After spending about a year and a half on this website, I have decided to call it quits.
Most of the people on here are lovely but I think I misunderstood the purpose of this website. I thought it was a safe haven for teenagers to go to when they wanted honest answers that weren't the textbook excerps they would get from regular counselors.
I did not think that the answers I had would have to be sensored to suit the head moderators opinion of right and wrong.
Regardless of that, I will always stand by all the answers I have given. I will and have never "advertised" anything illegal or harmful but I have never closed the door on someone who was debating a potentially illegal or harmful situation.
I hope the advice I have given on this site has proven helpful to some and I hope that anyone who ventures to this website will find what they are seeking.
God bless you all :)


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Hey, I'm Mara. I love dancing. It's practically my favourite thing to do. I love House, R&B, pretty much everything with a good beat, and Benny Benassi is my hero; that's why my column is a shrine to him. I graduated this year and am now in my first year of college where I'm trying to pick a major. Chances are you'll see some of my Psychology questions floating around somewhere here. I'm also extremely interested in Political Science too because I, like half the people living in Canada, somehow want to change the world. I particularly want to find a cure for poverty, corruption, cancer, AIDS and George Bush because honestly, I think those are the biggest problems we have right now. I have decided that maybe I should take the time to live a little before I start though because I have a good fifty years ahead of me to fix all the issues there are. Currently my life consists of: studying, working, socializing, eating and ocassionaly sleeping. I spent practically all of my high school life being a delinquent and partying to huge extents until I discovered my brain sometime in the middle of my senior year. I still like to have a good time every once in a while but you always need to find that balance (I haven't exactly found it yet but I'm getting close). Unfortunatley, a habit that has stuck with me from school is my obsessive gossiping. I just can't stop and you know, an article in Cosmo says that gossipers are healthier people because they bond over it? Who would have thought? Anyway, I do have my limitations and I don't condone nasty, brutal gossiping and I don't gossip about anything my friends have told me in confidence or something about someone else that they have slipped to me, however, if I find you in a washroom at a random party making out with my bestfriends's boyfriend, a few people are probably going to hear about it. Actually, more than a few people will hear about it because one of my absolute pet peeves is parties where the all the bathrooms are occupied due to sexual activity or... puking activity. Sooooo what else is there to know about me? My favourite thing in the world is shopping and my worst fear is existantialism. I am OCDey in a clinical way so you can ask me questions about that. You can ask me practically anything you want except for dumb questions but I'm not going to answer them in my little column here because it's a huge waste of space when I could be writing about myself (Click 'LookIt' on my menubar for answers to dumb questions so you don't have to embarass yourself asking them and getting bitched out from me). What I can do, is offer you three pieces of truly inspirational advice. Firstly, never live your life by what others want of you, cherish yourself and everyone around you, and never beat yourself down about anything you couldn't have avoided. Secondly, donate at least ten percent of the income you earn in your life to someone who needs it. Lastly, never get into a bulldozer when you're under the influence and start driving it towards a poor freshmen (I am never going to another kegger ever again... ever). Ok, I'll shut up now. You can start asking me stuff, if you haven't hit the back button already.

Divit says hi
He is the cutest thing ever

ok so im gonna get my cartilage pierced at Claires tomorro for my birthday..They pierces it with a gun and i heard that bad..but how bad is it what will happen if its done with a gun??

Claires don't do cartilage piercings anymore.
I suggest going to a spa and getting it done with a needle.
Well then you should report them because my friend works for Claires and they are not allowed to do cartilage piercings. They're only allowed to do three lobe piercings.
And why are you on this website when you're not taking anyone's advice? Guns ARE bad for you.
You want to pierce your bellybutton and your cartilage, there -is- a reason why thirteen year olds aren't allowed to get piercings, because you're not developed enough :s.


Okay, I'm 17/m and have a beautiful girlfriend that I've even promised to merry(sp?). Anyways, I have a friend that I was talking to, 15/f, and we got into a discussion. This discussion was about sex, we were talking and she asked me what I was thinking about. This was kind of weird because she usually can assume what it is. She kept wanting to know and then she asked me to email her my fantasies that I have about her. I hate to say this but I do have fantasies about her as well as my gf and sometimes all three of us. I know most of you think thats sick but were all young and young people do stupid things. Anyways, I'm scared and don't know what to do. Should I give into temptation and reveal my fantasies or keep them to myself? Is this feeling unnatural? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!! I'm sooooooo confused!
Thank you.

P.S. Me and my gf are perfectly happy with each other. We never fight, we love each other to death. We've been going out for 1 year.

No, fantasies aren't unnatural and it's totally normal for teenagers to want to experiment.
As for e-mailing her, I'd say that would be wrong. If circumstances were different and you didn't have a girlfriend, it might be acceptable but sending her hour fantasies is being unfaithful (from a girl's perspective anyway).
When you think about it, your girlfriend wouldn't want you looking at other girls right? But she knows she'll have to deal with that. But would she want you telling the girls they're hot? She probably wouldn't put up with that.
In a weird sense, that's how your situation turns out. It's ok for you to dream about it, all boys do. But sending them to her is kind of like acting on it and that's something that crosses the line.
Anyhow, not a lot of good can come from you sending them to her anyway. Chances are that she has something up her sleeve. If my guyfriend had fantasies about me, I'd rather not pursue that even if I'm curious (which I probably won't be). The fact that she is becoming insistent on you telling her may be leading you straight into another ballpark.


ive had a myspace before, but then my mom somehow found out about it, went through my history and made me delete it, so i did. then a few months later, i got one again. i figured if i deleted my history there would be no way shed find out. until my friend accidentally slipped and i had to delete it again.
my mom doesnt like myspace because of all the stuff that happens on it, like rapists and crap. i told her i could make it private and no one could see it, but she was like no i dont care, i still dont like myspace. basically, shes punishing me for what other people do. ive tried explaining that to her, but she wont listen. any ideas on how to convince her to let me have one?
thanks in advance :]

Open up the privacy settings and select it so that only your friends can see your profile.
Walk her through the entire site so she understands more about it and maybe she won't discriminate when she realizes that you can make it pretty safe.
If that fails, try facebook. It's newer to the population but has tons of security settings.


how do I get myself to squirt? is it really as dramatic as porn videos make it look?

is every female capable of achieving the female ejaculation? or only some?

I never squirt when i orgasm.
why is this?

I've only heard about a few women that can actually do it. In fact, none of my girlfriends have ever done it (unless they're not telling me something)
The female ejaculation is a pretty new thing out there and not a lot of research has been done to figure it out.
You can read more about it here:


Does anyone know of anyone who is selling Pomeranian puppies around the Dallas/Fort Worth area?

I would make a posting on craigslist and see if anyone replies because, chances are, not a lot of advisors on this site live close to your area:
You can also look at some of the postings about pomeranians:


i want to make my gf a mixed cd for valentines but we've only been together for a week and there's only one song that makes me think of her, are there any good r&b or hip hop songs that are sweet that i could tell her reminds me of her? lemme rephrase that, if your bf made you a mixed tape, what song would you want on there? i know she likes to hear how sexy she is, about her curves, and eyes especially, but i can't find anything (that's not too sexual) you got anything?

Some of these are older but they're pretty much the best romantic R&B songs out there plus they're all mostly from a male perspective:
Southside - Lloyd featuring Ashanti
Best Friend - 50 Cent featuring Olivia
Differences - Ginuwine
I Need A Girl - Diddy
When You're Mad - Ne-Yo
U Got It Bad - Usher
Real Love - Massari
Shortie Like Mine - Bow Wow featuring Chris Brown and Johnta Austin
You Should Let Me Love You - Mario
Baby, It's You - Jojo featuring Bowwow
Yo - Chris Brown
Dilemma - Nelly featuring Kelly Rowlands
Lovers and Friends - Ludacris, Lil Jon and Usher
Like I Love You - Justin Timberlake
Don't You Forget It - Glenn Lewis
Call On Me - Janet Jackson featuring Nelly


heyy umm i have just picked a new hairstyle and the picture shows dark brown under the blonde and im a natural blonde with straight hair and i wsa wondering what you guys think i should get the regualar blonde or the brown under the blonde well here is the hair style:

Do the brown under the blonde.
I tried getting that done last month but my hairstylist said that look was going out. She said "peekaboo" streaks were in. They're streaks that are hidden under the layers and are really cute. You see a lot of movement in the hair.
You should ask your stylist about them.


Shelley (who is skinny) was talking to Audrey (a coworker). Audrey asked; Shelly when is your birthday; Shelley told Audrey when it was; Then Audrey said: Well here they are so stingy, all our company gets when we celebrate a birthday of a coworker is a cake; like we need cake; The topic was changed to something else. Every one (including Audrey) always tells Shelly that she is skinny. Later on that night Shelley asked her friends; Is Audrey implying anything and does she think I am fat; Shelleys friends said; No Audrey is not implying anything. She is just saying cake is not healthy; MY QUESTION: DO YOU AGREE WITH SHELLEYS FRIENDS?

Yes, I agree with her friends and wish her friends would take Shelley to a doctor.


I was looking at display pictures and I came across one that said

When You Love Someone You Can Tell
But When Your IN Love Everyone Else Can Tell

I was just wondering whats the difference? Like can anyone explain this to me?

When you love someone, you can tell. This is if you love your mom, your dad, a crush. You know in your heart how much you love them.
When you're -in- love with a man, your eyes will shine, your skin will glow and everyone will know that he's the one that makes you turn into this sparkling thing.


My girlfriend OD'd last night. she took 4 lortabs & 4 kutecs(thats a perscription).she also took 1600 mgs of ibuprofen.she thinks that lortabs were expired because when she opened the bottle, it smelt bad.she became really dizzy, broke out into a major cold sweat, threw up 4 times,tight feeling in chest, and periodic headaches. its been 24 hours and she still is somewhat dizzy, and still has headaches in the back and sides of her head.
how can she get better?
how can i help her?

Don't try to help her yourself, get her to the ER ASAP.
And just because she's standing right now doesn't mean she will be in an hour. Yes, none of us our doctors so none of can tell you that her situation is stable and that you shouldn't take her to the hospital.
Please take her there right now.


I'm really bored.I like to try new things and start fun projects like combining archietecture,photoghraphy and sculpture into a single art work.I just want to have fun.Please could you think of something fun for me to do.Any suggestions are appreciated.

Well, what I used to do when I was bored was built stuff too.
When you open your eyes and look around, there are so many things to occupy your time with.
Try to make a really unique building or landscape using different mediums like clay, straws, sticks and flour.
Then after you're done, place it in a nice setting and use different lights to take pictures of it and build a portfolio.


kay I post image links to stuff
it always gets messed up, i put the url of the
the URL of the site that its on, gets in there and...basically it doesn't work.

anyone know what im doing wrong?

It depends on what type of code you use.
Most message boards want you to use codes like:
while the html code is

And some websites don't support image embedding so instead of having the picture, only the url will show. For example, advicenators doesn't allow pictures in questions so it will just show the URL.


ive seen a couple people wit flying birds on myspace and i was just wonderin where they got them?? if n e one knows please tell me thanks so much

Here is a website with a code to turn your cursor into a bird:
That's pretty much all I could find.
You should try google for stuff like this.


I was wondering if anyone (or if you know of anyone who) has had any kind of experience working at a store like Wet Seal? I know retail doesn't pay that great, but does anyone know about how much they start off? Any opinions on whether or not I should take a job offer there? Thank you in advance.

With most retail stores, if you don't have prior experience, they'll start you off with minimum unless you're a valuable asset.
If you have had a job before, it's common courtesy to either bump it (if you were being paid minimum) or match it.
I'd take the job, but honestly, all retail stores are the same. Minimum wage is crappy but sometimes worth it if you're working for a store that everyone wants a job at i.e. Guess or Victoria's Secret.


There is practically a phobia for EVERYTHING... so is there a phobia for like if someone is scared of bug poisons/insecticides/ant killer/bee spray/etc.?

There's no official name for it but it is called insecticide phobia and fits into the natural environment subsection of phobias in the DSM-IV-TR. Maybe when DSM-V comes out, it'll be included.


I was wondering if anybody knew anything about hypnosis and if it works for public speaking and even if you don't know anything about it do you think it would work.

I love hypnosis. I did a study on it last year in Psych and the use of hypnosis to counsel a person is actually called Hypnotherapy.
Right now, there are about -- techniques you could use to help yourself.
The first is repetition which is pretty much repeating a statement over and over again until it is accepted, i.e. "You like public speaking. You love standing in front of a crown.". Usually being positive works better than being negative for example, it's better to say "You like public speaking" than "You are not not afraid of public speaking".
You also have three types of suggestion; direct, indirect and post-hypnotic. Direct is straightforward, i.e. "You feel happy when public speaking" and indirect isn't as straightforward (I don't know too much about indirect suggestion). The third is post-hypnotic which is the ever-cliched, "When you awake, you will feel happy about being on stage and speaking in front of people."
One of my friends quit smoking with hypnotherapy and it really does have potential to help you through your fears but many critics say that you can reach the same effect without being hypnotized like using the techniques while you are awake.


Dancing is Fitness right? okay so my "friend" wants to freak with her bf and she dosent know how so of course she asks me. and so how do you freak dance? ha serously my friend wants to know and i wanna seem smart and answer her but im pretty innocent and i dont know

You should take a look through our search pages because we answer questions about grinding/freak dancing all the time:


in the panic at the disco song, 'nails for breakfast, tasks for snacks,' what's the phrase, 'stutter something profund' mean?

any suggestions would be appreciated

I picked this up from an interpretation website:
That's when you stu-stu-stutter something profound
To the support on the line
And with the way you've been talking
Every word gets you a step closer to hell
- "Stuttering... you can't think straight when you are drunk or have been drinking. They say he has been talking--slurred, aka, when he is under the influence, he is getting closer to dying and going to hell."


we just got a pet cockatiel and we are stumped on finding a name.
my mom wants a name that means something in another language or just a cute american name.
please an many answers as possible.
thanks =].

Parastoo means a female bird or swallow in Persian
Quyen is a female bird in Vietnamese
Circe is a bird in Greek. It's also the name of a female god.
Avis is an english (feminine) word for
"desired" and it's also related to the Latin "bird"
Sakira is a female parrot in sanskrit
The only male bird names I could find are √Čanna in Irish which is bird-like, it's also been the name of several Irish kings. Pheonix is also a male name. And Turgay means lark in Turkish.


I was having sex last month and he promised he would use a condom. I was in the bathroom putting my new outfit on from Victoria Secret: sparkly, short skirt with a lacy see through corsette. He wanted me to make it sexy, so i did. So i went in the room and he said he had put the condom on so we had sex. He entered me and it felt weird. Then he cummed. It felt so good. But then he pulled it out after we were done, it lasted two hours by the way! But, there was no condom! He lied and never put a condom on! He said it feels better without one on.I was supposed ot get my period last week. I havent gotten it at all. My breats are tender and i havent had much of an appitite. PLEASE HELP ME! I'm 18/F

1)Does it feel better without a condom on?
2)Am i pregnant?
3)What should i do?
4)SHould i stay with this guy?


1) It depends on the person preference
2) There's a good chance
3) Get to a planned parenthood and get a test ASAP
4) I'd dump him and he'll probably dump you soon if he figures you're pregnant


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