After spending about a year and a half on this website, I have decided to call it quits.
Most of the people on here are lovely but I think I misunderstood the purpose of this website. I thought it was a safe haven for teenagers to go to when they wanted honest answers that weren't the textbook excerps they would get from regular counselors.
I did not think that the answers I had would have to be sensored to suit the head moderators opinion of right and wrong.
Regardless of that, I will always stand by all the answers I have given. I will and have never "advertised" anything illegal or harmful but I have never closed the door on someone who was debating a potentially illegal or harmful situation.
I hope the advice I have given on this site has proven helpful to some and I hope that anyone who ventures to this website will find what they are seeking.
God bless you all :)


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Divit says hi
He is the cutest thing ever

hey ppl! well, i'm 14/f. and my 8th grade promotion is coming up and i need a new dress. see, in January, i got this dress, but now i'm just getting tired of it and want something a little cuter. the dress that i had was really cute. but i think i just want a diffrent one. my mom said that we would go get a different one tommorow, and take my other one back. but i'm not quite sure what i'm looking for exactly.ok, i'm exactly 5 foot tall, weigh 170 i wear a size L or XL in dress ( i think) and i want something pretty. like a rose color or something. i have dark brown hair, so anything that will look good on brunetts. i don't think i'm missing anything, but if i am i will add more info. thanks so much everyone!!!!!!

Macy's has tons of dresses on sale right now. My sister bought a really cute teal one for her graduation.


does m.a.c. sell their products in local stores

No, you can either find them by their own seperate stores or they have sections to themselves in department stores.
You can also order their products online or check their website to find a location close to you:


please recommend brans and colors i can get from the drugstore for the second picture from the top

I'd probably go with MAC or Chanel if you're looking at upscale brands, but then again if you're in the States you have this wonderful thing called Sephora that carries amazing brands like Stila and Urban Decay (I highly recommend spending a bit more on things that go on your face just because it's important to have quality products on your skin).
For drugstore brands I'd go with Prestige or L'oreal. They're colours are vibrant.



After thinking long and hard about what I want to do with my life, I've decided I want to be a body piercer.

I love body piercings, and are facinated with them, so why not do something I love for a living?

Now, I've done some research and have came up with nothing, How do I get started with piecing?

I doubt you can walk into a tattoo shop and say, "Yo, I wanna be a piercer."

Is there any classes or anything I have to do?

Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated.


Everyone else is giving you some pretty good advice and for sure, you should look all of that up.
I just wanted to let you know that sales associates at places like Claires and Ardenes know how to pierce and are trained to do it. If you're younger, maybe that's a good entry-level position to work your way up in.
EDIT: I'm glad I helped and yes, please let me know :) but if you could do it in my forum instead of my inbox, it would be much appreciated. I just don't want to clog up the system.
The link to my forum is right here >


does anyone play that game on

if so can you give me some of the oufits youve done. i dont know what to do :)


The black crepey-grey coloured collar top with the black and sheer knee-length skirt. White strappy stilletos. White small purse.


when i get sweat stains in school, is there any to get rid of themm quickly?

and i sweat alot! whats a really strong deoderant. i heard that mens spray deodernt works well. does anyone use thatt?

thanksss [:

Drysol is the most powerful deoderant out in the market today. It works really great for everyone I know who uses it and lots of people keep endorsing it.


i have a really suckish hair straightener and it never straightens it that well and i really want to get a super good hair straightener that'll make my hair SUPER straight. i heard some kind of chi straightener works really well and that they're expensive and all. if you could give me links to some good straighteners that'd be awesome. thankss! :]

The CHI iron is pretty amazing. I don't personally have it but I've used my friends and it is hands-down the best one out there.
Another straightener worth looking at is the Babyliss line. They're not as expensive as the CHI but pretty high up there anyway. You can check out their site here >


I'm a 19 year old girl.

I'm going to see The Phantom of the Opera on Saturday, and I'm really excited!

Thing is, I have no idea what to wear. I've been to the theatre before, but never to a more formal show like this... to give you an idea, I've seen Mamma Mia, Da Kink In My Hair, and Beauty and the Beast.

I have two different outfits that I could use;

1: Dress pants, nice tank top, 3/4 length heavy cotton jacket (kind of dressy)


2: Black halter chiffon dress, knee length, with black shoulder scarf

If it helps at all, my boyfriend's wearing a black suit with a white shirt.

Thanks for your help!

I'd go with the dress especially since your boyfriend is wearing a suit. Usually people dress up for plays, not as much as they used to but it's still a little more formal.
And even if you do show up and no one else is wearing the dress, you can just be satisfied with the fact that you'll probably be the hottest lady sitting in the audience.


Hi! I want to throw a party. Can someone help me to make it WONDERFUL!!! I already got a dj and a place what else do I need

Honey, that's all you need... and a willingness to drag all your friends out there and dance.
Make sure the DJ brings a light set though (strobes and fog machines) because those are key, if not, you should really think about renting them yourself.


i need some good hairstyles for long thin hair that allow my hair to be down...if anyone knows of any an can give instructions with a picture so i know what your talking about or can give me a website that maybe theyve been to thats devoted to hair how tos that would be great oh yeah please nothing thats teeny bopper and i need indepth information because im kindof hairstyle challenged,,,00.html
Seventeen magazine has the -best- ideas for hairstyles and they're usually pretty easy to pull off.
I ahve really long hair myself and usually what I do is gather it at the nape of my neck, twist it up and clip it to the back of my head. It's an easy solution and you can use different types of twists and places to start (i.e. crown instead of nape) to make your own look.


I will give you my description first I am a small girl, I have a heart shape face sort of like the shape of Halles Berry's I have a small head, I have a caramel complexion my eyes are sort of small but nay way I want to get a afro. And, I don't know how it will look and how people will react to it I would like to know what you t hink about afros as women how do you think they look, and males I would like to know if you find them atrractive or at least decent looking. I would like all opinions and all view on it, I'm on the fence right now.

An afro on a black woman with really good bone structure (like Halles) looks amazing.
It'll really make your stand out when you're out at night or just out anywhere.
When you've put together the right look for it and have it groomed, it'll look beautiful.


ok so im gonna get my cartilage pierced at Claires tomorro for my birthday..They pierces it with a gun and i heard that bad..but how bad is it what will happen if its done with a gun??

Claires don't do cartilage piercings anymore.
I suggest going to a spa and getting it done with a needle.
Well then you should report them because my friend works for Claires and they are not allowed to do cartilage piercings. They're only allowed to do three lobe piercings.
And why are you on this website when you're not taking anyone's advice? Guns ARE bad for you.
You want to pierce your bellybutton and your cartilage, there -is- a reason why thirteen year olds aren't allowed to get piercings, because you're not developed enough :s.


heyy umm i have just picked a new hairstyle and the picture shows dark brown under the blonde and im a natural blonde with straight hair and i wsa wondering what you guys think i should get the regualar blonde or the brown under the blonde well here is the hair style:

Do the brown under the blonde.
I tried getting that done last month but my hairstylist said that look was going out. She said "peekaboo" streaks were in. They're streaks that are hidden under the layers and are really cute. You see a lot of movement in the hair.
You should ask your stylist about them.


so,what trends are in places outside the US? Or what are some upcomeing trends? (i guess you could say i dress skater/prep...thats a weird combo,ok,pacsun and hollister or ae,yeah. :]) and also were can i get realllyyy awesome unique flatts? thanks !

Europe was really into black gothic and menswear.
I live in Canada and that kind of seeped into my store too. We are carrying a lot of short plaid skirts and men-like suit-type dresses that are adapted to fit a woman. Plaid is huge, huge, huge and I guess that's good if you dress prep. Just play up reds, blacks and plums. Crosses in jewelry are in, so are gold or red accents.
I'm seeing beads and bright purple and green for spring but no one can be sure just yet.


okay im having a problem with shoes. what is exactly "the in shoe" right now?? i know a lot of people wear uggs, but i don't want to buy $120 uggs for a few months. i've been wearing american eagle boots, but they wear out easily. everyone in my school wears clogs with socks, like everyone! i usually wear these-

i have puma sneakers too, but im not a big fan. for spring, should i get a cute pair of flatts or something?? thanks!!

Get red or golden patent leather ballet flats. Actally, maybe a bright purple will work better for fall.


i'm going to a teen night at a club, and i don't know what to wear. where can i go shopping at the mall?

what stores should i go to?
HELP! i'm expecting to dance and make out with guys, so i need to look good


Don't wear a miniskirt, you'll probably get sexually abused. Wear tight skinny jeans, ballet flats (so your feet won't hurt from the dancing) and a cute wraparound tunic or one that has a ribbon that ties around your waist. Wear your hair in a ponytail and play up dark eye makeup, put clear gloss on your lips.
Go to Macy's or Forever 21. Don't go to AE or Abercrombie, they're too casual.


Mostly like clothing.. shoes.. anything of that sort with fashion. I'm a 13 year old girl so I like to be trendy, and Im going shopping soon. and yeah I do get stuff just because I like them, so dont tell me to just be original and stuff.. because thats not what Im asking for.

That and any other things that are in style... thanksss! :]

Right now? Skinny jeans, black tights, a rock star look, dark eyeliner, black and white stripes, long sweater dresses, big bold necklaces, a punkish-gothish look, menswear or mens clubwear, flat furry boots, knits, golden or red accents, dark hair, red and purple and black are the colours.
Those were the things that were in for fall, brighter greens and purples seem to be coming in for spring.


Ive been smoking for aa while and I want to know, how do you make a smoke ring?! I really dont get it. and i would like to know if there are any mre cool tricks to do w/ cigs

I learned how to make smoke rings with this wesbite >
> but you shouldn't smoke cigs. I only blow them when I'm smoking a water pipe or a hooka and still not very often.
I'm not going to tell you how bad cigarettes are for you but if you start learning how to do tricks, it'll make it harder to quit and you'll be inhaling a lot more smoke.


What is a real good hair conditioner that is sold?

I love my Bed Head Dumb Blonde conditioner. It's for anyone with coloured hair and can be used as a hair mask too. Their entire line is really nice actually, my friend has a the purple one, I think it's for curly hair. It's a salon conditioner so it's a little more expensive but definitely worth it.


is this eyeliner a good one? if not what is? but not a expensive on eplease

Yes, it's really good. Especially when you heat it up a little, it glides on beautifully.
I hate the pencil liners Avon sells though.


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