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Reason is my language.
If you want to avoid the point, simply take offense. -Intuit

I came here to answer computer questions. (This used to say "...and nothing more.")

What I meant was, I don't know how much help I would be with other things... NOT that I would be upset if you asked a non computer question!

No matter the subject, Ask Away! (I'll do my best.)


I am not a doctor, lawyer, etc. All opinions expressed are my own, and are for entertainment purposes only. Use at your own risk. ;-)

'non passus sum stultus ubi spīritusum valeō'

(Thanks for the Latin, Fern!)

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Is there anyway for columnist to change the format of their usernames? (link)
Please check the FAQ first for stuff like this:


My new modem shows my connection speed as 115Kbps, but I thought that was the speed the serial port ran at?

Is my ISP just happier with this modem? (link)
Hello there,

The modem is reporting the speed at which the computer is communicating to the modem itself... Not how fast it is talking to the internet provider you use.

To make it show the more useful numbers, open a terminal program such as hyperterm for windows and paste this in:


... then press enter.

That will change the modem's configuration file and store the change so that it will, from then on, show you the right speed.


There's someone on this site who's really bugging me, her name's Barbara_Conker and she never gives real advice just directs people to her weirdo zombie site, in fact, she's here under complete false pretences. What to do? (link)
Already taken care of.

Thanks for the report.


okay my sister is 12 and well, theres this girl and she is bullieing my sister! shes like "omg you better take my pictures off that websight or blur my piicture outt or i SWARE TO GOD ill kill you!!" then my sister called me over and i said

me- is that a thret
her- if you call it one it is
her- wanna piece of me?
me- no hunn, i want the whole thing!
her- right
me- couldn't thing of a good comeback eah?
her- if you dont take the pic out, i sware to god! i will kill your sister becasue i know this is may. i sware to god i will.
me- ifine want me to call the police
her- then ill delete your myspace and the picture site
me- i dont give a &#@! what you do!
her- you will when you see your sister in a funerol in 3 days
my sister- you litte &#@%! im older then you and you cant boss me around you little %!@@#*
her- yeah i can and i will
me- right i wanna see that
her- dont go to school tomorrow or youll be sorry that you did!

can you help me because this is really annoying me

ill rate you no matter what, unless if it is really bad and un-detailed adivce. try uour best :) (link)
Call the police, now.

Nobody took the kids at Columbine seriously, and you see where that went.

There are things you should NEVER say to someone else, unless you mean it... "I'll kill you!" is chief among them.


why are all the good people on the site being banned? anyone know? (link)
Hello there,

Good users are not being banned. People who can't manage the rules are being banned. People who tell people to kill themselves, their family, etc... They go away.

Some people here maintain columns here, dozens of them, for no other reason than to annoy and torture the people who come here seeking answers to serious questions. Those people are easy to spot, they have never given a single helpful answer to anything.

People who are underage get sent away, for obvious reasons.

If you have a specific case of a user you think was good, as in a real asset to the site, would you please e-mail me their username?

If there is anyone here who has been banned for no reason, you just let me know and it will get fixed.

what does it mean to hook up? (link)
"Hook Up" = Have sex with no relationship.

As in "No Strings."

It used to mean just getting together and hanging out with friends.

i heard this song on the radio and i thought it was funny, but i cant find it when i look it up. it was a rap song i think, and the guy was singing about how he went by his friends house to eat 'and the chicken tastes like wood' anyone know what song? lol =] thanksss (link)
A rap song you think?

How about the song that made rap a major recording era? The one, the only: Rapper's Delight. Sugarhill Gang. Get the 17 minute extended 12" cut if you can find it. :-)


Do you think its okay to teach your child to hit someone back if they hit him first? (link)
Absolutely. Self defense and the defense of others are two things I find noble and helpful.

That being said, I would reccomend teaching them a primarily non-striking technique such as Judo or Aikido.

Hitting leads to injuries. Injuries lead to lawsuits and scars that never heal. :-(

If the goal is to protect yourself, then damage to your opponent isn't the goal, neutralizing your opponent is.

I will tell you from vast experience that putting someone who throws a punch at you on the ground and helpless by way of a wrist-lock is more effective than beating them near to death.

Embarassment is what takes care of bullies, not beating. All your child needs to do is make it known that he/she isn't going to be the bully's punching bag, and the rest will take care of itself.

I have a new jeep and it has those removable plastic windows. Does anyone have any tips on how to clean them without scratching them up? (link)
Look for "Novus Plastic Polish."

It comes in different numbers (1-9 I think) and different formulas are for different plastics and scracth sizes.

The stuff is fairly cheap, and works miracles.

You can use #6 to remove scratches from music and data CDs!

So my aim is messed up and i cant talk at all anymore! I can do Away messages and all that blah blah blah. But anyway i was wondering id anyone knew about this site.. its like Ai-buddy and airaim (i hate them both) hehe.. and it has yahoo / msn / and Aol instant messanger on it.. my brother told me about it and we couldnt remeber it.. its like.. trinity.. ot trenity.. ot something like that? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!! I FEEL SO ISOLATED WITHOUT AIM! .. ha.. thanks so much
thats a K!>[l (link)
Do a google search for Trillian

That's the one you were after.

When I try to use task manager on windows xp by pressing ctrl+alt+del, a little gray box pops up and says "Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator." But I'm the only one that uses my computer and I never did anything to disable it. I did a search on how to fix this and followed everything step by step, but it didn't work. Has anyone else ever had this problem and if so, how did you fix it? (link)
I would have also sent you to the page ncblondie did.... But here is a link to a free on-line virus scanner:

... you should also download and use a spyware scanner. If you don't already have a current one, here is a link to the latest:


Is it just me or is everyone getting raped in teh last two days? All these guyz got these girls getting naked for them and jumpin in bed with them... and if its not that... it's a guy having a guy friend make a move on them... it all just seems weird that this all happens at once... anyone else wanna give me an explanation? (link)
There's a girl who makes up rape stories and posts them as questions. She usually does a whole slew of them.

For reasons that are well and truly beyond me the number 1 fantasy for women according to the pollsters is forced sex, also known as rape fantasy. :-(

If you think I am kidding, ask your nearest psych student in their 3rd or 4th year.

If someone wants to explain this to me, I would love to hear an answer: Why?


My friends and i are building a battle bot for a program at our school. Were having trouble locating places to buy parts. More specifically wheels for it. Does anyone know where to find smaller sized wheels? (link)
There is a catalog called McMaster-Carr

They have just about anything in any size, and your school maintenance dudes probably already have one. You could be the hero of your team with this info.

If you want to build something from a battle-bot to a battle-ship these people can hook you up with what you need.


This just started happening last night... When I restart my computer all my desktop settings go back to default. I have the default background and all the icons are back like they were when I first bought the computer. I still have AIM but every time I restart my computer everything gets deleted from it. (All the screen names at the sign on. All my favorites in my internet explorer are all there but now they're all in alphabetical order... Does you know what's going on or anyway I can stop this? Thanks... (link)
Hello there,

Sounds like an error in the windows registry. If you have windows XP, it may be trying to restore a known good copy of the registry every time you start up.

This could be caused by a hard drive with bad sectors (errors) faulty RAM, bad power supply, or any number of things along those lines.

My number one suspect would be the hard drive based on what you told me.

There are registry repair tools, but in the hands of someone who doesn't know the windows registry system they can do more harm than good.

You might want to consider having this looked at by a professional.

Before you do that, try this:

In windows XP:


"help and support"

"Undo changes to your computer with System Restore"

Pick a time before all this craziness started, and try it.

If the problem goes away, and stays away, then some program or another mangled the windows registry. It happens occasionaly with poorly written software.

You should head over to the free on-line virus scanner at:

... then download and run Ad-Aware from:

... if all this fails: Have it looked at professionally.


What is the problem now? What do I have 24 hours to do? All of those colums are old and gone! I'm sorry my questions/answers offended people but honestly it was awhile ago . . why is it being brought up now and not when the questions were being asked! Questions are like that are asked and nobody else has been banned for it, why me? I am only going to have one advice colum this time! Why is that a problem? (link)
The problem is that you exploded.

You didn't give account of your actions, and you have only bothered to cuss me out for enforcing the rules.

You have caused a great deal of work chasing down all your various accounts, and when people respond in a civil manner you cuss them.

Why should you be allow to have an advice column here if that is the way you treat people?

Read both of the answers given to you again.


P.S. I have banned over 500 accounts, so don't act special.

Ok for one thing those are all my old accounts and u fucking deleted them! I recently have had only one colum except I had just made another colum just to ask questions! I just had the worst day imaginable yesterday and then you fucking give me this bull shit! What the fuck!:'( (link)
Hello again,

I am sorry you had a bad day. Do you kiss your parents with that mouth?

Sorry you just couldn't say you were sorry for breaking the rules and promise not to post a dozen question asking how to give a blow-job again... People complained.

I was perfectly willing to re-activate your account.

Thanks for your time,


P.S. In case you didn't hit the (link) to see the full reply to the first not you sent:

Okay well I was recently banned for 3 things:
1. I asked the same question over and over again
2. I asked obscene questions/had obscene answers
3. I am not 13 years old
Well excuse my language but I am fucking pissed! For one thing I have very few questions I've asked and I have not repeated questions! Another thing I have no obscene questions OR answers! As for the third thing I am 14 years old, 15 on October 25! My birthdate is October 25, 1990! I want to know what the heck is going on here! My advice colum is xoxox_courtney! I really don't want to start a whole new I am already a level one moderator with a great rating and I don't want to start back from square one! I have a feeling that you won't belive me but please do . . I am begging you! Please help me out on this one! Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

P.S.-My friend is also having this problem. Is there something wrong with advicenators? Her colum is AsKcHeLs (link)
Hello there,

I don't know what to call you since all of these accounts appear to be yours:

Questioners from this address:

strawberrie9 (banned until Thursday March 23 2006, 2:23 pm)
tuff love (banned until Sunday October 20 2013, 1:08 am)
x0xMeGGie (banned until Thursday March 23 2006, 2:27 pm)
wowzers itz me (banned until Thursday March 23 2006, 2:42 pm)
xOxMeGGie (banned until Tuesday May 30 2006, 1:03 am)
ninthgradebiomidterms (banned until Sunday October 20 2013, 1:03 am)
l*ilbabe (banned until Thursday March 23 2006, 2:45 pm)
xoxox_courtney (banned until Sunday October 20 2013, 1:02 am)
cMsCsR (banned until Tuesday May 30 2006, 1:01 am)
cms_csr (banned until Tuesday May 30 2006, 1:00 am)

Answerers from this address

tuff love (banned until Sunday October 20 2013, 1:08 am)
pubehaireaters (banned until Tuesday May 30 2006, 1:05 am)
xOxMeGGie (banned until Tuesday May 30 2006, 1:03 am)
xoxox_courtney (banned until Sunday October 20 2013, 1:02 am)

Are you the new site manager? I need to know because i have a bone to pick with you! (link)
Yes I am,

What can I do for you?


I have the weirdest phobia (Well to me) I can not swallow pills. My sister used to have trouble with it too, but she eventually got over it. My younger brother has ADD so he has to have pills so he it's no problem for him. But when I was little I had choked on something and I blacked out before it was dislodged, and even though I know it's not going to happen just because I try swallowing a pill, I still have a "pill phobia". Anyway is there anything I can do that will help me get over it. Or just ways to make swallowing pills easier? I'm almost 15, and a sophmore in high school, and I'm still telling doctors when I'm sick that I need a liquid or chewable, I don't want to be an adult doing the same thing. It's embarassing. I have friends that won't swallow a pill unless they have to, but even if it was the only way, I'd rather just be sick. So if you have tips on making swallowing pills easier or just getting over the phobia, please let me know!! Thanks in advance! (link)
Hello there,

I have never had any trouble with pills, so I don't know what to say about that that hasn't already been suggested.

IMPORTANT: You must NEVER break open medications, especially timed release ones.

There are pills that have one kind of medicine on one end of the capsule, and anoth ot the other.

They are meant to be released at a certain point in your digestive tract and can be really harmful if you take them any other way.

I cannot tell you enough about how important it is that you take anything like that in its whole and complete form.

Whomever told you that you shouldn't break these things open was definitely on your side.


Heyy DangerNerd!!

I've got a question about my ratings. (not bragging!) I have 15 ratings from the past 30 days, all of them are 5's. None are from private questions. A few hours ago I had 14 ratings and an average rating of 5. Then I got another rating (which was a 5) and my rating dropped to 4.73. Why'd this happen? All I've gotten is 5's, it doesn't seem right that the rating would go down... thanks!
-FunnyCide (link)
Hi there,

You got a one for this question:

If I had to guess it would be because the questioner already knew the answer, and was looking for someone to back her up in her belief.

Telling someone that God will forgive them, when they aleady believe that if they aren't around to ask forgiveness, they can't be forgiven will probably get a "1" every time.

If you believe in the Bible or not, you have to be careful when telling something the opposite of what it says if you expect a '5' from them.

Tell them something that they already know it doesn't say, when they are looking for re-assurance of their beliefs will probably not be well met. In this case, it was a '1.'

Take care,


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