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I'm not perfect. But the heartbeats add up. As well as the life challenges. And I'm only 22. So I'm here. To help those I can. Try and make a difference in someones better somes life by being someone that's there when they have no one.
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So tomorrow is my friends 18th birthday. She is my best friend since we were little. I was wondering if somebody can tell me something really cute i can post on her facebook wall? Thanks in advance:)xoxo
What about sending her an e-card,. or a cute poem about how it's her birthday and how special she is?

Hope This helps.:)

There's a couple of authors that I'm dying to meet, even if it's just a glimpse and a book signing, but I have nooo idea where to start looking for them and where they might be having their book signings, so is there any special sites that give this kind of information?
The authors I'm interested are Darren Shan, Rick Riordan, and Heather Brewer, by the way :) (link)
Well start looking on the internet for book signings,. and public veiwings,. you might have to do some traveling to see them,. but i'm sure if you google the authors and booksignings or tours you might find a location.

Hope this helps:)

If you could recommend any book in the world to someone, fiction or non-fiction, what would it be and why? I don't mean just a girly piece of chick lit that had an exciting plot line but a book which inspired you, made you think, changed your outlook etc.

Thanks. (link)
Feedom Writers!

Its about troubled kids and a teacher making them write in a journal everyday. Very inspireing Movie and book!

For my boyfriend's and mine anniversary, I want to get him something special. I was thinking an autograph from his favorite celebrity? But I have no clue how to contact a celebrity.. I've tried fan pages but they don't really provide much. How should I go about this? post-mail? email?

what if I wanted them to sign something specific like a t-shirt, would i have to supply the t-shirt or would the celebrity get one? (link)
If your thinking of getting a item signed by a celeb that specifically says to his name love celeb.. well your going to be rank lucky! Celebraties are very busy people and will not sign items for just anyone! The best thing to do would be to go onto ebay and see if you can buy an item with their signature on something.

Hope this helps and goodluck!

I have a friend I've grew up with. I've known him my whole life. I've had a crush on him since I was 14. But my feelings have come and gone. There are sometimes when I really really like him and then when there are times when I don't even think about him and I'm interested in other guys. But then my feelings will come back again. I'm not sure if he likes me. Sometimes he shows some interest but other times not so much. This has been going on for years now. I've been trying to get over my feelings for him but something keeps bringing me back to him. What could it be and what should I do about it? (link)
Honestly It could be that you have a deep connection with him,.and therefor your admiration and Love for him keeps coming back because you can't find in other guys what you admire so much in him. I would talk to him about how you feel and see if he feels the same. Maybe you two could take it to the next level.

Hope this helps:)

so i have been dating this guy almost four months. and i found out about the time we started dating that i can never have children. i feel like im keeping this big secret from him but also we are still early in our relationship. but then again i dont want him to find out later and think i have been lying to him this whole time and being dishonest. im one of those people who are very big on honesty. i hate liars. and thats why this is so heavy on my heart. i just don't know what to do. this guy is great. he is the best guy i have ever gone out with. he's sweet romantic. amazing. help please? (link)
Honesty is good,. even though you two have only been dating for four months it is definetly something that he should be aware of. He is not with you because he wants kids. he is with you because he loves who you are. Just because you can't have children should NOT Change his opinion on you.

Hope this helps:)

Do guys like when you moan? I never thought i'd be a moaner but turns out i am. Is this a turn on for them? What other turn on's are there? I usually run my hands through his hair and grab it gently but other than that and moaning I don't know what else i can do!

I know every one is different, but any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks! (link)
Most guys do like moaning,. And it definetly isn't a bad thing. Each guy has his own turn on's and turn offs. Each of them are different from another guys.
I once had this Bf who loved me running my nails down his back,. sometimes softly,. sometimes harder but not too hard.
It really worked well on both of us.:)



My friend, a 15 year old girl, is sometimes like a bratty little kid. She gets upset if she can't have her way and if someone asks her to stop something.

For example, my other friend has a notebook which we all write stories in. I'll call her Lydia. The childish friend, let's say Jen, gets it more than anyone else and throws a little tantrum if Lydia won't give it to her or asks for it back. She also ripped out several pages which nobody can use now.

She also thinks it's ok to write on other people's things without asking. She writes all over the notebook in Sharpie just because she felt like it (which she said) and on Lydia's shoes (WTF?!) and when we tell her it needs to stop, she gets angry and ignores us. She came over to my house yesterday and had the nerve to write on my brother's Legos in Sharpie. Her excuse? He 'always' hits her on the head. He's a little kid!

What do I do? She's being a baby and a brat and lives in her own little world, complaining about everyone else. It needs to stop. Any advice? Thank you! (link)
First of all,. you are still very young,. second of all. that is definetly not right and she needs to be taught that,. this kind of behavior is NOT| Acceptable. First of all i would try talking you your parents and see if they can talk to her parents,. to try to get her to realize that what she is doing is absolutley not acceptable.
If she won't listen to them,. then maybe stop hanging out with her. make her realize you won't put up with her bratty habits.

Hope this helps

can i have sex
? i am nine years old.
You are WAY WAY too young for that! Why do you want to have sex anyway. You should enjoy being a kid. You are way to young to be with a man or a boy for that matter.
And legally it is punishable.

If you have anymore questions or comments or want to talk about this more,. inbox me and we can talk more about this:)


I'm a student and there is this girl in my school, I'm kind of like her (I don't know if it's love or not). I'm always jealous of people around her. But she seems to evade these days. Please give me some advices.

I am from Hong Kong. (link)
FIrst of all!
You like this person. Not love. Love is a feeling formed from being with a person for a certain amount of time. Just my opinion. if you like her you should try talking to her more,. find out more about her. her likes dislikes and what not. Get to know her better as a friend and then ask her out on a date

Hope this helps:)

what should me and my friend do? (link)
If it's nice out go for a walk or ride bicycles,.
toss a soccor ball back and forth,. make up your own came at the basketball court.
Play with side walk chalk
play cards or video games
board games,.
youtube videos
There is so much that you can do. Just gotta try different things.

Do you think it is really possible loving someone but not interested in sleeping with him? or maybe it is just a lust?
I am a female and from Egypt...30yrs old. (link)
Absolutly! Love is NOT about sleeping with someone. It's about accepting someone for who they are. faults and all.
It depends on how lonng you two are or have been together. Love isn't formed in one day it's made in time. If you like him and have only known him for a short time it could be lust. but that lust may turn into love with time.

Hope this helps:)

Okii so theirs this guy i really really like, my ex asked me out and wants to knoe by friday (tomorrow) i wanna say no but i think that will hurt him, but i also wanna use it as an excuse to ask the guy i like if hes ever gonna ask me out, or if im just waisting my time, please help me come up with something to tell the guy i like. (link)
You pretty much answered your own question. Your ex asked you out. but you want to say no. so do it. you shouldn't go out with your ex to make the guy you like jealous,. it never works! Trust me.
If you like this new guy and think he likes you back. then talk to him about it. make your feelings known and see how he reacts.

Hope this helps:)

I'm 16 and sexually active with my boyfriend.

The other day, a couple weeks after we had protected sex, I began getting cramps and spotting when my period's not due for another week.

I looked up on Google what that might have meant, and many websites said it was implantation bleeding. That had to do with the possibility of being pregnant, right? So for the past couple of days, I've been walking around scared of the fact I may be pregnant.

But now I'm not just spotting, I'm bleeding a normal color and all, but it's still not really a normal flow. I'm usually heavier in the beginning of the period then I get lighter.

Could it change that randomly? Could I be pregnant? Or is something else wrong?

Because you had protected sex,. the odds are that your not. It's probably just wierd periods.

well you see i am in year 6 at the moment and a dance is coming up i am scared to ask him incase of him saying no to me infront of every1 what should i do at the last disco he said he was trying to impress a dark haired girl with hazel brown eyes which i have any advice. i am 11 years old and i am a girl. (link)
Honestly,. Don't be afraid to ask him. Just do it. there is no shame in it what so ever. Just say to your self you are worth it. if he Says no,. well he doesn't know what he's missing :)


Hey! So I'm fifteen, and I'm a sophomore girl. Theres this guy... Hes basically like my brother. Were extremely close. A year ago he helped me through a really tough break up by just talking to me when I was down and telling me I was a wonderful person and letting me cry on his shoulder and what not. I also helped him when he was feeling shitty breaking up with his girlfriend. Since winter break we've been texting literally like every day... But I've started to grow some more feelings for him... There will be times when I think he feels the same way, that hes hinted at it so much that I think "okay he really does like me!" but then he ALWAYS drops a bomb like, "you're like my sister not a girl I'd ever date" or "I wanna ask this girl to prom"... But the last time he said those things was like a month ago. He actually asked me to prom! (in this really cute poem haha). Which makes me think he really does have feelings. But he dropped another bomb... He completely avoids being alone with me... He won't take me out to lunch with just us too and we were going to go get his tux together and he invited one of out friends... I just don't get him! He texts me everyday, flirts, asked me to prom, jokes about hooking up all the time... I don't understand. All of my friends say we like eachother but he denies it so obviously I do too! But I do like him... And I'm scared to ask him. I also don't know what to expect at prom because were gonna be doing a lot of couple-y things... And spending the night at our friends house and going to her lakehouse the whole next day... In a group of couples. It honestly kills me when he drops those bombs and I just don't get him... Help! (link)
When he was saying he likes this girl or he wants to ask this girl to prom,. he was probably just testing you,. to see your reaction. to see what you would say to that.
As far as the tux thing,. he is a guy so thinking in guy terms,. i would say he wanted a guys opinion on the tux he got.
And as far as denieying his feelings for you,. most guys don't show their feelings especially infront of friends,. because they don't want to seem feminine about it,. guys want to appear very manly especially with their guys. I wouldn't worry too much.
It seems like your guy does like you,. but it's still early in taking your friendship to the next level.
Guys are very confusing,. It shouldn't be too wierd with other couples around,. it might make you two more closer in the relationship area.

Hope this helps:)


Each year, my junior high school has a "last dance," which is similar to prom. One of my boy friends asked me to it, but I said no because he was (and still is) really weird and kinda unpopular. But he's still really nice.

After that, things got kinda awkward and we stopped hanging out. A few weeks ago he sat with me on the bus and now he's talking to me again. I realized I actually like him, despite his weirdness. He's not afraid to be himself and doesn't care what others think. He likes all the same things I do.

Anyway, he told me he really likes two girls and he told me who they were (not me). I really like him and want to go to the dance with him, but he still thinks I don't like him. What should I do? Please help me! (link)
If you want to go to the dance with him,. just ask him:) There is nothing wrong with girls asking guys to dance or on dates.
Goodluck darlin



Can anyone give me a suggestion for another place to host my family homepage? Prodigy was bought out by AT&T I guess, so they are shutting down everybody's prodigy pages and closing down the free web hosting service for good.

First geocities closed down and now prodigy? Can anyone suggest something that might stay open when things nobody thought would ever die and shutting down? Thanks for your helpful ideas! (link)

I am 13/F
There is this guy that i really like a lot and i know he used to like me to, but i am not sure if he still does. I want to get to know him better, we were on a the same team for a turnement for P.E. and we were pretty good friends and he sat by me a couple times in my history class instead of his assined seat, and I want to hang out with him a lot. I don't what I should, some of my friends are telling me to ask him out, and others are saying are you crazy? He is very popular and im not, but i really don't know what I should say to him, or if i should ask him if he wants to hang out, or just forget about him. (link)
First thing you need to realize is it doesn't really matter if someone is at the top of the popularity scale and your at the bottom. It's about the person not the rank they are. If you really like him you should talk to him,. and see what he says. worst case scenario is he declines your offer. but remember darlin that is not the end of all. There are other fish in the sea,. and you are still young and have many adventures to come.

Hope this helps:)

The title pretty much says it all. I need to become better at singing for my band. We write songs that are meaningful and Im one heck of a guitar player. How can I become a better singer? (link)
I read that if you practice singing the same songs every single day a few times a day that your voice will get alot better and more on tune to those songs.

Hope this helps:)

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