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Yo. My name is Anna and I love giving advice. I love helping people, it gives me a good feeling inside. I'll answer everything I can & I always have something to say. =] If you need anything else or have a private question, just myspace me or preferably e-mail me. =]

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okay i was friends with this girl for like fiv and a half years and then on the nite of her nineteenth she invited me and her other mates who i didnt no but no each other out and over the course of the night i got growled at, pushed out of the group when dancing, they even thought that id slapped ma friend when all id did was tapped her face as we do as a joke all the time and she did not help when she acted shoked!! u c the thing is for a while weve bn drifting she found out my mum was on drugs and cause it was her that told her and nt me she was po'd but you c the reason i didnt tell her was because i new wed drift and we did she stopped confiding in me and we had an arguement when after she promised shed go on holiday with me she canceled so she could go with the other girls who came to the party!! sorry its long but my question is how do i forget about her as i miss our friendship but because of whats happened i cant forgive her!!
any help appreciated

well. i deffiently wouldn't forgive her, but just give her the silent treatment. if she still ignores you and doesn't talk to you, you know you two aren't going to be friends anymore. try hanging out or talking to new/different people, and try keeping yourself busy so your mind is off of her.

that should work, if it doesn't and you still want to become friends with her again, just try talking to her about everything that happened.


(Rating: 5) thank you!!

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