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Ask away! If you'd like to know me better, check out my websites by clicking here and viewing my collective. I always try to give detailed and helpful advice. Please feel free to ask me for advice and DO give me feedback! Reading good comments and knowing that I helped someone out literally puts a smile on my face.

Please be sure to look at the FAQ on my column. If you ask a question similar to one I've already answered, I will most likely reply with the same answer.

Grammar, Punctuation, etc
I think if Advicenators are going to take the time to answer other peoples' questions and give free and helpful advice, the least people could do is use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc when they are asking for help. It's unbelievable how some people TyPe LiKe ThIs, or never use periods, or don't have the time to do a "seempl nd quik speel chek".
Pet Peeve
I think that's totally lame when someone rates you down just because they don't want to accept the truth. It's also annoying if they rate you down, just because they didn't like your answer. Advicenators isn't about hearing what you want to hear. It's about finding the truth. People should be thankful that someone gave their time and effort. They should be thankful their question was even answered at all.
Rating & Feedback
Let me just remind you what each number means when you rate someone. These are OFFICIAL.

1- Pretty Bad Advice 2- Not Harmful, But Not Useful Either 3- Decent Enough Advice 4- Good Advice 5- Really Awesome Advice

I think everyone should give feedback, not just a rating. And feedback should include WHY you gave that person that specific rating. If everyone did that, everyone would probably rate more accurately. Also, the advice giver took the time to answer the question. The least the question asker could do is to give feedback! But unfortunately I guess it's too hard and mind boggling for everyone to do.


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  • hey how do i put in a background??like have a background but a dif. side bar color...? Thanks! by

    Go to Column Settings. If you want to change the color, enter a color or hex code here where it says "Sidebar background color:"

    If you want an image as your background, put the URL where it says "Sidebar background image (URL):"

    That should work.

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    I notice that people always write at the end of there entrys. well where do you go to see your overall ratings? not that i would have any lol i would just like to know thanks!!! yeah im a newbie at this sorry haha

    Click on your Advice Column. Scroll down the column until you see "Average Rating:" You should see your average rating after that. It might take a while for it to get up to date. If you want to see individual ratings, click on "View Feedback"

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    Does anyone know a good place to get your own website on the net....FOR FREE? I found a whole bunch of cool little knick knacks and I want to show them off on my website! But I can't find a website that is good like that! The website is either dumb or it isn't free. Please help me! is good. =/ for advanced. also for advanced.

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    I cant get the colour on the sidebar of my advice column to change.
    Any ideas?

    Go to Column Settings. If you want to change the color, enter a color or hex code here where it says "Sidebar background color:"

    If you want an image as your background, put the URL where it says "Sidebar background image (URL):"

    That should work. Perhaps you're typing the wrong URL. You need a full URL. "/img/bg/bg158.jpg" won't work. You need something like ""

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    What's an OOC? I keep seeing everywhere on journal site's and message boards that so and so belongs to an OOC and that it's fake, but what it is?

    Usually on fanfiction and role plays it means Out of Character.

    If you wanted to pretend to be your favorite character in a movie (role playing), you would want to act just like the real character. You know, do what they would do if you were them. That's In Character.

    If you're not acting exactly like they would, but you are still pretending to be the character, that would be out of character. Hopefully you got that...I'm bad at explaining sometimes, lol.

    However, I'm not sure what it means, the way you're using it. So and So can't belong to an OOC (Out of Character) Maybe YOU're interpreting how people use "OCC" wrong. If you're not, I'm stumped. lol.

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    does anybody out there know any good role play sites? like for lotr or anything? thanx bunches

    I don't know any that are specifically based on lotr, but is an AWESOME roleplaying community. It has a lot of Anime roleplaying, but there are plenty that aren't about Anime. Some are about other books and tv shows and movies and etc. If you're lucky you can find lotr, or even make your own post.

    If you want to join, do me a favor and join by clicking that link. Thank you very much!

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    does anyone know of any good websites with aim icons that are cute...not the dolls or original gay ones but cute ones??

    I know a really cute one, but I can't find the URL! I KNOW I bookmarked it, but it's hidden under the bazillions of bookmarks I have, lmao. Rawr, I'm mad at myself. I liked that link too. Oh well, enough of my ranting, lol =P So those links up there are substitutes. Sorry if they are "cute" =P

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    Ok, I need to change my cursor for my advice column but I can't find any cute, small ones. The website has no good ones. I'm looking for maybe cute, small, and animated star cursors. Does any one know any good cursor websites? Thanks

    Perhaps has some you might like? If not, you could always do a google search for free cursors =)

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    okay the commercial where the guy gets his tougne stuck in the mixxer for dairyqueen, isnt it as stupid as this questian? lol *bored* someone talk!!

    lol...I saw the commercial. Mmm I'm up for some milkshakes right

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    hey. im 5'5 n 1/2 or something like that and i weigh 104 pounds. i know that im skinny but i hate my thighs! i want to go on a diet but, i dont want to bcome anerexic or scare m fam n friends. what should i do?

    I don't think you need a diet. A diet probably won't help your thighs...they might make you even skinnier somewhere else instead of your thighs! lol. Do some stretches, running, go to the gym, exercise tapes, anything leg related. That'll probably help your thighs =)

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    Okay people! (I've Only Had One Boyfriend In My Whole Life) I have been single for 9 months now, I like this guy and he likes meeh back, but there is restrictions causing us not to date, and I somtimes think he is pushing me away, and I still wanna be his friend. So what do I do to get other guys to like me? _LoNelY OnE_ (Thickbabyie4u)

    Honestly all I can tell you is to be yourself. Just kick back and go with it naturally. Trying too hard can push away guys and make it harder on yourself. If you like someone, be sure to give them some signals...flirt with them a friendly. Hopefully he'll get the message and give you a response.

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    hey this is gunna sound realli weird but im just going to ask...okay im from the middle east, and middle easterns are known for having alot of body hair..and i have that problem,i have really hairy arms and its sooo embaressing!! i have tried waxing and works, but its still noticeable!! my friends advice me that i should shave it but im too scared cause i know its just gunna grow back darker and even thicker...any advice?? srry its so gross and nasty i know but its worth a try...please dont say like ew thats gross or nething..i just need some help..thanks

    Nah, this question is not at all nasty. We all have our little hair problems. lol. mom's a hairstylist and she did waxes sometimes. At the salon there were two middle eastern girls. What they did was wax. I know what you're thinking...OUCH! Waxing DOES hurt the first time...but after a while you get used to it. Shaving is one solution, but the hair, like you said, does come out even thicker. With waxing the hair usually does not come out thicker and if you do it regularly, less hair appears. With shaving you'd have to shave more frequently. If you don't want to try shaving or waxing maybe you can try something like Nair or some other product that gets rid of hair painlessly. I don't know if it's any good though...people who have used it say that it gets irritating to the skin. might want to experient with different things. I hope I helped in some way...and good luck!

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    hi. im 14 5'2 and 87 pounds and im tired of being so skinny! ppl r like "do u eat", and say crap like "eat a chesseburger or something gees" what should i do?

    If you're tired of being so! lol. I know, I know. I hate eating myself. I love junkfood...but other than that I don't like eating. If you want to find out if you are underweight, I have two sites. That's a weight chart. You can look up your height and weight and find whether you're at a good weight or if you're at any risks.

    Here's another one: For this one you can enter your height in feet and inches and your weight. Press Compute BMI and it'll give you a number inside the heart. Take that number and look at the left where it says "BMI Categories". It'll put you in under, normal, overweight, or obesity. There are links on that site that you might want to check out concerning weight. Those charts are not always exactly correct so if you're ever unsure about anything the good ol' doctor will come in handy. Whether you're under, normal, or over weight, old fashioned exercising and eating healthy always helps you in life.

    If you're not at all worried about your weight, just ignore those people. A lot of skinny people get those comments all the time and I know it's very annoying. The best thing to do is to not let it get to you. Tell them you don't appreciate them making that comment and that you DO eat. After that just ignore them. =)

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    Ok, I know were not alowd to have music on here just to let you know. But i was wondering, what is the website to that Xanga music code site? I really need it. thanks.

    I`m xO.Carrie on here.

    lol that's funny...I just answered that question below. it is again.

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    Does anybody have a site that has URLs for songs? i need it for my xanga

    Here you go!


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    okay found backrounds and stuff i want to put in my column but i dont know the codes to put them in there. so can you guys just post the codes on here? that would be great thanks.

    You don't need to put the code in. Copy the URL of the background you want. Just click Column Settings, and scroll down to "Page background image (URL):". Paste the URL there and press submit colors. If you want, you can also paste the URL where it says "Sidebar background image (URL):" Hope I helped!

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    i want more boyz as friends how do i do this im semi-popular in middle skool and i want to just have that like really good friend at skool but...all the boys are mean to me how can i get more boys as friends

    I'm gonna be a freshman this year, but for the past three years I've been in middle school too. I've had a couple of guy friends, but too many. Most, if not all, middle school girls will have to accept the fact that they will not have too many guy friends lol. Most of the middleschool boys at my school were jerks. They can be quite immature. I'm sure you'll have more male friends in the future...where they'll be more mature and very willing to hang out with a girl. The most you can do is be yourself. Stay confident and don't let anyone break you down. Don't think about getting more guy friends. The more you think about it and want it, the harder and more disappointing it will be. Find a nice guy and talk to him...maybe he has nice friends and you could hang out with them too! I hope I helped =)

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    i love staying friends with my ex boyfriends because like its importnat to me to keep them as friends.. i mean all though were not together doesnt mean i dont care about them or still think there an awesome person... but it always seems like guys hate still being friends... so any guys wanna give me there opinion.. on friends after boyfriend .... thanks

    Hehe, sorry I'm not a guy, but I decided to answer anyway =P Well...first thing to consider is...are YOU the one who broke up with them first? If that's the case, I can easily see why they don't want to be friends. It can be hurtful to hang around with someone that could have been your girlfriend/boyfriend, you know what I mean? I think it's great you'd still like to stay friends with your ex's! You'll just have to accept the fact that some ex's will not be willing to do the same.

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    I am going into 9th grade. My boyfriend and I have been together for about six monthes. I love him so much, but lately he's starting to be a jerk. He seems to care more about what he thinks than what I think, and he makes really gross jokes on occasion. I really want to tell him that unless he starts acting better, we're done. But whenever I see him I start going girly and I blush when he smiles at me. I don't know how to tell him, and I just can't seem to do it, but I know I need to. What can I do?

    I am also going into the ninth grade =) Don't be afraid to break it off with your boyfriend. Middleschool relationships usually don't last forever...there are plenty of reasons why it won't work. People change over time. Highschool can have a big impact on relationships. There are countless reasons. It will hurt, but I'm sure you will find another guy for you.

    Guys can become real jerks sometimes. I don't know...maybe it's a phase or something. Either way, you should talk to him about it and tell him you don't like it. And yes, sometimes guys can be the kings of sick and gross jokes. That's just their nature sometimes lol.

    Whether you will stay with him or not is up to you. I think you should definitely talk to him. Tell him what you told us. If in time he still bugs should break up with him. I hope things work out. =)

    PS if you ever decide to break up with him, but just "can't", I suggest calling him or writing him a note saying you think the two of you should break up. Then mention somewhere to meet you at the park or at school or something to talk about it. That way, it might be a little easier for you. What you SHOULDN'T do is break up with him entirely through the phone or a note without talking to him in person. I think that's just sad...for you AND the other person.

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    a few dayz ago my friend told me that this boi she new from her dads house asked her out (when we were online) and i was like wat did u say and she told him that she wasnt sure and that she would call him or tell him the next day. so i was like well do u like him and she said not really,not like he likes me (me as in her) and yesterday she IMs me and tells me that she told him yes i was like y if u dont like him? and she was like well so matt(the boi she really likes) doesnt think she likes him nemore and this skool yr she can start off clean (as in w/o matt knowing she likes him) and she said that if matt ends up liking her or w/e that she can just dump tha boi shes goin out w/. and now im sorta mad @ her 4 doin this plzzz help i feel like my friend is just goin out w/ him just 2 have a bf. thanx

    I'd be mad at your friend also if I were you. That's a nasty thing to do. I think people ask other people out only because they want to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Same reason with the people who accept. Most likely they just want to look cool and have someone to date. I think that's sick. Tell your friend exactly how you feel. Give it to her! Explain things to her and try to make her see things your way. That's awful of her doing that. I hope things go okay.

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