I'm psychic and a sociologist, and combined with the many different professions I've had, husbands, friends and family, and my share of bad neighbors too, gives me the knowledge and experience to cast new light on many old problems that we all face. Ask questions about anything you want and need answers to: Boyfriend or husband, school, sex, decorating, careers and career changes, family and friends, pets, diets and health and illnesses, finances, moving and relocating, divorce or marriage, and the nosey problem neighbor. -- Ask JR


Okay I can't eat eggs. I get Headaches. and i want to try something different. alot time i know i eat stuff hase eggs. but maybe sometimes I can't eat all the time becouse I feel like i having eggs all day and everyday. plus for explame like noddles or something like that. plus I know now on i probly eat little bit ice cream then more one soup of it. I thought I anyway I thought there be site or someone give me list of foods products hase like one egg not whole bunch of eggs. something like that..

Nope. You're outta luck.

If you are allergic to eggs then you can not eat anything that has eggs in it--period.

Cheating is not allowed with food allergies--sorry.


I really want to get my nose pierced. Nothing big or anything, just a little stud. Everyone tells me I have the perfect nose for a nose ring. The only problem is my mom.I don't know why she wont let me get it done, but she just says no , whenever i ask her. My bestfriend is getting hers done soon and my mom said that if hers looks good ( like not trashy i think) than she will consider it, but i dont her to base her desision on that. How could I convince her to let me get it pierced. Thanks!

I used to wear 14 kt. gold fake nose rings.

They come off and go on.

Only thing is they can self-pierce eventually if not removed. I wore two at once on the same side, before it was ever popular.

Talk her into the removable rings, and if they pierce-- oh well kitty.....


Hi I really want to be organized, but I am so messy!!! If I finally clean my room, like the next day its messy again!!!!! i hate it but I am lazy and I hate that too!! please write back! my email is jenstewart2006@yahoo.com

Buy those stackable drawers and stack them and put what you want in what drawer and even clothes and undies, and stick in your closet.

Use the same for other things and stack in corners.

Use one dresser drawer or chest of drawer for junk only so you can claim rights to a junk drawer and catch-all that everyone deserves.

Use stackable shoe organizers for shoes, fancy, pretty boxes for other junk stacked on shelves in closets, pin-up boards for pinning up pics, notes, juck, lists, things to do, whatever, hung organized on your walls, buy boxes and those vacuum seal clear bags to stores winter stuff in the summer under the bed and visa-versa during the winter.


I cut myself twice while shaving my pubic region. This was about 2 wks ago. By trying desperately to fix this situation, I believe I've only made it worse... I work on my feet for a living and the costant walking around with these cuts has caused immense pain and extra irritation to the cuts. So, I can't stand to use the restroom because my urine burns the cuts, and wiping has also been painful. I tried using gel soap to cleanse the cuts, and Balmex for comfort while walking, but both only served to agitate the area even more. Now my skin is chafed, the cuts are still there - and they're pussing slightly!! This is making me miserable, two weeks of pain and irritation, fear of having to pee, and I definitely can't have sex like this; God only knows what kind of extra damage that would cause! How do I heal these cuts without continually making the situation worse?

First, take showers not baths. You do not want to be sitting in dirty bathwater.

Second, use glercin soap or baby soap and water to clean.

Third wear loose fitting cotton only panites to allow for breathing and healing.

Fourth, do not wear any panties at night to sleep. Allow the entire area to breath and heal.

Fifth, use a disposal douche bottle of spray mist bottle full of warm water to "rinse yourself" after urinating, not using toilet paper except for bowel movements. Pat dry with clean wash cloth.

Sixth, use a neosporin or triple antibiotic on the cuts using a Q-tip to apply-- no fingers touching.

This should heal up nicely within two-three weeks if adhered to religiously.



Is that really good for you? or is it like another fake thing?

cause now i had my first sip and i love it and i loved the idea that its good for you.

but is it true?


( 14/f if that matters lol )

First they are expensive.

You can accomplish the exact same thing by drinking a regular bottled water, and taking vitamins daily-- especially your B-complexes which gives you energy and saves bunches of money.

Crystal Lite is flavored water and zero calories, and take vitamins plus your B-complexes, and use the extra money on CD's or clothes.


I'm looking to lose maybe 10 pounds. I know it's better to eat more small meals during the day than a few big ones, so I'm doing my best to accomadate that plan. But I'm not very good with figuring out how to distribute the meals to be a good size so I have enough energy but I'm not over eating, and how to balance out the nutrients.

For breakfast, I love eggs with cheese and like toast or something... I'm not sure if that's a great idea but it's always my favorite. If it's not good, what else is a better initiative?

For lunch it doesn't matter much but my cafeteria's selection isn't very healthy so I pack my lunch - anything that won't spoil in my locker is fine, so suggestions here would be great :)

For the meal before my sports practice, I would want something quick and not needing any preparation. I only have a few minutes to eat it if I was going to have a small meal here, so would a protein bar or something along those lines be good?

Dinner isn't my decision usually, but most nights I eat a spinach salad and something along the lines of a chicken cutlet and a vegetable or pasta.

I'm trying to also drink a lot more water to keep myself hydrated for my practices and I drink milk for the calcium.

I know that was a lot but if anyone can recommend some foods to make this plan work it would be great!

I know exercise is a huge part also but I think I got that down, lol.

Thanks in advance!

Instead of counting calories and weighing foods and the hassels of all that to eat healthy....

Eat a good cereal with 2% skim milk for breakfast. Bananas or berries are fine to add. Toast is okay--skip butter--it has to be dry toast. When I say cereal, I mean heart healthy creal, no sugars, no crud, Cheerios, Wheaties, Total, Frosted Mini Wheats, etc. Cluster Nuts, etc.

As far as lunches, have you though of raw carrots, brocoli, cauliflower and dip in low-cal Ranch or the like?

Carry peanut butter cheese crackers with you in your lunches and in your back pack or purse.

Nibble on these crackers (different varieties are fine) off and on all day. This is a trick that low-blood sugar people do and even diabetics. It controls the glucose levels througout the day.

Snack should always be fresh veggies as mentioned above and fruits. No sweets, no fats, no trans fats, no salts, etc.

Be sensible and be smart.

Go through your grocery store diet setion aisle and diabetic aisle too. Look at see. Look at Healthy Choice micro wavables and Lean Cruisines too.

Happy and healthy eating.


if the man does drugs, but the woman doesnt and takes care of herself when pregnant, can the baby have some form of development problem?


Just because the mother is drug-free and healthy with a healthy egg, the father that does drugs can have unhealthy sperm, deformed sperm, and fertilize a healthy egg resulting in a deformed fetus.

Drugs are the number one cause of birth defects whether physically visable or invisable like heart defects, mental defects, etc.


What antidepressants are approved for teenagers? And i'm talking someone who's 17, not 13. Thanks.

Well first, there are no doctors qualified here to answer that question.

13 is young and still prescribed under children.

17 years old is almost adult with adult dosages, but hormanal differences in 17-18 is far different than 21-25 years old therefore medications react differently.

What antidepressant a 21 year old can take safely and effectively could cause suicidal tendecies in a 17 year old.

Please talk to your parents and let them get you to a doctor or therapist for the proper drug.

You might not need an antidepressant at all. Prozac works one way and takes 3-4 weeks with insomnia side effects and Wellbutrin has it's side effects but works well to stop smoking as well as serotin uptake.

But age factors are dangerous at any age, including 13-75.

See a doctor and do not try anything on a self-med basis! Talk to your parents openly and honestly.


I am told and must admit I'm a fussy eater. I am male and 16.
The thing is I eat quite routinely. My breakfast always consists of Wheetabix, lunch always consists of Tomato Sauce sandwiches! Amongst other things, eg yesterday I also had a doughnut, banana and sausage roll along side that.

The thing is if I was offered Spaghetti, curry, Pasta or something I'd reject it. I think truthfully I've never tried them, I just feel like I wont like them.

I also have a problem with fruit and drink. I feel I don't like strawberrys, oranges, grapes etc but I love the drinks!

Whats the case here?! Should I try and eat the stuff I hate or something?

Spaghetti and pasta is one thing-- curry is a spice and something entirely different. Not everyone likes curry.

Hey, you are not unusal--but were probably raised as a baby-child that you didn't have to eat what was served and kids turn their noses up to everything growing up.

Now that you are mature, give it a bite. Hey, one bite.

Everyone's spaghetti is different. But be opened minded and try one bite. Pasta dishes varies, but try one bite. What's the worse thing that can happen? You don't like it and spit it out?

What's the best thing that can happen? You like something and have added another good food to your liking!

If you like fruit drinks, you most likely will like the fruits. Some exceptions though, are that some textures of a fruits might bother you. Some people love the smell of watermelon and taste of watermelon candies but hate the texture of the real watermelon. Same as coffee. Some people hate coffee but love the smell of coffee brewing.

Try a bite of anything, and if you don't like it, let everyone know you plan to spit it out in a napkin.

And, you gotta try different breakfast and lunches and stop limiting yourself to the exact same things over and over again.

Be a free spirit-- you might like more foods that you'd ever think!


I used to be heavy but ive lost a good amount of weight over the last months & am know skinny. i let myself have a cheat meal every once in a while but mostly i like to eat healthy. i pack healthy lunches at school & during the week im good. its the weekends when i want to look hot & skinny but still look forward to meals. Im 13 so i dont chose or have much say in what my family does. We eat out most of the time & thats where i want to look forward to eating something good. I really like salads but i'm bored of my usual casear salad with chicken or shrimp or salmon. Is there anything else healthy i could order? sandwiches or something. please help ~EAS

You're doing great--but don't forget to allow yourself to cheat occassionally for the emotional high you need or your healthy eating habits will crash and burn.

You're in luck nowadays-- almost every menu has a low-cal or heart healthy section of delicious meals. Look there or ask your waitress.

Then, as far as salads go, treat yourself to a Sante Fe Salad with the grilled chicken and different lettuces, and corn chip strips, with salsa and maybe (ask your waitress) low-cal sour cream.

It's a nice change with lots of texture and crunch which is satisfying and the variety is marvelous and still low-cal and heart healthy.

You can always ask for grilled chicken, grilled salmon with lime or lemon squeezed, broiled or partially bolied fresh veggie--cut the potatoes and cut breads.

Milk is good- not sugar-free sodas--but 2% milk or water with lemon twists. Ask your waitress.

Have fun.


if i bought a box of cheerios and like everyday brought a little baggy of them to school as a snack if i get hungry is that healthy? or would it be bad?

Cheerios are extremely low of sugar content, grains, and nothing bad to cause health concerns.

That's why their motto is Cheerios are heart healthy.

That is an excellent snack, no calories, no sugars, and plenty of grain. No problems whatsoever.

Matter of fact, it's an excellent snack for toddlers and kids.

So go for it as much as you want. The worse that can ever happen from over indulging in one food is developing a temporary allergy which stopping the food source and Benadryl will fix. But I seriously doubt Cheerios wouls cause a food allergy unless allergic to grains.

Heart healthy.


Okay, I am a 29 yr. old mom of a 10 year old daughter. Today I was freaked out when I walked in on her in the bathroom and realized she must have started puberty a long time ago. No period or anything yet but the hair is there. OH MY GOD!! I think this is way too soon, I was 13! I'm so not prepared, I love her and want to talk to her about this maturely, but maturely...shes 10!!!!!!!!My mother never talked to me about these things, when i was 13 I had a ruptured appendix and started my period soon after the surgery, I thought it was from the surgery i was clueless!LOL some advice please?? Thanks

Apparently your daughter is more comfortable with her pubic hair that you are.

Kids learn more about sex and their bodies at an earlier age than you and your generation did.

Since she has hair now, her menustral cycle shall follow shortly.

Some girls develop nipples at nine, needing a training bra to conceal them through their blouses.

Some girls have periods before breasts, before public hair.

It's all genetics. And she might not be gentically following you but your mother or even paternal side of family.

Try to talk to her about what you've noticed asking her how SHE feels about it--this is not about you, but about her and how she feels, i.e. embarased, ashamed, proud, indifferent, etc.

Use the pubic hair to open the door to the topic of sex and menstrual cycles and what to expect
and to find out the accuracy of what she knows.

The worse thing you want is for her to have misconceptions and misinformation of sexuality and pregnancy and the entire subject.



It's been bothering me a while, I've been trying to figure out how people look different as they age (early teens to late teens). I've been looking at pictures of my friends and family, and they look more mature, but why is this? I heard you lose some of the fat from your cheeks, is this true? And what else?

Thanks, help is appreciated! =)

Since you are talking about teen years, the head is large until teens, then the nose constantly grows (it never stops growing) and your skin does age even though still in teens, it looses elasticity just as eyes looses focus abilitity from day one.

Yes, you loose that fatty tissue, many call it baby-fat, but your face draws thinner, skin ages, factors is sun and heriterity, as well as how well you take care of your skin.

Eyes sink in some and lids begin sagging and crowfeet and lines begin in later teens.


Okay, im a 15/f and I live in florida. I play on doing this job with my next door neighbor this summer and I need to get a work permit as soon as possible. I dont know if I need to go through to get it or the courts. I really dont know. So if there a website I can get one or something? Pleaseee help.

Thanks in advance.

Look in your phone book under your county of_______and look up county offices. Cal the county clerk's office and ask them.


does anyone know any FANTASTIC carpet cleaners that actually get the stain out?
ahh i eat in my room and i accidently got a lot of stains on my carpet =( and my mom is killing me for it.

and also i might of accidently spilled some self tanner lotion and it made an orange stain once it dried! ahhhhhhhh and i have no clue how to get it out!! please help me!
thank you =)

Self-tanner stain should use vinegar and water, spray mix on and wait then scrub.

Other stains, any Oxy spray worls well. So does Spray & Wash laundry stain remover.

A good powdered Oxy that you can make a paste up and scrub in is best for most anything. You can't find Oxy anywhere though but can at hardware stores for sure.

Vinegar and water is always good for most stains if gotten to immediately.

A product with no petroleum oil at all but has an citrus or orange base is excellent.


im friends with this one girl, maycee, and shes friends with this other girl, kennedy. well me and kennedy arent friends, we just know who each other are. theyre both gay. well maycee tells me all the time i look like im gay. and kennedy asked her one day if i was. well yesterday me, gloni, elie, went to sonic, and we saw maycee and kennedy there. well kennedy was like i like your shirt and i told her thanks. well we ended up sitting with them. well i had my head turned lookin at something and when i turned the other way kennedy was looking at me. but i didnt say anything. i got home and got on myspace. well on myspace my name is '{sarah} is confused' well this i left her a comment and was like i forgot to tell you at sonic but i REALLY like your car. and she was like 'thanks and i like your name.. sarah is confused.. what are you confused about? ' shes the only person to ask that. and thats been my name for about 2 weeks now. is this some sort of sign? cuz i think i like her. not because of all this though. help?

Honey, if your name is "sarah is confused" on myspace that certainly sounds like you're bi-sexual and are confused about your true sexual identity.

Accept it until you are certain when that day comes.


soo i drive an automatic '97 mustang.. so ya know the gear selector lever is where a stick shift would be.. well sometimes when im trying to go from park to another gear, it wont budge because the little button thing wont push in. i mash down soo hard even with two hands, turn the wheel, rattle the lever around, anything, and it wont move. other times its perfectly fine. and it only does it sometimes when i try to get out of park. any one know why this could be happening? ive only had the car about 2 weeks [bought it from my uncle who had bought it to resell it] and it passed admissions and everything.

Try spraying WD40 in the crevice of the button.


I cut myself (for personal reasons) but i do it below the wrist. And I try to hide it. But I can't. It's not cold here, so wearing long-sleeves doesn't make sense. When people see it, they get really freaked out. What are some reasons, that make sense, which I can tell people, so they won't think I'm cutting myself?

If you're looking for empowerment to cut yourself here, then I am appalled at any Advicenator that gives you made up excuses to offer for this sickness.

Stop it.

Get help.

Tell your family.

Talk to a counselor, a doctor, a hotline!!!!

There is NO LIE you can tell for cutting. It's just a LIE to your sickness.




I'm a 17/f. I know it's normal to have a small difference in breast size, which I've had since I can remember. I also know breast pain or discomfort is normal at my age, but is it normal during adolescence for one breast to hurt more than the other?

My right breast (which is the larger one) is the one I've noticed hurting the most. They're both tender at times, but sometimes it's just my right side. I don't have any nipple discoloration or discharge, so it doesn't seem like a big deal, but I was just wondering if anyone was in the same type of situation.

Breasts discomfort can be fibrocystic breasts caused by caffine-- i.e. sodas and coffee and chocolate.

Or it could be periodically due to menstrual cycles.

And it could be a sign of more seriousiness. Have you given yourself a breast exam? Do you know how?

Go on the internet and research self-breast examinations for lumps. Go to a doctor and let him know and eliminate the obvious.


Me and myboyfriend were making out.. getting into it, whatever.. and you know he was kinna out of breath and everything and i felt like... almost a pulsing in his "region". is that normal? what does it mean?
thank you!

Honey, if you don't know the answer to that then you are too young to have sex.

The pulsating is blood rushing to his penis which causes the erection and causes the throbbing effect with more anticipation of orgasism.

Woman can have the throbbing and pulsating feeling from the build up of pressure that builds before orgasism.


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