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Hey everyone, I'm Chrissy. I'm a high school student, varsity cheerleader, dancer, and singer. My freinds come to me for advice all the time for pretty much everything. So if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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Gender: Female
Location: New Jersey
Age: 15
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sup chrissy
i'm not asking for advice or anything just saying hi since i dont see you too much online the way...ur hott in that picture o.o! just wanted to thank u for giving me the confidence to go up to chix and hang around with them....gotta go later

Awww thanx for the compliment. And no need to thank me. It's all up to you, I'm just here to give suggestions. I'm glad things went smooth.- Fallin2Pieces


well i'm 14 and i'm having trouble with myself...i doubt myself on certain occasions, i can't sleep at night because i'm always worrying about something or someone...i hear songs that bring back memories of girls i liked or people that i have lost. i lose my appetite and feel inconfident...i admire people and don't have the nerve to talk to them.
need guidance - insomniac

Hmmm, my guess is you maybe suffering from an acute case of depression, but then again I'm not a doctor. You might want to consult your doctor about that, just to be safe. You should never feel unconfident. Girls dig confidence. A lot of people admire a certain someone and feel nervous to even talk to them, or even go near them. It is normal. My motto is, "If you don't like something about your self, then fix it." - Fallin2Pieces


Hey Chrissy. I have a problem i have this friend and he always use to call me and he called hymself my little brother cuz he is a year younger than me..buh anyways he came wit me on my 15th birthday paintballin for the first time and we like hung out and stuff and he was soo totally cool like one of my best friends aftr that day he didnt call me as much and eventually didnt call me at all and i was beginning to wonder what happened to hym and so i IMed hym cuz he was one and he flipped out on me sayd dont talk to me i hate you your such a bitch and all this stuff i got really upset and then a few weeks latr he IMed me and was like hey how come you dont IM me anymore..i became really confused so i started talkin to hym again and stuff then when i saw hym i was like how come you dont call me or talk to to me as much as you did..he told me he didnt have my #...and then showed me..and my # wasnt in his fone..he deleted it..that made me mad i text hym and told hym that im not gunna be the person he talks to when he's bored and that if thats what he needed/wanted then to go find someone else....i havent tlak to hym since that night and i feel almost incomplete..i dont kno if i shood talk to hym again or just go on wit my life...HELP! PLEAASE

Well there is a possiblility that his freinds could have been messing around with you and told you all these things, but then again maybe not. If you really like him then talk about it with him and tell him what he told you really hurt you and that is why you haven't called him, but if you are always going to be the "fall back friend" then don't even bother. Just talk to him and if he acts like asshole about the whole thing then don't even worry about it. -Fallin2Pieces


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