After spending about a year and a half on this website, I have decided to call it quits.
Most of the people on here are lovely but I think I misunderstood the purpose of this website. I thought it was a safe haven for teenagers to go to when they wanted honest answers that weren't the textbook excerps they would get from regular counselors.
I did not think that the answers I had would have to be sensored to suit the head moderators opinion of right and wrong.
Regardless of that, I will always stand by all the answers I have given. I will and have never "advertised" anything illegal or harmful but I have never closed the door on someone who was debating a potentially illegal or harmful situation.
I hope the advice I have given on this site has proven helpful to some and I hope that anyone who ventures to this website will find what they are seeking.
God bless you all :)


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Hey, I'm Mara. I love dancing. It's practically my favourite thing to do. I love House, R&B, pretty much everything with a good beat, and Benny Benassi is my hero; that's why my column is a shrine to him. I graduated this year and am now in my first year of college where I'm trying to pick a major. Chances are you'll see some of my Psychology questions floating around somewhere here. I'm also extremely interested in Political Science too because I, like half the people living in Canada, somehow want to change the world. I particularly want to find a cure for poverty, corruption, cancer, AIDS and George Bush because honestly, I think those are the biggest problems we have right now. I have decided that maybe I should take the time to live a little before I start though because I have a good fifty years ahead of me to fix all the issues there are. Currently my life consists of: studying, working, socializing, eating and ocassionaly sleeping. I spent practically all of my high school life being a delinquent and partying to huge extents until I discovered my brain sometime in the middle of my senior year. I still like to have a good time every once in a while but you always need to find that balance (I haven't exactly found it yet but I'm getting close). Unfortunatley, a habit that has stuck with me from school is my obsessive gossiping. I just can't stop and you know, an article in Cosmo says that gossipers are healthier people because they bond over it? Who would have thought? Anyway, I do have my limitations and I don't condone nasty, brutal gossiping and I don't gossip about anything my friends have told me in confidence or something about someone else that they have slipped to me, however, if I find you in a washroom at a random party making out with my bestfriends's boyfriend, a few people are probably going to hear about it. Actually, more than a few people will hear about it because one of my absolute pet peeves is parties where the all the bathrooms are occupied due to sexual activity or... puking activity. Sooooo what else is there to know about me? My favourite thing in the world is shopping and my worst fear is existantialism. I am OCDey in a clinical way so you can ask me questions about that. You can ask me practically anything you want except for dumb questions but I'm not going to answer them in my little column here because it's a huge waste of space when I could be writing about myself (Click 'LookIt' on my menubar for answers to dumb questions so you don't have to embarass yourself asking them and getting bitched out from me). What I can do, is offer you three pieces of truly inspirational advice. Firstly, never live your life by what others want of you, cherish yourself and everyone around you, and never beat yourself down about anything you couldn't have avoided. Secondly, donate at least ten percent of the income you earn in your life to someone who needs it. Lastly, never get into a bulldozer when you're under the influence and start driving it towards a poor freshmen (I am never going to another kegger ever again... ever). Ok, I'll shut up now. You can start asking me stuff, if you haven't hit the back button already.

Divit says hi
He is the cutest thing ever

hey ppl! well, i'm 14/f. and my 8th grade promotion is coming up and i need a new dress. see, in January, i got this dress, but now i'm just getting tired of it and want something a little cuter. the dress that i had was really cute. but i think i just want a diffrent one. my mom said that we would go get a different one tommorow, and take my other one back. but i'm not quite sure what i'm looking for exactly.ok, i'm exactly 5 foot tall, weigh 170 i wear a size L or XL in dress ( i think) and i want something pretty. like a rose color or something. i have dark brown hair, so anything that will look good on brunetts. i don't think i'm missing anything, but if i am i will add more info. thanks so much everyone!!!!!!

Macy's has tons of dresses on sale right now. My sister bought a really cute teal one for her graduation.


whats the story behind the bathwater song? like basically.. what is it about, and what do the lyrics mean? i tried to like interpret what it meant but i dont know.
I found this one pretty interesting:
"This song is about gwen in love with gavin, but what bothers her is his past. "you and your museam of lovers" she doesn't like the fact that he had a lot of lovers. "and i still love to wash in your old bathwater" meaning she still loves to look back and bring up his past."


All of the "cool girls" at my school do drugs. All of the guys like them b/c they are easy. This guy I like only likes easy drug girls and I don't kow what to do to make him like me! Help!

Be easy and do drugs.
And if you do, you know you're not being true to yourself. This guy is clearly a hormonal asshole. You can do way better than him. Eventually this guy will grow up but that isn't going to happen anytime soon.
Find someone for yourself who wants you, not wants in your pants. And if you want to try drugs, do it for yourself and be educated about it instead of doing it to get a guy to like you because no matter what you do, he's not going to "like" you, he's just going to like what he sees which is going to bring you a set of new problems.


Okay so my best friend is dating this guy... We'll call him brayden. And she is always telling us to have sex and she doesn't care. I've even gone down on him in front ohf her and she laughed about it. Last night he stayed at my ouse cause his mom locked him out of his house. and we had sex. And we both enjoyed it.. ALOT. and we tried to tell my best friend and she didnt believe me cause we always joke about it. He wants to do it again. and to tell you the truth i want to also... What shouldd we do. She says its okay with her. and we have even like done things like a 3 some together but no actual intercourse until last nnight. Im 17/f.
should we continue having sex?

Honestly? No. She might say it's okay with her but she's either lying, deluding herself or is okay with it... for now. This kind of situation is really tough since all three parties are physically and emotionally involved. The guy is probably the only one who gets what he wants from it.
Everntually, you and your best friend are going to start resenting each other and competing for his attention.
I hate to say it, but you're the one who needs to give him up. She was with him first and I would recommend that she break up with him too but that's her decision.
Being a teenager means sexual experimenting; something that you'll have to do but it's better not to include your immediate friends in them because you might end up wrecking your relationship.


please only answer this question if you know what im talking about lol....

do you know if campbells stopped making the ravioli? (the chef boardee kind, but campbells brand) ive looked everywhere and cant find it..thanks in advance

No way. My sister would kill herself if they stopped.
My mum went grocery shopping yesterday and brought some so I'm assuming they still make it... in Canada at least.


does m.a.c. sell their products in local stores

No, you can either find them by their own seperate stores or they have sections to themselves in department stores.
You can also order their products online or check their website to find a location close to you:


heyyyy. its spring break and i wanna come back with a complete makeover.
im thinking about:
1. going to get my eyebrows waxed
2. uses facail and scrubs
3. doing my nails and stuff.
4. working out
5. shopping for clothes

any more ideas. i cant dye my hair but i can do diffrent styles with it.


Instead of dying your hair, you could use L'oreal Colour Pulse. It's a temporary dye that will colour your hair for about a week, depending on how often you wash it.
If that isn't temporary enough, you should streak it with hair mascara. Those wash off in a day. My sister buys hers from Icing by Claire's.


I really want a pair of knockoff Chanel earrings, that look like these ones:

But I can't find any good websites that sell them that aren't like ebay ( I don't want ebay) Any suggestions? They need to be like $30 under, please. Thanks!


does anyone know what disney movie this song is from ? i googled but couldnt find anything. thanks lots.

It's from Anastasia, the cartoon movie.


I recently went on Zoloft to treat my OCD. I opted for the generic brand when the Pharmacist asked me because it was cheaper and I'm paying for it myself. I took half a pill today as directed. But now I read on the prescription that it says "No brand substitutes allowed" Could something potentially happen to me because it's a generic brand? Or is it ok? I'm a bit paranoid now after reading that..


No, nothing will terribly go wrong with half a pill. I suggest you stop taking the generic brand immediately and switch to Zoloft.
I would never substitute my medication for a generic brand, when it comes to my health, I'm not cheap.
EDIT: Your welcome for making you feel great and thank you for making assumptions about what I was trying to say.


ok,my problem is that im too skinny, im 13 and 106 pounds not that healthy if you ask spine is always showing and its really starting to make me feel scared that i might have anorexia.

how do i gain weight without getting two fat?

Instead of adding fat to your diet, try adding protein and fiber to create lean muscle mass instead. Work out lots and get yourself some nice biceprs/triceps/abs.


any info on these drugs? good and bad info on them..such as side effects??

I have OCD and Paxil practically saved my life, I sometimes feel really sore on it through and nauseous at really bad points but other than that, it's a cruise.
Prozac is the demon, I've never tried Celexa.


please recommend brans and colors i can get from the drugstore for the second picture from the top

I'd probably go with MAC or Chanel if you're looking at upscale brands, but then again if you're in the States you have this wonderful thing called Sephora that carries amazing brands like Stila and Urban Decay (I highly recommend spending a bit more on things that go on your face just because it's important to have quality products on your skin).
For drugstore brands I'd go with Prestige or L'oreal. They're colours are vibrant.


how do ratings work? like, i had straight 5s and i had a perfect rating and then i got like, a 3 and it dropped to 4.83 ! and i kept getting 5s and it kept staying at that rate. after like ten or so 5s, it finally went up a little. can someone explain why it doesn't go up to 4.84 with a 5 and then if you get another 5 it goes up to 4.85 ?! thanks!


ok. so is the One Tree Hill season over?? because the PussyCat Doll Show has been taking its spot. The last episode that was on (or the one that i saw anyways...) was, when at the end payten (sp?), her stalker guy came to the door and punched her or something, and that was the end. then they didn't show what the next episode was about, so what the heck is going on?? is it on a different channel now? or is the season over?? please help me! it drives me nuts!!! lol! anyways, thanks!!!

Yep, it's over.
Wathc out for the next season! I'm so psyched for it


i met this guy about 6 months ago.

i told myself that i would not fall for him but a little over two months ago we had sex. He took my virginity and i ended up falling in love with him. i told him how i feel and he was fine with it i told him i was sorry and he said don't be. Well two weeks ago we got into this argument and he told me to get over him and to stop talking to him.

i am miserable, depressed and i feel like i have no reason to smile or be happy anymore. Ive lost alot of respect for myself. none of my friends understand me or they say they don't but when i ask them what should do they say talk to him. yes maybe i do need to talk and tell him how i feel right now but he will not listen to me.

i miss this guy.
ive cried myself to sleep the last three nights.

please give me advice as to what will make me feel better.

thank you

This guy is a jerk, hun.
You keep asking questions about him. Now you need to go back and read your own questions.
Is this the guy you really want to be with?
You gave him your virginity. He likes your friend. He says you're too clingy. He doesn't want you to talk anymore.
All he has wanted is sex from the start and that's just the type of guy he is. One day he's going to look back and realize how great you were and by then you will have moved on.
I feel bad for you, I really do. And I wish I could give you a shortcut or find some way to help you get over him quickly because you can't be with this guy. He's an asshole.
Your friends are wrong, talking to him when he doesn't want to talk to you just brings up a million other issues that are going to lead to nowhere. You need to close that chapter of your life. Give yourself a few more days to pull yourself together. Then take a deep breath and move on. You'll find someone new. It may take a few days or maybe even months but you can't wait and you can't pine. You just need to go out and have fun while you're still young.
Trust me, you're only feeling bad because you're making yourself feel bad. If you look into the mirror and tell yourself you don't need him with conviction, I promise you'll be out there in no time. Sure, you'll still be a little sore but seriously, that's what life is about.
You can do it :)


on my old column it was set so that the questions & answers were in bold,but idk how to do it on my new column.please help?

and can someone give me the url for becoming a mod?


I'm not going to give you the link again because every one else did but just so you know, Default is the style that gives you bold text.
If you want to customize your page ever more, you should really think about getting a paid account. I love mine. It's only ten bucks and you can do tons of cool stuff with it and you gets other bonus features too. Best of all, you help the site :D



After thinking long and hard about what I want to do with my life, I've decided I want to be a body piercer.

I love body piercings, and are facinated with them, so why not do something I love for a living?

Now, I've done some research and have came up with nothing, How do I get started with piecing?

I doubt you can walk into a tattoo shop and say, "Yo, I wanna be a piercer."

Is there any classes or anything I have to do?

Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated.


Everyone else is giving you some pretty good advice and for sure, you should look all of that up.
I just wanted to let you know that sales associates at places like Claires and Ardenes know how to pierce and are trained to do it. If you're younger, maybe that's a good entry-level position to work your way up in.
EDIT: I'm glad I helped and yes, please let me know :) but if you could do it in my forum instead of my inbox, it would be much appreciated. I just don't want to clog up the system.
The link to my forum is right here >


i need some really manly music, e.g. hardcore rap, hip hop etc, to man up a little girly boy. any artists?

That's funny that you asked that because I'm just starting to get into the rap game again, after a period of nothing but house.
Here's some songs that are in right now:
This Is Why I'm Hot - MIMS
You Don't Know - Eminem (featuring 50,Cashis, LLoyd Banks)
99 Problems - Jay-Z and this one is old but I'm obsessed with it for some reason.
We Fly High/Ballin - Jim Jones
I Gotta Stay Fly - Three 6 Mafia
They're all pretty stupid but once you start listening to them, they're catchy.


are fairies real? i have a obsession about them, i mean they r all over my room. and i just wanted to see if they are real.

Yes and everytime you sneeze you kill one. So clap to save a fairy! Clap! Clap!


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