I'm psychic and a sociologist, and combined with the many different professions I've had, husbands, friends and family, and my share of bad neighbors too, gives me the knowledge and experience to cast new light on many old problems that we all face. Ask questions about anything you want and need answers to: Boyfriend or husband, school, sex, decorating, careers and career changes, family and friends, pets, diets and health and illnesses, finances, moving and relocating, divorce or marriage, and the nosey problem neighbor. -- Ask JR


Okay so me and my boyfriend have been going out for almost 2 years. And i think hes cheating on me but i dont know. He never wants to go anywhere let alone do anything such as prom i had to beg him to go with me. He never wants to do anything duriing the week or on the weekends. I cant remember the last time we went out. But he always has time to go out with his friends, Everytime hes sopposibly out with his friends i call he doesnt answer. Such as tongiht i called him like 20 times and he finally called me back and told me he was at his grandmothers. Not to sound crazy but how many grandmothers are let alone awake up on a sunday at 8:30? I mean my grandmother goes to sleep around 6. And his sister told me he never came home from work. He neveer went to work though?? I dont get it. He never calls everytime i call him its like im a bother he'll tell me ill call you back and never calls back.? Everytime i ask to see his phone he hides it and wont even let me look at it. A few weeks ago i saw some girl texted him and said this is my new number and so but why would she texted him with her new number if he never had her old number? that i knew about atleast. Whats going on some one helpp

Wake up and smell the coffee.

A woman's instinct is always right.

Trust in it. Trust your gut.

Dump him, he's cheating.


Can someone tell me something about becoming a vegiterrian. Is it hard to start? Do you loose alot of weight? What are you supposed to eat? I'm just curious because I want to become one. Kthankks. :D

This is not a choice to be taken lightly.

Get a good book on vegitarians. Check them out of the library-- read, read, read.

Your body is accustomed to meat. Eliminating meat all at once is a shock to your digestive tract.

This should be done gradually, decreasing meats, starting with red meats, limiting to poultry and fish, and adding more veggies.

You will have to gather cookbooks of vegetarian receipes just to have a variety of ways to prepare the same old veggies.

I personally do not recommend an all vegetarian diet, but rather a diet of eliminating meat two to three days a week.

Talk to a nutricinist, doctor, and read. You can become anemic also.

There are certain minerals and vitamins needed to suppliment your veggie diet. You are a carnivorous creature after all.


Anyone know any cute little organizing tips for a girls bedroom ----- my lil sis (shes 11)???????

When I was decorating my girls's rooms when young, I uses designer sheets as wallpaper. Stretching sheets and using a staple gun to attached. You can take them down when outgrown that theme.

As far as orgazinging, the best thing is the dollar store stackable drawers and bins.

You can buy as many as you want and stack as high as you want and comes in colors or clear and are cheap.

They are great for inside closets later when she gts older.


how do you get gum out of hair

It is a three part answer.

Use ice cubes to freeze gum. That helps to stop the gooey process of making it worse.

Clip the frozen gum out in little indescreet snips as though layering hair.

If all else fails and you'd prefer to try this, spray WD40 on the gum and use a rag to strip saturated gum out.

But cutting some hair is inevitable.


I was wondering what Stairway to Heaven means. If anyone knows, or knows of a site that could give me an explanation that would be wonderful. Thanks you XD


That's a good site to read about Led Zeppelin's "Staiway To Heaven"


has anyone ever heard the song about the perfect man? i know it isnt "finding a good man" by dainelle Peck. the woman who wrote it is from Utah, and at the end of the song it says "give him kenny chesney's butt" ive been looking for it and i cant find it. does anyone know the artist and what the song is called?

I searched for it in every manner possible and came up with nothing.

Call the radio station you heard it on, and they will know for sure!


how to i make roses live longer? what are the best things to do to make them stay alive?

Make sure the stem cut is a nice cut, and put in an ample vase for room to fluff out.

Add 1/2 aspirin to water every time you refill water to top.

This works well, and sometimes a tad of sugar does too.

Works for Christmas trees also.


well i always get advice from my friends because i cut, and the thing is i think there sick of dealing with my problems and they mostly all ditched me. long story. anyways, i was wondering if this works, well everyone always says when your about to cut or when you need a distraction that you just talk to someone online that you dont know with similiar problems because they cant use it against you and stuff.
so my question is does that work?
and is anyone on here a cutter?

Cutting is a mental illness. You won't be able to stop on your own.

You cut to feel alive and to numb the pain in your life.

You MUST seek a professional therapist that is qualified to counsel cutters.

Talk to your family. Your friends have already given up on you, but your family won't.

Get into a clinic and/or specialist IMMEDIATELY!

You are wasting your life. You are ruining your life. What man will want you with scars all over your body and a sickness of cutting her own flesh?

You are ruining your life. Get help and get it NOW!


so, im getting a puppy. a chihuahua. shes only 5 weeks,(6 weeks saturday) and she started eating by herself, so i might get her this weekend. well anyways, i like the name Stella. But when people ask me her name, i say Stella, and they give me a weird look. i think the name is cute.
so my first question. do you think the name is cute?
and can anyone think of cute unique dog names. oh and if you couldnt tell, shes a girl.. haha

Regardless of what you decide to name her, the worse thing you can do is pick out a name then go buy her and bring her home and it not fit.

Go get her. Bring her home. Spend a day and night with her. Watch HER personality, watch HER behavior and antics, let HER name come to you.


Hi, im starting a dog walking business but i am having trouble finding a suitable name for it. I am planning on doing dog walking, pet sitting (for only cats and dogs), possibly pet photography, making treats for cats and dogs and pet visiting. I can't figure out any names that would be very creative. If you have any suggestions, please post them. I would love to hear them

Pet Haven From A to Z

Pet Delight & More

Dogs, Cats & Everything They Want

What Pets Want

Your Pet Is Our Business

Pet Biz

Pet Walking, Sitting, Visiting & More

Pet's Fancy From A to Z


There's this thing called Imitation Crab meat...how do you make it? It's kept in the freezer...so how to cook it?

Imitation crab meat is parts of white meat fish compressed together into the rolls (layers).

It is already cooked.

Most people cut it into cold crab salad type dishes.

Pasta, mayo, Italian dressing, chopped celery, pickles, cheese, and imitation crab meat, covered and chilled in refriderator overnight.


I get so scared when I babysit this kid named Tommy. Whenever I go over there, this person always calls saying, "Nice outfit," or "Is Tommy asleep yet?" I have told the parents, and asked them if anyone has called like that but they think I am joking. Assist please!

This is serious whether the person is pranking or not because he has to be able to see you.

This means it is a neighbor that can see into the house and what you are wearing and knows the kid's first name.

Stop babysitting for these people immediately.

If they aren't serious about it and your wellfare and their child's wellfare, then you are working for the wrong people and jepordizing your own life.

Do not go back and warn your friends too.


Well my mom is 37 she was married twice and had a boyfriend. But all of a sudden she likes this girl. The girl is gay and my mom i dont know if my mom is becoming gay. But i dont like the girl shes with and i dont trust her. I know shes a perve and she wants my mom in ways you should know... She is taking my mom away from me and my mom doesn't really seem that happy. What should i do???

Well your mom has gone through two failed marriages and a failed relationship with a boyfriend. There might be cuircumstance we don't know about that has lead up to this.

The woman and your mom might have started off as friends with your mom finding comfort with her and maybe because she is a gay friend and felt safer and nonjudgemental.

But, your mother is vunerable and is in the "hate men mode" and feels safer in the company of women.

What you mom might not realize is it does not matter if it's a man or a woman, it's a relationship and they all have the same problems and come with the same baggage. There's no guarantees in any relationship, hetrosexual or homosexual. The same failure is apt to come of this one as all the others.And any in the furture. It happens until the right person comes along.

She's feelings things out and experienmenting now.

You said your mom doesn't seem happy. That means something. I'm glad you noticed that. If she were in love, she'd be happy. No doubt.

Take this opportunity, with this knowledge, and sit down and talk to her alone without interuptions. Go to a coffee shop where the other woman can not find you during this talk.

Tell your mom exatly how you feel and think. Ask her how she feels and thinks. Tell her you see that she is not happy. Ask her if men turned her so far away that she is considering a woman as a romantic partner. Ask her if she would want this for you, her daughter?


It might pass soon, or she might pass on the woman because of her love for you. Give her the chance.


i have rele bad armpit smell and i wash no scrub my armpit in the mourning but it doesnt seem to work i use deodorant wat can i do to eleiminate or minimize smell

Since you are female, remain clean shaven at all times as hair breeds bacteria.

The best I have found is the cystalized salts body ball found at Body & Bath and Bath & Beyond and finer stores.

Wash with a glecerine soap every morning and rinse well. Use the crystalized salts ball and always use a spray-on anti-perspirant afterward, not a deodorant.

A deodorant only masks the smell and doesn't stop the perspiration, bacteria forming and oder.

A good facial astringer works well too.

See a doctor. Some people have underarm glands that produce more perspiration than the normal and medicines can control that for you, greatly reducing it.


Okay, so my friend and I are going to do a song for our school talent show. Though at the moment we are thinking of doing the song "Twist and Shout" though, I was wondering if their were any other songs that people would find entertaining that are made for two people. Because "Twist and Shout" isn't exactly a two person song.

Also If it matters, we are 14 and both girls. and not songs that are too terribly high pitched.

That song is too high pitched and not for two singers. It probably wouldn't work.

I'd select another song.

Google songs. Check out duos and ballads.

Find one that is a ballad for two. Or a song that two singers can rotate the lead, or just harmonize well together on.


15 f
my sister is 17 almost 18
we used to be really close and never fought but now its not like that since im growing up we always get into fights and barely talk. we never had those awkward talks so please dont tell me to have one with her haha
ok so lately shes been telling me that im changing that i always have an attitude or that i shouldnt have a boyfriend because im too young or that i changed alot. its getting really annoying what should i tell her so she would just leave me alone and let me grow up.

She can say you are "changing" all day long and you are, but she is too. You both are chaging.

Relationships grow and evolve through changing throughout the years and you and your sister are in a hard one. Relationships are hard-- but siblings are really hard.

She is being the "big" sister to you, her "little" sister, and does not want you to make the same mistakes she did, and save you the grief and heartache from it. But she can't.

You will have to learn just as she did. The hard way.

But you do have the advantage here. She HAS been there and done that--so heed what she says. Everytime a situation comes up remember what she said and ask yourself, "should I or shouldn't I?"

It will be awkward for another year or so because she sees you as her baby sister trying to grow up too fast, and you see her as the older and controlling sister. Do you want her to say, "I told you so?"

At 15 dearie, you DO have an attitude. There's no doubt about it. It's that rebellance attitude that you know it all, and you do not. Loose it around your sister. You get more with honey than you do with vinegar.

If she talks about you being too young for a boyfriend it's because she's worried that he will take advantage of you. She loves and wants to protect you.

But kindly and nicely remind her that she had boyfriend when she was your age, so why can't you? Give her the information but with a valid question for her to answer. That;s respect.

Start by giving her respect when talking to her in order to head off arguments, and don't put her on the defensive, but rather give her the opportunity to share her "wisdom" with you freely.

Telling her to leave you alone and let you grow up is the worse possible thing to say to an older sister that wants to protect you.

No matter how you've your mind made up on something, try this: ask her opinion of it, let her have that dignity and respect, let her alone and lecture if she does, mull it over, add it to your equation, and make up your own mind. Just play the part of the inquiring advice sister, and peace will come.


hi. i can't make default layouts or skinny layouts for myspace. ive tried to look at codes of layouts to see if theres any special HTML to either of them but i can't find it. regular layouts are easy, because all you need is a generator, but i could never find out how to make any other. can anyone tell me if theres a code, or if thers a specific site that helps make skinny/default layouts? thanks.

Well, you confused me with your default and skinny layout out statement.

Google "MySpace layouts," look at them. Select the one you that you want to you. You'll find a shiny one if googling it.

Copy the HTML code to it in it's entirity.

Go back to your MyScpace to edit your profile.

Once on that edit profile, UNDER THE ABOUT ME delete the crap you have there (except the write up about yourself unless you plan to rewrite and update)

Hit Crl+V to paste the new code it at the top (beginning of the page) forget the "generator" thingys. They aren't woth a crude.

Now if you know anything about Html you can actually edit your font on every line that has a font typed out to what you want it to be. You can alter font size too.

Save and view profile.



15/f (16 This Year)

Everyday I literally spend hours trying to take great pictures. A typical photoshoot involves choosing a camera (usually my Nikon D40), choosing a model (usually my best friend), applying her makeup, arranging several different outfits for her, setting up lighting, taking hundreds of pictures, reviewing them on the computer, arranging them into folders, cropping them, editing them, retouching. After this I send them to her and we talk about what worked well and what to try next time. Sometimes I do this for myself, because (like most teenager girls) I like to put pictures of myself for my friends to see (myspace, etc).

I never realized how much effort I put into this, it doesn't even seem like work at all. Right now I do it for fun, but could I use this as a career? I am planning to get a degree in marketing and go from there. Right now I have a 4.0 GPA (straight A's - and have for the last few years) so I can basically do anything that interests me.

Does any of this hint to a suitable career path for me? I find advertising very interesting if that helps. I also love to be creative, indepdendant and to be a leader of a group. I am also interested in trying to promote positive messages (anything that makes a person more happy, confident, comfortable with who they are, etc).

Thanks, help is greatly appreciated! =)

If you plan to be a professional photographer, then the marketing is a lost cause in this field. That's the modeling agency and agents jobs. Or your current bosses job. You take the pictures they tell you to take until you've earned your name and reputation years down the road. You might start out as a newspaper photographer, who knows? You should work while putting yourself through college.

Take the acacdemics-- arts and photography classes. Learn all you can about photography.
Learning the different cameras, lens, films, settings, shutter speeds, everything, not just the subject and lighting. Sometimes low-light gives depth to a photograph depending, and more light is needed for dark, misty graveyards. Fullmoons works well for lighting. Try one way, then change it to another and see which works best for the effect. Write it down.

And if human subjects are your faviorite, you will still have to master other sceneries and variables first.

Still lifes, landscapes, animals, people on the street incognito, sad people, loney people, crying people, happy people, couples ovbiviously in love caught in a moment, skyscrapers, interesting architechure like old churches, older graveyards, mix them up, flowers, fields, windmills, beauty, bizzare, macrabre, scary, eerie, sad, grief, (look at the Putlizer prixe 9-11 pictures)....Factories polluting our air, beautiful cars, unusual junker cars, hippie-day buses (if you find one)...celebraties if you have access, famous people, your major in incognito, teachers at school working, teachers lecturing, kids at school gossiping, football games, cheerleaders, school newspaper worthy pics, etc.

You can not limit yourself to one subject all the time or you will be out of your element. Besides, you might find another niche you prefer more and are better at.

Try black & white film---excellent picture as it grasps the soul and takes out the bs, children playing, a child sitting alone by himself ignored by other kids--sad and lonely, a puppy on a chain with saddened eyes begging for recue and anilam shelters. (all great storylines for writers) Water with a star filter, sunsets, sunrises.

Take the photoprahy, change the lens up, change the films and shutter speeds and experiment until you find your niche. To heck with your girlfriend and artifical lighting in a preset arrangement.

You can do it. Reverse negatives do well for effect too.

Keep a notebook of all your shots about the film, shutter speeds, lens, etc. to remember what went wrong or well with it. It's a photographer's bible.

Spread yourself around and carry that camera everywhere you go faithful, a car accident could happen in front of yu and the local tv station will buy it from you. Newspaper will buy pictures because they can write a feature article on those pics. Get create. Turn that creativity into money now and earn a name before graduating.


okay first of all i want to go on birth control because my period is rediculous. i know im only 15 but it can last for up to 9 days and i get really heavy clots so i want birth control to lighten it up. i dont know how to ask my mom for it because she thinks im sexually active even though im a virgin. she doesn't believe me when i tell her im a virgin.

okay so i dont know how to ask her and i've never been to a gynocologist and i really dont look forward to going.
is there any sort of pelvic exam needed to get birth control?

also i heard a rumor that it can make your boobs bigger, is that true? because if it was that would be a nice added bonus

You and your mother can solve two birds with one stone on this one.

Yes, to be put on birth control the first time, it will require a gyno pelvic exam. Not just for the sake of one, but cecause the gynocologist will want to do a pap smear to rule out cervical cancer, stds, genital warts, etc. He will want to check for tumors on your ovaries that can cause irregular periods and cramping. And check for tubial pregnancy. There is a cause of clotting and long periods.

This gets you a clean bill of health and birth control pills regulated at the strength to get your menustral cycle under control AND tell your mom that YOU ARE STILL A VIRGIN! Hurray!

It's a win - win situation for you both.

Talk to her with this information, and she will more than likely agree with it knowing it will give her piece of mind knowing you are a virgin and she's had a gynocologist check you thoroughly and get you regulated once and for all.

All should be well and happy.

Good luck. (but you can't miss a pill then have sex-that equals instant pregnancy!)


heres the problem this may sound crazy but ive had a freindship with this guy who lives in a diff. state and we never met before, and we almost talked on the phone before. hes my age 13 and i talk to him alot i fully trust him dont tell me hes some rapist hes real hes given me proof and ive talked to his sister. but like i said i have alot of trust in him i tell him everything all my secrets and he tells me his too and i feel so stupid when i tell him "your a really great friend i love you and care for you so much, and so on but when i tell him he just types "aw thank you" and...what do i get??

just that i dont get the same thing back.
i would like alittle credit i mean ive known him for a year now but..i never once get any credit he worries me so much bc he gets beat up and teased for the way he dresses (tight pants ext.) and god i think bout him more than anything.

so can anyone tell me the problem why he wont give me any credit? and when he tell each other stuff he just types "but we tell each everything we cant secrets from each other blah blah"


and i need to hear something positive :(

Fist of all, how do you know this is not a kinky couple or married couple that gets their kicks in picking up girls, meeting them, then springing the kinkiness on them--or worse, rape you altogether?

You don't.

Read your own quote: >>i tell him "your a really great friend i love you and care for you so much, and so on but when i tell him he just types "aw thank you" and...what do i get??

That should be a hint he wants more. Or that he isn't as interested as you or given up on you as prey.

It's easy to fall for a guy you can't see, and can't connect with in real life, go through the trails and tribulations of everyday stress and arugments. So far, he's mr. perfect eccept you are not heeding you own gut insticnts. Listen to you intuition. It is telling you something isn't right-- and it is not right.

He is currently learning all he can about you to manipute you.

If you trust your pparents-- tell them. Notify the the FBI immediately-- he is a child preditor sweeties, do not delude yourself.


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