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I'm not perfect. But the heartbeats add up. As well as the life challenges. And I'm only 22. So I'm here. To help those I can. Try and make a difference in someones better somes life by being someone that's there when they have no one.
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I am 11 and like a guy( same age) and recently asked him to a dance. Please note that this is a dance that you need a partner for, and I have been told by many people that he likes me back. He answered maybe, and I'm not sure if its a yes or no. (link)
Maybe usually means yes,. if he absolutely didn't want to then he would have said no. He probably just doesn't want to seem too excited. I would wait a few days and see if he says anything,. if not ask him if he still is interested in going.

Hope this helps:)

I have been dating my boyfriend for almost 4years, im happy and we love each other, the only problem is, my dad doesnt like him. He gets along with my mum & she absolutely loves him! At the start when we first started dating my dad seem to like him until he started judging him on little things. Because he is 3 years older than me, (im 20) he doesnt have a house or nice car or isnt like a man he wishes my boyfriend to be, it really upsets me. My dad never really says anything positive about him until 1 day we almost broke up & I was really upset, he seemed to care then about our relationship? & he went back to normal again... My boy is good to me, he buys me everything, treats me right, knows how to have fun & he may not have the best job in the world but his always willing to work hard. My dad always judges him and he doesnt realise my bf looks up to him becuase he respects him. Its makes me sad becuase it always feels awkward when they are both together (even though they are friendly towrds each other) and knowing the fact that my dad secretly hates him, well I dont know for sure, but its not something I can never ask my dad the truth. I have feeling its becuase he doesnt want me to waste my time (i can do better) and wants me to have a good future and my bf isnt the right one... & he always remindes my sister to find a bf that has a trade or 'good job'(referring to me)??? I have no idea.. please help!

My Parents are the same! It's all about finding someone with a great paying job that has an education. Someone that can support you.

Honestly, If you love this kid,. Then you should be with him. Money is not everything! A Job is not everything! You didn't fall in love because he had a good job or a great car. You love him for who he is.

Maybe you should sit down with your dad and talk about this to him,. Explain that you really like this kid, and he makes you happy. Money is not everything in the world. And by the sounds of it. this person has done nothing but love you back.
Maybe once you have talked to your dad about how you feel he might lighten up a bit.

Hope this helps:)

Okay, Well before you answer my question I want you guys to know My mom had bought me four new phones in one month and she had to pay for 50$ each because three of them didn't charge like a week my mom paid for the replacement, And The last one broke because my friend accidently broke in water at a skating rink, That was a month ago and now i am ready to be responsible for a cellphone again..But everytime i mention a new phone for me she just laughs or says "Not gonna hapen"! I really want to have another phone to keep in contact with my friends cause im moving soon..HWAT DO i DO? i AM 13 (link)
Because you had so many phones in one month,. There is a doubt that you will get another one anytime soon,. i would try earning the phone. Doing extra Chores for money or even helping out the neighbours. You need to prove to them that you are responsible enought to take care of a phone more than for one week. let alone four phones in one months.
I think if you prove to them that you are more responsible they may be interested to compromise.

Hope this helps:)

Today I was talking to my girlfriend on the phone while I was doing homework. I was actually making progress on it (more than I would have otherwise) because I was doing something I enjoy at the same time. My dad yelled at me to hang up the phone and get off of the computer so that my brother could play his computer games. I tried to explain the situation but he wouldn't listen. He said I was talking to my girlfriend on the phone in order to avoid homework. He didn't understand that it was actually helping me. I am afraid to tell him that multitasking is actually a better way for me to study. As I said my goodbyes to my girlfriend he continued to yell at me. I tried talking to him in a calm voice which just made him mad. He grabbed my arm and pushed me against the radiator (my back really hurts) and told me that I was giving him bullshit. My own father won't listen to me and I don't know how to get the message to him that I need him to let me take care of my own academics. I feel like I will go more insane than I already am if this doesn't end. (link)
First of all,. you need to be very aware,. that him pushing you against the radiator is NOT OK! And it is a red flag.
If more Things like that happen,. you may have to talk to someone about it.

As for academics,. he doesn't seem like the type that will listen no matter what you say. you may have to do it in a way that he won't get mad at you?

Hope this helps:)

So I activated facebook mobile. I have t mobile and unlimited texting and I wanted to make sure it won't cost me.
Thanks! (link)
If it's sending you text messages, then it won't cost you at all,. if you have unlimited texting.

Hope this helps:)

hai...!!!i hve r'ship fr abt 7mths ago...!!ya v we in close r'ship vith ech othr...!!thing ws lft btwn us...!!everytg gt over..!!d tg is tat he dint keep up his wrdz...!!nw he is chging his wrdz..!!telling me tat he cnt maary me ..!1n tking vith me..!!nt tking txting me r nt clling nw..!!iam really confused vith my lfy..!!n i dnt wnt to gve up my love lfy sooo easly..!!i true love him...!!hope he to does..!!plllllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me out..!!fr tis pbl..!! (link)
First of all! I can barely understand your question due to the shortcuts taken in typing your words. if you would please re-post or inbox me your question i would be glad to help.. Please include all your vowels!

i have been having sex for bout a 2yrs now an just bout a couple of days ago me an my boyfriend were having sex an i felt a pop my hymen popped. An i am asking why did it just barely popped? An how long will it bleed for? (link)
When you first start having sex,. it can rip slightly but not necessarly rip completely,. if you have sex with guys with bigger packages,. it might rip it more or farther,. therefore causing you to bleed more. it shouldn't bleed for that long. only a day if that!

Hope this helps:)

my friend likes the same guy i like when i liked him first but anyways he doesn't like her he likes me and we're going out now but i feel bad she said she wasn't mad at me but u can tell she is how can fix things between us (link)
First explain to her that you did not intend to hurt her what so ever. Boys should never come between friends. Try to spend alot of time with her to make her realize that She means alot to you just like him. But unfortunatly,. he chose you,. just make her feel like she will find someone else,. that she is worth that. She may feel mad because she just wants some one to like her back. Maybe see if you can match her up with someone single? like his friends? or something like that.

Hope this helps:)

ive like this guy since 4th grade hes cute, funny, nice, and really easy to talk to o and by the way im in 8th grade now and he just found out that i liked him and he said he didn't like me like that then about a month later he asked one of my friends if they know if i still like him but they said no (but i do) she said no because now i have a boyfriend whos his best friend but it turned out he didn't know that my and him were dating and i cant tell if he asked that because he likes me or he just wanted to know (link)
First you have to ask your self. do you like your boyfriend. Yes or no.

IF yes,. Then don't worry about anything else. this Guy who asked about you maybe be interested but you are happy with your guy,, and dating you bf's best friend would start alot of fighting not only between you and your current ex,. but also between your current boyfriend and his best friend.

If NO,. If you realize that you don't actually like your boyfriend as much as you thought,. the first thing you have to do is don't keep stringing him along if you don't feel that way. But if you are only doing this because want to be with his best friend you have to be ware. that Your current bf will feel very hurt and feel betrayed not only from his gf but by his best friend in the world. And the fighting could ruin not only your friendship but the two boy's as well.

Hope this helps:)

I want to but a new jacket, you guessed it: A LONG jacket, but I don't know how long it is ok to get and still be stylish.

Somewhere between a waist jacket and a trenchcoat?

Any advice on what you think looks good? Oh, and I want a red jacket if it matters.

I will rate you! (link)
Here are a few images of red jackets that I thought were pretty sweet! :)






i have two friends that i'm particularly close with. the three of us used to hang around each other all the time. one of my friend, A, used to have a guy that she's close to. obviously to all of us he was just playing with her but she really loved him. after they broke up (he really broke her heart), she confided with the other friend B the most. then we all found out that B is dating the guy. Now B and the guy are all lovey-dovey and A is heartbroken. The problem is im loyal to both of them and it's hard for me to remain sane. When im with A, i get mad at B for being inconsiderate. When im with B, i get mad at A (she doesnt have the best personality). I end up saying things i don't want to say to each of them about the other friend. I regret things i've said and talked about. i feel like a hypocrite. how can i go on? how do you split your attention between two best friends who hate each other? (link)
First of all,. The fighting is between them. Not all three of you. They shouldn't be putting you in a position where you have to choose. If they start talking about the other girl,. Just say up front right away that you don't really want to talk about this as you are friends with BOTH of them and are not taking sides.

Make sure it is very clear that you are not choosing or taking sides,. because i would not say anything else because although you may agree with each of their point of views. it could get back to the other person and there fore cause more drama than is needed.

Hope this helps:)

So tomorrow is my friends 18th birthday. She is my best friend since we were little. I was wondering if somebody can tell me something really cute i can post on her facebook wall? Thanks in advance:)xoxo
What about sending her an e-card,. or a cute poem about how it's her birthday and how special she is?

Hope This helps.:)

There's a couple of authors that I'm dying to meet, even if it's just a glimpse and a book signing, but I have nooo idea where to start looking for them and where they might be having their book signings, so is there any special sites that give this kind of information?
The authors I'm interested are Darren Shan, Rick Riordan, and Heather Brewer, by the way :) (link)
Well start looking on the internet for book signings,. and public veiwings,. you might have to do some traveling to see them,. but i'm sure if you google the authors and booksignings or tours you might find a location.

Hope this helps:)

If you could recommend any book in the world to someone, fiction or non-fiction, what would it be and why? I don't mean just a girly piece of chick lit that had an exciting plot line but a book which inspired you, made you think, changed your outlook etc.

Thanks. (link)
Feedom Writers!

Its about troubled kids and a teacher making them write in a journal everyday. Very inspireing Movie and book!

For my boyfriend's and mine anniversary, I want to get him something special. I was thinking an autograph from his favorite celebrity? But I have no clue how to contact a celebrity.. I've tried fan pages but they don't really provide much. How should I go about this? post-mail? email?

what if I wanted them to sign something specific like a t-shirt, would i have to supply the t-shirt or would the celebrity get one? (link)
If your thinking of getting a item signed by a celeb that specifically says to his name love celeb.. well your going to be rank lucky! Celebraties are very busy people and will not sign items for just anyone! The best thing to do would be to go onto ebay and see if you can buy an item with their signature on something.

Hope this helps and goodluck!

I have a friend I've grew up with. I've known him my whole life. I've had a crush on him since I was 14. But my feelings have come and gone. There are sometimes when I really really like him and then when there are times when I don't even think about him and I'm interested in other guys. But then my feelings will come back again. I'm not sure if he likes me. Sometimes he shows some interest but other times not so much. This has been going on for years now. I've been trying to get over my feelings for him but something keeps bringing me back to him. What could it be and what should I do about it? (link)
Honestly It could be that you have a deep connection with him,.and therefor your admiration and Love for him keeps coming back because you can't find in other guys what you admire so much in him. I would talk to him about how you feel and see if he feels the same. Maybe you two could take it to the next level.

Hope this helps:)

so i have been dating this guy almost four months. and i found out about the time we started dating that i can never have children. i feel like im keeping this big secret from him but also we are still early in our relationship. but then again i dont want him to find out later and think i have been lying to him this whole time and being dishonest. im one of those people who are very big on honesty. i hate liars. and thats why this is so heavy on my heart. i just don't know what to do. this guy is great. he is the best guy i have ever gone out with. he's sweet romantic. amazing. help please? (link)
Honesty is good,. even though you two have only been dating for four months it is definetly something that he should be aware of. He is not with you because he wants kids. he is with you because he loves who you are. Just because you can't have children should NOT Change his opinion on you.

Hope this helps:)

Do guys like when you moan? I never thought i'd be a moaner but turns out i am. Is this a turn on for them? What other turn on's are there? I usually run my hands through his hair and grab it gently but other than that and moaning I don't know what else i can do!

I know every one is different, but any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks! (link)
Most guys do like moaning,. And it definetly isn't a bad thing. Each guy has his own turn on's and turn offs. Each of them are different from another guys.
I once had this Bf who loved me running my nails down his back,. sometimes softly,. sometimes harder but not too hard.
It really worked well on both of us.:)



My friend, a 15 year old girl, is sometimes like a bratty little kid. She gets upset if she can't have her way and if someone asks her to stop something.

For example, my other friend has a notebook which we all write stories in. I'll call her Lydia. The childish friend, let's say Jen, gets it more than anyone else and throws a little tantrum if Lydia won't give it to her or asks for it back. She also ripped out several pages which nobody can use now.

She also thinks it's ok to write on other people's things without asking. She writes all over the notebook in Sharpie just because she felt like it (which she said) and on Lydia's shoes (WTF?!) and when we tell her it needs to stop, she gets angry and ignores us. She came over to my house yesterday and had the nerve to write on my brother's Legos in Sharpie. Her excuse? He 'always' hits her on the head. He's a little kid!

What do I do? She's being a baby and a brat and lives in her own little world, complaining about everyone else. It needs to stop. Any advice? Thank you! (link)
First of all,. you are still very young,. second of all. that is definetly not right and she needs to be taught that,. this kind of behavior is NOT| Acceptable. First of all i would try talking you your parents and see if they can talk to her parents,. to try to get her to realize that what she is doing is absolutley not acceptable.
If she won't listen to them,. then maybe stop hanging out with her. make her realize you won't put up with her bratty habits.

Hope this helps

can i have sex
? i am nine years old.
You are WAY WAY too young for that! Why do you want to have sex anyway. You should enjoy being a kid. You are way to young to be with a man or a boy for that matter.
And legally it is punishable.

If you have anymore questions or comments or want to talk about this more,. inbox me and we can talk more about this:)


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