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Do you need big brother advice, but don't need that non-stop punching that comes from a real big brother? Well, that's me.
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My ex-b/f and I play this game where we ask each other any question and we have to answer truthfully. We found out we loved each other and all that stuff. Yesterday he asked how I felt when he hugged me and I poured my heart out then he says, "By the way I'm in love with someone else." He's going out with this girl who hasn't attended school until 3 days ago. Now my question is did he set me up? Did he try to hurt me or is he really that stupid? And I how do I cope? I love him and he has just ripped my heart out. (link)
Remember, just like myself, he's a dude. We do some pretty stupid things sometimes when it comes to girls.

If he's only known this "new girl" for three days, then he doesn't know her well enough yet to really, really like her, and he doesn't know if it's truly worth breaking up with you or not.

I doubt he tried to "set you up", unless you gave him a GOOD reason to do so.

How to cope? I'm not going to answer that one, because I'm sure one of the females on this board could answer that better than I could.

This may require you to be patient; you should know in a week if he's seriously in love with this other girl, or he's just lost his mind over the new girl. If he comes back to you, and is sorry for doing what he did, take him back. Remember, we're stupid sometimes. ;-)

Abilene, TX

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We are broken up and he chose her over me. So, the feelings are obviously stronger for her than they are me.

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