Hey guys my name is Hannah and I would love to answer any questions you have if I can. I am 15, I am really involved with church and school. My devotion is really torward my friends and family. So I hope to be a help in any way possible, I'll write you soon......


our gruop of friends is falling apart.wel we were invited to go to this house party last saturday but only one of us could go my freind .she went and ever since she went she just dropped us hasnt said two words all week.i dont want to lose her as a freind but i cant carry on like this?what can we?anyone got ne ideas.plse reply swn xxxx

Tell her how you feel. And if she really is you friend she will tell you how she feels. It might be that she thinks you guys don't like her because she went or maybe she heard something said either way...it's best if you go straight to the source and you don't wait to long because that might put a bump in your relationship.


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