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I think if Advicenators are going to take the time to answer other peoples' questions and give free and helpful advice, the least people could do is use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc when they are asking for help. It's unbelievable how some people TyPe LiKe ThIs, or never use periods, or don't have the time to do a "seempl nd quik speel chek".
Pet Peeve
I think that's totally lame when someone rates you down just because they don't want to accept the truth. It's also annoying if they rate you down, just because they didn't like your answer. Advicenators isn't about hearing what you want to hear. It's about finding the truth. People should be thankful that someone gave their time and effort. They should be thankful their question was even answered at all.
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I think everyone should give feedback, not just a rating. And feedback should include WHY you gave that person that specific rating. If everyone did that, everyone would probably rate more accurately. Also, the advice giver took the time to answer the question. The least the question asker could do is to give feedback! But unfortunately I guess it's too hard and mind boggling for everyone to do.


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  • So I have JASC Animation shop, and everytime I make an Icon, it optimizes it or whatever and it makes it all weird. I was wondering how you change the settings on that. Please help, I'll rate you 5's!

    What format are you saving your icons as?

    GIF's are generally good for icons. JPG's are like for more color, like in photos. PNG's are really good quality but they do take a long time to load and they're very big.

    You can also try going to Images --> Increase Color Depth, and then choose 16 Million Colors or whatever to increase the colors.

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    Homecoming is coming up soon. I can't go because my uncle's wedding is on the same day. But my boyfriend is considering going with my friend who can't find a date, actually she can she just doesn't feel like going with the guy she likes for some reason. Anyways, I said I was okay with them going, but I'm really not but saying I'm okay with it so I don't look too possessive. But I feel uncomfortable with any girl going to one of the most romantic dances with my boyfriend. Should I tell them I'm not okay with it? How do I tell them without sounding like I don't trust them? Is this a bad sign on the boyfriend's part or can he really be doing it just to be nice? And is it bad on the friend's part?

    I don't think it's wrong. It's really awesome you're trying to not be the "possessive girlfriend". It's hard not to get jealous and possessive though, I know.

    I think you should let the two of them go. I mean, no sense in making two people miserable right?

    And now here's the deal: How about you let them go together and dance, and have fun and etc, but request that they don't do any romantic and slow dances? I mean, it's reasonable right? They both have dates, they get to have fun, and they still get to dance together. Anyone with common sense would realize having their boyfriend slow dance with another girl will NOT make the girlfriend very comfortable. I'm sure they'll be okay with that since they seemed to care enough to ask you if it was okay if they went together.

    I don't think your boyfriend was trying to make you feel bad or anything. He probably was just being nice. If you're so worried about it, just talk to them. I'm sure they'll understand. If not, maybe they truly weren't who you thought they were.

    Good luck!

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    Well for about 2 weeks so far I've been skipping breakfast and lunch and only eating a snack and dinner.My wrists are really skinny but my moms are 2.And my friends are really worried about me.They're always trying to shove food down my throat.What could happen to me if I keep eating this way?

    Why are you skipping breakfast and lunch? Because you are not hungry or because you want to get skinnier?

    If you're just not hungry, make yourself eat still. You won't feel like eating at first, but your stomach WILL adjust to it little by little. You can just start off by eating small meals and then grow into "normal" meals. If you're just not hungry, the case is not so bad, but it's not good either way.

    If you're not going to eat two meals out of three during the day, you should at LEAST make the one meal you eat breakfast. I'm sure you've heard that a lot. It's because your body "starves" when you go to sleep. That's a long time and it needs energy in the morning for the rest of the day.

    Don't be mad at your friends for being worried. It shows they care and that they are concerned... for a good reason too. Did you know if you don't eat you can develop a hole in your stomach? We all know our stomachs have some hard core acids to break down food in there. I forgot what it was exactly, but I remember a teacher saying something about the acids being able to burn a hole in the floor. What will the acids break down if there is no food? And that's where you can develop a hole in your stomach.

    And as you may already know, if you don't get yourself into the habit of eating the regular meals, you will probably turn anorexic. And when you're at that point it is HARD to turn back.

    Hope it turns out okay.

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    soo um im in 8th grade and like every year the 8th grade has a talent show and performs it for the school one day and then the parents one night and i was wondering like if anyone has any ideas?? like me nd my friends want to maybe do a skit....or something but any ideas would be great! thanks!!

    I think a skit is just fine. Maybe something funny you guys make up or even a scene from your favorite movie or book, etc. People love to laugh. Or you could go with something dramatic and moving to make people think. If you guys like singing, I'd that too. Sorry, I'm not too creative on talents shows, lol. Hope you have fun!

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    there is ALWAYS this popup from internet explorer that says

    Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    and something else.. but it gets really annoying because if im doing a project, it would pop up so many times! how can i get rid of it?

    You probably have you use Ad-Aware? It's really good...popular and...FREE! You can download it at I think...but I can't find the exact link to the free version. The free version is called Ad-Aware SE Personal, incase you want to look it up to download.

    As for Internet honestly sucks. Mine used to do that all the time. It would freeze up and I would have to close the windows. I suggest you downloading a new broswer. I used both Maxthon and Firefox. Maxthon is like IE, except better. Firefox is very popular and very secure, although some websites might look different in it if the website is not Firefox compatible.

    Here are the sites:

    Good luck!

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    Hey. Well, my 2nd to last tooth is loose on the right side of my mouth. Is that my wish tooth? Also, will it grow back...and how long do you think? Thanks!

    I'm not sure what you mean by wish you mean wisdom tooth? I had two of mine pulled this summer :( However wisdom teeth usually grow around age 15 and up. They are teeth that are located waaay at the back of your gums. I think you're just talking about your molar. Don't worry, a new permanent molar will grow back in! I don't know how long it takes for a tooth to's been years since I've had baby teeth... I tried looking it up, but the best I could find was that rodents have their teeth grow for their entire lives. Lol! Sorry.

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    I was just wonderin..if you get featured on here..does it like send you an email and it says that you got featured..or do you have to come back like everyweek until you see yourself?? i know..its like the gayest question ever..!! BUT IT WAS BUGGING MEEE!! and how do you get it by the views?? or how many questions you've answered..OR WHAT?! pleasee tell mee!!


    It's in the FAQ:

    I never received an email when I was featured. You'll probably know though because featured users usually get a lot or at least some inbox questions.

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    hey this is kinda embarassing but im 18 and im a virgin! most girls my age have lost there virginitys at age 14! i feel so lonley and left out! so i lie and say im not! its not that i cant find someone its just that im so picky! i want it to be special and want to be in love! wat should i do? should i lose it with some guy i dont know? or wait for the special one? and is this wiered? i really need some advice! i lie to so many ppl and i feel bad! i want to be honest with my friends but im to embarassed!

    Believe me. Being a virgin at 18 is no big deal. Those that lose their virginity at 14 probably regretted it or will regret it in the future.

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    ok so i have been going out with this guy for a little over two weeks and the only thing we have done is hugged..ok so i wanna like hold hands ok and i dont no should i make the first move? just like grab his hand? lol i sound stupid but i really need help. thanks so much!!!

    I have already answered questions similar to this one and I've listed them on my are the links:

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    I love this guy and he loves me back...well so I thought. He used to tell me this but he hasn't since my bestie broke up with her boyfrined. He has been flirting with her n stuff. He's been sitting next to her, laughs with her and smiles with her. He dosen't do that with me anymore. He has also but his hand on hers before..and they just stare at eachother. Where I'm from that's not meant to happen. I've been crying every night and my heart is breaking. I feel sick...should I dump him?

    I know a heart break is exactly what it is...a broken heart.

    First of all, before you shed any more tears, you're going to need to set some things straight.

    You never mentioned if this guy was your boyfriend. I'm assuming he is. If he's not, there's nothing that says he can't go out with your bestfriend. If that's the case you're going to have to have a talk with your bestfriend and the guy all together.


    So if my assumption that he is your boyfriend is correct, read on. If not, just stop here. When you feel badly about something you do NOT want to keep it to yourself. It will just keep growing until you can't take it anymore. It's better and easier to deal with things as they come to you, not when you can't take it anymore.


    I've broken it down to three stages. How far you get through the stages will depend on how good of a boyfriend he is and how much he loves you.


    Does he love you?
    1. And as you've guessed it, you need to talk to your boyfriend. Just ask him straight forward if he loves you anymore. If he says no, the answer is simple...break up with him. If he says yes, it's not done yet. You're going to need to do some more talking.

    Is he willing?
    2. Tell him if he still loves you he definitely doesn't show it. Just tell him what you told me. If he listens and wants to stay with you, you need to tell him he needs stop giving so much attention to your bestfriend. If he just pushes it away, it's time to dump him because a good boyfriend would never push away your feelings. If he listens and agrees, you're on the right track.

    Did he keep his word?
    3. Before you start feeling confident in your boyfriend, you're going to have to take him for a "test run". Has he really taken the effort to spend more time with you and not with your bestfriend? From there it's really your decision if you really want to give him more chances or if it'd really just be better to get over him.


    We're not quite done yet. Obviously since your bestfriend is involved it's going to affect your relationship with her. Just like with your boyfriend, I've broken it down to three stages.


    Does she like him?
    1. Ask her if she is interested in your boyfriend. If no, ask her to tell your boyfriend that to his face. If yes, some more talking needs to be done.

    Is it okay if she likes him...or not?
    2. This part is tricky because I can't tell you whether she should leave your boyfriend alone or if she should go for him. The reason is because if she really likes him, it's not her can't really stop yourself from liking someone. On the other hand, I doubt a real best friend would flirt around with her best friend's boyfriend. So this is going to have to be your decision, I can't guide you on that one.

    Coping with it / Ending it
    3. If you decide it's okay if she goes out with your boyfriend, I know it will be hard but try to accept it and deal with it. It is mature of you. Just remember that your boyfriend didn't love you as much as you thought. It'd be pointless to stay with him if he had feelings for someone else. There are definitely other guys for you. There are tons of boys out there. If you decide it's not okay, just tell her that it's not okay. Tell her she was supposed to be your best friend and if she was your best friend she would try to AVOID causing you a heart break.


    So really your solution is to just talk about it. If your best friend and boyfriend decide to work it out with you, that's great. If they do not decide to, that's great too.

    I look at it like this: In life there are many, many people in our lives. We all realize that all of these people can't be with us forever. Some good people will drift away, but at least we were lucky enough to know them. Some will just prove to be not worth your time. Life is a test. Not all relationships survive the test, but that's okay, as much as it hurts. The good thing about it is that you've picked out the crappy people in your life. It's hurtful, but be thankful you kicked those crappy people out of your life.

    Remember that dating is all about bonding with with someone, gaining new experiences, and finding out what you want and need. If things don't work out, just move on and live life.

    Sorry if my advice is not that's a lot I know. I tried to organize it the best of my ability, lol. Good luck.

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    Omg please help me you guys. This is gonna be kinda long ,but im just really confused!

    Okay. Here goes :

    I have friends that are twins(Kateri&Teresa). And i have another friend named Emily. Emily goes to highskool and she's a freshman.So am i. and Kateria & Teresa are in 8th grade but they should be a freshman but w/e thats not the point. Okay Me and Emily haven't seen each other in sucha long time but we hung out on Friday with out friends.

    Emily and the Twins were really close when we were all in skool 2gether .Like really close,almost like best friends. Now when me and emily hung out on friday i was totally happy to see her since i haven't seen her because she goes to a different highskool than me. And we started talkin about the twins. And Emily was like "I don't really like the twins anymore." and i go oh my god why not you guys are like best friends. and emily was like "i kno but there just soo...clingy" and i was like in shock.

    Me and the twins totally talk still and i luv em. And they started talkin about how emily was acting really weird and stuff..Like everytime they invited her to hang out or something emily would just be like "Well i don't really have time.."

    Now i don't wanna go behind emily's back and just tell the twins. Becuase it was really good to see emily and i totally missed her. But i don't want to NOT tell the twins because im afraid that they'll tell Emily that i told them and i don't wanna hurt them either. Im just soo confused and omg its like irritating!! My question is should i tell the twins what emily said and go behind emily's back? Or should i just not tell the twins. Oh my god im super sorry that it is soo long but im soo confused! i don't wanna hurt anybody because i feel so bad!! and i don't wanna start drama!! =( please help!!


    The answer is easy...don't tell the twins. No, you don't have to pick sides. Who said you have to?

    So Emily doesn't like the twins, that doesn't mean you have to agree with her. Just let her be. Just because Emily told you that she didn't like them anymore does not mean you need to get into their business and tell the twins. Why should you? If Emily decides to tell the twins, she will, she won't need you to tell them for her. Anyway, since you said the twins said Emily was acting weird they probably figured out (or will soon) that Emily doesn't want to hang out with them. There's no need for you to tell them either way. I mean, you COULD tell the twins that Emily doesn't seem to want to hang out anymore and she's moved on so they get the hint, but you don't have to say Emily thought they were CLINGY, do you see what I mean?

    If Emily or the twins ever said something BAD about the other, I think it's time you SHOULD tell because they deserve the right to know. But so far Emily just doesn't like the twins anymore. That happens a lot...friendships grow distant. It's normal. Sad, but normal. She hasn't said anything horrible or hurtful. So if things ever get ugly, yes it's time to tell, but for now nothing has gone bad, so let it be and time will tell.

    Hope things work out.

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    Okay Im 15/f and a sophmore in highschool. I have two best friends kate and Leah.

    Kate .... She always tells Leah and I about how everyone picks on her, but we never see it. She always says that someone said her outfit was ugly and stuff. But I think she does this for attention. She will never tell us who said it or anything.


    She also tells us that like every guy she ever talks to, is in love with her. Like she could talk to someone for like 5 minutes and she would think that he was hardcore flirting. She always says every guy is in love with her, yet we never see it. The few guys we know like her for real, are the losers of the school.

    Like at lunch, there are these really hot guys that stare at me everyday. Shes always like they were staring at US again. why do they stare at ME. They wont stop staring at ME. like its all about her. She has to steal the spotlight

    She wanted to be on homecoming court really bad. She said that if she got on, she would feel like everyone liked her and thought she was pretty. She says that only pretty girls should be elected and none of them last year were pretty.

    being a good friend, I got a bunch of people in my homeroom to nominate her even though I secretly dont want her to get it kind of to knock her back to earth, but Im not that mean so I still did. She ended up getting nominated. She hasnt been elected yet though. Well I have heard at least 15 people so far say "why did kate get nominated? that was random, no one likes her enough, etc."


    Whats her deal? I think shes so conceited, but she hides it and only I see it. Does she need the attention? Am I wrong for not wanting her to get everything she wants?

    ps- its not really jealousy I know because I would want everything for Leah, because she doesnt act this way, its just kates secret craving for attention that drives me crazy

    Is Kate honestly a good friend? Why are you two best friends?

    Maybe you can think of why she's a good friend and why you two are best friends (if there are any reasons). By doing that, you'll be a little more comfortable with her. It's like when you don't like someone's faults, if you look at their good points they kind of make up for them.

    You probably guessed it; you should talk to Kate. Tell her what you told us. And if you don't have the heart or memory to do it, you could always write her a letter and read it to her. Say it nicely though, whether you're annoyed by her or not. That way she won't (or at least hopefully) get so angry she won't be able to think clearly. Whenever that happens it usually just makes the matter worse.

    If she listens and wants to work it out, that's good. You're halfway there. Now you just have to help her realize when she's being conceited. Honestly, shouldn't a good friend listen? If she doesn't listen and just denies it, now is the time to pick between three choices. You either continue giving in to her being conceited, or stop being best friends, or continue being best friends but ignore her or just say something absent mindedly like "uh huh" when she says something egotistical. You sound nice, so I doubt you'd stop being best friends with her, but just remember to be aggressive and follow through with whatever choice you pick!

    Good luck!

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    ok i dunno know this would go under but latley on minute i'm really really really happy then the next i really wanna cry and curl up in my parents arms. It's not close to my pierod or anything so i dunno like what up? can i "fix" this?

    Well, I answered a previous question about being depressed out of the blue. Does that apply to you? If so check out this link:

    It's either just your hormones (normal) or it could be a chemical imbalance or something like that (not normal). Just wait it out, it will get better eventually. If it doesn't go away or you're worried about it or it is seriously causing you problems you should go to a doctor and get that checked out. So basically if it's one of the two I mentioned it's not your fault.

    If you feel happy and then suddenly sad because YOU thought of sad things, obviously you shouldn't think about happy and then sad things. Try to focus on the happy. Or if you must focus on the sad things, focus on the happy things afterwards. That way you won't be so depressed and bummed.

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    ok so im 14.. and have been going out with this guy for 8 months on & off. i love this kid a lot but ever since highschool he's been really friendly with this other girl i know.. idk what to do bc if i say something about it he calls me a drama queen- if not i "dont care" supposidly im too whipped to break up with him & its true bc i know how miserable i am with out him.. but hes' always giving me this crap about how "im lucky to have him" ugh it pisses me off he's so full of himself.. but like he doesnt even know how lucky he is to be w/me- so i need help... do i break up with him? or do i stay with him & try to work things out

    First of all I'm not so sure why your question is in the Sex category...

    Just tell him how you feel. He will probably call you a drama queen...but a lot of people are like that. When you confront them about your problems or worries they always say you're just trying to be a drama queen and stir up trouble. It's not always true. What's so wrong about telling someone how you feel? You'll just have to explain to him that this is how you feel and it has nothing to do with being a drama queen. And if he does not listen and continues calling you a drama queen tell him if he loved you he would actually care about your feelings, not push them away and say you're being too dramatic. Also remind him (and yourself) if he loved you he wouldn't need any other girls to flirt with.

    Basically my advice to you would be to talk to him about it. If he pushes it away, explain to him why it's important you talk. Honesty and communication are so very important in a relationship. If he just doesn't cooperate with you, it's probably time to let him go. There's not much else you can do; you already tried working it out with him. Better to let him go than to torture yourself.

    Just remember that dating is all about bonding withi someone, gaining new experiences, and finding out what you need and want. If things don't work out you move on and live life. Good luck!

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    I was wondering if anyone knew how to change like the usernames on your subscriptions list to whatever. Like say if my friends username was "Lllsaajfh88" & I'd want to change it to "Kyle" How would I go about doing that?


    If you ever have more Xanga questions, check out one of the two sites:

    If you want the exact link to change Sub names here it is:

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    so yeah when ..i make out with my boyfriend...i'm not realy experienced .. i just want to have some ideas given to me..on -where my hands should go?- like..around his neck? or touching his hair?

    i don't know..

    i feel kinda weird just having my hands to myself.

    Anywhere. Literally. Lol. But that might not be appropriate.

    You could just hug him while kissing him. You can caress his face, his back, etc. Gently pet his hair and run your fingers through it. Hold hands. You can put your your hands around his neck (No, don't strangle him, lol). Good luck.

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    Is it the stupidest thing to want a baby when u had a miscarriage earlier on in the year, when earlier in your life u had bad things going on with your dad but knowing your mum would give you full support, having the bestest boy friend in the world u’ve been with him for a year and just wanting something to fill that hole in your heart you just want something more to love.. at the age of nearly 15..?

    It's definitely not stupid. I can understand why you would feel that way. Trust me, a lot of people feel empty and they just want someone they can love unconditionally and get it back.

    However, why do you want to love something more? If your boyfriend is the "bestest in the world" you shouldn't be feeling empty. So either he's not the GREATEST or your statement about feeling empty is not true.

    You're not even 15 yet. Maybe you will be soon, but that's not an age for getting pregnant and having babies. The reason is because generally you can't take care of yourself. Do you live with your parents? Do you have a stable job? Are you getting good grades? Will you be able to keep up those grades when the baby comes? Are you certain you will get married to your boyfriend (I know, when you have a boyfriend for a year it seems like you're going to marry the guy. Maybe you will! But just remember that MANY teen break ups happen)?

    The fact is, wanting to bring a baby just to make yourself happy isn't a good enough reason. I know you feel like you're going to give this baby the best ever, but just think. How would YOU like to have teen parents? Would you like to live with your grandparents because your parents aren't old enough to be on their own? Would you like your mom and dad to work and go to school and do homework all the time? That means you would not get enough attention. You won't get the best toys and things in life because your parents did not have enough money. Also, your child will have to go to college right? How will YOU pay for her/his college tuition? Babies, childrens, teens, adults. No matter how old they are they will ALWAYS rack up a LOT of money. And if you don't have the money, your child isn't going to have an easy start in life. And you don't want your parents to pay for everything. You want to be independent and you want to know you raised this child so well on your OWN.

    If you want a baby, by all means, you CAN have one! But the first person you have to take care of is...yourself. You need to concentrate on school and do your best so you can get the best career you can. With that career you'll make good money, you'll be happy, and the baby you bring into this world will be in an excellent environment.

    Please don't right off the bat think babies are the best things in the world. Maybe the child will pay off some day, but during the first 20 years (that's a long time) it will be a lot of hardships. Also remember that your child may NOT become how you had hoped. There are a lot of parents that have either failed their children or their children just never cooperated.

    I also want you to realize if you had a baby now, it would put a lot of stress on the relationship you have with your boyfriend. Statistics show teen marriages usually end up in divorce. Having a baby will make you guys work your butts off for the baby. You will not get any alone time with your boyfriend. No romantic summer nights, no just hanging out. How do you think that would affect your relationship?

    In conclusion? Yes, it's true I am trying to get through to you that having a baby now is not the best time. Of course, I'm not MAKING you do anything. I'm only trying to guide you. Do you think I would have bothered writing all of this if I didn't care? I do care. Good luck in the future, no matter what you choose.

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    Two questions about pre-marriagal sex... first one, am I spelling it right? I just like to know how to spell things, sorry to waste your time. Second one, before Advicenators, I was always under the impression that pre-marriagal sex was just for the screwed-in-the-head potheads and the sluts/whores. But now I'm looking at these questions, and seriously folks, it's just insane how many people are saying "I've been with my b/f three months and we had sex last night, is that too little time?" or something like that. Are my thoughts on pre-marriagal sex wrong? Note: Smartasses get 1s and will be reported. Give me real advice.

    Lol, yeah it's pre-marital.

    Really there is no right or wrong answer. Everyone has their own opinion and they might as well think what they want to think. It's their life and how they live it depends on them.

    Perseonally, I don't think it's WRONG to have sex before marriage, but I do think it would have been BETTER if you waited. My reasons are already listed here:

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    How do you know when you really love someone? Is there an age limit on love? How do you tell the differance between love and infatuation? Please help me, I really need to know answers and please don't say "you just know" because that really is no help. I'll rate good answers. Thank you so much.

    No one can ever describe love "correctly" or "incorrectly". This is because every person has a different definition of "love". "Love" has many different degrees. It depends on how strong you believe in the word. Anyone answering your question will only be answering out of opinion.

    Loving someone can mean ANYTHING. You can love someone romantically, or you can love someone as a friend, or as a role model, or as a family member, etc. When you're "in love" it does depend on how you're using it. If you say you love your mom, or family members, of course you're "in love". But most commonly, "in love" is only used for a "lover" or someone you're having a "relationship" with.

    Love is when you love that person no matter what. You can't suddenly "fall out of love" with that person. You shouldn't just like this person just because of their looks or something superficial.

    This person does NOT make you insecure or self-conscious, they should make you LESS insecure and self-conscious. They should make you feel GOOD about yourself. Not only this, but you should do the SAME for them as well. It's a you-get- and you-give- relationship.

    Think about WHY you love this person. Are they good reasons? It helps to look into the future. Is this guy HUSBAND material? If the answer is no, don't bother wasting your time on someone you can't see yourself with.

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    how do u make layouts for ppl? ive always wanted to do that! i love comps and art so this is like a dream cometrue! but ive asked everyone and dont know how to make them... can someone help me? i rate high if i get awsome advice!

    As the person before me said, copying other people's layouts is a good way to TEACH yourself, but you shouldn't use THEIR code and pretend you made the layout all by yourself. I'm sure you know that this is stealing. Basically to make a layout you need a graphic program (like adobe or psp) and you need to learn how to code html and all of that. If you'd like to learn how to make Xanga layouts and if you'd like some cool codes, check out these two websites:

    Good luck.

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