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  • Homecoming is coming up soon. I can't go because my uncle's wedding is on the same day. But my boyfriend is considering going with my friend who can't find a date, actually she can she just doesn't feel like going with the guy she likes for some reason. Anyways, I said I was okay with them going, but I'm really not but saying I'm okay with it so I don't look too possessive. But I feel uncomfortable with any girl going to one of the most romantic dances with my boyfriend. Should I tell them I'm not okay with it? How do I tell them without sounding like I don't trust them? Is this a bad sign on the boyfriend's part or can he really be doing it just to be nice? And is it bad on the friend's part?

    I don't think it's wrong. It's really awesome you're trying to not be the "possessive girlfriend". It's hard not to get jealous and possessive though, I know.

    I think you should let the two of them go. I mean, no sense in making two people miserable right?

    And now here's the deal: How about you let them go together and dance, and have fun and etc, but request that they don't do any romantic and slow dances? I mean, it's reasonable right? They both have dates, they get to have fun, and they still get to dance together. Anyone with common sense would realize having their boyfriend slow dance with another girl will NOT make the girlfriend very comfortable. I'm sure they'll be okay with that since they seemed to care enough to ask you if it was okay if they went together.

    I don't think your boyfriend was trying to make you feel bad or anything. He probably was just being nice. If you're so worried about it, just talk to them. I'm sure they'll understand. If not, maybe they truly weren't who you thought they were.

    Good luck!

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    hey this is kinda embarassing but im 18 and im a virgin! most girls my age have lost there virginitys at age 14! i feel so lonley and left out! so i lie and say im not! its not that i cant find someone its just that im so picky! i want it to be special and want to be in love! wat should i do? should i lose it with some guy i dont know? or wait for the special one? and is this wiered? i really need some advice! i lie to so many ppl and i feel bad! i want to be honest with my friends but im to embarassed!

    Believe me. Being a virgin at 18 is no big deal. Those that lose their virginity at 14 probably regretted it or will regret it in the future.

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    ok so i have been going out with this guy for a little over two weeks and the only thing we have done is hugged..ok so i wanna like hold hands ok and i dont no should i make the first move? just like grab his hand? lol i sound stupid but i really need help. thanks so much!!!

    I have already answered questions similar to this one and I've listed them on my are the links:

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    I love this guy and he loves me back...well so I thought. He used to tell me this but he hasn't since my bestie broke up with her boyfrined. He has been flirting with her n stuff. He's been sitting next to her, laughs with her and smiles with her. He dosen't do that with me anymore. He has also but his hand on hers before..and they just stare at eachother. Where I'm from that's not meant to happen. I've been crying every night and my heart is breaking. I feel sick...should I dump him?

    I know a heart break is exactly what it is...a broken heart.

    First of all, before you shed any more tears, you're going to need to set some things straight.

    You never mentioned if this guy was your boyfriend. I'm assuming he is. If he's not, there's nothing that says he can't go out with your bestfriend. If that's the case you're going to have to have a talk with your bestfriend and the guy all together.


    So if my assumption that he is your boyfriend is correct, read on. If not, just stop here. When you feel badly about something you do NOT want to keep it to yourself. It will just keep growing until you can't take it anymore. It's better and easier to deal with things as they come to you, not when you can't take it anymore.


    I've broken it down to three stages. How far you get through the stages will depend on how good of a boyfriend he is and how much he loves you.


    Does he love you?
    1. And as you've guessed it, you need to talk to your boyfriend. Just ask him straight forward if he loves you anymore. If he says no, the answer is simple...break up with him. If he says yes, it's not done yet. You're going to need to do some more talking.

    Is he willing?
    2. Tell him if he still loves you he definitely doesn't show it. Just tell him what you told me. If he listens and wants to stay with you, you need to tell him he needs stop giving so much attention to your bestfriend. If he just pushes it away, it's time to dump him because a good boyfriend would never push away your feelings. If he listens and agrees, you're on the right track.

    Did he keep his word?
    3. Before you start feeling confident in your boyfriend, you're going to have to take him for a "test run". Has he really taken the effort to spend more time with you and not with your bestfriend? From there it's really your decision if you really want to give him more chances or if it'd really just be better to get over him.


    We're not quite done yet. Obviously since your bestfriend is involved it's going to affect your relationship with her. Just like with your boyfriend, I've broken it down to three stages.


    Does she like him?
    1. Ask her if she is interested in your boyfriend. If no, ask her to tell your boyfriend that to his face. If yes, some more talking needs to be done.

    Is it okay if she likes him...or not?
    2. This part is tricky because I can't tell you whether she should leave your boyfriend alone or if she should go for him. The reason is because if she really likes him, it's not her can't really stop yourself from liking someone. On the other hand, I doubt a real best friend would flirt around with her best friend's boyfriend. So this is going to have to be your decision, I can't guide you on that one.

    Coping with it / Ending it
    3. If you decide it's okay if she goes out with your boyfriend, I know it will be hard but try to accept it and deal with it. It is mature of you. Just remember that your boyfriend didn't love you as much as you thought. It'd be pointless to stay with him if he had feelings for someone else. There are definitely other guys for you. There are tons of boys out there. If you decide it's not okay, just tell her that it's not okay. Tell her she was supposed to be your best friend and if she was your best friend she would try to AVOID causing you a heart break.


    So really your solution is to just talk about it. If your best friend and boyfriend decide to work it out with you, that's great. If they do not decide to, that's great too.

    I look at it like this: In life there are many, many people in our lives. We all realize that all of these people can't be with us forever. Some good people will drift away, but at least we were lucky enough to know them. Some will just prove to be not worth your time. Life is a test. Not all relationships survive the test, but that's okay, as much as it hurts. The good thing about it is that you've picked out the crappy people in your life. It's hurtful, but be thankful you kicked those crappy people out of your life.

    Remember that dating is all about bonding with with someone, gaining new experiences, and finding out what you want and need. If things don't work out, just move on and live life.

    Sorry if my advice is not that's a lot I know. I tried to organize it the best of my ability, lol. Good luck.

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    so yeah when ..i make out with my boyfriend...i'm not realy experienced .. i just want to have some ideas given to me..on -where my hands should go?- like..around his neck? or touching his hair?

    i don't know..

    i feel kinda weird just having my hands to myself.

    Anywhere. Literally. Lol. But that might not be appropriate.

    You could just hug him while kissing him. You can caress his face, his back, etc. Gently pet his hair and run your fingers through it. Hold hands. You can put your your hands around his neck (No, don't strangle him, lol). Good luck.

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    How do you know when you really love someone? Is there an age limit on love? How do you tell the differance between love and infatuation? Please help me, I really need to know answers and please don't say "you just know" because that really is no help. I'll rate good answers. Thank you so much.

    No one can ever describe love "correctly" or "incorrectly". This is because every person has a different definition of "love". "Love" has many different degrees. It depends on how strong you believe in the word. Anyone answering your question will only be answering out of opinion.

    Loving someone can mean ANYTHING. You can love someone romantically, or you can love someone as a friend, or as a role model, or as a family member, etc. When you're "in love" it does depend on how you're using it. If you say you love your mom, or family members, of course you're "in love". But most commonly, "in love" is only used for a "lover" or someone you're having a "relationship" with.

    Love is when you love that person no matter what. You can't suddenly "fall out of love" with that person. You shouldn't just like this person just because of their looks or something superficial.

    This person does NOT make you insecure or self-conscious, they should make you LESS insecure and self-conscious. They should make you feel GOOD about yourself. Not only this, but you should do the SAME for them as well. It's a you-get- and you-give- relationship.

    Think about WHY you love this person. Are they good reasons? It helps to look into the future. Is this guy HUSBAND material? If the answer is no, don't bother wasting your time on someone you can't see yourself with.

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    What message do you want to give in a guys birthday card when you think he likes you back and you like him? But heres the twist...youre not sure if he wants a girlfriend but he flirts with you andddd his friends say they think he likes you. Im giving him really goofy, funny presents....sooo what do I say in the card?
    He knows Im getting him a present, Im 15/f and hes turning 16.

    thanks so much!!!!

    Why don't you just straight forward ask him out? It'd be a pretty nice birthday present wouldn't it? I mean, if he says no the worst that can happen is you two will be friends. And that's actually a good thing. You could try joking around and say something like "Hey handsome, are you single and looking? ;) No seriously, would you go out with me?" ... I dunno, something like that. Maybe I'm too corny or lame for your taste, but you get the idea. lol.

    Good luck!

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    My ex boyfriend was cheating on me, so I kind of exposed the truth about him cheating on me to all my friends and now hes really mad at me. I feel bad that I dumped him and exposed his "secret" because the truth is, i still like him. But don't you think i have the right to be mad at him? Because he cheated on me, lied to me, called other girls behind my back, and blew me off in the hall last friday....

    I'm so confused. Should I call him?

    No. Please, do it for yourself. Do not call him.

    Your ex CHEATED on you. I'm sure you've heard of the saying "once a cheater always a cheater"? Once someone cheats, it means they CAN do it again and they probably will.

    You might be attracted to him, but that's only half of the deal. You need someone that you can trust and someone that loves you and only you. Sure you can date the guy again for kicks, but personally I wouldn't waste my time dating anyone that's not husband material.

    He shouldn't be mad at you. HE was the one that did those bad things to you. He at LEAST deserves to have his little secret exposed. If he really loved you he wouldn't need other girls to make him happy would he? I know it feels like this guy is something special, but wait for a better guy and I'm sure you'll forget about him.

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    Me and my boyfriend just broke up last night well were taking a "break"and he says he still loves me and still want to go back out but he says he need time { HE SAYS ABOUT A WEEK}to "clear his head". It was both of our decision but I dont get what you guy idea of taking a break is. So all you guys out there can u tell me? Im really confused!!!

    *SKATERGIRL15* HELP !!!!!

    Well, I have already answered a question about taking a break. Maybe it will help you:

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    I've been with my boyfriend since I was 14, and he was 17. I'm 17 now, and he's 20. We always talk about getting married when I'm like 19-20, and I know it's what we both want, but I feel like my family would say I'm too young and that they'd be disappointed in me. But it's really what both of us want, we really love eachother. We know his family is cool with it, but why do I feel like mine wont be?

    It's not bad to talk about getting married. The downsides to it might be disappointment if you ever broke up, but other than's good to dream and have goals.

    So it's not bad talking about getting married, but you should really consider the AGE you will get married. Personally, I do think 19-20 is too young to be married. I say this because you just got out of high school and you're not THAT sure about what you want in your life yet. Do you really want to tie yourself down and get married before you yourself even know yourself fully? As for me, I'm planning to get married after college. This is because during college you'll have time to discover yourself and focus on your career...things like that. If you two really love each other, waiting a few years won't be a hassle. You have the rest of your lives to spend together.

    As for feeling like your family would feel disappointed, it's normal. Your boyfriend is an older guy...of course his family won't be too shocked or even slightly disappointed. But you are a bit're a few years behind your boyfriend. So don't be angry or sad if your family doesn't give you the reaction you hope's understandable why they would feel that way.

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    is it ok to make out with a retainer will it be any differnt do you think the guy will notice?

    It'll probably be okay. He if accidentally touches your retainer, that might be a little nasty (lol), but otherwise it's no big deal. Plus, retainers make your mouth smell (Well, at least retainers are's a fact lol) so that might not be so good. Basically, retainers are an annoyance, but if it's with someone that doesn't care about that it'll be okay.

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    O. My. God. I don't know what the hell to do! I'm 13f and I just discovered I like my teacher (he's a guy). This is sooooooooooo embarassing! And he senses it, too, which is even worse. Because every time I see him I blush and I can't make direct eye contact. I should not be liking him. What can I do to NOT like him? How can I control blushing?

    I'm sure lots of girls (and guys) have been there. Liking an old person old enough to be your parent or grandparent? EWWW. But nevertheless you still have a crush on them anyway! Weird how that works.

    Just don't worry about it. Even if this year turns out to be the most embarrassing ever...guess what? Next year will be a new year and you will have new teachers.

    I'm sure your teacher understands, and is maybe even flattered. I'm pretty sure he won't try to embarrass you about it.

    Just remind yourself he's old. He's a teacher. And you both have waaay different lives. I think the best way to deal with this is to look him in the eye. Don't avoid him. Don't have any thoughts about crushing on him. Just think of it as "Oh. There's my teacher." Then you can concentrate on something else or concentrate on your teacher's bad traits. I hope this works for you!

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    If a guy askes you if you are a virgin, and and you say yes, that means you didnt have sex right?

    Yep. A virgin is someone that has never had sex. EVER. Even if you had sex once you are no longer a virgin. It's gone. POOF! WAHBAM! lol.

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    Why are boys so... i dont even know what word to use.. i mean they tell you they love you just to get in your pants! and they are sooo confusing, they bring so much pain but i still want them! ... grrr, am i making any sense? all i truley want is this...
    i want a boy---
    who can wrestle with me
    and let me win.
    who i can talk to about anything.
    who laughs at my jokes.
    a boy who puts my cold hands
    in his warm hoodie pockets.
    who lets me use his sweatshirt
    for a pillow.
    who buys me 25 cent rings,
    and sticky hands.
    who says i love you & means it.
    who will kiss me in the rain,
    in the sunshine, and in the snow.
    who calls unexpectedly.
    who will have many inside jokes
    with me and remember each one.
    a boy who notices girl's haircuts.
    who realizes that girls say things
    but dont always mean them.
    who i can go swimming with
    on hot days.
    who can tell me his problems
    and let me help.
    who will listen to me talk--
    about the new nail polish i got.
    who will bring me seashells
    from the beach.
    who will let me beat him up
    when i get angry.
    who writes love letters to me,
    but doesn't send them.
    who draws pictures and slips them
    gently into my locker slot.
    who saves his genuine, big smiles for me.
    a boy with deep eyes,
    that can see through faces into depths.

    who wears baseball hats and
    lets me wear his too.

    who gives me his t-shirt to change into
    and not expect to get it back.
    who knows my favorite color, song,
    car, vegetable, perfume and
    the color of my toothbrush.
    a boy who will shake my dad's handand look my mother in the eye.
    who will call me by my full name--
    first, middle and last.
    a boy who will kiss me and
    tell me i'm beautiful.
    a boy who will let me cry to him.
    who will squeeze my hips just right.
    who suprises me and compliments
    my manicure and plays with my hair.
    who knows when i have a math test
    or when i fail one.
    a boy who smells like
    he just stepped out of the shower.
    who tells me i have a nice laugh,
    and a smile that lights up the room.
    a boy who's simply mine to hold."
    that is exactly what i want!
    why cant i get that?

    "all i truley want is this"
    "that is exactly what i want!
    why cant i get that?"

    I hate to burst your bubble, but you're asking too much. Your list is TOO EXACT. You have to start slow! Where to start, you ask? Just start off wishing and looking for a nice guy friend! Honestly, no one get get everything you mentioned by just wishing it. You have to FIND the right person.

    Not all guys "they tell you they love you just to get in your pants".

    When you find a guy that loves you for you and you love him for him, that's all you need. You won't care about him "buying you 25 cent rings" or ANY of that stuff. You'll just be so HAPPY that you finally found someone just for you. When you're single you want a lot of things. But when you finally find someone, trust me, you won't want anything from them except love [ And maybe some kisses and hugs ;) ]. Your list, or poem, or whatever that was, won't matter when you find someone you love. It will come naturally and you shouldn't mope around wishing you could find someone.

    Dating is all about bonding with someone, gaining new experiences, and finding what you need and want. If things don't work out you move on and live life.

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    Is 13 old enough to have a boyfriend...not like pair off and go out on an actual date or anything...but to really like a boy and have a first kiss or's not like I want to, but when I see kids in my grade kissing and holding hands and stuff and I'm just curious to whether it's right or if it's silly or if it's age-appropriate...?

    I think any age is appropriate as long as you are realistic about it and you don't do things you will regret! If you have a boyfriend at a young age, that's great, but you have to keep in mind it probably isn't going to last until marriage! As long as you are mature enough to not spend TOO much with your boyfriend and live your own life I think it's alright.

    I have a pretty strong definition on love, so when I see little kids throwing the word "love" around it's annoying, but basically it just depends on how strong you believe in it. Dating is about bonding with someone, gaining new experiences, and finding what you need and want. If things don't work out you move on and live life.

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    my friend hooked up with this guy for the first time yesterday...he walked out of the room laughing 5 minutes after they went in and she locked herself in the bathroom...according to the guy...she didnt know how to french so he left there anything i can tell her to make her feel better or any pointes i can give her...ive tried everything, but shes still devistated and i would like to know if theres anything else i can do....thanks!!!

    Well, obviously the guy was no good in the first place. Who would honestly laugh at someone and not even give them a chance just because they didn't know how to french kiss? All he was in for was a little kiss and maybe more. He just wanted someone to use. A real guy would care more about the girl's personality.

    If your friend wants to read more about kissing she can check out my advice column and look it up under "FAQ".

    Good luck!

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    okay, well heres how it goes..i really like this guy and hes super gorgous and he always makes me laugh. I mean he seems so perfect and i can be myself around him.I feel safe when i'm with him. Well the problem is i like him and i'm pretty sure he likes me but i guess he shy to ask me out. I mean hes not shy when he's flirting with me. well my question is how do i get our relationship to move further .. !!PLEAZE HELP ME!!
    Thnks XOXO oh and i will rate for good advice**
    oh and i want him to ask me out im not really the type of girl that will ask the guy out.

    If you want to step up your relationship with this guy, it's either time for some heavy duty flirting or you can just ask him to see a movie/have dinner at your favorite restaurant. It's really easy. I promise. By then he SHOULD get the point and SHOULD ask you out.

    You know the drill...if you want something done, you're going to have to do it yourself ;) Even if you're not "the type of girl that asks someone out", it's time you changed and become more confident in yourself and take charge! Because...come on...think about it. Would you rather ask him out and have a better chance of him saying yes...or be too afraid of asking him out and have a chance of letting him go? Mmm? Sure you can wait it out and cross your fingers, hoping he'll ask you out...but is that what you really want? If he never asks you out, you'll never know if he ever liked you and just remember it's your fault!

    And if this dude just doesn't work out...remember that there are plenty more to hunt down! Dating is all about bonding with someone, finding what you need and want, and gaining new experiences. If things don't work move on and live life!

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    Ok sorry about that, but I wanted to see what you would say because I thought you gave good advice. But I asked this to someone else too (just so I could compare dont get upest) and you both gave me different answers, thats why I posted it up for everyone.

    Don't do it next time. We would have answered your public question anyway. If you keep doing that you can get banned, just warning you.

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    I just started talking to this guy. I thought he was going to be ok to hang out with, but he knows I have a BF, and the other day he started to kiss me. It kinda my fault in a way though, he was crying so I hugged him and kissed his forehead. Then he stoped crying and started to kiss me. I dont know how to make him leave me alone, and im afraid he will bother me at school.

    *sighs* Next time, don't bother asking me a private question ( if you're just going to post it to the public. I hate that.

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    I really think my life is worthless. I'm nothing special and i feel like such a waste. The only person who i can talk to, who keeps me going, who i have spent 3 years of my life being dedicated to, and loving .. could care less about me. I

    f i can't have him i don't want any body else. I feel no point in living. I truely love him and he's the only reason i get up in the morning. I feel like just ending my life now, but i could no way do it, and i would never. This sounds immature and child-ish. But it's not. My feelings will never change.

    What can i do to make everything better?

    First of all, you said you knew it sounded immature and childish and that your feelings will never change. And yet you ask what you can do to make it better? If nothing will ever change, why are you asking us how to make it better? So you either need to believe things will get better or else don't bother asking us.

    Just thought you should realize this.

    You know what else? It IS immature and it IS childish. You want to DIE when so many people are DYING at this VERY second. People that deserve to live.

    Although you might think of it as the other way around, I think people that want to die are selfish. Think of all of the wonderful people that have died. YOU have a chance to become a wonderful person and make a difference, or heck, even just be a bad person. And yet, there are still people who want to die. If you aren't going to live for yourself, at least live for those that can't live anymore. And what about the people that care about you? Oh please, don't say no one cares about you. There are people you don't even know that care about you. Even strangers would care about you. If you were going to kill yourself in the street, someone would try and save you. If you passed out on the sidewalk, someone would try and help you while someone else called an ambulance. And that's CARING about you.

    Suicidal people. If they only waited a little longer, they would have lived. Most people that try to kill themselves and end up being saved from it regret what they have done and realize it was not the right thing to do. Of course when you're feeling like crap you want to kill yourself right at that very moment. But what about the future? What if you waited 10 years? What if you just wanted 10 minutes?

    Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

    Why should you fear death? It's frightening that it can happen anywhere, anytime, any person. Death doesn't care who you are. Unlike most things, death isn't picky and discriminating. And when death visits someone, it's usually someone you thought would live forever.

    Even if you lived a happy life up to 100 years old...what happens then? You die. You either die and leave behind what you had grieving for you. Or you live and grieve for what has already left you. So either way...death has a grip on you and you'll have to face it eventually in your life. It's a scary thing. It's something you can't escape.

    These are the things that comfort me even though death is such a powerful and scary thing:
    - You can make a difference in the world no matter how little or how big. Or how long you've been on this earth.
    - You can at least live for those that haven't been able to.
    - Everyone faces death anyway, so you are never alone.
    - No matter who you are, you have a chance to make people happy. Making people happy, laugh, smile, feel warm's a wonderful thing.
    - No matter how old you are, you have accomplished many things. They can be big or small. Some things you may not even realize.

    Yes death is scary. I want you to fear it. I want you to fear it enough so you will never want to die when your time is still plenty. But I don't want you to fear death so much you can't handle it when the time really comes. Everyone has a time when they will die. And your time will come when it comes. You can't WISH for it to come, especially when you still have much to go for. The time comes when it comes. So make the most of what you have until it comes.

    Sorry for rambling on about death, but those were my thoughts about death and about selfish people. I was once like you. No, I didn't mope over a boy. I just felt like life had no point. But after thinking it over, I realized how selfish I was being and now I'm loving life.

    You don't need a man to make you happy. The truth is, some people find true love and some people don't. What YOU need to do to make yourself feel better is to believe life CAN be worth something. Surround yourself with good friends. Do community service. Do all the things you've ever wanted to. By moping around and wishing yourself to die, you're only going to make it worse. Your may always remember the pain one boy caused you, but over time you will realize that pain was childish and stupid. You probably think I'm crazy and I know nothing, and that's fine, but I know you will understand someday when you get your head out of the dumps.

    Dating is all about bonding with someone, gaining new experiences, and finding out what you need and want. You did exactly that, didn't you? So why mope around? You've done exactly what you're supposed to do when you date. If things don't work out you move on and live life. Now the only thing left to do is for you to do THAT...move on and live life.

    Sorry if I sounded harsh, but you need a reality check. Life is what you make it. So make it great.

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