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well my bf "antwan" and i have been dating for almost a month.well im leaving for bootcamp in the next 6 days. we want to be together and i trust him. BUT it will be about 6 weeks before i EVEN talk to him again, and maybe about 10 MONTHS before i SEE him. he wants to stay together and so do i BUT i dont want to hold him back from other things. what should i do???

Tell him exactly that before you go.

Whether you both promise it or not-- natural events and courses of nature will occur... he could meet someone else and instinctively break his promise to wait for you, or, he could wait.

But at 14-- expect it to be over sweetie.


(Rating: 4) thankz 4 the comment. i thik he will wait for me. but idk i guess i will only see.

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