After spending about a year and a half on this website, I have decided to call it quits.
Most of the people on here are lovely but I think I misunderstood the purpose of this website. I thought it was a safe haven for teenagers to go to when they wanted honest answers that weren't the textbook excerps they would get from regular counselors.
I did not think that the answers I had would have to be sensored to suit the head moderators opinion of right and wrong.
Regardless of that, I will always stand by all the answers I have given. I will and have never "advertised" anything illegal or harmful but I have never closed the door on someone who was debating a potentially illegal or harmful situation.
I hope the advice I have given on this site has proven helpful to some and I hope that anyone who ventures to this website will find what they are seeking.
God bless you all :)


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Divit says hi
He is the cutest thing ever

Ok, I don't want any smartass answer but my friend ask my crush out. I know that guys hate it when a girls friend askes them out. But I couldn't stop her! I asked her what he said and he just said " I don't know." I really like this guy. But I don't want him to think I am a baby and can't do things myself. So what can I say? I really need. Help.

You need to confront him as soon as possible and tell him your friend asked him without your consent. Don't confirm or deny the fact that you like him unless he asks (and if he does, be subtle) and see what he answers to that.
P.S. An "I don't know" is a pretty good sign considering you didn't ask him yourself.


I think i might have sumthign for my friend who isnt great looking (im bi hes a guy im a guy) and is a bit big like me but i keep imagining me and him going out and making out (No sex or anything) and i dont know what to do i cant tell him but i wanna go out wit him

Well, you mentioned your sexual preference but you didn't mention his.
If he is bi/gay, you should probably try dropping hints to see if he feels the same way about you.


ok, so when I like a boy i get nervous around him but i try to run into him and talk to him. the problem is he likes my best friend, but my friend despises him..ummm....i dont know what to do because im confused..plz and tips?

Aww honey, that is a bad situation to be in. Luckily for you, your best friend doesn't return his feelings.
If your friend is willing to help you out, see if she can have a talk with him and point him in the right direction (you).
Once he realizes what's been lying under his nose all along, he'll never give her a second though.


My boyfriend is FAR too calm. I hate it. I mean i love it at times but sometimes a realationship needs some tension. Like and I wanna fight with him than kiss and mkae up. He never gets mad. Like last week this guy completly tried to get in my pants right in front of him and he just laughed it off. PISSED ME OFF!
Today one of my best friends whos like obsessed with me and he put his arm around me and was like kissing my cheek and my bf wasnt even like mad at all.

How should I make him madder like cuz this calmness with be the downful of our realtionship.

Believe it or not, my best friend was faced with the same problem. Her boyfriend was just -too- laid back. He always agreed with her and/or anyone else and pretty much self-whipped himself. He was just way too polite.
In reality, he -did- care when guys hit on her and when he had issues with something he said. He just didn't want to come off as controlling.
She sat down and had a talk with him. Now, whenever he's uncomfortable with a situation, he usually voices it and she removes herself from it. And now she's learnt to read him so she can tell the difference between a ha-ha-this-is-funny laugh and a ha-ha-I'm-just-laughing-because-I-don't-want-to-seem-mad laugh.
The honest result is that you can't change him all the way through. If he doesn't like to fight, that's the bottom line, he doesn't. Provoking him isn't going to get you anywhere (you'll just end up frustrated) and isn't he worth giving up kissing and making up?
My best friend made a compromise with him and it worked. They started going out March 2004 and are still going strong.


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