Does baby oil cause someone to tan better?

you should go to cvs and buy a suncream that enhances tan while protecting you from the sun..i used it and laid in teh sun for 30 minz and i was 2 shades darker..it really helps..theyre in the sunblock section and theyll say tanning cream or something like that..i dont think you should use babyoil because its not protecting you from the damges of the sun..peace


Me and my boyfriend had sex twice. On June 17th , we had sex with a condom on and he cummed inside a little, but we onyl had sex for like 10 mintes. The second time we had sex was, on June 30th it was only 5 minutes and he didn't cum at all and we used a condom. But now , lately I haven't been feeling well at all and im stressed because I don't know if I'm pregnant or not.. So, in your opinion do you think im pregnant? What are some signs of pregnancy?

well if he didnt cum in you then u cant be pregnant..after sex girls usually have cramps that could be the reason you havent been feeling well..ive done it 4 times witha condom and i thought i was pregnant because i felt liek throwin up evryday and ive had headaches and cramps but im not pregnnat..these are just after sex symptoms..if you have any of this you might just hav the same problem as me and not be pregnannt..but just to be sure you should take a pregnancy test..1 love..


what is masturbation and how is it done??

masturbation is when someone pleasures themselves..boy would give themselves handjobs aka jerk off..and girls finger themselves.


me and my boyfriend have been together for a couple weeks
but weve been talking for like 2 months. i trust him and everything but should i have sex with him?
or should i wait?

im not a virgin so its not like my frist time.

what should i do?

hmm welll if you're questioning the idea of having sex with him..then you probably shouldnt. i mean yeah you trust him and you like him but when you're ready to do it you won't even think about not having sex with him, you would just do it..but its up to you..but i think you should wait till you have no doubts about doing it..hope i helped..holla atcha grll


what does it mean when they say they have discharge down there???

the stuff girls excrete from their vaginas. It cleanses the body including the vagina. Its usually whitish, yellow, clear. Very sticky and wet.


okay so i've never been fingered before, but i probably will by my boyfriend soon. will i bleed? i use tampons and i have no problem using any size so i don't know if that stretched out the hymen already? also i know this is gross but what if they finger you when you have discharge down there? any help would be appreciated!

i highly doubt you'll bleed. but i just wanna give you a heads up that it kinda hurts but not a lot but it shouult really hurt you because you use tampons. if he fingers you when you have discharge it won't really matter because while hes fingering you theres going to be secretions..well good luckkk


This may sound really weird, but I am going to a slumber party in a week and I can't find any good prank phonecalls, if any body has any good ones, please tell me

well me and my friends prank our other friens==mostly boys and pretend were a chinese restaurant and yell at them in a chinese accent or pretend were from horny hotline--dont ask lol. you can also go to ebaulmsworld and under soundboards there are different voices so we use michael jackson's voice and make it seem likes hes talking. its mad funny. good luckk


ok for any of yall who use bearshare.. i jus downloaded it tonight & is there any way to download like several songs at once instead of jus one at a time?? thx

to download more songs you just keep searching for new ones and press download and they'll all end up in the downloading section.


well i changed my password && it won`t let me in.. I did the whole send it to your email but it says my yahoo email is deleted so i can`t get the password;; so do you know if there is another way to get it??
Or will i have to make a new account?

hmm if if says your yahoo email is deleted then try making another yahoo account with the same email then send the password. good luckk


This is NOT a joke. I seriously think my house is haunted. Tonight I saw something (a black figure out of the corner of my eye) walk past my room. The reason why I dont think it was "just my eyes playing a trick on me" is because I felt a prescence, like there was someone there. When I looked down the hall, there was no one there. I asked my Dad who was watching TV in another room if it was him and he said, "No." And my Mom was sleeping in her room and no one else was home. Please help! This has happened 3 or 4 times and I cant sleep at night! What should I do?? Has this happened to anyone else? How did you feel less scared? :(

omg this happened to me too. ghosts are actually real, believe it or not. a few people in my house have felt the presense of someone else. i felt it in my room once when i was by myself at night, i got really scared and ran downstairs. my dad felt it too when he was in the basement by himself. we know its my grandpa, because he passed away. so we dont worry about it too much. i think you shouldnt be scared, cause i just forget about it. try to keep your mind on other things and keep the lights in your house on.. good luck


when you add me as a friend, it says you need my email or last name. but when i went to account setting, it said i didn't have that checked. how can i fix this?

well it has nothing to do with age so dont listen to the people under me. my friends have been having the same problem. i agree with the person that sed myspace is having server issues. thats so true. you should wait a couple days..it went away on my friends myspace.


i'm 5'8 and 112 pounds maybe? how fast can i lose around 10-15 pounds and how? what are some things i can do?

whoa you shouldnt think of losing weight at all, you should think of gaining some especially with you being so tall. i'm 5'4 and i weigh 118 and i'm kinda swollen so if you lose any more weight you will be anorexic. well i hope you make a good decision


ok im scared senseless of using a tampon like im jus scared itll hurt. ive tried puttin one in like 3 times & i cant even do it bc i tense up so bad. ive heard people say that you cant even feel it when its in but ive also heard ppl say you can feel it just enough to tell its inside you soo which is it???

okay well it seems like you have the exact same problem i had..well if you're tense dont even bother trying to put it in because it wont go up. dont be scared just slowly push it up and trust me it wont hurt that much, surprisingly. when you put it in you can feel it for a while but then you cant feel it at all and its very very very comfortable. if you have a heavy flow i suggest dont use tampons that day because you will have to keep changing it and once my tampon overflowed in school and lets just say it was nottt pretty. well good luck.


ok so I got my period about 1 and half years ago in february 15,2005 but that was the only time. it nvr came back once a month and stuff it nvr came back...is this normal?

heyy..i would say this is completely normal. i use to think the same as you because i would get my period randomly, which sucked ass. sometimes i would think i was pregnant and it was mad scary. but you're probably going to get it irregulary because you're active. so dont worry..goood luck x0


I'm about 5ft and 125 Ibs and have a I consider myself as having a big butt...am I fat? I wear baggy clothes because I'm afraid people will see and I'm really self conscious and pretty sure guys find big butts unattractive..well one guy asked me out because he liked my butt but he was kinda wierd. So my questions are: Am I fat? And if I do have a big butt do guys not like that?

heyy..well you dont seem overweight AT ALLL. im only 4 inches taller n weigh 5 lbs less than you so you seem just right. most guys lovee big butts so you should flaunt it with some tight jeans. you dont have to hide it under baggy clothes. g0od luck chica. x0


I am a 16- years old, I got a event that takes place soon. I need to tone my stomach and mi chest. The event takes place in a month and two weeks. Can someone plz help me? Mi breast aren't saggy but I don't like em, they are to low, can someone help me to do something to help me. please help. thanks

well for your stomach you can do crunches.cross one leg over the other and do a lot of sit ups. try eating healthier and eating less carbs so your stomach can stay flatter. but ur suppose 2 work out ur entire body wen you exercise. for you chest i guess you can wear a push up bra.


im 13 and a female. everyday me and my bf go to our school library and hang there and we are usually kissing and making out but i dont really want to all i want to do is talk to him and some friends, snuggle close with him, and maybe a odd kiss a day if im in the mood. he love to snuggle with me too but he takes it too far and i really need to be answered tonight cuz tomorrow i might be biking to his house tomorrow and we will be alone and im sorta afraid of what he will do. is that wrong? what should i do? sry its so long.

hey gurl,
if you're not in the mood then tell him. he doesn't own you so you shouldn't let him do whatever he wants to you. tell him sometimes you just want to talk to him and have a conversation.

good luckkkk


ok look i shave down there and wen i do like a day after there is red bumps and they hurt a lil like wen i put on my jeans and i do use shaving cream and soap wen i dont have any

they're called razor bumps thats why you shouldn't shave down there. you could get a bikini wax and then you won't have the razor bumps.


Ok Well theres this Amazingly Gorgeous kid in my 6th period lunch named, Joe and hes soo amazing like i almost passed out the first day i saw him.. no jokee!! and belive me if i think a guy is hitt hes majorly hottt.. because i dont think many r hott.. but moving on...

My friend chelsea is obsessed over himm... and hes always looking over to me and my (girl) friends tables.. soo like yea i looked at him and he looked at me and it was almost like we had a staring contest (laugh out loud) and than his friend like tapped him on the shoulder soo he turned his head..

but my friend Chelsea totally thinks he stares at her all the time.. but hes nott.. and hes in 11th grade and were in 9th soo its like were 14 hes 17 but what ever (laugh Out Loud) we got one of our 11th grade friends to talk to him..For chelsea and the 11th grade friend who was a girl.. never told chelsea what he said but she told me..

She said Chelsea was gross and wear way to much make-up and he'd only go out with her for some "booty".

So Chelseas always tlaking about how hot he was.. yesterday she said she was in love.. i feel soo badd.. i wanna get her mind off this kid because hes not interested.. what do i sayy to her?

i guess just tell her the truth. if the guy doesn't like her he doesn't like her there's nothing you can do about that. she's not in love with him. she's in love with his appearance. but if you like him and he likes you back you should go for it.

gOOd LuCkk


i really like this guy .. but i dont know if he likes me back...everytime i look at him hes looking at me but i dont no if thats because i was looking ... how do i tell him that i like him ?? .... help pleaseeee

well personally i never tell guys I like them unless they ask me if I like them. If you dont want 2 tell him ask a friend 2 tell him for you and tell your friend to ask him if he likes you back.

good luckkk


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