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hey im 15, and i was wondering can teenagers get breast cancer? like on my left breast i feel like some bump or something but i dont know if its really a bump and it hurts a little in that area. i was wondering could that be breast cancer? im really worried and i want to know, if any of you know what can that be, maybe its just that my breasts are still growing or something i really dont know. please help me.

Yes, teenagers can most definitely get breast cancer. If you have the slightest fear that you may have it, see a doctor. If you wait until its obvious it may be too late.


what is 420? i know it has to do with weed and ect but whats is 420?

4/20 is supposedly the date a bunch of colege students got together and got really high, and got kicked outta school for it. Half the college, I think, somethin like that. Or its the time everyone gets high, and today just happenes to be that time as well.


K, so I've been going out with my boyfriend since 1-31-05, and lately we've kind of been like, you know, "touching". At first I was kind of like, well I dunno about this, and feeling indecisive about whether we should even be doing it, but kind of wanting to at the same time. (I'm 14, he's 15) Well now my problem is that when he touches me it feels *kind of* good at first then it just hurts. What are we doing wrong?

Well, I'm assuming his rubbing you in erogenous zones, by "touching". If it hurts, adn he is rubbing your clitoris, he may want to wet it first. The clitoris is riddled with nerve endings, and if his skin is rough it can cause some pain. Guys tend to have caluses (sp) on their hands alot from working. Its ok for you /both./ to be curious about the oppsoites sexes body, so theres nothing wrong with it.

So, if he is rubbing your clitoris and it hurts a bit, ask him to just lubricate his finger. Anything liquid should do.


I am an artist and was asked to pain a picture of Corona beer. Is it legal for me to paint brand names without infringing on copyright/trademark, etc?

As long as you aren't going to make profit off of it, then you're fine.


My Birthday is today ^_^ im turning 14,and i dont no what to do for it [[im having to friends over but i dont want to bore them]] What should i do?

Grats on reach freshie age :3 Freshman year will be fun... buut, for your bday? Take some friends out to the movies! (the other way around that is :P ) Maybe go to a local theme part if there is one? Just hang out, or maybe have a friend over for the night. Sleepovers arent what they used to be. Now the definition of a sleepover is unlimited snackage, pwning newbs on Xbox Live and goofing off in the neighbourhood at 1 o'clock in the morning :P


Hey. I'm 13 years old and in 8th grade at the moment. Right now I'm registering for high school classes for next year. I'm definitely taking Latin 1. Since there aren't very many honors classes for freshmans, I think I want to take Spanish 1 also (it's not a honors class. I want to take it because I think I can use it a lot in the real world or w/e). My question is, do you think I should take 2 languages?


Take spanish. Second best, and its easy. Plus you need at least 2 credits of foreign language to get into college, so you have to anyway. Spanish is a great language, and for your friends who dont take it, you can impress them =3


What's better..

Ipod Mini that holds 1,000 songs
Ipod Mini that holds 1,500 songs

It's a $50 difference and I'm wondering if it's worth the 500 songs, and if anyone has one please let me know what types of problems you've had if you've had any

Go with the Mini. It has longer battery life. No problems with either. But seriously, whos going to have 50,000 songs stocked on their computer? o.O Plus it saves you cash. Go iMini :D


HELP! Im going to Florida in 2 days and i dont know what to pack!! Is it REALLY warm? Like what should I pack to go to Disney World ..has it been raining alot lately? Should I pack a pair of jeans? please be specific im going for 4 days - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Thanks!

It has been a little chilly here in the past few days, but warm weather is near, so pack some warm clothing but stuff for hot weather too. Rain is also to be expected, especially here in Central FL. A little bit of everything and you'll be fine :D


Ok, so there are these jeans I want at Abercrombie and Hollister, but super expensive!! They are those pants that are torn/destroyed...Does anybody know how I could do it myself, and it would look good without spending a fortune??!!Thanks!!

Two words. Razor, blade. :3


When you are making out with a boy (yes I am a girl) where do you put your hands? Where does he put his. When making out what do you do with your hands? sorry i just want to know if you answer this with a good answer I will rate a 5

It comes naturally for most people, their body just kind of moves them itself. Most have them around the guy's arms or even holding his hands. his jaw or face is good too, though.


Ok I kinda like these to guys who are in the grade below me. I mean when I'm away them.. it's just my flirt meter goes off! And like I'm jelious when other girls are around this one guy. Is it wrong to like a younger guy? Is it stupid to go out with a younger guy?

Of course not! Age should not be a factor when it comes to love. You should love him for who he is if you do, and not bother about his age. I'd say ask him out, but thats not my decision ^^


okay i asked a question before and some one sure his balls haven't even dropped .. what does that mean?

I've heard it used, and really I believe it means they're saying his sexual organs havent started to develope along with the rest of his body.


What is a lubricant and what is it used for?

A lubricant is usually something used to well, lube up your/a penis before intercourse, so you dont need to wait for a women to work up her own juices. It's also kind of the end-all of masturbation. Examples can be vaseline, KY or baby oil.


is it safe to try inserting a tampon if you dont hae your period? (just for practice)

Of course it is. In fact thats a good idea. I'd suggest that to anyone whos never used them/had their period ^^


When me and my guy do it i never orgasm in fact i have had 3 partners and never orgamsed but once..i love the guy im with can i get calm and do this and do u know of any good positions..or anything that helped u ?

Tell him that this is happening. Ask him maybe if he could orally stimulate your first (aka go down on you) and then go for intercourse.
We guys'd prefer below, side length or below. Talk to him about it.


Can someone help me, anyone who's read The Odyssey. Book IX (9) :

1. What does Odysseus compare the Cyclops to?

2. Why does odysseus refuse his men's reguest?

3. What is the Cyclop's attitude toward the gods?

4. Why do you think Odysseus lies about the ship?

5. Why doesn't Odysseus kill the Cyclops at the time?

6. What does Odysseus plan to do to the cyclops?

1. Cant remember

2. He wants to kill the Cyclops

3.The Cyclops is Zeus' son

4.So the Cyclops wont destroy it

5.He wants to make sure he can assure his death, or their escape.

6. He gets the Cyclops very drunk and when he's asleep they stab his eye out with a large pointed log

Some of that may be a little off, but I read it only a month or so ago, again.


if space wasnt there then what would be?

If space weren't there, then instellar matter(dust, rock, gas, etc) would be. Anti- matter too, which is pretty much what space is. Nothing. I could go reaaaallly deep into this, but I suggest you just google 'string theory' instead if you want to know :P Just know, that if there was no anti-matter (vacuum of space) then we'd have some serious physics problems to figure out. It wouldn't make sense if nothing disappeared. Thats what empty space is. Nothing. A void. X.x


we have baby ducklings in our pool and the mother seemed to have left them and hasnt come back for acouple of days, weve given them bread but we were wondering what else we could feed them?

I'd actually call animal control. You dont need wild ducklings living in your pool with you feeding them, or they will either grow and be a real hassle or attract predators. Dont take a risk and try to raise them yourself.


ok, so i am going shopping and i like sean john but i'm an oero (black on the outside white on the inside) and i was wondering if sean john is a black or white person brand??

Eh. Seems the black ethnicity tends to wear Sean John, South Pole, Ecko Untld. That what its like here in FL though. Could be different in other states. o.O


Okay im new at this but im going to give it a try. I am a sophmore and i am goin out with this guy we've been going out for almost 4 months now. Well there is this girl who USED to be my friend and talks about me all the time and im getting sick of it well i just found out the other day that she has a "plan" to get me and my boyfriend to break up. i dont know what to do??? please help me i'll rate high!! thank you so much

Warn your boyfriend about it. If anything drastic shows up between you two, and you know it was her, then he'll have a suspicion. Then tell him to ignore her. Hope I help :\


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