I'm psychic and a sociologist, and combined with the many different professions I've had, husbands, friends and family, and my share of bad neighbors too, gives me the knowledge and experience to cast new light on many old problems that we all face. Ask questions about anything you want and need answers to: Boyfriend or husband, school, sex, decorating, careers and career changes, family and friends, pets, diets and health and illnesses, finances, moving and relocating, divorce or marriage, and the nosey problem neighbor. -- Ask JR


i have NO idea how to do my hair for prom. does anybody know of a GOOD website to get pictures of prom hair? i've googled around a bit and all i've been able to find was outdated, ugly hairstyles. if you or a friend has a picture of yourself at prom with cute hair, or you know of a good site that would be GREAT!

Under your question is websites for "hot hair dos" and such.

Google again and use "prom hairdos" and "evening hairdos" and look again. One website takes you to another if you really look.

Look at hairdo magazines, and if you find one style you like and will work for you-- buy it.


I've been with my boyfriend for 6 months now. we've been long distance for 3 of the months. [yes, it's crazy but I truely love him]. I sent him a box of goodies for valentines day & a present for his birthday. He's never sent me anything... not for anniversaries or anything. 5 months back he got me a bracelet for my birthday & then a scrapbook & stuff for christmas. I don't want to sound snobby or anything... I would love a ring from a 25 cent machine... just something to show he's thinking about me. Any ideas on how to do it wihout sounding rude? thanks!

Nope. It'll sound like a gold digger.

You just have to tell him how you feel about token gifts and consider his income and money-- I mean he may have debts and things and no spare cash for gifts.

Don't expect a gift if it is not your birthday or Christmas.

A card for an "anniversary" and Valentine's Day is appropriate.


like my nose has a random bump on it and i HATE it!! its hereditary in my family and like my nose it cute looking from the front and ugly from the side and idk if people notice or not...is there anything i can do??

plz help!

Outside of plastic surgery-- NO.

You can not change a profile with make-up or anything else.

Plastic surgery is your only solution.


Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew of any organizations that finacially help out families whos loved ones are going through surgery, etc. Any companies that would help us out? Thanks! Websites are good :]

Call your 211 on your phone and ask (if you have the 211) and call Red Cross and Salvation Army and United Way and ask the Financial Dept. of the hospital too. Call local churches.



and i babysit but i only do it on occasion.
i NEED some extra cash & fast. well I'm going to Florida in June and i really want a 200 dollars to spend there. PLUS i need money for clothes now- let's just say i'm not the richest person in the world and getting 50 dollars every other month isn't working. Any ideas? Maybe on how to get my "babysitting expirence" out there? I love kids. Uhm. I hate cleaning though but i'll do it if i have to. I'm smart? i guess tutoring might be an option but i'm really not sure. I just need some cash fast. I don't have any clothes for the summer/spring and well that explains it. thanks so much in advanced!!


You didn't mention your age.

Put up flyers everywhere to advertise for babysitting, running errands for busy working moms, yard chores, house cleaning chores, shopping, personal shopper, and advertise that you are trying to earn the cash for a trip to Florida.

That will get the respect of alot of people that will hire you just to help you out.


how long should they last .
and like
how do i actually give one
how long should it last
and is it wrong to give one in a movie theatre?
sites ?

If you have to ask these questions you are too young to engage in such activity and yes, a movie theatre it WRONG! PUBLIC IS WRONG!


My boyfriend and my best friend have been hanging out behind my back, which normally wouldn't bother me. However, they didn't tell me because they knew I'd get upset about it, which worries me more. I should trust them, I know. But she's cheated on her boyfriend one too many times. I talked to them both about me getting upset over it and they promised it wouldn't happen again. I found out today its still happening.

I've never had issues with trusting people, especially those so close to me. This is hard for me to deal with and I'm not sure what I can do to make this jealous feeling go away. Its ruining everything.

First of all, they did this behind your back and the question is why? Second, they promised not to again, but they did and still lied and sneaked around.

Something is going on between them so dump them both.


im surrounded my hypocrites. my cousin was talking shit about me to my best friend. well my "best friend" was "defending " me but in a way, also talking shit, saying that im always wrong and they are always right. they are calling me stupid when in reality, im smarter than both of them combined. Then I see that they are all of a sudden best friends. Im not a mean person and i have a good heart...so i can never tell when someone is being a hypocrite or not...plz help me...cause write now im crying and i have no one to talk to... :(

Sounds like they are jealous of you.

People that talk badly about other people are usually just jealous.

Let it slide off your back. It isn't worth the tears or fret.

They might become best friends because they both are gossipers, inseure of themselves and like talking crap about other people to make themselves feel better about themselves.

You are better than both of them.


ive had a big crush on my best friend for the longest time. in feb, i told him how i felt about him and he told me that he couldnt commit and would rather just be friends. he kept giving off the wrong ideas to me because thats the way he shows affection, by hugging flirting ect. but he did not like me. basically i kept getting hurt because i kept wanting to believe he did and then got let down. until one day i told him i got over him (not entirely true).

ever since we've become best friends and earlier this month he confessed somthing to me. he told me that he was going through a phase where he wasnt sure of his sexuality, in other words he thought that he was gay. but he said that he realized that he is strait. and he told me that when i told him i liked him, he wasnt sure what to do because really he does care about me but he couldnt see me like that. but now things are so totally different. the only thing keeping us apart is fear, he is afraid or commitment. he said that he cant afford a relationship because well lets just say his first girlfriends broke his heart and his second one was too clingy. and he doesnt want to ruin our friendship i guess.
god if only he knew that i wont be like them.

i really like him and he doesnt even know about it. he really seems to like me too, i think. i mean he always sits next to me, puts his arm around me, grabs my hands and plays with them, hugs me- and then says he wants another hug, waits for me, wants to hang out with me all the time, makes fun of me- by calling me pet names, and the other day i saw him looking at me in class and when i looked at him he turned away.

i gave up all hope on him until he hinted that he might like me but obviously he isnt gonna put his feelings on the line because he thinks that i dont like him. if thats what he really wants i could stand just being friends, its not that bad actually. but i really do like him and well i want to tell him but i dont exactly know how to. do u think that if i threw major hints then he might respond? what are some good hints that he wont miss? seriously i need help on this one. how do i let him know that i will be a great girlfriend and i wont break his heart. how can i make him get over his problems with commitment?

Sounds like he is bi-sexual or thinks he might be, and that might partially be due to being hurt by an ex-girlfriend too.

Anyway, he values your friendship and must feel safe with you and not want to take it any farther in fear of it ending badly and ruining your friendship/relationship.

He enjoys the hugging and holding hands and everything but the committment because it means he can do what he wants without being hurt or the possibility of being hurt.

The best thing you can do is to continue being his best friend and allow him time to heal and trust you for you and realize that you are not his ex and sooner or later nature will take it's course of at least, remain best of friends.


soo i just bought an account for jamster (ringtones) it says i get four games a month, but i can't find any games like where they are located... does anybody know?

oh yea, and if you like/dislike jamster tell me cuz im thinking about cancellin after this month...

On the left side is the menu.

It says Games & Apps

under it is mobile games and mobile software

I'd use it for what I wanted then cancel it.


This is a weird one... I'm 22 and I've had sex with three guys. Through random luck, all three had larger than average-sized penises. (Going by the average size reported by studies.) The last guy I dated was ridiculous; despite being short and thin in stature, his penis was 7.5 inches long, 6.5 inches in *circumference* - I'm not kidding. Sex was actually a bit painful sometimes!

Anyway, I'm seeing someone at the moment and I have realised I have this really stupid fear - that he's going to be small. It's not that I care in terms of my pleasure (so far he's been pretty good with his hands, if you know what I mean, and I think he'll be good in bed too). But I have no idea what to say if he's small! When I found out how big my exboyfriend was, I gasped and said, "Jesus Christ!"... Is it ok to say nothing if a guy is average or small, or do guys appreciate it if you pretend to be impressed even if you aren't?

Sorry this question is so bizarre, but I'd really appreciate some advice on this topic!

Okay, been there-- done that.

Who ever said quality, not quanity ... was not a woman!

You have to have both.

If this guy is too small, BUT you really, really like, if not love him, the sex will be okay.

If this is a casual relationship-- it ain't gonna work.

Once you've had size, it's hard to go undersized girl.

It's just human (woman) nature.

Dump him if not to your standards.


is Sk3themes.com Legal?
is it considered hacking or anything?
Also, where are the themes on the download list? on a sidekick i mean. if i wanted to purchase a theme for a background, which file is it under? i cant find it anywhere!!
Thank you so much!!!
btw, i know about themes from the system update and i googled and tried the t-mobile website but got nothing!

First you have to join and log in.

The right side of the page has categories.

Choose a category and see what it offers.

It also has SideKick listed too.

Yes it's legal. Some are free because people made them and uploaded them under the artistic license of free usage, and some are for purchase which means you buy it- you own it.


I'm not sure if this is appropriate for this website or not, but I'm not sure where else to turn for an answer.
When my boyfriend fingers me, I don't get much of a rush or good feeling. If he rubs my clit then yeah, it'll feel good, but thats about it. I can't get any sort of orgasm from it. I'm not sure what to tell him to do to make it more pleasurable, I feel like I'm faking it all just to make him happy. What should I do?

First of all NEVER fake anything in sex. All you are doing is confirming to him that he is on the right path and you are stuck with something you don't like!

Second of all, tell him you do not like that and it does not feel good to you. Every girl is different and you shouldn't be ashamed of what feels good and what does not. (Guys are the same way, BYW)

Tell him rubbing your clitorous feels good but the fingering does not, and tell him all the other feel goods and tell him the not feel goods. Start it off honestly and right or you'll end up turned off and frustrated and in a trap of faking to "please" him which he doesn't want..he wants the truth.

So be honest!


there's this girl I know who makes tote bags and sells them. it's a really cute business and it's going really well for her. I was wondering if you could give me any ideas about something like that to sell. thank you

Does she sell them outright or online?

Purses are neat. You can buy plain denim (blue jean material) purses and use a glue gun or sew on, jewels, beads, etc. in designs or accenting the style of purse.

Or, sandals and flip-flops-- same thing, use a glue gun to glue on jewels and beads and accessories to spruce them up for different outfits.


Okay so i have a video that i want to upload to Youtube. Its like 3-4 min. long and it wont let me upload it. Like on the 2nd step page it will just go back to the first page after like 5 min. of saying uploading..

Ive uploaded some already that are the same type of file but like they are only less than 20 seconds long.

Why isnt it working? what should i do?

p.s. ive tried on 2 different computers and a whole bunch of internet browsers.


First-- does YouTube allow that long of a video of 4-5 minutes? That is a long time.

Find out-- that's probably the problem. Email them and ask customer or technical support.


Hey guys, I know it is not advice I need, but please help me out.

I have a monitor right?

But the image on my screen is not utilising the entire monitor.

There is aabout an inch border on each side of the monitor. How do I correct this?

You should have adjustment knobs for your monitor.

Have you tried to adjust it to complete the entire screen?

Also, go into your control panel and select "display" and select "settings" and make sure it's on 1280 X 80 pixel display.


my scanner, just got working, is a microtek one. when i put a picture down i press the scanner symbol. then i go to the program for the scanner and the picture just shows up as colored pixils with an outline for the picture. what the heck can i do?

Go into the scanner's manager and make sure it is programmed right for all your options.

Secondly, the pixels needs to be set on the highest number of pixels.

Most scanners offer if you are scanning a picture or text...make sure you select picture.

If all else fails, read troubleshooting in the manual or go online to their website and email them the problem through customer support.


sometimes you can download the music on myspace. i always do that , but is it okay?

Yes. That's why some pages music players have the "download" to click on and when you do, MySpace asks you are you sure you want to because it adds it to your music player.

Yes, it's legal and okay on MySpace.


does anyone know the code that makes the navigation bar kinda squished?

I do not, but google that and you'll come up with plenty of MySpace codes that should. There are alot of sites.

BTW--- if you know of a MySpace page that has it: Go to your menu, under View, and Page Source or Source and it'll pop up another window with that page's source. Somewhere in that source will be a navigation bar html source that does that and probably the webiste that offers it.

Try that.


I know that guys get blue balls but what about girls? I have just started seeing someone and we havent gotten any where but ever since then all day today I have been very very arosused and he wasnt even here for most of it. is it normal?

Well it certainly isn't called "blue balls."

You are aroused by him, and aroused thinking of him.

You are getting the pressure built that women get in their uteruses before climax. Climax releases that pressure.

It is a woman's stage of "horniness" and arousal just as a man's is an erection and "blue balls" from not have a climax in a long time which is ridiculous because he can masturbate to relieve that. A woman can too you know.


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