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I just got my period again today (not the first time) But I have a wicked bad cramp. Like I came home from school because it was way too unbearable. Any ways on how to make it less painful other than take advil or w/e cuz i already did.

You should wet a rag with hot water and then lay ir over your area. Hotness always kills cramps, and it feels great. I also suggest a hot shower or bath, and just stand/lie in the water and let it run over your body. Hot water can be god for cramps ^_^

Plus, ibuprofen is /so/ much beter than Advil...


hi its me again okay i have a question well me and my boyfriend have been having sex and he says he can't have kids . well we have been having safe sex and i am not scared of it i am just wonderin can i get pregnant if he say's he ant have kids and he doesnt wear a condom when we have sex again?i mean should i trust him on him saying he cant have kids or should i ask someone like his sister? i just dont know if i should believe him and plz answer my question here it is again. Can i get pregnant if my boyfriend says he cant have kids?

Umm. No. Definitely would not believe a GUY if he said that. Some of us will do anything for good sex, and I'm afraid this sounds to me a bit obvious. He might say he's 'fireing blank shots', but if your teens, I seriously doubt he's sterile, unless someone decked his testicles with iron boots or something when he was young.

I'd ask his sister or someone who could confirm his claim.


is it a guy thing to say ok, o ok and stuff like that on AIM when they talk to girls because they always seem to do that to me and yea so i was just wondering...

When it comes to us dudes, it just depends on who you're talking to. Either he's talkative or is very shy, online or IRL. :3 (sory for short answer, morning and I had to make it quick! x.x )


13/f nd i have had my period for a while now but its been a while since i got it and my mother and sister had it twice since my last time and im havent been sexually active since before i started getting my period????wats wrong with me? is it normal?? please help me i rate high♥

Your're fine. If you're just 13 and are missing periods, theres nothing to worry about. It'll be awhile til your body works out a regular menstrual cycle for you. Its completely normal, and theres nuttin wrong with you ^_^


ok i had sex with a condom like at the beginning of april. im not susposed to start my period until the beginning of may. but every morning for like that past week my stomach has felt just a little bit upset in the morning and a little into the late afternoon. but my bobs dont hurt and im not throwing up and im not smelling anythign unusual. and i just got over having a really bad sinus cold. so should i be worried or not? please help me guys!!

If you think you may be pregnant, get yourself a test. They dont cost much and are free at PlannedParenthood.

The stomach thing is actually pretty normal around this year. You could be having an allergic reaction to something in the air like pollen, and it can cause your sniuses to go crazy. They'll drain after awhile down your throat ( Geck x.x ) while your asleep and all the extra mucus in your gut will give you a nasty feeling.

Just take a test to make yourself feel better ^^


I have an appointment tomorrow to get a tooth extracted. I'm a little nervous about the whole process because of course, the doctor told me "It's not going to hurt at all." Lets be honest, don't all doctors say that about EVERYTHING? For those of you who have gotten that procedure done, about how long did it take? How much did it hurt after the novicane wore off? How long does the pain last after the surgery? And does any one have any tips on making it not hurt as bad? Thanks so much!

I've had two teeth extraced that were split in two each by very frozen chicken nuggets at school X.X Its a simply process. They numb you up, first with a gunky kind of material and then a needle once your gums are numb enough so you dont feel the needle... then the plyers. They do it fast and hard. Not too much pain, like pulling a tooth. A tip, dont eat for awhile, or you'll rue it hours later. Try closing your eyes so you don't see anything big an scary to keep your mind off how much it might hurt and such


well i did community service last week with my friend and a bunch of kids from my school, and we had to serve food and stuff to the senior citizens. i got assigned table 1 and so did josh

I DEFINITELY think he likes you. Make your move. Ask him out or flirt with him like mad until he asks you out >:P Ya shouldnt feel weird calling him. Think about how weird it felt to call someone in VA I've never met :P Was nervous but now I call almost every day ^_^ Just talk casual to him! Ask him what he does in leisure time, find out what he likes, hang out more with em :D
If he was smiling at you its a super good sign. We guys smile at those whom we like :)


its my day off from school. i dont really feel like going to hang out eith friends i just wanna chill home. can anyone give me some funn sites.
ill rate (hehe, laughed at this one :P )

PennyArcade and CtrlAltDel-Online are two HILARIOUS web comics I love to read. Greatest stuff I've ever read. Oh, and too!

Hope I helped ^^


Hello, I have recieved several threatening letters over the past year from my father. The threats include having me put in hospital, also stating that he has had a curse put on my daughter and myself to ensure that something bad happens to us, and general insults and abuse aimed at my wife daughter and myself. We have really had enough of this, is there anything I can do and should I go to the police ? I am convinced that he is going to pay someone to come and do physical harm to my family or myself. He is quite old and in a poor state of health, but is and has always been a very brutal person having caused misery and suffering over many years mainly to his wife and children. All I have done to promt these letters is to write to him listing his bad deeds over the years and telling him what I thaught of his behaviour, this was without any aimed insults from me. My letter to him was in response to further bad behavior on his part.

Yours and Best Regards


This is bullshit. No father should act like this. Can his ass. He must be too old to be acting this way, like an asshat, if you're old enough to be wed and have children. Take his ass to the cops and get him thrown in jail.. That can't be allowed to go on anymore? Maybe an asylum though? 'Curse put on my daughter and me.' ? Yeah. Total bucket of loose bolts too.

Can him good. >:


OK i really want to get a Cd burner..can i buy it seperately..without it coming with my computer? (i already have a computer) If so, whats the approximate price range..any suggestions on where to get it or what qualities to look for when i buy one? thank you all!

You can buy them separate, and they can range from $60 - $140 depending on the speed and quality.


ok can some one please help me here
my gf keeps getting her ass smacked by dudes and its realy getting me pissed off anyway should i beat the liveing shit out of the guys who are doing it? or just tell them to stop?

Tell them to stop first. If they persist, deck them in the balls. She's your GF and not theirs. Crack them one good in the best place if they persist, and if they STILL keep it up, go ahead and tell someone.


My younger sister has a lot of girlfriends, and they go out to places and meet guys, so my mom and one of my sisters' friends moms have been listening to her conversations on the phone, lets just say they aren't liking what they are hearing. My sister talks to a certain guy that has had a very sexual communication with her, she hardly knows this guy. I've known my boyfriend for over a year, and I know my mom wouldn't like the things we talk about either, and she talks about how she should take that guy away from my sister, and so now, me and my boyfriend fear that I will be banned from him, he moved, so the phone is all we have now. We really love each other, my younger sister would get over it if that guy was taken from her, but I know that I can't live without my guy if I were banned from him. We would go on and do the smart thing and cut off all "bad talking', but is that what we should really do? We are so used to it that sometimes it slips, but would it better or does anyone think we might be safe?


Yes, go ahead and stop the bad talking to make thinfs beter....

((sorry about the quick answer, im in Web Design class! X.X ))


I want to get a skateboard but I don't know how much it costs. I want a good one but not professional or anything.Does anyone know how much those would cost and maybe a link to a site to see some pictures of a board?Just something good that will last.Where could I get one?Would Target have a good one?

Cheap ones can go for around $50 if you want them to last. Try a local Sports Authority or something like that.


I got my first period in January. I haven't gotten it since then! I know I'm not pregnat.

What's wrong with me?

Absolutely nothing is wrong with you dearie. If you got you're firstthis January, then you can't really say when you're next will be. Just always keep pads/tampons handy when it sneaks up on you. Ibuprofen too, for the cramps if they come up too. It'll take a few years for your body to work out a menstrual cycle it can repeat for your life.


Ok this might sound bad, but I want everyone to think about it. I want to become anorexic, and it's not because I want to be skinny. I'm already pretty thin. The problem is my cheeks(yes face cheeks). They are chubby and not cute at all. I think not eating would make them thinner right? I'm not going to make it a big thing and not eat until I die. Once they get thin ill eat regularly again. Theres no other ways to lose weight in your cheeks right? I mean I know it sounds really dumb to do that but I'm kind of desperate here. Is it that bad? Do you think I can get really sick? Will it work if I become anorexic?

Your cheeks arent going to get thinner from being anorexic. The reason anorexic's die is because they stop eating. They want to eat but they can't, because their body has just gotten used to eating itself instead. The liver is usually first to go, and you kind of need your liver. Don't even go there.


ok so i gave my b/f a hand job, and he precummed and after that i rubbed the lips of my pussy.. is there any chance i can get pregnant?

Theres a chance, but if you just rubbed your labia... its so low, just dont worry about it.

The difference between precum and normal cum, is that precum is just there to moisten the glans penis (the head ) for intercourse, and is also usually a sign that soon the guy is going to cum. Regular cum is regular cum. Packed with sperm, ready for fertilizing an egg. The stuff you want to /avoid/ if you're not married... the stuff that marks a guys peak of an orgasm.


I need help on asking a guy to come and watch a movie with me...i don't know how please help!!
I don't wanna look like a

Just act normal! Be yourself! Ask him if he was doing anything Friday night etc, and see if he wants to go! You won't look like a doofus, no matter what ya tihnk. Just make sure he's in a good mood when you ask -grins-


okay, on thursday...we walked by this guy and i said "wow, hes hot" and he looked over, but it was like a slow turn not like he heard or anything. but then he smiled at me when he saw me...
Friday- he saw me playing cards w/ my friends. and walked over and asked me if he could play. I think he said 1 secntence to the other girls. And he would stare at me and act emmbarrassed when we BS-ed him (we were playing BS) and talked only to me...
Anyway, my other friends like him and so do i. And it bugs me when my friends like the same guy
MY QUESTION-- do u think he likes me? And how can i get over my problem w/ friend liking the same guy?

Ask him out NOW!! Dont let your friends make the first move. He is paying a bit more attention to you, and thats a sure sign he likes you. Make the move! Take /your/ card ;P You're friends, well, they will just have to find another guy *shrugs*. If they get angry at you, drop them as friends. Its not like he's the only hot guy out there. I'm handsome, and I dont like it. So dont go thinking we dudes will kill to look good. I get random 'I love you' letters every day from someone I've never even met, or probably seen. o.o;


So my boyfriend and I started officially "going out" on wednesday. Whereas before we were just dating and such. We were never really talked on the phone before other than for him to call and make plans and to tell me he was coming to get me. So anyways I would really like to talk to him, I texted him yesterday but he hasnt called me yet. Do I just wait untill I see him again or untill he calls or do I just get over it and call him.....(thanks)

Call em! Yuo dont want to ruin a potentially great relationship with poor communication , do ya? Ask him how his day is so far, what he's up to, etc? ^^


my sister has just bought a guinnea pig and it has started to whine . A short while later it starts to purr. Why does it do this?

Because guinnea pigs' brains are hardly as big as their frigging eyeballs? All they want is attention, like cats, except they dont sound like airplanes and give you funny looks when you try to imitate them. Just hold it and it should be quiet....


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