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Q: How would I cite this website in APA
I need it for my reference page at the end of my paper. I'm not asking for the straight out answer, just the layout if you guys know. I couldn't find it anywhere online. And the article doesn't have an author, I think that's why I'm struggling.
Hi! This link should help:

It is from the official APA website, so just check there whenever you are stuck. The first thing on that page shows how to reference websites, if you scroll down it shows how to reference particular websites (such as twitter).

The website also helps with referencing books, journals, and so on. You can also find how to reference a page without an author here:

However, since yours is a government web site I'd assume you would have to put National Institute on Drug Abuse as the author.
Also, if you scroll down on your NIDA page, it says "This page was last updated December 2012", so you would put the year as 2012 when you reference that page.

Also, some Universities offer you resources to help with this on their website. Not sure what country you're from, or what University/College you go to, or if they have online resources, but it might be worth finding out if your College website can help.
I am from Australia and my University has online stuff to help, hopefully yours does too, because I have noticed that the referencing is not always consistent amongst Universities.

I hope this helps :)
Good luck on your paper.

P.S. if you need more help with APA check out their tutorial by clicking the 'View tutorial' Link here:

Hi! My name is Natalie and I am from Australia. I have always enjoyed helping people, and that is why I love using this website so much, and why I am studying Psychology at University to become a Clinical Psychologist. Hopefully I can give you some helpful advice and I always love feedback! :)




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