how do you approach a friend who used to be your best friend but now you barely talk ? i have a friend nd we used to be best friends but out of nowhere its like i dont even exist anymore ..

I had the same thing happen to me. One minute we were on a plane to Spain together and the next thing I knew back at school she was ignoring me and I had no clue what I'd done wrong!

First of all, don't stress. Stressing will just make it worse, because it could all be a misunderstanding - someone's said you said something, or you didn't hear her when she yelled hi so she's offended. In cases like this, stressing will drive you further apart and maybe even make you dislike her.

It might be that she has a new interest - a club, a boyfriend etc. People often get carried away with new things and leave everyone behind. Don't worry about this, it'll blow over if this is the problem :)

Basically, whatever is wrong, you just need to talk. About ANYTHING. Keep the channels of communication open. Appear interested. Ask her/him what they want for Christmas, or if they know what their parents are getting them. Ask how stuff is going with their boy/girlfriend. Ask what their lessons were like that day at school. If you have a lesson together, rant together about the amount of homework you got or how hard the work is, or even how nice the teacher is.

What did you used to talk about? If you used to talk about boys a lot, do that. If you used to gossip about celebrities, tell him/her the latest celebrity gossip. If you used to play sports together, tell them that there's a match on next Saturday you want to watch and that they should come. Anything like that.

Another good idea might be to have a little party, or get-together, like a bunch of you and all your friends could go shopping together or something. Invite your old best friend - they won't feel left out and neither of you will feel awkward because there will be other people there to talk to as well.

Sometimes it'll feel like you're doing all the work and not getting anything in return. If you can honestly say you have tried your hardest and by xmas s/he is still being distant, didn't get you a present, doesn't sit with you ever, has a new group of friends etc, then you'll just have to admit defeat. Sometimes people just grow apart.


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