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Hey! My name is Tori! I would want to help you with any problems that you have! So don't be afraid to ask!
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hey.I go to a all girls private school in Hinsdale. All the popular girls in my grade are really pretty and smart and are good friends with all the guys and all. but then heres me...i mean im in the group of girls who are just not as pretty and not as smart. sometimes i cry because i want to be popular so bad. i mean some of the girls are really rich and their dad's are big time lawyers or doctors and they shop downtown every weekend together. i just wish i could be like them. their so awesome and perfect. i don't know how to be like them help me! (link)
Being popular isn't everything. Just be happy for who you are and be happy with the person God wanted you to be.You are lucky to have friends that like you for being u and not someone else. Most popular girls are called snobs but sometimes inside they wish they had the friendship that you have with your friends. so just be happy and live life not worrying what the popular girls think of you.
I hope i helped!
Lu, Tor

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