's still not really a normal flow. I'm usually heavier in the beginning of the period then I get lighter.

Could it change that randomly? Could I be pregnant? Or is something else wrong?

Because you had protected sex,. the odds are that your not. It's probably just wierd periods.

well you see i am in year 6 at the moment and a dance is coming up i am scared to ask him incase of him saying no to me infront of every1 what should i do at the last disco he said he was trying to impress a dark haired girl with hazel brown eyes which i have any advice. i am 11 years old and i am a girl. (link)
Honestly,. Don't be afraid to ask him. Just do it. there is no shame in it what so ever. Just say to your self you are worth it. if he Says no,. well he doesn't know what he's missing :)


Hey! So I'm fifteen, and I'm a sophomore girl. Theres this guy... Hes basically like my brother. Were extremely close. A year ago he helped me through a really tough break up by just talking to me when I was down and telling me I was a wonderful person and letting me cry on his shoulder and what not. I also helped him when he was feeling shitty breaking up with his girlfriend. Since winter break we've been texting literally like every day... But I've started to grow some more feelings for him... There will be times when I think he feels the same way, that hes hinted at it so much that I think "okay he really does like me!" but then he ALWAYS drops a bomb like, "you're like my sister not a girl I'd ever date" or "I wanna ask this girl to prom"... But the last time he said those things was like a month ago. He actually asked me to prom! (in this really cute poem haha). Which makes me think he really does have feelings. But he dropped another bomb... He completely avoids being alone with me... He won't take me out to lunch with just us too and we were going to go get his tux together and he invited one of out friends... I just don't get him! He texts me everyday, flirts, asked me to prom, jokes about hooking up all the time... I don't understand. All of my friends say we like eachother but he denies it so obviously I do too! But I do like him... And I'm scared to ask him. I also don't know what to expect at prom because were gonna be doing a lot of couple-y things... And spending the night at our friends house and going to her lakehouse the whole next day... In a group of couples. It honestly kills me when he drops those bombs and I just don't get him... Help! (link)
When he was saying he likes this girl or he wants to ask this girl to prom,. he was probably just testing you,. to see your reaction. to see what you would say to that.
As far as the tux thing,. he is a guy so thinking in guy terms,. i would say he wanted a guys opinion on the tux he got.
And as far as denieying his feelings for you,. most guys don't show their feelings especially infront of friends,. because they don't want to seem feminine about it,. guys want to appear very manly especially with their guys. I wouldn't worry too much.
It seems like your guy does like you,. but it's still early in taking your friendship to the next level.
Guys are very confusing,. It shouldn't be too wierd with other couples around,. it might make you two more closer in the relationship area.

Hope this helps:)


Each year, my junior high school has a "last dance," which is similar to prom. One of my boy friends asked me to it, but I said no because he was (and still is) really weird and kinda unpopular. But he's still really nice.

After that, things got kinda awkward and we stopped hanging out. A few weeks ago he sat with me on the bus and now he's talking to me again. I realized I actually like him, despite his weirdness. He's not afraid to be himself and doesn't care what others think. He likes all the same things I do.

Anyway, he told me he really likes two girls and he told me who they were (not me). I really like him and want to go to the dance with him, but he still thinks I don't like him. What should I do? Please help me! (link)
If you want to go to the dance with him,. just ask him:) There is nothing wrong with girls asking guys to dance or on dates.
Goodluck darlin



Can anyone give me a suggestion for another place to host my family homepage? Prodigy was bought out by AT&T I guess, so they are shutting down everybody's prodigy pages and closing down the free web hosting service for good.

First geocities closed down and now prodigy? Can anyone suggest something that might stay open when things nobody thought would ever die and shutting down? Thanks for your helpful ideas! (link)

I am 13/F
There is this guy that i really like a lot and i know he used to like me to, but i am not sure if he still does. I want to get to know him better, we were on a the same team for a turnement for P.E. and we were pretty good friends and he sat by me a couple times in my history class instead of his assined seat, and I want to hang out with him a lot. I don't what I should, some of my friends are telling me to ask him out, and others are saying are you crazy? He is very popular and im not, but i really don't know what I should say to him, or if i should ask him if he wants to hang out, or just forget about him. (link)
First thing you need to realize is it doesn't really matter if someone is at the top of the popularity scale and your at the bottom. It's about the person not the rank they are. If you really like him you should talk to him,. and see what he says. worst case scenario is he declines your offer. but remember darlin that is not the end of all. There are other fish in the sea,. and you are still young and have many adventures to come.

Hope this helps:)

The title pretty much says it all. I need to become better at singing for my band. We write songs that are meaningful and Im one heck of a guitar player. How can I become a better singer? (link)
I read that if you practice singing the same songs every single day a few times a day that your voice will get alot better and more on tune to those songs.

Hope this helps:)

i'm 17, 5'4" about 116 pounds.

i'm trying to tone up, but not get too muscly, i dont wanna gain muscle at all, just get the ones i already have toned. i've only been doing these exercises from Seventeen for about 2 days, and i've cut out greasy foods and soda. instead of my tummy getting flat( that's the area i'm targeting the most) i'ts getting kinda bloated. i am about to start my period, but i'm more bloated than normal. is this normal? shouldnt i be getting skinnier rather than getting bloated? will this go away? (link)
For starters,. two days of workout won't do much,. it will take a few weeks of toning and working out to see results.

secondd,. bloating is normal especially around your period,. because you are toning your body,. your period may be a little more bloated.

Btw Girl to girl tip,.
I found this amazing work out youtube channel it's so amazing!! you should check it out :)
I did 3 of their video's and i felt it for 3 days after!

Here is the link:

Hope this helps:)

So my class is going on a field trip and today we made groups. We had been planning our group for at least 2 weeks now, it was me and my 4 other friends. Finally for group sign up, one of my friends decides that it would be fair that we let others in the group as a first come basis. I thought that was bogus because I am the furthest away from sign up sheets and I would be the one kicked off. So I RUN to the sign up place and they let some other girl on instead of me!!!! I was furious! I wasnt mad at the girl who signed up, only my friend who ruined our plan! Then later on the girl who "replaced" me said that she was sorry that she took my spot. And I was like, its ok, whatever. But then I realised that she KNEW that it was my spot and STILL joined! What my question is: I am not ready to ever forgive my friend, but should I? (link)
Well,. they did replace you with someone else. which is so not cool. I would give her the 'cold shoulder' for a while and give your self time to breath. Is this the first time this has happened or has it happened more than 3 times? If it has happened more than 3 times you need to make it known to this girl that backstabbing you like that it Totally not ok. And see where it goes from there. This seems like a not very harsh backstabbing but you should talk to your friend about how it really hurt you that she wanted to replace you,. after you made the team plans.

Hope this helps:)

I have posted up a couple of other times on the forums about my situation. About a week and a half ago my gf of 2 years broke up with me we are on and off long distance and the last time I saw her was 3 months ago. Its a long story but the short of it is that we broke up and are doing no contact at the moment. Just 2 weeks ago to me it seemed like everything was fine. We were talking a few times a day and sending corny love messages back and forth like usual. It hit me like a ton of bricks when she wanted a break and I was so surprised. Part of the reason I moved across the world and got a job here was to be closer to her.

Lately Im having such a hard time coping with the situation. Its caught me by surprise and Im not sure what to do. I know I need to keep busy and be social to keep my mind off of her but its hard because im in a new city where I dont know anyone.

I went out with a co worker last night to the bar and had a few drinks but that was a horrible idea. Once I had a alcohol it made me think of her 100X more. I just couldnt stop thinking about how she is with this other guy. The thought of them dancing, kissing, screwing each other is just driving me insane! I cant believe that after everything we have gone through together she has fallen for some other guy. It really is just unbelievable for me to think that she is with someone else and sometimes I feel like this is all just a bad dream. I know with time it will get better but does anyone have any advice for me to get over her?

I know the most important thing is to stay active but its hard for me to be active and social when I have been here a few weeks and dont know anyone. I have started running early every morning and stuff but I still feel messed up. I really wanna move on and i will not contact her but Im always thinking about her. What should I do to get through this?

I feel like somedays Im totally over it and then other days its super difficult. I know with time it will get better. Its just amazing to me though that she is acting how she is. Even if I saw an extremely beautiful girl with a great personality that wanted to date me right now I couldnt date her. I would be thinking about my ex. I guess thats what really is confusing to me is how can she be with this other guy only a couple weeks after we broke up with a 2 year relationship. It can possible be more than a few weeks shes been with this guy since they didnt know each other until that time. How can she not be thinking about me when being with him? I guess I just felt more for her than she did for me even though I really trusted that she loved me.
I really think that one of these days I will be getting a phone call from her or something after she gets out of her rebound thing and has some time back to her normal life here in Japan away from the study abroad. Part of me really wants to hear from here but I know that really, even if I did hear from her and she desperately wanted me back that no matter what she says it will never change what happened. It wont change that she disrespected me and acted selfish. My head tells me its nuts to take her back and that I shouldn't even if she wanted to at some point, but feeling wise I just miss her so much.

This whole situation would be a lot easier too if I was in my home country with access to family and friends rather than starting off in a foreign country. (link)
Have you asked her about her reasons as to why she wanted a break? Was it another guy?
*Wasn't exaxtly stated so am just clarifying*

Sometimes distance can hurt a relationship more on the inside than it acutally seems,. what may have happened is even though you two are not too far apart the distance might have unconnected her to what first was.
You are very right that it will take some time,. and You are Extremely strong for trying to figure this out,.
I would suggest taking time to heal yourself and learn about you again,. Did you used to likke to paint,. play basketball? start doing things you Love but didn't do before,. or sign up for a art class. something different. That will both get your mind off your ex. and open up your windows for meeting new people.

Hope this helps:)

im 20/f and i've never been on a date, not even one. however there's this friend who i would like to go on a date with. we're not that close but he's really friendly when we see each other. I don't wanna go on a date because i like him. i just wanna go on a real date for once. is it okay for a girl to ask for a date, or should i just be implying it? and how should i do that? im also reaaaaaaallly reaaaaaaally bad at flirting! plz help! (link)
It is not a bad thing for a girl to ask a guy out. If you like the guy then you should take a jump for it and see where it goes. you never know what will happen unles you ask.

Hope this helps.

Next month I'll be moving to Singapore and trying my luck with the retail industry. I want to be fashionable when I'm there but being just out of college I'm kind of broke. So far all I have in my closet are jeans and t-shirts and I'm perfectly aware that those are not the apparel of a working girl. I'm hoping someone can help me in the picking the clothes I have to bring. I want to appear smart and sophisticated to my potential employers but also relaxed and young seeing as I'm only 21. I need all the advice I can get. Thanks much! -Lara (link)
I don't know how warm singapore is but this is what i have for my retail job
-a few black pants,. you could have grey brown,. navy just make sure they arent jeans and are of a dress type.
Black capri's
or black dress skirts

i have a few nice tops like business casual clothings. blazers are a good idea as well. because it is getting more into summer,. try looking for summer colors,. check out these websites for 'ideas as to business casual. its what i think are nice retail clothes. again it depends on what type of retail.§ionID=b2c/search/productSearchResults.cfm&&itemCategoryLevel2=4&itemCategoryLevel1=56&var=d&ckey=CA

Hope this helps:)

I am a young single mother of a 13 month old, looking for a job, and living with my parents. I am stuck in the house most of the time with little to no help (besides financial support which I am completely appreciative of) from anyone else. I am naturally a people person, but now im usually alone unless I get to go out once or twice on the weekend.
I know I'm lucky to be taken care of by my parents, but for the past month I've been starting to feel depressed. Im turning to alcohol more (when im out, not around the baby), been breaking out from stress, been sad & guilty feeling, and feeling like I could break down at any moment. I dont feel like myself.
Then, friday night, I drank way too much to the point of not remembering some things,and ended up letting this guy have his way with me. I know he had a condom on though, but I know its not 100% safe. I regret it so much and even though he took advantage of me when I was extremely trashed, I know I was probably willing at the time. I feel so guilty, horrible, disgusted with myself...etc. I just want to cry & cry. Only 2 people know and I cried it out to them, but I dont want anyone else to know.
Basically, I dont know what to do with myself. I feel so depressed. I already decided not to drink. Should I see a therapist? Do you guys think im becoming depressed? My dad has extreme depression and anxiety (i dont see him).and both of his parents were as well, but could genetics play a part?
thanks :( (link)
Because it is in your genetic line( your dad,. and his parents as well) it could be a bit about genetics,. But it is also a big factor of having a kid at such a young age. it turns your life upside down. and trying to deal with all the new issues with that is a very big struggle. Also the fact that you don't go out much,. when you do it's like an escape from what your dealing with. Now being not able to see friends and hang out can make you feel very alone and depressed,.
But it WILL Get better! I truly believe that:)

It would be a very good idea to see a therapist my dear. even if it doesn't help at first,.. sometimes it's just that you need to find the right one. Sometimes it takes a while before you will feel better,. but you will feel better, sometimes just talking to someone can make you feel so much better!

Hope this helps!

hihi, I am really good at gymnastics and stuff like I learned on my own, and I have my first class this Saturday, and I really wanna get fit and do warmups that will help my body become more flexible
I am sooo nervous because I have never had gymnastics in my whole life b4 O_O and i can do kart wheels, splitz and other stuff but i need to get better at them. And heres the problem, im getting cramps and im probably gonna get my period,and I HAVE to attend this class, and i do not wear tampons :P what do i do about my cramps and period for classes and how do i become more flexible quickly!? please really need help right now its urgent :D (link)
First of all. Being flexable takes time. if you try to rush it too quickly then there is a high risk to hurting yourself. take it one step at a time.

As far as period. your only solution is pads or tampons.. and as pad's would show easily in a gymnastics outfit,. tampons might be your only solution.

and for the cramps try advil pms it has a few different kinds that are for adults teens and what not. they help me in cramp times.

Hope this helps:)

20/female Ben 19

So me and Ben have been friends for about 5 years now. We have always had an attraction to each other BUT neither of us act on it. We've never kissed or anything ...we used to cuddle a lot and he's touched me all over but nothing more and that was about 2 years ago when things were really hot and heavy. Now it seems as though things settled down and we haven't cuddled or anything for a while but still flirt ALOT.

Obviously we're still attracted to each other but it's kind of like ...neither of us wants to make a move because we're not FOR SURE that the other one wouldn't be like "why did you do that, that was awkward, you got me totally wrong" To be honest, every time I see him I just want to start making out with him haha it's pretty bad but I hold myself back.

I usually put myself out there more by flirting hard core and he definitely responds. For example, one time we were outside our friends house in the driveway and he was leaning up against a car and I was standing right next to him and put my arm around him and then he put his arm around my waist basically holding me. Or one time we were standing in the kitchen and I had these short shorts on and he came up from behind and gave me a hug and then tapped my butt, it was kind of cute haha.

Also, one time we were in my cousins garage and he had his shirt off and he came and hugged me and then he was like let's go inside in my room and I didn't know if he was joking and I was like yeah lets go kind of joking around back but nothing happened and my cousin was like oh god you guys!!

Just little things like that. Also one time I was leaving and he was outside and I got in my car and he walked in the street and I rolled down my window and he said something I can't remember, but he got really close to me like he was gonna kiss me and I freaked out! But didn't show it ...but once again nothing happened.

I'm almost 95% sure that if I made a move and kissed him he wouldn't care. But I wouldn't want it to be awkward afterward like "okay ....well bye"

I don't know what to do! Do I just keep flirting with him and if nothing happens, nothing happens? It's still fun flirting but I'm too scared to make a move!! And I feel like he is too. Any suggestions!? Do you think he could be into me or at least into hooking up? i KNOW that people say don't just hook up with you guy friends but please don't say that, I just need advice on if you think he is interested in me or if i'm doing something wrong?? (link)
Honestyl i think that he does like you! if you two have sparks after two years that definetly means something. Now i know likeing someone is extremely scary and taking it to the next step is even scarier. from the feeling i get he wants to take it to the next level as much as you. you will never know what will happen unless you try to kiss him. i would go for it if i were you hun:)
Just think. If it's this good right now,. think how good it will be if you two become more!!

Hope this helps:)

Hello forum Im nervous because my girlfriend just told me shes late on her period by 8 days.

Specifications are :

We were fooling around like a week and a half ago and she gave a hand job but I did not climax but there may have been very small amount of precum. then I fingered her, and we dry humped with just underwear on(no climax) so the question is what are the odds shes pregnant.

any input is welcomed to help ease my mind
thank you

I do agree with Zane,. Although I did hear that sperm can go through underwear. but as far as how true that is i'm not sure. but if i were you i wouldn't worry. because that causes stress and that will only delay it more for her. Just take a while to relax and it should come.

Hope this helps:)

Can someone help me write a Business Thank you letter. It doesn't matter what kind of business i just want someone to help me do it. I will really appreciated. "Thank you" (link)
If you go onto windows word or which every writing program you have,. they should have templates inlcuding 'business letter'.

Hope this helps:)

Here is the deal, I'm leaving for an internship abroad next month and I'm all set and exited. But the guy who I happen to be in love with, who is my best friend confessed to liking me too just last night. It was an amazing reveal, I was a little tipsy and he was helping me back to my cottage we were at our friend's resort and he just blurted it out. I've been crazy about him for almost a year now but I never thought he'd reciprocate. I honestly thought he forgot that I'm a girl. Now his untimely confession got me soo confused, should I tell him I like him too or should I pretend I have no recollection of last night? I'd hate to start something I can't finish and what we have between us I just don't know if it would withstand the distance. I can't afford to loose my best friend, so I need an unbiased opinion on my crazy love life. (link)
I would talk to him about what he said and explain how you feel about him too. Just because your leaving for a while (Or is it a lonng time aka Years?) doesn't mean you will ruin things. Its obvious that you care very much for him. and he is showing you that he cares for you as well. His confession may be untimely. but he may have felt it for a while and just realized he may be losing you by you moving away. so he wanted to make his feelings known. You should tell him how you feel because if you don't i think you will always be wondering the what if's.

Best friends is a form of a friendship. If you two take it to a farther step that doesn't mean you will lose your best friend,. but you might gain more than that from him. Not only a best friend but a companion. someone who is there in more ways then just a friendship way.

I wouldn't waste the time you have left with just being friends. you two obviously like eachother.

Goodluck darlin!
Hope this helps:)!

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