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It is beautiful. I have no idea about anything about it except

that its main colors are bright (orange, yellow, etc)
and that its a flower garden
with a (dancing?) couple in it

Take a close look and see if you can find the artist's signature (usually in the lower right-hand corner).

Then do a Google search for that name.

Q: is 112 pounds a lot to weigh for a 15 year old girl whos about 5'0-5'1?
Actually, your target weight (depending on your bone structure) should be about 115/120.

However, everyone is built differently, and 112 doesn't sound particularly unhealthy for someone your height.

Don't let it concern you.

Q: I'm 14 and I really like this lad and he likes me two, and I think I want to sleep with him.
But the thing is he's experianced and I'm not, so I don't really know the moves, I'm confused if something goes wrong, or if I do something wrong, any advice?
If this "lad" is already experienced, that means he's either lying to you or he's much older than you, which makes him a pedophile.

Do you realize you're under the legal age? Do you realize that if you get caught, even if you agreed to have sex with him, he could be charged with statutory rape and sent to prison?

And if you don't get caught, do you have any idea how many STDs (many life-threatening or downright fatal) you could get from someone who claims "experience"?

Do you want to go through a pregnancy your body isn't ready to handle during a time in your life when you can't support yourself or a baby?

Please, please do not give in to this guy and his selfish desire to ruin your life before it's even begun.

Respect yourself enough to wait.

Q: Well I'm 18/F, and this adorable thirteen year old little boy has a crush on me =/

I am way too old for him and I want him to stop liking me without hurting his feelings, because he is the sweetest cutest kid ever. We do a sport together, so I don't have an option of avoiding him or ignoring him, because we are on the same team so we are teammates and I talk to him a lot and I enjoy talking to him. I see him like a little brother.

What should I do? He hasn't said he had a crush on me, but it is completely obvious, even a blind person would be able to tell that he does. Oh, and he is a super sensitive kid. Should I just pretend that he doesn't like me and not say/do anything about it? But at the same time I don't want him to think he has a chance, BUT I still want keep the friendship.

Thank you.
Best thing to do is not mention it. Go on with the friendship, and worry only if he brings it up or it starts to cause problems. Then let him down very gently, telling him he's a nice "guy" and that you're sure he'll meet someone special when he's older.

If you broach the subject yourself, you'll only embarrass him. I'm sure that in time he'll realize how silly it is himself, and it'll be easier on both of you.

Hope this helps.

Q: okay my dad has the mac notebook thing and he has a password on it i need to use i can't ask him he won't let me so how would i get on his account the password hint is "TREE" if that helps and i asked him his favorite trees and they are maple dogwood and apple
but none of them worked!!!!! ugh what should i do i need to check something and our desktops have passwords to and we can't get on those unless we have to for homework and we have to show him what where doing if we say homework! ugh HELP!
... you need to step back and take a look at this situation.

You're asking strangers to help you hack into your father's computer so you can do something you'd rather your parents not know about.

Obviously, something is wrong here.

Also, which computer did you use to post this question? A school computer? A library computer? If what you "need to check" is fairly innocent, wouldn't you have done it there?

Maybe you should talk to your father about this, or just stop doing things online that you shouldn't be doing.

I'm a federal officer, and I can tell you that there are about a million ways of getting in trouble for doing stupid things on the Internet.

Q: How long were you with your boyfriend/girlfriend before you had sex with them?
The best thing to do is to date for a year or more so you have a better idea of who this person is.

Also, it's not wise to get into that kind of a relationship until you're ready to settle down with someone. My previous answers go into the details, so maybe reading them will help.

Q: I know two people who constantly shoplift. I think they're both 18 too. They've probably done so for a year and haven't gotten caught. One store did, but they let them go. They also steal from people, but I'm not sure what or how many times. They've stolen probably over $10,000 worth of stuff from tons of different places. Anyway, I have a chat log from one bragging to me that he stole, and I have a screenshot of another's bulletin telling people that he and his friends will get them things and sell it to them cheaper.

At first, I thought they'd get over it or get caught by themselves. However they HAVEN'T. So, what do I do? I want to get them in trouble, or get them help so they STOP. I find it highly annoying how they brag about stealing. Everytime, they're like "Like my new shoes? I 'bought' them. Haha." etc. So, what can I do? Btw, whatever I do I don't want them to know it was me. Can I tell the stores, or the police? Or what?
Kudos on having the morals to disapprove of that kind of behavior.

If they're still living with their parents, you should tell them first. They have a right to know and try to do something about it before the police are involved.

However, if not, yes, you can tell the stores (wait until they're stealing something, then find an employee and point them out... but make sure the employee knows not to mention you). If you do this, though, you can't "encourage" them to steal something just to get them caught. That's entrapment.

If that won't work, you can also tell the police. Have those logs and screencaps handy.

Q: hi me and my boyfriend had sex two days ago, and we both climaxed while i was on top. when i got off, the condom was still inside me. but, he took it out right away, and the sperm was still in the condom. but it also came on his finger. he washed his hands and everything, but later on that evening he fingered me. im a week away from my period and im feeling very nauseous, bloated, breasts are very tender, and i have diarrhea. i also have cysts, and i know from previous times that i usually get nauseous before my period because of the cysts. what do you guys think? sings of pregnancy, or PMS? thanks. im terrified.
It's very possible that you're pregnant, but it's too soon to know for sure using just the symptoms you described.

Could just be that your nerves are causing your problems.

Still, you should definitely see a doctor and get a blood test done (it's much more accurate than a urinalysis).

Try not to get upset. It isn't good for you, and if you are pregnant it's especially bad to stay nervous and sick.

Either way, best of luck. Remember that pregnancy isn't the end of the world... just the beginning of a very different one (not without its charms).

Q: Recently I've gained assloads of weight, and I know it's my own fault.
I was just wondering, if I cut down on snacking, no fast foods, and instead eat healthily and replace my school snack with apples or whatever, will I loose weight?
Because for breakfast I usually eat a grapefruit, for lunch I have a small sandwich and coke and then dinner is usually nutritious and healthy anyway, but I tend to snack a lot in between.
So, if I replace my school snacks with fruit and don't snack at home and don't eat fast foods, will I be able to lose weight?
Any other suggestions?
Sounds like you've got the right idea.

If you haven't changed much in your diet and the weight gain came on suddenly, it could be due to inactivity. Also, if you're taking any new medications, that could be the cause.

Do cut down on the snacking and the fatty foods. Also, after school, try some moderate exercize for thirty minutes, five days a week.

Q: How do you put on a condom?
You focus on your education until you're over twenty, then you get married.

Q: I had surgery and the gave me vicaden (or however you spell it)
I know its for pain relief but why is it such a popular drug everyone wants even if they have no pain?
Vicodin is a narcotic. Narcotics are always highly addictive, which is why they're "controlled substances" (meaning they're not available without prescription).

Please use your medication only as directed by your doctor, and DO NOT give the medication to anyone else, no matter how much pressure they put on you. Sharing prescription medication is a FELONY in most states, and will ruin your future.

Not to mention, if you're sharing drugs with others, you're only hurting them, not helping.

Q: I haven't had my period for two months.i'm not stressed or sick. there is no reason for this. one thing though; last year during th months of february through june, i only had it 2 times. Do you think the same thing could be happening again. i've been having my period for five years.Do you think anything is wrong with me or that this is just normal. never had sex.
You should definitely see a doctor.

Look at your diet, also. Are you a little malnourished? Are you taking vitamins?

Please go get checked out; it's probably nothing, but it may be something serious and you don't want to play games with your health.

Wishing you the best.

Q: i have stretch marks on the side of my butt and by my lower hips. is there a way i can get rid of this by summer!?
Unfortunately, no, there is no way to get rid of stretch marks. Eventually they will fade and become white and hardly noticable, however.

A good way to speed that process up is to use cocoa butter with aloe and vitamin E. You can pick this up at most grocery stores.

Hope this helps.

Q: Hey, i want to get my cartilage pierced...

On my left ear, i have 2 holes on my lobe
On my right ear, i have 3 holes on my lobe

which ear should i get the cartilage done on? and also...does it hurt? because i barely even felt the piercing on my lobe so yeah...THANK YOU
There is a high rate of infection associated with cartilage piercing. That said, I wouldn't have it done, but if you insist, make sure you have it done by a reputable, clean professional and you have lots of personal references for his/her work.

I've heard it's quite painful, but everyone has a different pain threshold.

Q: 15/f
well, about a week ago i got two pinkish blotches on my right boob and i have a bump connected to my nip, and a scab on the skin around my nip. i havent had sex in two months, so its nothin from that. i go to the beach a lot and thats about all i could think it could be from. its startin to freak me out though, some one help!
Go to your doctor ASAP. Bumps are nothing to shrug off.

It may not be serious, but you don't want to take a chance.

Q: Ok so if I make a myspace is there anyway my parents would find out about it? They wouldn't use my computer so the little browser bar wouldn't be the problem. Its just do you think there is any other way? Thanks!
This sounds like trouble to me.

You should maybe evaluate why it is you don't want your parents knowing you have a MySpace account -- if you're posting things that you wouldn't want your parents to see, these things could come back to bite you later on in life.

Also, there's always a way for a parent to find out what's been going on online... even with the precautions mentioned before, I can think of many ways a parent could find what they're looking for.

Also, as a federal officer, I assure you you DON'T want to post a lot of embarrassing, personal info on the Internet. You WILL eventually regret it.

Q: my mom wont let me dye my hair.
im 16 years old and i can think for myself
and she doesnt get that. everyone dyes there hair these days and i still cant.
i dont understand why i cant. i get highlights
and my mom dies her hair. so i dont understand why i cant.

she keeps telling me its the biggest mistake. and youre gonna have to keep redoing it. blahblahblah

i have blonde hair. but my hair used to be sooooo much blonder. that my hair is like practically like brown. and i hate it.
i want to go like one shade lighter and she wont let me.

any suggestions?
It's really important that you respect your mom's opinions. If you don't respect her, she won't respect you, and you'll just end up with headaches and heartache on both sides.

Sometimes moms don't think very clearly, and they can seem hypocritical. Trust that she has your best interests at heart, even if it doesn't make much sense at times.

There are many safer alternatives for people who want lighter hair... you could use lemon juice and a hairdryer (or lemon juice and sun exposure, but bring the sunscreen). This will probably lighten your hair just a tad, but it sounds like that's what you want.

Discuss things with your mom, though; let her know you respect her opinions, but tell her how you feel.

Q: im 14, female obviously, and i have a problem. i have had my period for a little over a year. i get my period REALLY heavy, as in i have to change my pad every hour, even really heavy ones because they feel disgusting if i dont. I want to try tampons and ive tried before but they wont go in! i thought i knew what hole they went in but aparnetly no, because it wont go in more than an inch and it hurts so badly while doing it. ive asked my mom to help me but even SHE cant get it in...and shes been using tampons for 30 years. ive considered menstrual cups, but i cant use those until something goes IN my vagina. Does anyone have diagrams or advice for me? and the reason i need tampons so badly is because im a swimmer and its such a pain to carry around so many bulky pads...THANKYOU
Unfortunately, tampons are not the answer for someone with a heavy flow.

They just won't be absorbent enough, and they carry a risk for someone in your situation: toxic shock. This is a potentially fatal condition caused by long-term use of tampons, but in someone with a heavy flow, it could happen in a short timeframe (especially if you're swimming).

Best bet is to stick to the pads, as annoying as it may be. Health is more important than convenience.

The fact that you're having trouble inserting the tampon is also troubling. This could either be due to being a virgin (and if so, good choice) or due to the construction of your vaginal canal.

If possible, you should discuss this issue with a doctor as soon as possible. Maybe they could put you on some form of birth control that would lighten your periods.

If they do, be sure to research whatever they offer before you use it.

Hope this helps.

Q: Does someone know of any good songs such as pop/folk/slow songs with the good melody about your boyfriend/girlfriend helping you to be a stronger person, making you see life differently, finding the good in yourself, etc? I look for songs in English or Spanish

thank you
Songs by Lifehouse are great for that kind of thing. Also try Dishwalla.

Q: To be able to establish context and to get more information I urge you to check my previouse question at

That said.

I mustered the courage to go talk to him today. I seem to have implied wrongly that we talk on a frequent casual basis which is utterly untrue... (unfortunately!).

With some effort today (considering the scarce unusual free time i had on my hand) I managed to look a little more attractive and "easy" to the eye... a little grown up so to speak. For some reason the only eyes that seem to turn are the eyes I don't want looking. I even mustered the courage to come up with a reason to go ask for information at the info desk where he was today. Fortunately i only resorted partially the idiotic plan my friends gave me... I indeed had a research paper and went to ask for some references (which would have taken me more time to find on my own but not impossible) we talked for a few seconds... obviously my question was idiotic and obvious... but I didn't care... even though I sort of got the hint that I am not really attracting him that much... he checked me out but there was no signs of interests beyond that.... in a moment of rationality (devoid of any emotional bias -I promise!) I realized that he seems to be nice because i'm so transparent and in a way i boost his ego...? I don't know... I might be over analyzing but i find it so hard to ignore my head even though it's emotionally tormenting me!!
what way is there, for me to establish a conversation or create a situation without me having to initiate it? in other words: is it humanly possible for me to get him to come to me on his own? without any direct influence...

Today is the first time I talked to him in a long time (since last summer? which was when we were able to make small talk) and i wouldn't even consider it talking (since i could have been talking to anyone else in the same way)... I can't read him anymore... i know he knows me but it's like it went back to formalities again even though we both recognize this bridge has been crossed already. He tenses up when he sees me and I don't know if it's nerves or if he is cringing at the sight of me since i no longer give that ego boost...

arghhh what is wrong with me? I've never been this irrational, nor have I been this emotional, or giddy :(

advice! how to eliminate these feeling, block them or otherwise, or how do i make it work!? I can't focus on Hume anymore!!!!!!
Unfortunately, there's not really a way to get him to come to you. If he's not interested, he's just not interested.

However, a lot of the time a guy will pay attention to a girl he would otherwise ignore if it seems she's lost interest.

I know it's hard, but it seems like you need some space and some time to think, to sort out your emotions, so try pulling away and showing him the same indifference he's showing you. He might just start to wonder why you don't talk to him anymore and strike up a dialogue himself.

As long as he knows you're interested, he doesn't feel obligated to put in any work. He gets attention, and he doesn't have to do anything at all.

Could also be that's the sign of a guy you don't want to be around... and if he doesn't start talking once you've given him the civil cold shoulder, he's probably not right for you anyway.

I really hope this helps, and I'm sorry you're going through such a hard time!


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