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I think if Advicenators are going to take the time to answer other peoples' questions and give free and helpful advice, the least people could do is use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc when they are asking for help. It's unbelievable how some people TyPe LiKe ThIs, or never use periods, or don't have the time to do a "seempl nd quik speel chek".
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I think that's totally lame when someone rates you down just because they don't want to accept the truth. It's also annoying if they rate you down, just because they didn't like your answer. Advicenators isn't about hearing what you want to hear. It's about finding the truth. People should be thankful that someone gave their time and effort. They should be thankful their question was even answered at all.
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I think everyone should give feedback, not just a rating. And feedback should include WHY you gave that person that specific rating. If everyone did that, everyone would probably rate more accurately. Also, the advice giver took the time to answer the question. The least the question asker could do is to give feedback! But unfortunately I guess it's too hard and mind boggling for everyone to do.


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  • can you get a disease by kissing aand making out like only makeing out witht he tounge and nothing else?

    The scary thing is, yes you can. You can get things from an STD to a cold. It's reasy easy to catch things because you're extremely close to the person, you're breathing all over them, and you're exchanging saliva. The good thing is you can't get HIV from kissing. You'd have to drink gallons of saliva! The best way to keep safe is to only kiss those you trust and have true feelings for (common sense).

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    on my homeowrk i have to find the mean for a set of data. i forgot how to do this. does anyone kno?

    Hi there. Next time if you have any school questions, it's probably best to look it up on a search engine like

    Here is a website:

    Basically you add all of the numbers together and divide by however many sets of numbers there are. Example: the mean of 4 and 2 is 3 because I added 4 and 2 and then divided by 2.

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    I slept over my friends house the other night and I slept in one of the two beds she has in her room. so that was okay and then a couple of days later she told me that she went to 3rd base with this guy i know in that bed. so I was wondering if I can catch anything from just sleeping in that bed

    Sorry to say, but all those people that have answered you are WRONG. Don't doubt me because I took health class and it made me realize you can catch anything really easily. Did you know you can get crabs (No, not the huge edible crabs...they're little buggers that live in places like eyelashes or pubic hair. They leave presents as well...eggs!) JUST by sleeping in someone's bed or by wearing someone's clothes? And that's just ONE example. You don't need to have sex to catch some things you thought could only be sexually transmitted and nasty stuff. There are nasty things out there that are easily passed on to someone else.

    Conclusion? Yes, you CAN catch something from sleeping on that bed. I highly doubt you WILL get anything though. Warn your friend about this and tell her to WASH THE SHEETS and BLANKETS before she ever lets you sleep on that bed again. Eww, disgusting.

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    What is an approiate age to have sex? I'm 15/F but I want to wait until I'm married. Is that the best time?

    I too want to wait till marriage. Here are reasons why:

    I hope you decide to go through with it.

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    Ho come everyone says that you need to wear a condom when you have sex?? ( I mean i knoe why) But what if someone wants to get pregnant... seriously..

    Easy. It's common sense. If you want to get pregnant...don't use protection. That means if your partner has STDs you could get them, but hey, if they are ready for a baby I'm sure they can deal with it. And after the couple has a kid, they'll still have to use protection. You don't want a bazillion babies popping out do you?

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    What message do you want to give in a guys birthday card when you think he likes you back and you like him? But heres the twist...youre not sure if he wants a girlfriend but he flirts with you andddd his friends say they think he likes you. Im giving him really goofy, funny presents....sooo what do I say in the card?
    He knows Im getting him a present, Im 15/f and hes turning 16.

    thanks so much!!!!

    Why don't you just straight forward ask him out? It'd be a pretty nice birthday present wouldn't it? I mean, if he says no the worst that can happen is you two will be friends. And that's actually a good thing. You could try joking around and say something like "Hey handsome, are you single and looking? ;) No seriously, would you go out with me?" ... I dunno, something like that. Maybe I'm too corny or lame for your taste, but you get the idea. lol.

    Good luck!

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    My ex boyfriend was cheating on me, so I kind of exposed the truth about him cheating on me to all my friends and now hes really mad at me. I feel bad that I dumped him and exposed his "secret" because the truth is, i still like him. But don't you think i have the right to be mad at him? Because he cheated on me, lied to me, called other girls behind my back, and blew me off in the hall last friday....

    I'm so confused. Should I call him?

    No. Please, do it for yourself. Do not call him.

    Your ex CHEATED on you. I'm sure you've heard of the saying "once a cheater always a cheater"? Once someone cheats, it means they CAN do it again and they probably will.

    You might be attracted to him, but that's only half of the deal. You need someone that you can trust and someone that loves you and only you. Sure you can date the guy again for kicks, but personally I wouldn't waste my time dating anyone that's not husband material.

    He shouldn't be mad at you. HE was the one that did those bad things to you. He at LEAST deserves to have his little secret exposed. If he really loved you he wouldn't need other girls to make him happy would he? I know it feels like this guy is something special, but wait for a better guy and I'm sure you'll forget about him.

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    My friend nd i want 2 help the people that were effected by tha hurricane. we want to make crafts or something so it will be easy for us (we are good at crafts) but something that the people would need. I was thinking maybe soap and a soap holder or a toothbrush and toothbrush holder that we could decorate the holders and stuff but that sounds kind of lame. Any crafty ideas? Thank u!

    ♥ Rebecca ♥

    I'm really glad you're interested in helping victims of Hurricane Katrina.

    Hmm...crafts. Can you crochet and stuff like that? You could make people clothes or blankets. You could also make baskets and cups and bowls. It can be creative and pretty, but at the same time you can put stuff inside that will be useful (like food, comfort books, water, clothes, toothbrushes, nice letters, essentials, etc).

    And please, if you guys could visit this link once a day that would be also helpful. It's just one click a day and you won't even have to spend any of your own money. Be sure to send this link to all of your friends! It makes all the difference!

    Thanks for being supportive!

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    Me and my boyfriend just broke up last night well were taking a "break"and he says he still loves me and still want to go back out but he says he need time { HE SAYS ABOUT A WEEK}to "clear his head". It was both of our decision but I dont get what you guy idea of taking a break is. So all you guys out there can u tell me? Im really confused!!!

    *SKATERGIRL15* HELP !!!!!

    Well, I have already answered a question about taking a break. Maybe it will help you:

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    There's this "tracker" on Xanga where you can track who has visited your site that day. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? && a link or code I can get to have this on my Xanga? Thanks.

    I recommend:

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    I'm writing an article for my site about Proactiv and how it works (or how it doesn't work ;] )

    So, people with expieriences with Proactiv, could you tell me a bit about it?
    How long you used it, if it worked, any side effects if any..ect.

    If you chose to reply to this with your expiriences I may or may not quote you on the article on my site.

    My mother bought me Proactiv since sixth grade and I'm in tenth grade now. So that would be about 4 years I've been using Proactiv. In the beginning I wasn't a pimply teenager yet (sixth grade) so I rarely used it. As the years went by the pimples started showing up, so I started using Proactiv regularly. It definitely worked (and still does) for me. I had no side effects. Proactiv clears up my face and I'm happy with my skin. I'm never embarrassed about pimples anymore.

    BTW, I'd love to see your website.

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    okay my little sister is trying out for a play TOMORROW but she left her tryout CD at our dads house.. (ands that a couple hours away..) she doesnt know the song very well.. so if anyone could tell me any sites similar to and, the song is, never fully Dressed, the play is ANNIE.. if anyone can help THANKS :)

    Sorry, I don't know any sites with Annie songs. But if no one can provide a good site, I would suggest you get a downloading program like WinMX. I'm pretty sure people will have Annie songs and you just have to download them. You can get WinMX right off their website here:

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    Ever since I got back to school (middle school now) I have changed. I mean by my attitude. My mom has threatend beatin the shit out of me if I don't stop being a smartass. I didn't even know I was one. Am I gonna stay like this or am I gonna change back to my old self. :(

    It's not an irregular case. A lot of people go through changes every year. Changes can be for the better and changes can be for the worse. You can't change what's happened, but you CAN change what WILL happen. It's good that your mom has been telling you you've changed. Because usually we can't tell if we've changed...only others can see it easily. Just evaluate yourself. You'll only change back into your old self if you start paying attention to yourself and making a difference in your personality. Good luck.

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    So my friend graduated high school last year and she invited me to her graduation party. Her boyfriend was there- who is a year behind her so he's a senior this year- and I almost immmediatley liked him from the start of the party. I feel like a horrible person.

    This situation only got worse. He's in my Drama class this year and I'm not sure if I flirted with him or not. We did this thing where we brought in what described who we are (I brought in a blank journal) and when I was done I passed by him, and smiled: but no, it gets worse: *he smiled back.*

    I feel horrible and I just don't know what to do. Help!

    This really depends on what you mean by "like". Do you have romantic feelings about your friend's boyfriend, or do you just think he's a great guy and you like being friends?

    Liking him as a friend is nothing bad. It's a good thing. You're supporting your friend in her choice of having him as a boyfriend, and you're making a new friend. Smiling at the guy and having him smile back at you is no big deal. Lots of people smile, it doesn't mean they're in love with everyone. Don't feel so guilty.

    If you like him romantically or if you think you might be beginning to, now is the time to stop and think. He is just one guy. And he belongs to your friend. Why can't you score another guy? That way you'll find a guy JUST for you, and you won't lose your friendship with anyone. Just think about it. If you had a boyfriend, you wouldn't want some other girl to steal him away would you? That would be painful, not to mention backstabbing if it is your own friend. There are a lot of guys out there. Just because you find one nice guy doesn't mean he has to be your soulmate. There are plenty more.

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    I've been with my boyfriend since I was 14, and he was 17. I'm 17 now, and he's 20. We always talk about getting married when I'm like 19-20, and I know it's what we both want, but I feel like my family would say I'm too young and that they'd be disappointed in me. But it's really what both of us want, we really love eachother. We know his family is cool with it, but why do I feel like mine wont be?

    It's not bad to talk about getting married. The downsides to it might be disappointment if you ever broke up, but other than's good to dream and have goals.

    So it's not bad talking about getting married, but you should really consider the AGE you will get married. Personally, I do think 19-20 is too young to be married. I say this because you just got out of high school and you're not THAT sure about what you want in your life yet. Do you really want to tie yourself down and get married before you yourself even know yourself fully? As for me, I'm planning to get married after college. This is because during college you'll have time to discover yourself and focus on your career...things like that. If you two really love each other, waiting a few years won't be a hassle. You have the rest of your lives to spend together.

    As for feeling like your family would feel disappointed, it's normal. Your boyfriend is an older guy...of course his family won't be too shocked or even slightly disappointed. But you are a bit're a few years behind your boyfriend. So don't be angry or sad if your family doesn't give you the reaction you hope's understandable why they would feel that way.

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    Like when i'm with my boyfriend I sometimes tend to close my eyes and doze off. When I open my eyes back up my boyfriend tells me I look so peaceful when I sleep. My exboyfriend said the same thing when I was dating him.
    -Is it normal for guys to like watch girls when they sleep? [not in a creepy way]
    -& why do you think they use the word peaceful?

    It's definitely normal for a boyfriend to watch his girlfriend sleep. Wouldn't you like to watch your boyfriend sleep, rather than staring out the window or whatever? It's just a gesture of affection.

    Peaceful is a good word. What else would you expect? "Hawt" or "sexy" or "nice"? Nah, I don't think so. When people sleep, they usually look like angels and they look like nothing is troubling them. Hence the word "peaceful".

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    is it ok to make out with a retainer will it be any differnt do you think the guy will notice?

    It'll probably be okay. He if accidentally touches your retainer, that might be a little nasty (lol), but otherwise it's no big deal. Plus, retainers make your mouth smell (Well, at least retainers are's a fact lol) so that might not be so good. Basically, retainers are an annoyance, but if it's with someone that doesn't care about that it'll be okay.

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    Hello. My dad is planning on buying me a cell phone, because since I started school i have gotten As and kept up with them. Im most likeley getting a prepaid but, problem is, i have no idea what kind of phone i should get. Any reccomendations? Also could you give me some idea of how you get ringtones like downloading them and whatnot? Thanks will rate and send f/b =D

    Let me just say...Virgin Mobile sucks! lol. 25 cents a minute for the first ten minutes and AFTER that it's 10 cents a minute. And...the ten minute thing applies EVERY DAY. It racks up a lot of money and I can only use it for "emergencies" and important things.

    I recommend Net10. I mean...I've never tried it myself, but if I had the chance to get another cell phone (and it had to be prepaid) I would give it a try. 10 cents a minute. Texting is only 5 cents.

    Here's the website:

    Hope you get a nice cell phone!

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    my mom went threw my journels and red some stuff about how bad i want to die and details about a time where i was raped and she flipped out at me

    i feel so betrayed that MY mother did this because she always talks about how journels are a good thing, and one time i had my friend pamela sleep over and she wont let me have her over anymore because pamela snooped and red one of my journels.. and my sister read my moms journel once and she was grounded for 2 weeks

    she doesn't listen to what i say though when i try to explain how i feel she just says im being selfish and just trying to turn this around on her

    what can i do to make her see what she did was rong she wont even apoligize..

    First thing's are absolutely right. It was wrong of her to read your journal...especially when she was so crazy about the idea and she got mad when anyone else read your journal.

    However...remember one thing. Your mother cares about you. If you had a daughter writing about wanting to die and about being raped...wouldn't you go crazy?! I mean, you'd definitely want to know about these things and help her out...and maybe even get some professional help here. Maybe it sounds crazy, but it's the truth and this is very serious here.

    I think the only way you two will solve this is by seeing both of you are wrong at the same time. And that both of you are right too.

    1) Apologize to your mother for not telling her these serious things.
    2) Explain to her journal's are meant to be private, and if that's one place you can't have privacy, what's the point of keeping one? Remind her she got really angry when others read your journal, so what is her excuse for reading yours?

    So basically it's a compromise. If you promise to tell her these serious types of things, she promises not to snoop in your journal. Do you see where I'm going? It's not possible to win this argument unless you realize that your mom has to win too. Hope all goes well!

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    Hi, I was wondering what the buddhist bible was called... I've searched on Google but it doesn't come up... please help me I really want to read it!

    Buddhist bible? lol.

    I think you mean the Four Noble Truths. That's what Buddhists follow. Here are two links that might help you.


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