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  • im a fourteen year old gurl. i have alot of freinds but ive never had a boyfreind and i think its becuase of my weight i dont understand why guys dont like me just becuase of that one thing im a good person and really does hurt. what should i do to help me?

    I have answered a question somewhat like this before, and I'll repeat what I said for you.

    I've never had a boyfriend until this year, 15 years old. So I know what you mean when you say you feel sad and worthless. That's exactly how I felt. You can't go out and keep thinking that about yourself though. You need to cheer up and make the best of everything. Guys and people in general will want to spend more time with you if you do. Not only that, but it'll make YOU feel better.

    The truth is, we never know when we will find our true love. Some find it later in love and some may never find it. The only thing we can do about that is not base our lives on boyfriends and girlfriends. We need to enjoy life despite what we don't have. Everyone has lots of things they wish they had.

    With excellent friends, you shouldn't need to worry 24/7 about getting a boy. With excellent friends, you don't even need a man to make you happy! Keep yourself busy. Go out with your friends, volunteer, community service, school activities, clubs, read, cook, clean, watch movies, all of that! It'll make you feel good, and you won't spend your time moping around all the time about a guy. It'll work. Happiness doesn't come right away, we have to work for it.

    Don't think guys don't like you because of your weight. There are many beautiful girls (from all shapes and sizes and weights) that have never had a boyfriend. It's not because of their looks, it's only because they have not found the right guy. Or maybe there is the right guy...but he's just shy! So what you need to do is not worry. Just be yourself and be happy. You will find the right guy someday and you shouldn't feel bad about yourself just because he hasn't arrived yet.

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    I can't seem to focus enough to get my school work done, does anyone have any tips on how to focus better?

    Get enough sleep at night. Being tired definitely doesn't help any. Eat three meals a day (Breakfast, lunch, dinner).

    At School: Don't let your mind wander around. If your teacher is talking, listen to them and understand what they're saying. Get interested. The only way you can fully concentrate is to get interested in what you're doing. Do not listen to other conversations going around in the classroom, focus on what you need to focus on.

    At Home: Stay away from the computer, television, phone, anything else that may distract you. Try to do your homework right when you get home from school so you will have enough energy to do it. Eat a snack. Take short breaks if you can't concentrate. Keyword is short, remember that. You could take a short walk in your backyard. To motivate you to finish your homework quickly, think about the rewards you can have AFTER you finish everything. The quicker you finish things, the more time you get to relax.

    If you have thoughts crowding your head during class or at home while you are trying to do schoolwork, quickly jot them down so you can get back to them later. This will relieve you from those thoughts and you can get back to work.

    Hope you can focus better.

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    Hey! I got my teacher this awesome gift for the end of the year, and I want to make it from the whole class. I spent $25 on it, and I want everyone in te class to pay $1 to 'chip in'. Our teacher is rarely absent, and she never leaves the room. how can I distract her in order to get the $$$?

    That's very nice of you! What you can do is talk to another teacher. Tell them about your plan and ask them if they could get your teacher to leave the room for a "teacher to teacher talk" during class.

    If you can't find a teacher to help out, maybe you can get a student to pretend they have an issue and need to talk privately to your teacher.

    Remember that you never know when your teacher will step back into the room. This means you're going to have to make it quick. I would suggest you tell the class about your plan and tell them to pay the one dollar at a specific location after school. Good luck!

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    ok well i have this boyfriend i love him him soo much and he loves me too and he wants a kid reallie badd and i do too and we kinda said we want one but im afraid of my parents reaction if i did end up getting pregnant. and i mean im scared becuz my da tends to have a very bad temper problem like one time i juss wanted to go to my room and so he grabbed the bak of my head and literally threw me into my room and made my head hit the wall and i cut it open on a tack thing and so i tried to walk past him to get a wet rag and he wouldnt let me! and so im not afraid of my moms reaction becuz all she would do is give me andvice and help me raise it and tell me i was stupid and kik me out of the house cuz they said if i mess up reallie badly one more time im out of the house its my dads reaction im afraid of becuz when he gets madd he juss like blacks out and doesnt kno wat hes doing until its done and my boyfriend says that if my dad tried to hurt me that he would defend me and hit my dad and all but i dont want anyone to get hurt you know? but you have no idea how badd i want a baby!!!! and if i did get pregnant i'd want it to be my boyfriends baby. im juss afraid of my dad he scares me more than anyone i have ever known in my life

    answer as fast as you can plz!!

    I wouldn't blame your parents for having a reaction you didn't want.

    You did not specify your age. That would have definitely helped. I'm assuming you are young because you have many doubts, insecurities, and you are afraid of what your parents will think.

    I think you are making a mistake if you are trying to have a baby. A baby is not as great as you think. They need your care 24/7. Your relationship with your boyfriend will NOT be the same. Everything will be about the baby.

    For another thing, you LIVE IN YOUR PARENTS' house. Do you think you can provide everything your child NEEDS? Bringing a baby into the world just because you want one is very selfish. The baby will not get what it deserves. Once you have a baby, you cannot just say you don't want it anymore. It will be your responsibility for LIFE.

    I'm not saying you CAN'T have a baby EVER. Children can be such a miracle! But, I AM saying you should not have one NOW. Everything is all about timing. Wrong timing can throw everything off. Think about what you are doing.

    If your father scares you that much, DON'T have the baby. Have the baby when you are READY and when you can afford your own HOUSE away from your father. Do you really want the baby to fear and LIVE with his/her grandfather? You really need to stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about the BABY.

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    This guy I know has told me he liked me a few weeks ago. I STARTED to like him BEFORE he told me. When he told me and continued to confess his love for me, he just got less and less attractive. He got clingy, and obsessive. He calls me 3 or 4 times a day and can't go a day without tlaking to me on the phone, as if we are in a relationship! I suggested we hang out during spring break so I can get to know him, but then I got too busy. Then he made me promise I'd go out with him during the summer when I'm not too busy! OMG! I have tried not talking to him on the phone and avoiding his calls, but nothings working. I don't want to hurt his feelings, but I DID tell him I wasn't into a boyfriend right now. Any advice?

    I think maybe he just likes you a lot and he doesn't want to lose you. Flattering...but yes...annoying. You should definitely hang out with him occasionally to calm him down. Sit down with him and tell him directly how you feel. You do not want a boyfriend. You are a busy girl. And you think he is being too clingy. You two can hang out sometimes, but you need some space.

    Don't ignore him completely because that may make him psycho and try to spend time with you even more. Just tell him to take it slowly. If you can't handle it, tell him you need a break from each other. After the break, if you still feel things aren't working out, you need to tell him you are not interested in him and he should find another girl. Hope it works out.

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    okay at skool the other day i leaked and it was all over my chair. i coverd my pants with my jackett. i was wearing a extreamly large pad. it went through. am i bleeding to much
    this is my 3rd period

    Since it's only your third period, you don't need to worry. Everything's a little funky when you're first starting out. Just be sure to CHANGE your pad more often, even during class if you can feel it. Ask the teacher to go to the bathroom. If they don't let you go, give a hint and tell them it has to do with "feminine issues". They'll definitely get it. Things will get better, no worries.

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    I'm 14 and I've never had a boyfriend. Usually it doesn't really bother me but I've seen so many couples who are younger than me and it makes me feel so sad and worthless. I'm ugly and shy and boring so I suppose no boy will ever want to go out with me, and even if a miracle happened and I did get one, I wouldn't really know what to do or what to say =\ People think I'm weird because I've never kissed a boy or even been out with one, I feel so different and frigid =[ I guess I was made to be single but I just want to know what it feels like to be loved.. How am I ever gonna get a boyfriend when I look like I do and I'm as shy as I am? I like this boy at school but he doesn't really like my friends because they're so immature, so he most likely thinks I'm like them and hates me too - I'm not as immature as them though.. Please help? Thanks xx

    I've never had a boyfriend until this year, 15 years old. So I know what you mean when you say you feel sad and worthless. That's exactly how I felt. You can't go out and keep thinking that about yourself though. You need to cheer up and make the best of everything. Guys and people in general will want to spend more time with you if you do. Not only that, but it'll make YOU feel better.

    Don't believe a word other people say when they say it's weird to have never kissed anyone. There are SO many people that haven't dated or kissed anyone. The truth is, we never know when we will find our true love. Some find it later in love and some may never find it. The only thing we can do about that is not base our lives on boyfriends and girlfriends. We need to enjoy life despite what we don't have. Everyone has lots of things they wish they had.

    Find some new friends...friends that automatically click with you. With excellent friends, you won't worry 24/7 about getting a boy. With excellent friends, you don't even need a man to make you happy! Keep yourself busy. Volunteer, community service, school activities, clubs, read, cook, clean, watch movies, all of that! It'll make you feel good, you won't feel worthless, and you won't spend your time moping around all the time. It'll work. Happiness doesn't come right away, we have to work for it.

    About that boy you like at school...I definitely advise you to GO FOR HIM! If he doesn't like your friends, you should SHOW him you are different. Slowly get to know each other better and he we will who you really are. If he likes you for who you've scored! If not, that's okay because now you know he's not worth your time. You have to try things out and if they don't work, at least you gained one more peice of knowledge. Hope things work out.

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    To tell the honest truth, I dont have a lot of friends & most of them when i call them (like tonight) make up an excuse not to go out with me. *yeah, i know, mean but please dont pity me* So, anyways i have nothing to do! Im not going to just sit around - but im not going out alone! wtf can/should i do? =/ Signed, Oh so lonely

    Maybe you can join some clubs at school. That way you can meet some new people there and spend some of your time dedicating yourself to the club. You could go out to the movies if you're's dark and no one can see you. lol. Or you can just stick to movies at home. My advice to you is to try to make new friends and keep yourself busy. Keeping yourself busy with cooking, reading, movies, cleaning, etc will keep lonely thoughts away from you. Friends might not come as quickly and easy as we all hope, but I'm sure you'll find some that are right for you soon. Hope it all works out.

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    Me and my boyfriend loved eachother so much! Well.. Just to piss off my best friend he always said "I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!" to her! i started to get a little mad! Besides my best friend has a boyfriend! When i slept over my best friends house.. she said "if your bf wud stop throwing things at me at lunch..i'd actually love him!" Well My boyfriend and me were talking on-line and he said "HAHA! Elise (my best friend) finally said she loves me too!" I was soo pissed off! Then he said "It would be soo cool to have 2 girlfriends!" "what wud you do if something like that happened?" I had enough! so i dumped him yesterday! should i be mad at my best friend or should i not be? I havnt talked to her yet and she still doesnt know i even dumped him! wud do i do?

    I would definitely get mad if I were you. "I love you" are three words you shouldn't just throw around, especially to a girlfriend's bestfriend!!! As for your bestfriend, she should have thought about your feelings.

    Maybe your bestfriend and ex-boyfriend were only trying to joke around. You should have talked to them about it and find out if they were just playing around. If they were, you should have explained to them it was not funny to you at all and they should think about YOUR feelings. If they weren't playing around, well...I think you'd know what to do here...dump them both.

    It's a little too late here for that since you already dumped your ex-boyfriend. But not too late. You need to talk to both of them, ASAP. If it was all a misunderstanding, I think you all should try to fix things back up. One little problem shouldn't come between ya'll.

    If things really don't work out and you decide those two only cause you pain, you should forget about them both. Since your bestfriend doesn't know you dumped your ex, tell her! Tell her you did it partly because of HER. They both hurt you and you've had enough. Hopefully the guilt will sink in, but if it doesn't, it just shows you they're both trash. A boyfriend and a bestfriend should be there for you always. They should always consider your feelings. I really think you need to find some new people that really deserve you. Hope things work out.

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    so i have this boyfriend. almost 3 months. but we have only held hands and hugged. he is going sooo slow. every one is like .. make the first move. but im really shy. like.. really shy. but just around the boy im going out with. are there anyway i can sortof give him hints.. but not make the firt move? 13/f

    You have to pick one or the other. If you want to be shy, you have to wait until he makes the move. If you want to kiss, you have to make the first move. No way around it.

    My boyfriend was really shy when we first started going out. I was always the one to make the first move for everything and we hadn't kissed yet. We had moments where we almost kissed, but we were both too shy. Finally one day he kissed me. If you're lucky, that'll happen to you too. But think about it...what if he NEVER makes the move?!

    So my advice would be to take the matter into your own hands. Just go for it. If you are too shy, talk about how you've never kissed anyone before and ask him straight forward if he could give you your first. Hint you can give are to lean your head close, continue looking into his eyes, glance at his lips and then smile back and look into his eyes, kiss his cheek, etc.

    So you have a few options. Make the move yourself. Give him big hints. Ask him to kiss you. Just remember though that if you don't make the move there's no guarantee he'll ever kiss you ;) Good luck!

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    Today my friend Liam invited me to his 18th birthday party. I was rather shocked because I don't really know Liam, but I guess he likes my quirkiness. So I was really excited until I realized that I don't really know any of Liam's friends besides the people he talks to in art class, and only one of them is really a friend. Her name is Rachel. Sometimes I talk to them about things in the art room where I know them from. They're both very open about themselves and have said that they're into drugs among other things. So I'm worried about going to this party tomorrow because I don't want to get caught up in drugs, but I also want to be friends with Liam and Rachel because they're nice people who talk on my level and care about the things I care about.

    so should I go or should I stay home and be perfectly safe? and if I go and there are drugs, how can I stay away from them and not come home smelling suspicious?

    I don't think you should go to the party. Actually, you already answered your own question yourself by saying you are worried about the drugs. It's great that you found some people you really can talk to, but once your safety is involved you shouldn't have to think twice. Maybe you can hang out with Liam and Rachel one on one some other time, not at a party.

    "how can I stay away from them and not come home smelling suspicious?"

    Hmm. I don't think that's very wise of you to have to sneak around just to become their friend. Better safe than sorry. I mean, it's just one party right? Not going or going will not determine whether you guys will be good friends or not right? If they don't want to be friends just because of one party, you don't need them anyway.

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    i thought i was pregnant because i was giving my bf a handjob and he was fingereing me and i didnt know if he had some on his finger..because he jacked off b4..but anyways, i took a home test and it said ii wasnt and i went to planned parenthood and they said i wasnt. but i dont know i keep thinking i accurate are planned parenthood's tests? because i didnt get a period for the month of m arch, but then again neither did my mom and she just got hers today and im usually right after her--but im freaking out..

    Sperm dies when it touches the air. Do you know even know why people have sex in the first place? To get pregnant, the sperm has to successfully reach the egg. The sperm is released inside the vagina because it's hot enough in there for the sperm to survive.

    If you have to be so worried about being pregnant and have to ask for advice online, you are NOT ready for sex. I sure hope you thought about STDs. You should consider doing things safer or better yet, not at all (the only 100% guarantee you'll be safe and not pregnant).

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    15 F

    I have a question about dating/love.
    I mean, whats the point? You date, you "fall in love", you break up, your heart is broken. I don't believe that love exists among teens. They all go around saying I love you to the first person they meet without ever actaully knowing what it feels like. I've done it, I admit and when I said "I love you" I knew I didn't mean it. I only said so because he said it first. I always told myself that I would never say those 3 words unless I really thought I was "In Love". I broke the promise that I had with myself and i'm starting to think that love is just a word that everyone throws around. I mean IS there really true love? Everyone is so wrapped up in having a boy/girl friend do they ever see the pattern they make? All the tears and confusion. Is it worth it when your only 15? Why can't all the hormones be turned off until were considered a adult? Seriously.


    Feedback is all I desire but do try to sound just bit intelligent in your answers. Don't make me wonder if the schooling system is failing too.


    I answered a question somewhat like this before, and I'm going to say it again for you.

    When I was fourteen, which was just a few months ago, I really thought relationships before college were stupid and I found myself always annoyed when I heard students saying "I love you" to their boyfriend/girlfriend. There's no point if you're going to break up anyway and move on right?

    Hmm...well...since then my views have changed. I do believe I am in love. My boyfriend took me out of my own depression and emptiness, and I did the same for him. He makes me feel beautiful and everything the opposite of what I used to think about myself. I never feel lonely. And even if this isn't real love, it's still the best thing I've had. I'm glad to experience it. You know what's funny? I also made that promise a long time never say "I love you" to a boy until I was "old". But then I realized...I DO love my boyfriend. Even if he wasn't my boyfriend I would still love him as my bestfriend. So boyfriend or not, I'm crazy about him. This world is so full of hatred and all of that junk. I think it's worth the risk of telling someone you love them, appreciated them, and admire them, rather than always wondering for the rest of your life if you should have told them how you felt.

    Even if your relationship doesn't work out, think of it this way, at least you gained experience and you are one step closer to finding your soul mate. You never would have experienced these things without your boyfriend would you? Even if you are not together forever, at least you helped each other out through the hard times. If no one ever dated until we were in our 30's I think we'd all be clueless about dating and clueless about what we want. Plus, life is short. Maybe not, but reality is, you never really know if there is a tomorrow.

    I DO think it is POSSIBLE to fall in love at a young age. That does NOT mean it will last forever though and it does NOT mean you WILL find true love. It is only a possiblity. Love is definitely an overused word that has lost a lot of meaning to many people, but that doesn't mean it is impossible for anyone young to be in love.

    Dating is about experience and bonding with someone and finding out what you need and want. You won't always find love at first, but it is better to have gained the experience than to not have at all.

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    ok well my bf and i have been going out for about 2 mounths. well a couple days ago i found out that about a day after we were going out he made out w/ my best friend(brigitte) at my other friends house(austin). well b4 i knew this my bf and i were at a party and we made out and stuff and it made my friend(brigitte) that had madeout w/ him a couple weeks b4 really mad at me and i had no clue wut was going on! and so i found out wut had happened and i was mad too for a while but i got over it but my other freind kinda hasnt and she is like my best friend!!!!! i dont kno wut to do... dump my boyfriend or dump my best freind? HELP!

    You forgot about this option: Dump both.

    Hard to take in, but you shouldn't keep either of them.

    It was wrong of your boyfriend to have made out with anyone other than you. Not only this, but your BESTFRIEND! How low is that? And then he has the nerve to continue making out with YOU.

    And your bestfriend? That was wrong of her to make out with YOUR boyfriend! How could she have had the nerve to be mad at YOU for making out with your OWN boyfriend?!

    YOU are the one who SHOULD be the most hurt, but you are the one that has "kinda gotten over it". That is not right.

    You need to find a bestfriend and a boyfriend that consider your feelings. You need people you can trust. Once someone has done something bad, they are capable of doing it AGAIN. I don't think you want that to happen. Please find some people that deserve you.

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    ok, so a guy i know and love is stareing at me now that i have boobs... but what if thats all he likes me for? i want to love him , but i dont want him to break my heart.

    Personally, I don't think you should go with him. Are you sure it's love? Many people don't really know the true meaning of love. There should be a lot more he should be interested in, rather than just your boobs. Wouldn't you want a guy with more self control anyway? lol. Don't be afraid of "breaking his heart". He'll find some new boobs to stare at, I'm sure. lol.

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    My boyfriend is at his dads for spring break and his dad lives 3 hrs away from here. I am finding it really hard to get him off my mind. I just lay around thinking of him and waiting for him to call me. But he only calls me late so he wont get in trouble. What can i do to pass the time and get him off my mind?

    The simplest solution is to keep BUSY. Do some cleaning, go read, surf the internet, go out with some friends, watch movies, play games, etc etc. Busy equals no time for moping around right? So get busy until he can call! xD

    And if you have nothing to do, the internet has TONS of stuff to do. lol.

    That's one example. Hope it works out.

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    im dating this guy its gonna be 2 years soon...but hes really jelous like he always think im flriting with every guy i talk to..and i had this best friend we'll call him tyler..well since me and my boyfriend are fighting alot about the flirting thing im hanging arould tyler more and i think im starting to like him more than a friend but i still love my boyfriend and im extremly confused..i need some help fast!

    thanks if ur advice isnt mean ill rate all 5's

    I see it both open minded here.

    If he's jealous all the time, that might mean he doesn't have enough trust in you. If you're confused, it might mean you don't love him romantically as much as you thought. Maybe you should give Tyler a chance. Dating IS about exploring and finding the right person..not confining yourself to one person.

    But then again...look at the other side to it. I can understand why he is jealous. Wouldn't you feel jealous if he talked to lots of girls? You can't blame them for being jealous, because it shows they really care about you and are constantly worrying about losing you.

    I can't choose for you because that is your decision, but let me tell you that if you break up with him, please give it some time to sink in before you go for his bestfriend. Or don't even go out with him at all. Because that's really dump someone and date the bestfriend. It might, and probably will, cause some emotional problems. Think about why you dated him in the first place. If you decide to stay with your boyfriend, be sure to talk to him about his jealousy and see if he can be more laid back.

    I hope it all works out.

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    as stupid as it sounds, i don't care! i just need help! im 13 and have been going through puberty SLOWLY. its so annoying, but my cousin is a bit older than me and is telling me when your breasts grow while your going through puberty-they hurt! and now im noticing it! my right breast is starting to hurt and grow a little more. but my left breast isn't doing anything! im getting worried that ill look like a freak because my right breast will grow faster and not gradually with the right one! i don't feel comfortable talking to my mom about it... is this normal???


    Well, just because only the right one hurts, doesn't mean the left isn't growing =P But if you're sure it's not growing, it will in time. And anyways, no one has exactly equal breasts. You can't notice the difference anyway...unless some weirdo wants to measure them. haha. Since you're 13, you have plenty of growing time x)

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    ok, so im writing a story and i think its pretty good so far!!! i was wondering that if i threw in something where someone got raped it would ruin the story...(i wouldn't describe it i would just mention it)

    If it fits the story and comes up again later, or made the character who she is, or whatever, then you should put it in. If you're just sticking it in there because you feel like it, it's probably not the best idea =p

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    Ok, this past week, I went to Disneyworld to march in the parade with the band. (yes, I'm a bandgeek...) Well, my really good friend, Nicole, was sitting with me on the busride to Floriday (24 hours, yuck!) and the way there and the 1st few days of Disney were fine, but then she started getting on my nerves. At the time, I didn't think she was a lesbian at all. She was just NOT giving me my space and was hanging around me A LOT. She basically wouldn't leave me alone. And from then on, she started acting really weird. I'm gonna tell you the things that she did, but they're not gonna be in order lol. Well, for one, we were at Epcot and playing in the fountain like 4-year-olds, but hey it was fun lol. She kept picking me up and trying to get on top of me. And then, long after we dried off, she had wet spots on her boobs. So disgusting. On the bus ride home, I'm like, trying to sleep, and every time I look, she's watching me. Then later, I woke up later that night and her butt was pressed against mine and if I'm not mistaken, it was moving up and down. Then on the monorail, she has all this room, but is like, on top of me. So I move over, and she moves closer, and that kept happening. Just a lot of that kind of stuff. So me and my new friends Kelly and Molly and my other friend Amber ditched her at Magic Kingdom, and yeah, we're not talking (not that I care). But now, I'm just really freaked out. I told my friends, and we thought about it for awhile, and a lot of stuff she told us before was all starting to make sense and we really think she's bi or a lesbian. So what should I do? I don't really want to be her friend anymore, and I'm just really freaked out. I could probably say more, but I don't want this to be too long, so if you want more details, IM me on x HappyBunni16 x. Sorry so long, but I'm really scared.
    P.S. I have nothing against lesbians, just when they hit on me and my friends.

    I totally, totally understand why you should be freaked out. But pleeease, do not reject her as a friend. Don't you think what she would need most is a friend that accepts her for who she is? I think after you sort things out with her, you two will be better friends.

    She's given you a lot of hints...and from what you've told us it really does sound like she is bi or a lesbian. Go somewhere public, like the mall or something so she won't do any "funny" business, but not so public where the world can hear. If you're really not up to it, bring a friend just to be safe. Ask her dead on if she is bi or lesbian. That'll answer one of your questions.

    If she is not, explain to her why you thought she was, and it you really are uncomfortable with it. If she is a good friend she will stop. If she continues bothering you, I suggest you start ignoring her.

    If she says she is, tell her you're perfectly fine with that, but you've been getting the vibe that she is attracted to you. Tell her you have no intentions of getting close in that way and you will only be friends with her. Explain to her that if she does not stop, you would prefer not to be friends with her at all.

    Trust me, being friendly with her (yet still being firm about your decision) will be better than being harsh and being aggressive with her. Being aggressive might make her psycho and cause all kinds of problems. lol.

    If she does not respect giving you your space at all, it's time to ignore her. If she continues bothering you, you really need to tell a parent, counselor, SOMEBODY.

    I hope it works out.

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