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Its got blue bumps all over it why is this???

Depending on her age and if spayed or not, if she's had a heat yet or not, it could be vaginitis, as the name suggests, it is an inflammation of the vagina and usually associated with candidiasis (an infection caused by fungi)...

Or it could be flea bites, allergy to fleas, food allergies, environmental allergeries, etc.

Any bumps and rashes are symptoms of these allergies.

The vagina is sensitive and closet to her thighs which usually manifests rashes due to food or environmental allergies.

It's not uncommon for dogs to be allergic to flea bites and fleas miagrate to the genitals.

Go to your local pet store and buy a topical ointment. Panolog is a good general ointment for any and all rashes (unless really bad and spread which indicates a staff infection that can get in their blood stream. See a vet for prescription oral meds to clear the staff infection)...Panalog contains nystatin-neomycin, sulphate-thiostrepton,triamcinolone)

Don't allow the rash, or any rash and bumps to spread out of hand. See a vet if it does.

The ointment will clear the bumps up in a few days.


my fiance just got us a new puppy she's almost 8 weeks old and I need to get her updated on her shots and deworming the problem is I don't have much money to go to the vet. Does anyone know where I can go to get everything done for a cheaper price?

Call your local Humane Society-- the dogpound.

They know every available vet, and resource there is.


About a week ago i got a new kitten and it is only about 3-4 weeks old well this kitten has a stuffy nose, sneezes all the time and its eyes get really watery so they get crusty and she cant open them. She eats and drinks (alot) goes to the bathroom normal sleeps, and plays all the time. I called the vet and they said all i need to do is just keep washing her face. For a couple of days she started getting better and then it started to get hot and yucky out and now she is getting really bad again. I just want to know if she is going to be ok and if there is anything i can do besides taking her to the vet. If I have to i will but i want that to be the last thing i do because it is so expensive. If you know anything please let me know. THANK you .

She has allergies. It could be the area you live in.

Animals are as prone to seasonal allergies, and also environmental allergies as people.

Ask the vet if Benedryl can be used on a kitten that age, and the dosage amount. Dogs can take Benefryl (I don't know about cats, let alone kittens) for allergies.

If all else, take the kitten TO THE VET'S and voice your concerns about allergies.

It might be the kitten food you feed her. A food allergy. Try a better and healthier brand of kitten food for sensitive and allergy-prone cats.

Ask your vet. There are plenty of special cat foods.


so, im getting a puppy. a chihuahua. shes only 5 weeks,(6 weeks saturday) and she started eating by herself, so i might get her this weekend. well anyways, i like the name Stella. But when people ask me her name, i say Stella, and they give me a weird look. i think the name is cute.
so my first question. do you think the name is cute?
and can anyone think of cute unique dog names. oh and if you couldnt tell, shes a girl.. haha

Regardless of what you decide to name her, the worse thing you can do is pick out a name then go buy her and bring her home and it not fit.

Go get her. Bring her home. Spend a day and night with her. Watch HER personality, watch HER behavior and antics, let HER name come to you.


Hi, im starting a dog walking business but i am having trouble finding a suitable name for it. I am planning on doing dog walking, pet sitting (for only cats and dogs), possibly pet photography, making treats for cats and dogs and pet visiting. I can't figure out any names that would be very creative. If you have any suggestions, please post them. I would love to hear them

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It happened before but its happened 5 times today.. He threw up in the morning some chicken he had ate! Is it basically just getting out of his system or should i be worried.. Its definitely not blood.. Most of its just regular like Water/ Saliva but its colored like yellowish as usual.. Respond ASAP!

To be able to answer, I'd need to know the age of the dog, the breed, and what chicken? Home cooked chicken? Raw chicken? Dog food chicken?

Without this answers it is up in the air.

Was it first meal of day? Mid-day? Supper? Late night?

Raw chicken is bad because of salmonila regardless of what the RAW diet fans tell you. It's rubbage.

Home cooked chicken still could have have salmonila.

Answer these questions and I can help.

Ask JR.

P.S. Some dogs eat later in the day and evening skipping meals, and this causes empty stomach syndrome where they vomit and/or vomit after eating something.

Also, the bulging twisted stomach syndrome is fatal. Get him to a vet to be safe.


I own a labrador retriever currently and I just got a new puppy. The problem is that my lab is very aggressive towards the new puppy. She growls when it comes near her and if threatened enough she will attempt to bite the puppy. What can I do to keep my dog from doing this?

You didn't mention the age of the labrado or new puppy, oe what breed of pup, but the labrador is the Alpha dog and has been all it's life.

The new puppy is a threat to the Apha. There are diffenrent orders for each in a pack. Alpha the leader and Omega the last of the chain. Thr lsb id maintaing his her Alpha stance and reminfding the pup it's an Omega-low dog.

The one and only thing you can do is keep them speparated in differet rooms closed off when not closely supervised.

When you come home from work let the lab out first. Love him, give him attention, feed him, walk him outside. Once the attention is over, bring in the puppy, holding it. Love the puppy and let the lab watch, and maybe the lab will come over to you and the puppy to investigate. Let the lab smell the puppy head to toe.

Sit down on the floor with the puppy and let the lab get familiar with him. Watch closely that he doesn't bite or attack the puppy suddenly.

Do this every night and off and on on weekends.

Introduce new playtoys that does not belong to either dog, making it neutral. A ball is good. See if they will play with your coaching.

Good luck.


I'm considering getting two pet birds, and wanted to know a couple of things:

a) Which breeds make good pets? I'd like to be able to play with them/take them out of the cage.. something that's relatively easy to care for, but fun to have. OH, and nothing big like a parrot.

b) What are some good tips for caring for different types of pet birds? e.g: what kind of fresh foods can I give different kinds of birds, How can I care for them, in terms of mental/phsyical health ...playing with them, etc..


That's a very wide and generic queston(s)..

First, go to a pet store and look at the varieties.

Second look for their books, and buy a book about bird variteties.

That will explain different types, there needs and care, etc.

You can pick from that information.

But the best to handle when young and train to like it is a Cocketiel. They are expensive.

Parekeets are okay when you play with them from the start, so get a young one. They are easy to are for with prepackaged Parajkeet food and get a Parakeet book to learn all you can. Size cage, fruits they can eat, etc. Don't forget to keep their wings clipped so they don't fly off.

But start with a book on the varieties.


I have a shih tzu named Oreo, he's black and white. I just got a new brown and white shih tzu and I was just looking for a name that goes with Oreo. Any ideas?

Well since an Oreo cookie is black and white, then a brown and white cookie would be Oatmeal or Nutty Buddy (pun on Buddy) or maybe Twinkie.


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