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Yo. My name is Anna and I love giving advice. I love helping people, it gives me a good feeling inside. I'll answer everything I can & I always have something to say. =] If you need anything else or have a private question, just myspace me or preferably e-mail me. =]

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Age: 15
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i have my boyfriends camera and he leaving for college in september but im sure ill have to return the camera to him in a couple days. i want to take pictures of myself for him and NOT dirty no nudity at all. but i want him to enjoy looking at them and i want him to think of me when he thinks about his camera :) any ideas. NO NO NO naked pictures.


Try taking a picture of you with a sign saying his name or holding up something he gave you, or went with you to buy.

Or if he likes your hair, eyes, or smile best, try taking pictures outside smiling, so your eyes and smile stand out most. =]

hope i helped, let me know.


(Rating: 5) thanks for the ideas ill do that when i look pretty :)!

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