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My crush Kyle I've liked him a little over a year; when I liked him I'd get so nervious, couldn't speak, Dec. he found out/ I told him he “I just wanna be friends.” then I felt so depressed felt nothing ,but hole in my chest...Last month are communtity service group had a yard sale..when he came in the building & I saw him...My heart jumped back into it's previous state

I think the first and most important thing to do would be to talk to him. Tell him how you feel and that the past few months you've been thinking about it and you are starting to fall for him again and would really like to know if he feels the same way and if he'd consider taking the friendship farther. hope i helped:)


hey there...uhm ill get right to it. im gay and i know it. im not sure what to do or how to tell my guy friends.
strait as a circle

straight as a circle. lol

well, just tell them, it may seem hard but if there really your friends they'd respect your decision. (:


im not the type of person who will least not yet. and thts wat guys want now. this one kid pressures me into it. i dont like him but he said he would like me if i wasnt so prude. i dont like him and i never will...but he tells everyone at his skool that im really prude. what do i do. no1 likes me b/c of that.

well if there your friends, they should respect your decision as not doing anything like that. tell him you dont want to because you dont feel your ready and to give you time. let them believe what they want, but thats your decision hope i helpeddd:)


i had sex with a girl and im a girl and im 13 and shes like 95??? she said she wants to marry me, what shall i doooo????
plz plz plz help!

okay if your 13 and shes 95, i think you need help lol


hello im eloise. here we go: well you see its like this, all my friends have either a boyfriend or girlfriend except me. yeah theres one or two who are also single but what im trying to say is why? i know i know you cant answer that :) but i justst feel really depressed. and when i do find a guy or one of my single guy friends start flirting with me its b/c they just want to fuck. now i dont know bout you but that really makes me feel low. anyways how can i act differntly to let a guy know wim interested? like i was at my friends party yesterdy nd met her cousin james. whose totally my type and single, but im only 17 (18 in sept.) and supposedly he's like 24ish give or take a year or two. now i dont think thats to old for me but do you think he'll think less of me cause im ''alot younger''? should i be more spontaneous or more subtle? thanks for your help!! ps ill rh. :)

well 18 and 24 is quite an age difference, but i guess its really up to the guy. to answer the question on how to act differently, dont act differently, be yourself, don't pretend to be something your not for a guy, a guy should like you for who u are and not what you intend to be. you will find someone, dont let your hopes fade.just be your nice self and he will see what a great person you really are :D if you need anymore help, right back, good luck =]


mmkay so theres this guy and i really like him but theres one problem.. hes my best friend and he acts like he likes me but sometiems he acts like he doesnt and i really dont no wta 2 do idk if i shoukd ask him if eh lieks me or what!!

_hellpp me

the best way is to talk it over, be like, 'i know were close, but i was wondering if you liked me cuz i really like you, but i didn't want to say it because of the possibility of it hurting our close friendship' it's the only way you'll be able to find out without waiting around in question. lol i hope i helped! good luck :D


Okay well theres this guy, and like i dont know why i like him, its just like hes always there for me and were really good friends, but when we see eachother and hes around his friends, he totally ignores me! and he says he really likes me and i say why didnt u ask me out and he said bc i thought i would say no, we went out like 5x, i think he just pretends to like me bc he wants a gf, what should i do?

he probably likes you, but like you said he said, hes afraid you'll say no, talk to him about it, ask him why he always ignores you when hes around his friends then. i dont think he pretends to like you, i just think hes confused on what he should do. maybe it'd be better to just stay good friends. hes sounds like a good guy, always being there for you, maybe your friendship will grow stronger over time :D hope i helped, lemme know if you need anymore help, MY FRIEND! lol =]


ok well me and my boyfrined have been going out for awhile but some of my friends dont really like him and dont want me to go out with him what shud i do?

well i really think its up to you whether you go out with him or not, because your friends aren't the one in the relationship with him, maybe your friends see a different side of him then you see. if you like him, stay with him, just tell your friends you appreciate the advice, but you think everythings fine in the relationship. do what you think is best :] good luckk!


omg im like freaking out! so i was with a guy, and we did some stuff ;] lol and well i cant tell my mom this but..i missed my period for like 2 months idk wat to do. am i pregnant? am i just late? HELP ME! im 13 and possibly pregnant!
dead and scared,
std chickadee

well normally your not 2 months late, so maybe you are. lol hahaha. good job AB.


I have a huge problem. Im dating this guy and i went to a movie wiht some of my friends and his best friend was there but he wasnt. and i kinda made out with his best friend. i really like them both. what do i do!?!?!?!?!

well its really up to you, whos personality do you like better? who do you think will treat you betteR? who do you think you'll have a better relationship with? ask urself those questions, youll be able to figure out which guys right for you. I'd come clean and tell your current bf what happened and that your sorry and if you want him still, then tell him you still want to be with him, or if not, tell him you want to stay friends. goooood luck :D


Ok well im going to a new school for my 8th grade year and theres alot of ppl i no but i dont if they will wa nt to be my friends b/c im new. and also its hard to make new friends and fit in at a new school. and theres this one gilr that sometimes acts like she likes me but other times she doesnt and i dont no what to say to that? help me ! gendre/f age/13 PLESE HELP ME SOOON!

new schoools are always a challenge, but a good thing to do is talk online/hang out with the people that your going to be going to school with that you already know. so then once you get there, you can hang out with them, but also meet other people. I'm sure they wouldn't just not hang out with you cuz your new. to that girl thats sometimes nice to you and sometimes isnt, just ignore her, and if she asks you why your doing it, tell her that shes sometimes nice to you and other times not, so she needs to make up her mind. lol well good luckk, lemme know how it goes :D


ok well theres this boy and his friends tell me that he likes me but he acts like he doesnt. so i dont no if i should ask him or wait for him to say it ? i have never been the person to just come right out and say it but maybe its time to start. got advice? thanks : ]

sometimes its hard to come out and say it but it can always make a relationship move forward. talking it over with the person helps alott. id try it and see what happens. maybe he does like you cuz his friends tell you he does, even know he doesn't act like he likes you, alot of guys keep it coool and don't make it obvious because there not sure what your going to say. good luckk :]


Ok well i had my birthday party last week and after i took 3 of the girls shopping . but my one friend who was invited to the party didnt come b/c she had bball camp , so i didnt invited her to the mall and she got mad. I tried to tell her that i was sorry and i would have invited her if she came to teh party but she didnt come.Now she wont invited me anything she plans anymore and i really like this girl and me and her used to be good friends but were not ever since this thing happen. do u have advice for me? thanks!
signed, girl in friend trouble
gender/f age/13

try telling her that you could only bring 3 friends, and it was right after the party that she couldn't go to because she had basketball camp. tel her you would have invited her if she could go, but since she couldn't you didnt bother asking and you are sorry if you hurt her feelings and you'd like to be friends again. yeuh, goood luck :D


well i really like this store hollister but its kinda of a lot of money and when i got shopping with my friends i never buy anything b /c i cant afford it. Im really poor and ppl make fun of me for it . and i wera the same clothes a lot of times b /c we dont have a washer. what do i do . HELP ME!

poor sad girl

well for the washer situation, theres always local laundromats to go to, or borrow a family or friends weekly. Instead of Hollister, there's always cheaper, yet still good styles at places like aeropostale and stuff, who aren't as high priced as hollister, maybe start babysitting or do yardwork to earn extra money from neighbors or grandparents or something. then you can earn money to buy hollister stuff:] i love hollister too, and when people make fun of you for being not as 'wealthy' as them, just ignore them, they must have nothing better to do if they have to sit and talk about how your life is. good luck :D


well, theres this boy and i already liked his friend but he didnt like me and so now i like him but he thinks hes just a way to get the guy htat i used to like jelious , but its not and thats y he wont go out with me . what do i say to him to make him think that im telling the truth ?

love trouble < / 3 gender : f age : 13

try telling him you realized that you dont like his friend, you like him and your not trying to make him jealous because making someone jealous doesn't get you anywhere in a relationship. tell him that you really like him and want to be given a chance and see how things work out. hope i helped! :D


does anyone have tips on how you can try and make a guy like you?
or start seeing you as a girlfriend figure?

well theres no real way to 'make' a guy like you, even though us girls wish that could happen! lol but a good way to have him start seeing you as a girlfriend is by just being yourself. its the best thing you can do. with a great personality, it captures the heart and he will notice what a great person you are. hope i helped! :D


there is the guy that i only liked as a friend and he asked me out and now he is all mad and depressed what do i do??????????

well be sure to tell him that you just wanted to be friends and not ruin your friendship by going out. talk to him about how you want to stay friends with him for awhile, and see how it goes then maybe youll think about moving forward. hope i helped some, lemme know how it works out :D


OK well , i kinda like this boy and he talkes to me all the time on the computer but when i talkt o him in person he acts like he hates me . and sometimes online he calls me likes names a bf and gf would call each other but he tells me he likes other girls. and i want to be mad at him but hes just so HOT and nice and sometimes funny. what do i do ask him if he likes me ? wait for him to say it ? and he tells me i have a big butt but its in a good way. and i dont no what to say to that so i just say 'ummm ok.' and he says lol and i type ok. but thats it. what do i do ? age:13 gender:f

signed , dazed and confused please help me!

to me, he kinda seems like a player, he leads you on by calling you all these bf/gf nicknames but then he talks about how he likes all these other to him and ask him why he acts one way online, and another way in person. Ask him if he really likes you or if he'd just like to be friends. Then you'll know the answer and be able to decide if you really like him or not. hope i helped, lemme know how it goes :]


My cousin gave me a pair of Hollister jean capris. They are too big, so I wanted to return them. I dont know how long ago she got them, but maybe a year or less? They have all the tags on them, so do you think I could at least get a credit?

i just so happen to have a hollister receipt from a shirt i bought, and on the back it has the return policyy! lolanyways it says, if the merchandise is unwashed and unworn, it can be returned for an exchange or refund. Then it says, without a receipt they can give you credit.So try it and see if it works, hope i helped! =]


hey, i am quite confused. this guy i really like, he sometimes acts like he likes me too but then sometimes hes mean to me. But i just let it blow by because i think hes just kidding. Sometimes i hear his friends talking and they'll be like "O HES LOOKING AT HER AGAIN" (TALKING about me) he always asks me to hang out but then something comes up. But we r stil friends and were r cool but i dont know. Do you think he likes me?

signed, confused.

I'd talk to him about it and see what he says. Tell him you like him but you are confused on whether he likes you or not. I'm sure he likes you, but is not sure whether or not to make a move because he might think you'll say no. Make the first move, and see what happens, but if hes sometimes mean to you, that might just be a way of hiding that he likes you. hope i helped some :]


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