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Yo. My name is Anna and I love giving advice. I love helping people, it gives me a good feeling inside. I'll answer everything I can & I always have something to say. =] If you need anything else or have a private question, just myspace me or preferably e-mail me. =]

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Ok, i heard that when you are tired you get bags under your eyes. Well even when i get a lot of sleep, i still have bags under my eyes. I don't know why it does it. I don't have any serious allergies that would cause it or sinuses. Also, when i put concealer on it helps a little but not that much. Anyone know why and how i can fix it?

Depending on how much money you want to spend, here's some options.

I use basically all Clinique products, and they have A LOT of stuff for eyes. There's the dramatically different cream and it drastically helps. There's also a lot of products made especially for bags under the eyes. Most of them aren't that expensive, just depending on what you get.

Otherwise, you can try:

Try using tea bags also.

Other products I have heard of or used, didn't work as good for me as the Clinique products.

Hope I helped, let me know. =]


(Rating: 5) thanks! this is a big help!

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