Hey 'sup ya'll! My name is Anthony. I enjoy giving people advice. I like to help people with their problems or give them suggestions. You can ask me anything. But please type correctly, (no using internet slang, or abbreviations) because a lot of times questions can be misunderstood even by one word.
I will try to answer these questions the best I can. It will help if you inclued AGE, GENDER, and be VERY THOROUGH. I do specialize in topics in Growing up, Relationships, SOME Technology, SOME Religion, Physical Fitness, and Philosophy (if you have anything that you've been wondering or thinking about and you want to tell someone, tell me!)
Basically, I am the male, black/asian, rap fan, non-punk, -emo,or -gothic version of twistedsister17. So you can ask us both for different opinions.
Also, any answer I give, please note that these are merely SUGGESTIONS. You do not have to take my advice. And once again, I will try to answer the best I can.


i'm 14/f, and i've never had a boyfriend and i've never kissed anyone. a lot of people think that i'm the type of girl that can get any guy she wants, or the type of girl that has had a lot of boyfriends. i dont think i am that type of girl, and when i tell people that i've never had any experience with boys, they find it shocking to believe. is there something wrong with me? i'm not really shy, but i dont try to flirt with guys or anything like that.

Hey, I'm like you! People think that I can get a lot of girls and had a lot of girlfriends but I can't and don't. MY problem is that I'm shy. You probably just dom't want a relationship right now. It's normal.


Im a 14/m and i babysit. Im NOT gay!!! i have a gf (were pretty steady) and everything. But babysitting is fun bc i like to b with lil kids and im getting payd 4 it. its easy money. Do the parnets whos kid im babysitting think im gay? bc ive gotten a lot of ppl who think im gay.

That's not a problem. I'm 17 and I help my mom babysit (she owns a daycare) and I enjoy it also. I don't think the parents think you're gay because you're taking care of their children. It just shows that you care about their child. If dudes think you're gay, then they suck. They're probably potheads. If girls think you're gay, then they probably don't like children. But other than that, girls will think it's sweet.


I KNOW THIS IS GONNA BE ANNOYING AGAIN but im the one with the gay Microsoft problem i took one of the persons advice and unstalled it and then reinstalled it but my microsoft words processor wont work still this thing comes up and says "This application has failed to start because LTKRN13N.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem" WHat the **** does that mean?? Where do i find that LTKRN13N.dll and how do i go abouts re-installing it cuz i dont think its just reinstalling Microsoft again because ive done it a zillion and one times. SORRY THIS IS SO ANNOYING i know please dont get mad i just need help.... My Parents will be pissed....

Go here to get the file LTKRN13N.dll :


It's not the exact page, but it puts you in the ball park. Good luck!


Ok i posted before but got no answers so ill respond. My Microsoft Works will not work!!!! I tried reinstalling it like 3 times. Its Microsoft works 7.0, The spreadsheet and everything except the Works Word Processor works. And Under the Works word processor are all those catergorys like cover letters,cards,flyers,outlines, all that stuff and they will not work. WHAT DO I DO PLEAAAAAASE HELP ILL RATE HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

This happened to me before. You might not like this answer, but if all else fails then, you may have no choice. You might have to reformat your hard drive and then re-install it. But try other things first! Reformating your hard drive will cause you to lose EVERYTHING. (Just in case you didn't know.) So try other things first.



Lust is basically wanting somebody only for their body and wanting them sexually. Love is wanting somebody because you care about them, and they care about you. That's basically it.


okay so yea.. i have a huge problem with crackin my knuckles nd there like big now :( dose any one know how i can make them smaller nd or stop my habbit? please nd thanks i rate 5s

If you're a dude, then cracking your fingers isn't a bad thing. Because your knuckles are bigger, you'll be able to throw a harder punch. Also, cracking your knuckles isn't a bad thing. It's actually good. It releases the calcium deposits in your knuckles. That's why if you wait a long time without cracking your knuckles and then crack them, it'll hurt. Just a suggestion. If you don't want to crack your knuckles anymore, just listen to the guys who answered before me.


Hey Everyone!! Well I met this guy a month ago and we completly fell for eachother. The problem was our age differences because I'm 15 and he's 20 so he decided that he couldn't be w. me because i'm too *Immature.* Recently I've been checking out his profile just to look @ his pictures and I came across his new GF!! I have to admit that they look really happy together and I'm happy 4 him but @ the same time I wish that I was his GF. I can't stop thinking about the fact that he's moved on so quickly and I'm still getting no where. I really like him but I know there can't be anything between us..How do I get over him?? Please help!!

This might hurt you a little, but, its not hard for a 20 year old guy to get over a 15 year old girl. And besides, he couldn't be with you because you were immature. He couldn't be with you because you're not of legal age. He could be arrested if ya'll two were seen together!
Just think, there are so many guys that go to your school that I'm positive you'll find someone. Besides, you really should date closer to your age. If you still have feelings for him, you're gonna have to wait 3 years when you're legal. I answered the best I could. Good luck!


I used to cut. Not going to go into details, I used to cut and once I thought I went too deep. I've since realized how stupid and dangerous I was being. However, fo whatever reason, I feel the need to do so again. I don't want to, but I'm tempted and I don't know why. Can anyone please help? Please, no jack asses sayin crap about me bein a stupid "emo" and no bad mouthing me just because of something I used to do

I fell really bad for people who cut. I really feel bad about people younger than me that cuts (I'm 17) Even my younger sister has friends who cuts (she's 13). So I really want to help. I've been wondering why people do cut. I have a theory that people cut to relieve stress. Just remember, cutting doesn't solve anything, and it only causes more problems. I have a theory. You may be tempted because your subconscious may think that this is the only way to relive stress.

However, if cutting is a way to "relieve stress" I have a few suggestioins for alternative ways to relive that stress or anger. Don't repress it. That could lead to problems also. You should find something soft to punch (like a kickbag or a pillow.) That could relive a lost of your anger. If you want to relive sorrow, you could paint, draw, or write music to express your feelings. This could help take your mind off of things and turn you emotion into something creative.
I answered this the best I could. So good luck, and if you have anymore questions, visit my column or drop me an e-mail.



My boyfriend and I have been dating for a short amount of two weeks, and only two weeks. Last time I saw him he tried to touch my chest as we were kissing and I pulled his hand away and I got extemely uncomfortable around him that night. He knew I was too. Here I am a week later and he tried to do the same thing again tonight. I let him for a second then just stopped kissing him and got very quiet after that and just continued to watch the movie. We kind of have this joke about how I don't like my stomach so he was laughing about it and he kind of pulled my shirt up just so you could see my stomach just a little bit. So I pulled my shirt back down, but he put his hand under it. I laughed cause he was tickleing me too, but then he moved his hand up. I pulled his hand out right away and luckily my mom came to pick me up after that happened.
I live off the moto- "forgive and forget" I'm forgiving him, but it makes me feel really degrated and small that he'd try that two weeks into this realationship. He's really sorry and he knows it made me uncomfortable, but I don't know how to act now. I want to show him it's alright, but I don't want him trying again... what do I do? Should I feel uncomfortable?

I'm a dude and I agree with you. He is moving WAY too fast! If he does it again, smack him. Smack him hard! (Nah just kidding, don't do that!) You should say that he's moving too fast and that you arn't comfortable with him. If he cares about you, then he'll get the point and he'll stop. Good luck. Hope I helped.


Okay. I like this boy and everything but he is like my best guy friend that I have! i like him so much. I'm not scared to tell anyone that I like them if I do. But I'm thinking about our relationship together. I don't want to ruin what we have right now. But I want more. I mean, if I told him and he didnt like me, it would be totally awkward!! Does anyone have any advice? I will rate high for GOOD advice!!

When you're both alone, pin him and give him a big, long, passionet kiss. That'll get his attention! Haha! Just kidding.

I think that it's perfectly natural for good friends of oppisit sex to develop feeling for one another. This could develop mutually, or it could be one or the other to develop feelings for the other (hope I didn't confuse you!). You could get one of your friends (that he's friends with also) to casually ask this guy if he likes you more than just friends. If he says yes, then make your move soon! If not, then don't tell him anything. If it goes smoothly, then everything will be normal.


I'm really into anarchy and im a member at anarchystar.com. Its really cool there and for the 1st time i feel like i belong somewhere.
My mom and i are close and i tell her a lot that goes on in my life, i've always had a hidden side to myself that i kept to just me. No one else, but now i feel like im pretending to be someone im not.
I dunno. I guess, should i tell my mom im into anarchy,and am totally against bush? I mean i havent told anyone how into anarchy i am. Is it a bad thing? Like, will people think lowly of me if they know im into anarchy?
I need help.

Well, maybe people will think lowly of you. And just because you're hiding something something from people doesn't mean you're pretending to be something you're not. You're just not expressing your opinion. But maybe you should tell you're mom you're into anarchy. I'm not into it though. Because anarchy mean no goverment, then there won't be any law enforcment. Sure, that'll be cool for awhile, soon everything will be chaotic, nothing will be done, and murder will be everywhere. It'll be barbaric! And basicly, it'll be survial of the fittest. How would you like it if you saw your closest friends get murdered in front of your eyes and NOTHING happens to the people that killed them? Well, I may be exaggerating, but then again, this is probably the worst case scenario (0r near it), but anyway, that's my opinion. Well, hope I helped.


whats couture? like juicy couture, dior couture, couture in general

By definition, couture is high fashion designing and dressmaking.



I really want to work(im 16 yrs old and a female), but my parents say that it will take away from my studying time and that im going to start getting bad grades. But i know that i can balance my time. I really want to work so that i can buy me things when i want and i could buy what i want. In this case its easier to convince my mom than my dad. But i really want to start workin. PLEASE give me ways to try to convince them.....i rate 5's for any answer.

This might help. I once read an article where the writter said that when his daughter started working, her grades actually got BETTER. You could try to pull that one off. Sorry I couldn't have been of help.


Ok...So, I go to conciling and im on Medication. But, I still don't feel happy. I'm always down and I never want to do anything. I like being alone, always. And I try to change myself but it just keeps getting worse. Yes, I cut, But im really not a bad person. My family is dieing to get me to change and be like one of my friends. They told me that they wished I was like her....Any advice on how to change my ways and make my parents proud??

First off, your family is wrong for wanting you to be like somebody else. Your family should be happy for who you are. You do, however, need to stop cutting yourself. If you thought about it, cutting yourself didn't make you feel any better, right? You should be who you want to be. But it probably would be good for you to become active. It would also be good to express yourself, such as art, or music. Also, if you feel bad, you should watch stand up comedy (Comedy Central, on Friday nights.) That always make me feel better. Hope you feel better!


Well Lately people have been spreading rumours about me that I am easy and a slut and stuff. And then one of my really good friends called me easy and a slut and it really hurt meh! And I really hate rumours like this! it hurts meh really badly. And also lately my parents have been yelling at me about stupid phone bills! And my dad pushed my sister about it and it really scared meh! I used to be abused when I was little but my family got help and its ok now but when he pushed her it just brought back all the bad memorys! Also for about two yeaars up until around march I was suicidal but then I got the cops called on meh and they came to my house and it was really scary so I stopped cause I didnt want that to happen again! Also I was anerexic and balimic on and off for about 2 years also. Lately alot of things have been happening that have made me want to result back to cutting but I don`t want to and I find myself going into the bathroom alot staring at blades just thinking about it and wanting to but then I come in my room and stay here. Also Sense the rumours I have been feeling useless and like I`ll never find a guy that will treat meh good and Ive just felt like I wont ever be special to anyone and its been getting me really depressed. Wanting to work out heavely to make myself look prettyer. I dont know what to do! I Want to know ways to look prettyer and maybe get guys to like meh and I need advice on my cutting and all the other stuff I wrote about! please help
love maddie

Fisrt off, don't worry about the rumours about you. That's what they are, rumors. If they aren't true, then don't worry about it. If they are (only if!) then, you should do something to change their minds. Like, don't go out or kiss multiple guys, or stuff like that. (I'm sure you don't do that!)
Next, please, PLEASE, don't think about death! If you think about it, cutting yourself won't make anything better. It'll just cause more problems. Also, being bulimic AND anerexic is a VERY bad combanation. If you want to get thinner, you really should work out. It'll get you healthier and you will feel better about yourself.
Next, you shouldn't worry about finding a guy that will take care of you. YOUR ONLY 14! You have so much more time to find the right man. You'll most likely find him later on in life.
Once again, please stop thinking about suicide. It makes me feel bad when young people, especially people younger than me (17, male) are dying because of bulimia, anerexia, and cutting.
I answerd this the best I could. If you have anymore problems, visit my column.




..There's this guy I really like. I'm 14 years old and he's 17. We used to just be " buddies " and he used to talk to me about the girls that he liked but I knew that he would never in a million years talk about me that way. Boy, was I wrong.

..I've liked him for about two years now, and he's finally noticed me now since I " grew up " if you know what I mean. We've been talking about hooking up for a while now, but the problem is is that he's my brother's friend and if my brother found out that I was hooking up with his friend he would kill me and his friend. So... we really don't know what to do. At first we decided to just be friends with benefits lol :) but that didn't work...We just keep on talking about how it would be soooooo great if we were actually bf and gf. I really don't know what to do about this because I don't want to mess up my brother's friendship with the guy and I don't want to lose someone that I like very much. Please help in any way that ya'll can. Thanks.

- Melisa

Oh, dang... This is a tough one. Well first you have to understand that your older brother is... well, an older brother. (I'm one also, and if I see a guy hooking up with my sister... there will be murder...) It seems that older brothers tend to be over protective with their younger sisters. So, I think that it'll be best for you and this guy to be JUST friends. I know that if my friend went out with my sister, I'd have to kick both their asses! Well, good luck!


Is magic real? Can you really hypnotize people? I saw this thing on tv where this guy made this girl float..sounds totally not real but if you saw it you would probably believe it. But anyways, is it actually real?

Well that depends. Street Magicians like David Blaine, Alain Nu, and Chris Angel, have tricks that are very convincing. And yes, you can hypnotize people, but not the way you may be thinking. You can't make people act like chickens or anything like that. When hypnotized, people become more open to suggestion. Hypnotisism can help people remember or forget events.


Hey, I'm going to blockbuster soon with my mom and everytime I go I can never find anything I want to watch. I'm a girl, and I like chick flicks, what can I say. Romantic Comedies are usually my style, but I feel like I've watched them allll. Can anyone reccomend any good movies, they can be older or recent..doesn't matter. Thanks, and PLEASE DON'T SAY 'THE NOTEBOOK'. Haha.

It may not sound like it, but the martial art movie "House of Flying Daggers" is a really good love story. It kinda reminds me of Romeo and Juliet. It's really good.


I just thought it was kind of sad that some people really in need get less answers or suggestions than someone wanting to redecorate their room. It's just a suggestion, but why don't we all reach out a little more?

Yeah... That is a problem. I see some questions that are real problems, and I see that all they got in response is some shitless answer, that doesn't help at all. I would try to help, but I haven't have any kind of experience in their problem (ex. Financing. I'm only 17) So, it would be better if people actually give helpful answers and not make fun of them.


i usally do arounf 100 sit-ups everyday( not at once, but like 20-20-20-20-20) and i was wondering, how long will it be untill i see resultes?!

Well, it might take you awhile. However, when you say that you do sets, I really hope your not doing 20, rest for 2 hours, then do anothr 20, 'cause that won't get you anywhere. You should do 20, rest for 10 seconds, then continue. If you're doing them correctly, you should feel a burning sensation in your stomach. That means your stomach muscles are ripping (which is good) Then eat a lot of protein (this will get your muscles to heal faster, therefore geting stronger, faster.) Hope I helped!


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