I just started having my period i've had like 4 or 5. this one month it didn't come.(that whole week i spent it at the beach)is it normal to skip periods when you first have them? please help and no smart ass stuff i'll give 5's!!

yes it is normal ive had my period for 3 years and it still doznt come normally. the doctor told me it was fine.


Ok, I'm trying to lose weight but I get bored often and I've found that I eat when I get bored, even if I'm not hungry at all. What are some things to do when I get bored?? I mean, I live in a place where you have to drive 15 minutes to the nearest mall or movie place so shopping isnt an option. And I'm only 13 so I can't drive...What are some fun, random things to do around the house?

omg i have the same problem. my mom sed my stomach was gettin a little big nd if i kept eatin i would start getting fat. i have absolutely nothing to do so i try to exercise. wheneever im about to eat for no reason i exercise or dance. or i read stories on sony music forums, its really not boring cuz the stories r like x rated lol. hope i helped

GooD lUCk


13/f is there a website besides fictionpress.com where you can show people a book you wrote or any websites that help you get closer to publishing a book. xoxo

sonymusic forums is a place where people can read ur story. me nd my friends go there to read stories about omarion. theyre not really about him but people use celebrity names in their stories and comment them.

RaTe PLeasE


I've been cutting for a while, and i have tried to kill myself before.And its all over a boy whos name is aaron and i think i'n in love with him. And the only time he notices me is when he wants something like sexual and then he goes to another girl when hes done with me and when hes done with the he comes back. And i wanted to know if you knew anything that might help me stop.Because everything i try doesnt work.

try puttin a rubber band on your wrist. wenevr you want to cut pull the rubber band. it kinda hurts but its better than cutting

rate pleez


hey im looking for some good hip hop or rap songs to play at my sisters dance


pon de replay-rihanna
so seductive-tony yayo ft 50 cent
lose control-missy elliot,ciara,fatman scoop
lose my breath-destinys child
candy shop-50 cent
drop it like its hot-snoop(i kno its old but still)
switch-will smith
get low-lil jon, eastside boys(THIS SONG IS A MUST)


does anyone know who sings this song on bet

it goes make her feel good or something?

teairra mari- make her feel good

i love that song


omg dare is this nice song and i dont know what its called but it goes i gotta shake it off or something? help who sings it and where can i get it?

its called shake it off my mariah carey


whats a good 50 cent song?

hmm lets see all of his songs r good

candy shop
just a lil bit
so seductive (with tony yayo)


what are good types of hair gel/moose for when you scrunch up your hair and it makes it look curly/wavy
i rate HIGH!!!!!!! plz help!!

L.A. Looks Curl Control its really good


does anyone know where i can get a dress i have to go to a wedding (i need websites of any stores that have dresses) i rate 5 for any anwser

cache has really nice dresses. but theyre expensive. i bought a dress from them for a wedding also.



does anyone know how to make really good smokey eyes like how they have it in the magazines and stuff?

my moms eyes are really smoky and evry make up artist in the mall stops her to compliment them lol. so she taught me since she was a model and had to take make up lessons. shes gets really dark eyeshadow and puts in on her eyelids and even under her eyebrows then take liquid eyeliner and puts it on her eyelids(at the bottom close to the eyelashes.


my hair is SOOOOO frizzy, i cant stand it anymore. how can i get it to stop frizzing so much? is there a good shampoo/conditioner etc.?

will rate high!!

i have frizzy hair too. if i wet it and leave it it will get really frizzy almost afro like lol. i use garnier shampoo and conditioner for dry and frizzy hair. and if i want to leave it curly i use L.A. Looks curl control gel and scrunch my hair. it looks wet all the time and doznt frizz.


idk how to scrunch hair! i really lik how it looks i need to kno what product(s) work best and whats the best way to do it...

i have really curly hair and i use L.A. Looks. its really good. just put some in ur palm and scrunch it


hey i need some good eyeliner
please name brands...regular or liquid is fine


the eyeliner i use is called prestige, its water proof and doesnt smudge


School starts soon, and I want a new hairstyle, but I don't know what to do. I always left it down last year. This year I want to try something new. I have thick,straight,blonde hair. Like if I should cut or highlight etc. Any ideas would help, plz!

u should get highlights and layers. when u go to the salon ask them what would be best, theyre professional so they would know


IDK where to put the URL for the music. I have a pre made layout for my Myspace and if i just put the URL in the about me section it doesnt play but the URL just shows up on my webpage. Where do i put the URL?

i put the url for music under music. just paste it there.


well school is starting up soon and i want to start wearing makeup. i havent worn any makeup before besies mascara. i need some tips on what colors and what i should where to get a natural look. i have dark brown eyes and hair, and semi tan skin. suggestions please?

hmmm maybe some light blush that matches your skin tone if you do ur eyes dark (like dark eyeshadow) then u hav to do your lips light (like peach or clean lig gloss) my personal fave is eyliner. i put some on my eylids a thin layer at the top


I've been home for the last week and it is so boring!! I'm home alone from when i wake up to 11:30. What can I do other than eat, go on the computer, read, and watch TV because that is what I've been doing. So bored! My summer is wasting away!

why dont u chill with friends? go to movies, mall, makeovers, slumber partys, anything!


ok here the thing,
i'm going out with this one girl (let's call her g.) now me & "g" have beem going out for around 2-3 weeks. now i like "g" and all that but i also like this other girl. (let's call her sussie)
now me & "sussie" have went out before but she broke up with me.now about a year later i hear from some of her friends that she still has feelings for me. she also acts like she still has feelings for me. she'll like watch me while i'm outside or smile at me & stuff. so wat do i do?
could someoen PLZ HELP ME OUT!!!!!

(i rate high for good advice) -thanks

u should go out with the girl u like more. sussie still has feelings for you so it wouldnt hurt to give ur relationship another shot.
good luck


hey can anyone give me some advice on how to have my hair wavy without using a curling iron cuz they never seem to work and too long to do. thanks everyone!

wash ur hair nd put it in braids b4 u go 2 bed


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