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Q: hey guys! does anyone have any really cute unique babie names for (both boy and girl) that you like/kno of?! i need help thinkin of some very cute ones for my sister-in-law! i'm going to be a aunt! please answer quick.. ill rate high! :)
ok well i know of one really cute girl name but thats about all i can help you with.My favortie name is Ashlie Faith.My aunt just had a baby and thats what she named hers.I also like the name Ivy cuz its unique.I would give you boy names but i don't really have any favorites but maybe Christopher Caleb is a first and second name not 2 different names.Anyways hope i helped.Let me know what your sister-in-law names her child.TTYL.Cya


Q: One nyte i was with this guy, nathan who i knew a long time and we ended up going down on eachother and doing "69". We are just really good friends. Then three days later me and this guy went over to one of my other good friends' house and i gave the other guy head because i was pressured into it and he kept asking me to do it but i kept refusing. After about 3 hours i finally agreed to so he would get off my case. Well Nathan went off with my friend and pleasured her..after i did this i felt really regretful and felt horrible. Do you think that i'm now a slut?
Actually no i don't think that ur a was done because of pressure....technically it wasn't ur fault...and just to let you know a "slut" is a young mother so unless you have a child or are pregnant ur not a "slut".Anyways hope i helped. (Rate Me)


Hey...I've heard that Im great at giving advice so I just thought that sign up on here and see if my advice actually helps ppl.I give advice in all category's so if ya need help with something feel free to ask and reply to you as soon as I get it or as soon as I get the chance.Feel free to email me also if u don't want to post anything publically.Ok.Well anyways im here to help so if ya need anything plz feel free to ask.TTYL.Cya





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