Hello,how are you? I hope you're fine but if you're not then just ask and I'll see what I can do.
I'm a 17 yr-old girl.I live in Wales,Britain so I'd be good for an outsider's view.I'm studying for my A-levels in History,English Lit,Media Studies and Welsh.I play the cello and I'm in a whole bunch of orchestras,and a choir or two. I'm an OXFAM volunteer and I'm looking for paid work to fund university this Autumn.

The picture on this column is obviously not a picture of me, it is my avatar from Spacefem.com.

I'm bisexual and I have a boyfriend, so questions about coming out or dating are fine by me. I live with both parents and my younger brother and sister so i know quite a lot about family dynamics.

I'm very open-minded and I'll try to answer as best I can. Basically you can ask me qestions on pretty much anything.

I hope you're all doing OK.


ok,so i'm going to a show tomorrow night and you're supposed to dress up..the thing is..i dont know what to be!
i want to be something unique and original..but i need some ideas. :]

I'm going as a card guard from Alice in Wonderland (there's a group of us going together).

All you need is a black t shirt (£2) which you have embroidered the Ace of Spades onto with embroidery thread (£1) and some black eyliner (£2.50) for playing card patterns on your skin.

Either wear that with black trousers or a black skirt and black and white stripey socks.

It's a quick, easy and unusual Halloween costume.


My boyfriend and I have this game I guess you could call it. We ask eachother questions to get to know eachother better, or just to know random facts about the other person. Most of the questions are like "What attracts you to me most?" and "What do you like most about my personality?" Stuff like that. My question is does anybody have any questions I can ask him? I am completely out of questions! Thank you! =]

I have a few fun ones, I play this game too.

If you were in a porn film, what would the plot be and what would it be called?

Pink elephants or purple zebras?

Chocolate or cheese?

What embarrassing nickname did you parents call you by when you were a baby?

Who is the ugliest person you'd sleep with to get £1 million?

If you were gay for a day who would you have sex with?

I hope those have provided some inspiration,


hey ive been wondering.. what is your name really? its a man's name? any way.. you give really good advice!

Thank you for the compliment.

My real name is Sophia, which is obviously not a mans name. However when I was signing up to Spacefem for the first time I had just acquired a new nickname-Greg. The reasons for this a complicated, convoluted and not particularly interesting but the name nevertheless stuck. Quite a few people still refer to me as Greg.


so, what IS your name? Girlwithamansname?

My man's name is Greg. It's more a nickname, a pet name if you will.


I know 69 mans something gross but what? I've aske dmy friends and they are like you don't know?? BUt then they only know its something gross too. What is it?

A 69er is when two people are giving and receiving oral sex at the same time. The name comes from the shape that the bodies make whilst it is happening.69ers can occur between same-sex partners as well, it's not limited to straight couples.


Hey, snarfism here, I've been getting complaints about my answers. Like, They're too long-winded/too mean/ect. I was wondering if this happens to everyone, or if i'm just a freak bad advice-giver?

I just went and read your advice column and it doesn't seem to mean, or long winded. You are occasionally a little too forthright.

Maybe try reading your answers and if it would hurt your feelings to get that reply then change it a little.


i normally get my period every 21 days like clock work. I was supposed to have it 4 days ago and haven't gotten it yet. I'm really worried that something is going on. To be possibly pregnant right know would not be good. My parents would not take it well at all. Me either actually. I don't feel any different,except no period. Tell me what you think?

I'm assuming that it is possible that you be pregnant right now. you nshould probably just take the test- they're not that expensive and you'd know either way for definite. Good luck!


I don't know why, but everywhere I go, Oompa Loompas follow me. They laugh and call me George. I've been thinking of flying away on my spaceship i.e. banana peel and going to live on the planet of cheese-in-a-can, but I'm not sure if they have cable there. Do you have any idea if the planet has cable, or if there is any way to avoid the Oompa Loompas? Please help, they already took my sanity! 'Twas all pink and sparkly!

Make up an obscene version of the Ooompa Loompa song and sing it loudly every time you see one.


so i'm sailing aboard a ship n noticed there are a few holes in it. microsoft has told my friend that we shud fill them. what shud we fill them with??? we could use socks but we rnt sure cos they mite just soak up the water from the sea n the earth will b dry! can u suggest a sock substitte?

Chop up the nastiest person on the boat and use various body parts to block up the holes.


I have to do an egg drop for school using only rubber bands, straws, two 20oz soda bottles, two empty toilet paper rolls, glue, masking tape, twist ties, copy paper, and a manilla folder. We aren't allowed to use parachutes, it's only allowed to be 40cm x 40cm x 40cm, and it can't weigh more than 100 g (without the egg). My knowledge base on physics is very limited and I've been looking up websites on egg drops but none of them are very helpful. Any suggestions?

Use lots of suspension and padding to soak up the impact.Try for a crumple effect on one end(hold the egg at the other) and weight it so that it falls that way first.


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