Hey 'sup ya'll! My name is Anthony. I enjoy giving people advice. I like to help people with their problems or give them suggestions. You can ask me anything. But please type correctly, (no using internet slang, or abbreviations) because a lot of times questions can be misunderstood even by one word.
I will try to answer these questions the best I can. It will help if you inclued AGE, GENDER, and be VERY THOROUGH. I do specialize in topics in Growing up, Relationships, SOME Technology, SOME Religion, Physical Fitness, and Philosophy (if you have anything that you've been wondering or thinking about and you want to tell someone, tell me!)
Basically, I am the male, black/asian, rap fan, non-punk, -emo,or -gothic version of twistedsister17. So you can ask us both for different opinions.
Also, any answer I give, please note that these are merely SUGGESTIONS. You do not have to take my advice. And once again, I will try to answer the best I can.


Why are boys so... i dont even know what word to use.. i mean they tell you they love you just to get in your pants! and they are sooo confusing, they bring so much pain but i still want them! ... grrr, am i making any sense? all i truley want is this...
i want a boy---
who can wrestle with me
and let me win.
who i can talk to about anything.
who laughs at my jokes.
a boy who puts my cold hands
in his warm hoodie pockets.
who lets me use his sweatshirt
for a pillow.
who buys me 25 cent rings,
and sticky hands.
who says i love you & means it.
who will kiss me in the rain,
in the sunshine, and in the snow.
who calls unexpectedly.
who will have many inside jokes
with me and remember each one.
a boy who notices girl's haircuts.
who realizes that girls say things
but dont always mean them.
who i can go swimming with
on hot days.
who can tell me his problems
and let me help.
who will listen to me talk--
about the new nail polish i got.
who will bring me seashells
from the beach.
who will let me beat him up
when i get angry.
who writes love letters to me,
but doesn't send them.
who draws pictures and slips them
gently into my locker slot.
who saves his genuine, big smiles for me.
a boy with deep eyes,
that can see through faces into depths.

who wears baseball hats and
lets me wear his too.

who gives me his t-shirt to change into
and not expect to get it back.
who knows my favorite color, song,
car, vegetable, perfume and
the color of my toothbrush.
a boy who will shake my dad's handand look my mother in the eye.
who will call me by my full name--
first, middle and last.
a boy who will kiss me and
tell me i'm beautiful.
a boy who will let me cry to him.
who will squeeze my hips just right.
who suprises me and compliments
my manicure and plays with my hair.
who knows when i have a math test
or when i fail one.
a boy who smells like
he just stepped out of the shower.
who tells me i have a nice laugh,
and a smile that lights up the room.
a boy who's simply mine to hold."
that is exactly what i want!
why cant i get that?

Well, for one, it might be hard to find someone who has all of those qualities. They also can't read your mind. I'm a guy, and I know that there are some guys out there that are shallow. I'm not like that. Actually, I'm most of what you mentioned.
Guys can don't really like to show their sensativity. (ex. draws pictures and slips them in your locker)
They may also want to buy their girl to recieve quality with affection. They may not buy their girl a 25 cent ring.
Just keep trying and eventually, your find the right person. Good luck!


what do you need to do to get attention from a guy that youve liked for like ever?
im 13/f and i like a 15 yr old guy

Well, it may be hard. You may be too young for this guy. You could just be friends with him. You never know. It might develop into something more... Hope I helped!


sometimes i feel like i really annoy my boyfriend by asking so many questions at once and send him some text messages and by calling him every now and then but i have to check b/c he is always sore and stuff b/c he plays football and he be hurting but i feel like i be annoying him and when i asked him he said naw babe you good and i miss u so what should i do?

Hmm... This one is kinda hard. Usually, this kind of response is that is a straight forward answere. He doesn't mind you calling him. However, you might want to lay off on the questions. I get annoyed if I get bombarded with questions before I can answer the first question. Answering text messages can get annoying also. You might want to reduce calling him, but making them last. Hope I helped!


I have a question for guys out there, are you attracted to a slim girls with large hips? haha I was just wondering cause not that i'm getting older I notice I'm starting to get larger hips and all my girlfriends are jealous of me..and i'm like y, i would do anything to get ride of them. Thank-you

Hmm... It really does depends on the guy, but most guys like girls who are cute in the face and thick in the waist. (Haha!) If your waist is anything like the girls in rap videos, guys will be all over you. That's what I like! In my opinion, those curves is something you want to keep.


Me and my boyfriend never really spend any time together. he is crazy about me, and I love him too, but it seems so weird because we just met like 3 weeks ago. I can't help feeling like he....wants...something else from me. Should I talk to him about it or should I ignore it?

Well, in my opinion, you should wait it out. I mean, you did meet JUST 3 weeks ago. Over time, you will eventually get to do more things with him. Also, you really should give your relationship more time before you start saying you "love" him. And from what it sounds, it seems like you two got together because of physical attraction. I must admit, guys CAN get shallow at times. Go ahead and talk to him. And make it clear that he can't do anything you don't want to do. If he's a nice guy, he'll understand and won't try anything... explicit with you. Hope I helped!



Yo Anthony!!! It's Johanna! I was trying to figure out for the longest time who you were. Then I just read your page. Lol.

Hey Johanna! I recommended you on my page as a second opinion, if that's ok with you.


ok, so me and this guy have been dating on and off for 8 months. He's always the one who breaks up with me and I'm always heart-broken when he does. Then he says he loves me and wants me to go back out with him. I know what your thinking, why doesnt she just leave him behind? The thing is, i cant. Im pretty sure I'm in love with him, but i dont know what to do. He told me he loves me, but he isnt IN love with me. Any guys know what this means? And what do you think i should do?

Thanks Bundles,

Yeah, I know what this means. It means that he can't get any booty elsewhere and he always has someone to fall back on. You really should ditch this dude. I think he's playin' ya. I think he considers you as a "friend with benifits". Please find someone else who won't keep breaking your heart.


Is 13 old enough to have a boyfriend...not like pair off and go out on an actual date or anything...but to really like a boy and have a first kiss or sumthin...it's not like I want to, but when I see kids in my grade kissing and holding hands and stuff and I'm just curious to whether it's right or if it's silly or if it's age-appropriate...?

Hmm... How can I answer this... 13 is... kinda young. But that IS when puberty starts... In my oppinion, 14 is a better age. But then again, the laws of society is also a factor that plays with how we feel things should be. I know I word this akwardly and I probably haven't helped much, but I gave you my opinion. But think about this. Awhile back, 13 used to be when your parents' were expecting you to get married and have a family!


it's says that a virgo and an aqurius doesnt make a good relationship,but me boy friend is an aquarius and im a virgo.we are planning a future together do you think it will work out.

Ok, Think about this... Horosopes are based off of the positions of stars in the sky, right? Well, could balls of gas millions of lightyears away REALLY tell you how your relation ship will be? My advice: Go for it, and don't follow the horoscope. Sure they're fun to look at, but don't take them serouisly. Hope I helped!


There's this guy named Justin. He is on my sport team. I see him every Monday and Wednesday. I really like him, but i'm not sure if he likes me..
How can you tell if a guy who is really shy, likes you?
I'll rate!

Well, I'm shy. If there is a girl I like, when they talk to me, I can't think of anything to say. Ususally, I'll stutter, and not talk much. Just try to start a conversation where you both have something in common. That should get him to open up. Good luck!


i want to go on a diet so that when school starts i will have something to feel good about and not just the torture of school starting but i just cant stop eating im 13 years old and i weight 106 lbs and have a big tummy i have been doing crunches but i just cant stop eating any suggestions i rate 5s help please asap

signed desprete

WHAT?! You don't need to be on a diet! You probably do have a fast matabolism though. What you could do, is start running. And a better workout than situps is by laying down on your back, and lift up your legs 6in. of the ground. your legs should be straight. Then do sissor kicks. Those are helpful


going to a high school almost all my friends hav done stuff that r not "prent approved" i lov my friends to death but will alot of people classify me as a "bad" person for hanging out with them??

hope i dont sound dumb

You don't sound dumb at all. Well, Think of it this way, people are going to judge you no matter what. The only thing you can do is deal with it. If they ask you if you have done this or whatever, just tell them the truth. They might be in doubt, but don't worry about it.


...What do people think about a teenage pregnancy? Is it bad i mean If a person thinks they are lonley an are scared to be alone while their boyfriend leaves for awhile for the military..would it be okay to have a baby?

That's a tough one. Well, you really shouldn't have a baby while you are still are a teen. Fist of all, you are still growing an having a baby early can damage yourself, or the baby, it can even be fatal. And you don't want to have a baby without the father. Plus it'll be hard to take care of the baby. If you are alone, just hang out with your friends.


I am a 22 year old stay at home mom to 2 little girls. Ages 3 and 18 months. My house always lookslike a cyclone has just passed through no matter how much I go behind everyone a clean. Lately, I have felt so unappreciated and just don't have the urge or the energy to keep the house clean like I want to. Sometimes I make myself get up and start cleaning, but within a few minutes I'm back on the couch or in front of the computer avoiding the work that needs done. Anyone have any advice on something I can do to motivate myself to get this place spic and span like I want it and keep it that way???

Hmm... Well I don't like to clean, but when I do, I just listen to music while I clean... Also, you can get your 3 year old daughter to help you. (She's not too young. My mom owns a daycare so I know)To do that, you must ask your daughter politly to help you (even if its just a little) and reenforce it by praising her when she does help you. That will get her to help you clean up more. Dang... you are really making me appreciate my mother right now.


Heyy. I will be going back to school in early Sept. This summer I have really been into MTV. Well, I got even more into Laguna beach. When I see their lives, I am sooo jelious. I am not popular. We do have a popular crowd though.,.... My life can't be anything like the ones on Laguna Beach... is there anyway I can over come this and maybe even come close to having that life??? Please Laguna is almost my life....

Ok, first of all, Laguna beach is about rich teens. I really don't like that show, BECAUSE it makes everyone envious... And I'm black. (Notice how there is rarely any black people?!) You won't be able to live life like that if your parents don't have the cash. You could provide it to your children however, by working hard, stay in school, and concentrate on a profession that you would wish to go into. Working hard is the only way you can earn the cash to live in the OC... or you could win the lottery.


How does anorexia harm you or your body? I know pukeing will stain your teeth but what else?? cuz if thats it, then whats the harm right?

Ok, it harms your body because you are depriving your body of essential vitiamins and minerals that it needs to function properly. When that happens, the body will start to feed of itself, and the body will start to shut down. Starving yourself really isn't the answer to loosing weight.


Im downloading some music into my IPOD mini and i was just wondering, what are song good songs i can put on it. I like everything except country and techno.i still like dance music tho.. So just gimme some songs people! THanks!

Ok, I like mostly rap.

- Do You (Twista feat. Do or Die)
- Can you Make it Hot (Do or Die)
- Get'chu Twisted (Krayzie Bone)
- Kill us All (Twista)
- Victory or Death (Twista)
- Korrupt World (Twista)
- Tha Crossroads (Bone Thugs n' Harmony)
- Guess Who's Back (Bone Thugs n' Harmony)
- Pump, Pump (Bone Thugs n' Harmony)
- Set it Straight (Bone Thugs n' Harmony)
- Money, Money (Bone Thugs n' Harmony)
- Not my Baby (Bone Thugs n' Harmony)

Warning, These songs have explicit lyrics, and are REALLY fast! Tell me how you like them!


i think this weekend my boyfriend and i will start having oral sex..i've never done it before but he has and he's had sex before....i don't wear thongs.. but yet i don't wear big grandma underwear..they're exactlylike thongs.. like with the strings around the hips and all.. but instead of the string up my ass, it's just all covered..i'm scared that his other girlfriends wore thongs and stuff and that when he sees i don't he'll think i'm like a looser or something...do you think it matters.....or do guys REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY prefer thongs and totally hate like thekinda underwear i wear

Well... To tell you the truth, guys DO prefer girls to wear thongs, but they won't think that you're a loser or anything. Thongs adds allure and compliment the gentle curves of the female booty. And it doesn't really matter because, hey, there commin' off anyway!


How many times do you have to change your contacts? Can you get color contacts with prescriptions? How much do they cost?

You have to change your contacts to a new pair every 2 weeks. This is important, because if you use the same pair for an extended period of time, you could damage your eyes. You can get colored contacts with presription. I'm pretty sure that they are slightly more expensive than clear contact lenses.


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