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14/f Ok so i have nothing to do this summer and I've been riding my bike to K-mart and stealing. I know its wrong, but its k-mart. I got some thongs---my mom don't let me wear them so i pissed her off and some hair dye which pissed her off even more. But i want something better to do with my summer besides a life of crime. Any suggestions?

It's K-Mart? Mmmk, they're screwed, might as well profit off their suck-ness. :P Really though, try not to do that...

Uhh... read? I found an addiction to reading a book series this summer
/curse AnneMcCaffrey

Hmm... Listen to music? Hang with friends, get a diet/workout plan started... See which style of Axe gets the most attention from women? Check out the new Gorillaz CD... Watch the Daily Show! X.x -hopeless-

That's my two cent..


some of the girls in my school like gettin called a tease. and others dont i am so confused by this that i want to know if its a goodthing being called a tease and wat it exactly means

x0 thanx 4 da help

Its /not/ usually good to be called a tease. A tease is usually a girl who explicits themselves in a sexual way to men, making them think they want to have sex with them. Then when the oppurtunity arrives, the woman just says no and leaves. It really messes with a guys head.



i know that pneumatics means mechanical properties of air and other gases, and how it works and stuff like that. i guess i dont understand it enough to know examples of it though. what would some examples be? thanks

Air compressors, car shocks (hydraulics) etc. Google it, you'll get more ^_^


Hey. I'm 13 years old and in 8th grade at the moment. Right now I'm registering for high school classes for next year. I'm definitely taking Latin 1. Since there aren't very many honors classes for freshmans, I think I want to take Spanish 1 also (it's not a honors class. I want to take it because I think I can use it a lot in the real world or w/e). My question is, do you think I should take 2 languages?


Take spanish. Second best, and its easy. Plus you need at least 2 credits of foreign language to get into college, so you have to anyway. Spanish is a great language, and for your friends who dont take it, you can impress them =3


Can someone help me, anyone who's read The Odyssey. Book IX (9) :

1. What does Odysseus compare the Cyclops to?

2. Why does odysseus refuse his men's reguest?

3. What is the Cyclop's attitude toward the gods?

4. Why do you think Odysseus lies about the ship?

5. Why doesn't Odysseus kill the Cyclops at the time?

6. What does Odysseus plan to do to the cyclops?

1. Cant remember

2. He wants to kill the Cyclops

3.The Cyclops is Zeus' son

4.So the Cyclops wont destroy it

5.He wants to make sure he can assure his death, or their escape.

6. He gets the Cyclops very drunk and when he's asleep they stab his eye out with a large pointed log

Some of that may be a little off, but I read it only a month or so ago, again.


I rate ***** 5 *****

Well dont laugh but i want to be a dolphin trainner/And move to america/I live in the uk right and was gonna' move to florida last year but begged mum not to because my of my life back here. When i am older id like to be a dolphin trainner.

But to be that i need to study and learn about them and other things. I have no clue what i need to learn though.. anyone can tell me like what i need to study?

Then in grade 8 i need to pick my subjects that i have to do coursework on.. well i dont know what subjects will get me to being a dolphin trainner or even an author..?

So any help and i rate ***** 5 *****
lush me x

If you'd liek to be a dolphin trainer (biggest place for marine biology in central FL is SeaWorld. Theme park on outside, big research facility inside.) You want to be physically fit. Have to be able to swim for hours and hours and hours on end with them! Keep up on your math skills, marine biology would be good to start off with. And do a little research on them, dolphins are adorable :3


i have a homework assignment...and its to create and draw a political have no idea on what i should draw!...any suggestions?

Does it have to be current? If not, draw Reagan telling the Soviets we have Star Wars technology and that the moon is really the Death Star! He did that, but they thought we meant the movie, not the satellite defenses ;3


will somebody please explain the law of conservation of momentum in words that i can actually understand?! i've tried looking it up online but when i read it i am getting so confused! and please help asap! project due tomorrow! thanks ahead of time!

Lets see. I don't remember if this is it, buuut....

Any object that is in motion will remain in motion unless it is acted upon by an outside force.

Any object that is still will remain so until acted upon by an outside force.

When two objects of equal strength exert the same amount of force onto each other, they will remain in place

But if one object has more strength than another and they each exert force onto each other, the stonger of the two forces wil overcome the smaller...

Not sure if that was what you were looking for but thats all I know about any laws of science..


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